Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Time is here!

Oh Man. This really is the most wonderful time of the Year! The Girls are so much fun this Christmas Season. Everything is new, magical.. and awesome! They love all the Lights, They love the Tree's, they Love Santa and all the Creatures.. and of course.. they Love Presents! I think they will be sad when they open them all just because they will lose the excitement that has gone along with WANTING to open them..They love Watching the Grinch (Shocker)

We have done so many fun things with them this season.. Gigi and Pa took them on the Polar Express Train ride with Santa in Elk City.. we went to the Mall to see Santa.. We went to the Live Nativity at Crossings where the girls decorated Sugar cookies, Visited the Animals, and heard the Christmas Story while singing Songs.. it was so great. Our Church is just incredible.. The week before I went to a Women's Pinterest Event and they went ALL out.. I mean we had an incredible Breakfast Brunch served on fancy plates, an awesome speaker, and then did an amazingly easy Craft. It was a GOOD time. I'm so proud of my church! We went to look AT Christmas Lights and they loved that. They are just really excited about every aspect of it. Everything is brand new, and they are soaking in every moment of it!

Plus, can I talk about Christmas Outfits? CAN I.. Yes, I love dressing the girls in super cute Christmas stuff too.. so we have had several photo shoots with cute stuff on.. The only downer of our Christmas Holiday Season was that Jordan lost his job 3 days before Thanksgiving.. so that was NOT great. Its been an uphill battle dealing with his Company, but we know that God is good, and will provide for us. We have amazing family, church family and small group, along with great friends around us who have been more than helpful, bringing us supper, bottles of wine and Dr. Pepper for Jordan, and just overall trying to help in any way they can, so that is a great blessing. I know he will land on his feet quickly, but its stressful. Through Trials comes Grace, and I know he will end up in a job where he needs to be. Thankfully I'm blessed to still have my job. I love my Bosses, my company, and my co-workers, so that is also a blessing.

Hope you guys have a great Holiday!!! Excited for 2017! PS, if you would like to join us for a Christmas Eve Service, I'd love to have you at Crossings! Its beautiful!