Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Well Hello Fall!

Well we have finally made it to fall.. I was seriously wondering if it was ever going to happen.

My plants are doing good..those clearance shrubs I bought from Wal-Mart for $1.50 have taken off and are doing really good... We lost one of the bradford pears..but Marcums had a sale, so we bought another one..that was way healthier than the first and just planted it in the same place.. The nice thing about Marcums is they offer a year warranty even if you buy them on sale.. TLC does not.. The Crape Myrtles are starting to kinda do their own thing, and the other Bradford Pear is doing well.. the oonly one that doesn't look that great is the Chinease Pistache in the back yard.. Hopefully it will come to life.

WE are still really enjoying our new Sunday school class at Church. Its nice to be a part of a small group, and still get to have the amazingly smart Terry Feix to teach us! We have been enjoying the Parables.. He's such a good teacher. Also so nice to be at Crossings. How I love that church!

I entered the Chesa halloween Costume Contest.. I have to compete against other 'groups' but.. If I win, I get $2000, and even if I get 6th, its $950.. so surely I will get something. My song is strong, and costume is very cool, so I feel like I have a pretty good chance to win at least SOMETHING.. And I cannot express my happiness that I work for a company that rewards amazing talent and costumes for Halloween! I'm so ready!
For those of you wondering about Payslee & Sawyer's Halloween.. Payslee will be a Butterfly, and Sawyer will be a Caterpillar.. Ridiculous? Yes, I think so.. but they will be cute. Sawyer is doing amazing, and back to 100% after surgery. He's bouncing, running, jumping and wrestling with Payslee. She's glad to have him back to wrestle with her!
I've been watching some good shows.. Enjoying all my terrible housewife shows, and then American Horror story returns next week! Tonight I'm going to tune into "Nashville" to see if its any good.. Have also loved Grey's, even though McSteamy is gone.. And still watch Private Practice.. I can't decide who I am cheering for on Dancing with the Stars.. I love to watch Gilles (I mean who doesn't) and I also enjoy Emmit, and Shawn Johnson.. Its good this year! Also watching pure BS (Blake Shelton) on The Voice. Still love that show too! Glad Fall TV is back in action!
I will be dressing up as a Traffic light..with a traffic cone on my head.. To go along with my Chesa song. I have re-done "My way" by Sinatra and changed it to "You can't go This Way".. I feel like its pretty guys know how I love to do song Parodies!!! I'll try to post a recording of it when I finish it! Happy Fall/Halloween!