Monday, June 6, 2022

Hey Everyone! I'm back With Brand new Stuff!!

Hey Everyone, sorry for the long life-span of not writing..but I'm back in action and I'm going to try to do a better job keeping this updated. 

For One, the girls are now NINE. Can you believe it! We had their big Birthday party (Cowgirl Crosslee & Lasso Londyn) was the Theme for the Kids, "Yellowstone" was the theme for the Adults, because you guys know me.. I can't have a kids party without also making it fun for the adults. I love that EVERYONE gets to have fun at our parties! And that... we... did!! Big Crowd, big Costumes, and at this Party Teeter (me) rides off into the Sunset with Rip (Jordan).. 

I'm now the Farm Director at the Radio Oklahoma Ag Network. I created a Fan page so everyone can stay up to date, you can click here to see it:

I have a brand new Website HERE,  Where I try to post all my interviews, music, songs I've sang, and content.. and and We also started a newsletter! I will try to update this every two weeks with a lot of fun things from my ridiculous Life, and also some things we are doing in the world of Ag! Here it is! 

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