Tuesday, May 8, 2012

And..I'm getting married!

So.. I'm getting married! MJ proposed to me last Saturday on a horse-drawn carriage ride through bricktown.. Did I know it was coming? Yes, because I'm a planner.. lol.. We had actually decided to push up the wedding from October (10-11-12) because we were wasting time paying Rent.. We have been wanting, and looking at houses for awhile, so we would have wasted $5,000 more dollars on rent by waiting till October to buy one.. 

So here's the details.. Wedding will be May 29th, 7pm at Crossings Community Church Chapel.. yes, its a tuesday, but hey, Crossings is a popular place! Plus we are not having a reception immediately after, so I'm guessing it will take about 30 minutes! Consider this your invite if you are reading this.. because I have not the time, or money to send out 800 invitations!! I'd love to have you there, and it should be a quick affair..but being that I hate weddings, I won't blame you for not going! lol

My lovely friend Nita helped me find the perfect dress..we actually thought it was going to be an AWFUL experience..like buying a bathing suit..but we went to David's Bridal, and man, they know how to do it! They fluff you, stuff you, pin you, push you, etc..and I ended up with an amazing dress...that was on sale! Boom! That's how I roll! My ring is just beautiful.. MJ did an amazing job.. We got it at Michener Farrand and we just love those guys! Dave is the MAN! I just love love love it.. No, its not traditional, but those of you who know me, know that nothing about me is!! 

Wedding Colors are going to be light pink and Brown. Although I'm not sure we are really following that much.. We are going to have a big reception the following Saturday at the Farm.. It will be fun, why? Because we are having a Mexican buffet! Yes! I'll be having a Western, OK shower, and an OKC Shower, so that will be fun too.. and apparently a bachelorette party which could be quite entertaining. No, the dogs are not going to be in the wedding, but yes, will be in pictures..Of course I have to include them! Miss Pays will be a fashionista as usual! Sawyer will wear a bow tie..
In other exciting news, Chesapeake featured me as a 'Star Volunteer' and showcased the dogs and I volunteering. It was awesome because it led a lot of folks to want to get their dogs therapy certified! So that is awesome! We would love to have more folks with therapy dogs.. Always nice to do stuff for other people!

Speaking of dogs..we have the Dog Jog coming up.. We will be having so many things going on! An Agility Dog Demonstration, a Fly Ball demonstration, dog contests like 'Best trick' 'owner dog look-alike' best costume' 'best dressed', etc.. so bring your dog babe and come on out! You don't have to jog to enter the contest and there will be some amazing prizes!

So lots of fun stuff going on in my life right now.. Feeling very blessed!