Thursday, October 29, 2009

Horrible Broom Joke

Welcome to a Rainy Tuesday.. Or at least it was this morning. I made the mistake of taking a walk yesterday with the dogs in a giant field that had just been mowed.. It sure smelled good, but I later found out that every shred of Grass sticks in the shih-tzu's hair! So I spent 30 minutes brushing/combing to get it out of their hair! BLARGH.

I'm getting excited for Halloween! Although..Friday is going to be a BUSY day.. I have to get my costume ready for the My Town appearance..I'm going to be several things this Halloween..One of them is a Vanilla Shake from ..And the other is a surprise! Its going to be funtimes. Then I have to get all the stuff ready for Amy & Brandons Halloween party. I did find out yesterday that we moved my Bob Howard remote to 4-6pm, so I will get to be at the Easton Corbin show at Toby's in Costume! Hooray! I really like Easton Corbin, so I'm excited to see everyone's Costumes!
Here's a few tips on how to keep your Jack O' Lantern from Wilting:

*Spray the carved area with water, cover the entire pumpkin in plastic wrap, and store it in your fridge or basement throughout the day or when not on display.
*Give your pumpkin a bath. Submerge it in a filled sink for up to eight hours. "Check on it periodically to make sure it isn't getting too soft," says Stoughton. "If you leave it in too long, it can split."
*Keep the carved edges fresh by sealing in moisture with a think layer of petroleum jelly.

--------And here's a horrible Broom joke!---------

Two brooms were hanging in the closet and after a while they got
to know each other so well, they decided to get married.

One broom was, of course, the bride broom, the other the groom

The bride broom looked very beautiful in her white dress. The
groom broom was handsome and suave in his tuxedo. The wedding
was lovely.

After the wedding, at the wedding dinner, the bride-broom leaned
over and said to the groom-broom, "I think I am going to
have a little whisk broom!"
"IMPOSSIBLE!" said the groom broom.

Sounds to me like she's been sweeping around!!!
The Pork Council was on the show this morning and made us a delish Pork Dish called Caribbean Pork:
1 Pork Shoulder
Brown Sugar, Allspice, Cinnamon, Crushed Pineapple, Sweetened Coconut Flakes, Salt, pepper, and then at the very end throw in Coconut Milk.. Use all ingredients to taste, and roast over night.. its DELISH!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What.. Red cedars? I hate you.

I am having a fight with the Red Cedars again..My allergies started off this morning and they were just awful. I think they have finally settled down a little bit.. This picture on the side is Payslee with her favorite ball.. She likes to carry it around, but the funny thing is that it takes up her whole face!
I still haven't got my TV fixed yet..but hoping to do so on Friday. I've got a ton of stuff going on Friday..My Remote from 11-1 at Bob Howard, and then I've got to get stuff ready for a Halloween party I'm going to on Saturday.. that includes picking up the last minute things for my costume, which is going to be magical. I'm sad that I'm going to miss the Eason Corbin show at Tobys..But I hope everyone will still dress up and partake in the Costume Contest! I love Halloween! Its one of my absolute favorite Holidays..I didn't get to carve pupmkins this year, but I did see this one and thought it was hilarious!Thats a pretty creative idea!!

Yesterday we took a nice stroll around the neighborhood..It was a nice day yesterday..Little Windy, but lots of sunshine. When I got home I made the dogs pose for a "Family Picture"..Here's what that ended up looking like.. Usually Rally won't take pictures, but he was tired and just went along with the whole plan..

I wasn't sad that Melissa Joan Hart and that Louie guy went home last night..I didn't think they did that great on Dancing.. Tonight is my new favorite show, Modern Family, so I'm excited to watch that!! Even if..I have to watch it in my bedroom because I have no TV in the living room! Blargh!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Hi! Well yesterday I took Payslee to a therapy visit in Norman at an assisted living center. There were not many people there participating, but she still had fun. We went with 2 other of our therapy team members, Sunny, and Honey, and all the dogs did a great job. We visited with a few of the folks that were there, and Pays did some tricks for them. But I tell you, I HATE driving to Norman between 4 and 7:00.. The traffic is just a nightmare!

I think I've about got my Halloween costume figured out. I have to rent part of it, but I'll do that on Friday. I don't get to go to the Easton Corbin Costume Lunch Party at Toby's on Friday.. I'll be at the Bob Howard Remote, so you guys come up with some great costumes, and take pics! By the way, there is something new at Its called Kingarazzi.. And if you see us out in public, or someone famous, like Garth, or whoever, take the pics, send them to me and then we'll post them in the Kingarrazi section! Here's more info: King Paparazzi!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Monday with Gilles

So Last night I was watching Brothers & Sisters (IN my bedroom, because my big screen is still not fixed, so I'm banished to the bedroom) and Gilles Marini was on there.. For those of you who don't know him, he's the guy who did the Naked Shower scene in the Sex & The City movie..and He was also the hot Frenchman on Dancing with the Stars last season..And if you still don't know, here's a picture of him. I was just sitting there while watching thinking to myself, "I NEED THIS MAN".. Now before you go calling me shallow and superficial.. I really just loved how sweet he was being on the show! All nice to the whole family, cooking french meals, giving dancing lessons to the family, and kissing Sarah (girl on the show) so sweetly...And yes, I did enjoy the pool scene where he was delicious getting out of the pool.. So I won't deny that..But I'm serious.. I need a sweet man, who likes my family, loves my dogs, knows how to kiss, and is kind..I would be willing to overlook the lack of a hot french accent, dancing lessons, and a 20 pack of abs in return for the things listed above.. So thats my goal.. And yes, I know my friends will read this and say that I do NOTHING in order to find a man..Yes, you are also right (BRANDON) so maybe now that I have some Gilles inspiration I will be motivated to do it! If not, I'll probably just keep crying about it, so bear with me..

We had a fun weekend. Saturday we hosted the Rodeo Opry, and When I say "WE" I mean Bill, Me, and Payslee & Sawyer.. It was Sawyer's first time since he was little, and he was a little Hamlet.. He kept running on stage and sitting there while People clapped for him. Then I would have to pull him off, because he kept wanting to stay out there with the people on stage..He's a stage hound.. Payslee was scared of the drums, so she didn't love it as much as Sawyer..Then Sawyer quickly realized how to use his cuteness to get treats, so at Intermission he went around underneath people's chairs and would pop up like, "Hello, might I have some of your root beer float?".. and yes, they gave it to he loved that. Payslee was dressed up as "Dorothy"..
Today I'm taking Payslee on a therapy visit to a nursing home in Norman. She will be wearing her Pumpkin Dress so they can all give her hugs and pets.
Other than that, I didn't do much this weekend.. I'm going to hopefully get the bulb to my big-screen this week and fix my TV up.. I kept misplacing my phone and logging onto facebook chat and having people call me to find it.. Ridiculous..
If you have not got your Halloween Costume yet, go to and order there..then when you get to the 'checkout' enter the promo code KKNG09 and you'll save 10% on your order!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Friday to you !

Well I had a funtime at the Electric Cooperative Meeting. They asked me to be the Guest Speaker, and Bill was supposed to go with me, because I had to fill an HOUR! But he couldn't go, so I decided to take Miss Payslee in her pumpkin Dress! She was a big hit! I talked about her being in the Therapy Program and what she did, and who she would visit.. And then I talked about radio stuff.. It was funny. I sang the "Cinnasong" and "Lynn's Marriage Song" and it was a great crowd..We had a good time..

So I was all jolly on my way home, and So was Miss Payslee.. So I went home to sit down and watch a little TV..when BLAM! I hear this shattering sound coming from my TV!! Yup, a bulb burst in my Big-screen! Dang. The picture, of course, went OUT..and now its going to be $200 to repair it! Thats not the worst though..the worst is that I can't get the dang thing in my car, so I'm not sure how I'm going to get it down there! Blargh.. So Now I've been banished to my Bedroom to watch TV until I figure out how to hook my other TV up in the living room! Meagh!

Tomorrow Bill and I are the hosts at the Rodeo Opry..I'm going to take the Biscuit dogs..Payslee will probably wear her Dorothy Halloween Costume..Not sure if Saw will wear his Lion or not..but maybe..I'm planning on singing a couple of songs, and Bill is going to play the drums too, so if you don't have anything to do, come on down..Its some great live entertainment..Their website to get tickets is: RODEO OPRY and their phone number & Address is:Oklahoma Centennial Rodeo Opry, 2221 Exchange ave., OKC, OK, 73108 (405) 297-9773. We'd love to see you there!

You all have a great weekend, and stay Warm..I'm going to try to go out to "Affair of the Heart" if I get a spare chance! XXOO,

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Veterans Visit, and Mancakes!

Today we are at the "Mancakes" breakfast at Integris Southwest Medical Center.. yum.. Pancakes are always delish. By the way, On Saturday they are having their 6th annual "Mens Health University" from 9-Noon at the Francis Tuttle Center, Reno Campus, 7301 West Reno. They will have FREE Men's Health Screenings, & Free Cancer Screenings. I think this is really important, and usually expensive, so take advantage of this if you need some free screenings!

Yesterday I took Payslee & Sawyer to the Veterans Center in Clinton and it was one of the coolest things ever. I wasn't sure how these former Soldiers, and the ultimate, "Manley Men" would respond to a 6 pound shih-tzu girl, wearing a Pumpkin Dress and Matching Halloween But they just LOVED her! And she loved them. She was so gentle with them, and they with her..She would go to each of them and wait for them to talk to her, and then when they did she would reach up for them. The Gentleman who is holding her to the left, just fell in LOVE with her, and he carried her around with him..She just loved it. Then I would sit her on the laps of those that could not reach her, and she would sit patiently while they would love on her..It was so sweet, and it brightened their day, and mine just to take those dog babes..

Sawyer did good too, but he is much more Shy than Miss Payslee. He was good too, but I think its going to take him a little while to come out of his shell..I have to remember that at 10 weeks old Payslee was going with me to the Rodeo, and to visit my Hospice Patient! I didn't get Sawyer until he was 16 weeks, so he's a little behind as far as socialization, but he'll get there!

I got home last night and was beat though..I went to bed at 8:30..but did see where Natalie, the Swimmer got the boot on Dancing..I really thought that Louie guy would go home..But I wasn't attached to either of them, so its okay.

Tonight my new favorite show comes on, "Modern Family" and "Cougar Town".. both are good, but Modern Family is hysterical.. Oh, and by the way, if you were wondering about the Thundershirt guy, (he was on Monday) his website is: and they come in all sizes. I haven't put Rally's on him yet, but I'm going to try it tomorrow. Its supposed to help your dogs with anxiety they might have from Thunderstorms, Car Rides, Vet Visist, Separation Anxiety, etc.. So I'll keep you posted! Thanks to everyone at the Clinton Veterans center. They have a great Facility over there, and it was an awesome visit!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fun baking, do-nothing, weekend.

Well we had a BUSY Friday! We did the show at the Purcell Braums (Thanks to everyone who stopped by to see us), then went to the Bus Rodeo at the Coca Cola Events Center, and then to the Outback Steakhouse for the Tim McGraw listening party.. That was a lot of fun. GREAT food, and an awesome Wait Staff, and GREAT Listeners! We had a fun time, except Lynn kept eating off other people's plate..which was odd with the Swine Flu going around and if he ate off your plate, and you get sick, you know who to blame!

Friday evening I took the babes to their running field and let them run free for awhile.. I watched a bit of the OU game, but decided a nap was more Lauren & I went for Sushi at SHIKI..MM MM! So good! After Sushi we went over to Quail to watch "Law Abiding Citizen" with Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx. It was excellent! Very suspenseful and good. Got home in time to watch the second half of my Cowboy game, but fell asleep when it was 33-17 with 7 min left to go..thankfully we won anyway! Woo hee!

Yesterday was a bake-tastic day! I made Cupcakes, Popcorn Balls, Potato Soup, and Brownies!! MMM MM! Then I dressed the babes up in their Halloween Costumes. Payslee is dressed as "Dorothy" from the Wizard of Oz, and Sawyer is the "Cowardly Lion"..Look at how those babies Pose!! I love it! Since it was Lynn's last day before he takes off for Cabo to his Marriage Bed! If you missed my Magical Marriage song for him this it is.. Just click the Play button..

In this one Payslee is telling Sawyer a Halloween Joke, and he is laughing like a jolly fellow!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween fun

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

Well I decided not to chance it yesterday, and we went for a WALK, not a skate.. No one fell..It was actually a nice afternoon. Little Chilly, but good for walking.

I'm going back to the studio today to try and finish my 2nd cd. Its always up in the air, because I never know if I'm having a 'good' voice day or a 'bad' voice I guess we will find out! I've only got a couple of songs left.. Speaking of songs, I wrote Lynn & Debbie a Marriage song. We;re going to play it on MOnday..Should be good times. Its very heartfelt.. lol..

Going to lunch today with Listeners, and out to dinner with friends.. Life is good.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I busted my buttocks..

Well it finally happened yesterday.. After 10 years of NO falling, I busted my butt in the middle of the road yesterday. I should have known better, because its not a great idea to skate on slippery roads, but I thought with my landrollers (since they are big, giant skates) that I would be okay..and I was until my skate slipped into a pothole and flailed me into the air..and onto my hind end.. All this while holding onto the three leashes of the Shih-tzus.. I'm sure they were secretly laughing inside..but they kept looking at me like "Are you just going to keep laying there or what?".. And I was laying there because my skates are a pain in the ___ to get up off of! Its not like you can just bounce back up on them.. (See Picture of them above).. So after rolling over on all 4's I was finally able to hoist myself back upright. Then we proceeded on our little skate..However, I was having trouble breathing because the fall had knocked the air out of me! Dang.. The dogs got some great exercise though! So we'll have to watch out for slippery spots and potholes next time!

In theory, the rain is moving out tomorrow..So it should be nice for our lunch date. We are taking Dr. Matthews office to lunch at JR's BBQ in Norman.. Then on Friday we will be broadcasting for the "My Town" tour at Braums, then off to the Bus Rodeo at the Coca Cola Events Center.. Then to the Tim McGraw listening party at Outback..busy busy busy!

I wasn't sad that Chuck went home last night on Dancing with the Stars. I didn't really know him since I don't watch the Ultimate Fighting Championships.. Tonight is good TV night..If you haven't watched "Modern Family" and "Cougar Town" set your DVR..they are HILARIOUS!! I love them.. I'll start a new Church class next WED, but we are off tonight for fall break.. Here is a picture of Rally after putting his face in a dirt pile..



Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday for weirdness

Everyone has the dang Swine Flu, or some sort of respitory infection.. Are you noticing this? I hate it when people around me get sick, because then I start imagining that I AM sick..even if I have NO symptoms..I just will wake up in the night thinking that I'm coming down with something.. Like this morning, my stomach is all blarghish.. So I'm drinking a Sprite and hoping for the best.

I uploaded the video of Mom's balloon ride yesterday, but for some reason it didn't show up, so I'm going to check it when I get home (different PC, so I can't do it from here) and see what the problem is.. It shows her going through the Rio Grand river, and doing the "Splash & Dash" and I also video'd her Champagne ceremony..I'll keep posting new stuff throughout the week.
I've really been surprised of how many Oklahoma folks go to the Balloonfiesta. Several folks have called up in the past few days to tell me that they also went to New Mexico. WE are for sure going to make it an annual trip!
I will admit that when I went to pick up my dog babes at CAMP BOW WOW I was a little disappointed.. Rally went up to TWO other people before he came to me!! Then Sawyer was looking at me like, "Mom, I guess I'll go with you, but I'd rather stay here with my friends".. At least my little Payslee girl was happy to see me.. She came running out like a wild person and was dancing around all happy to see me.. AFter I put the boys in the car they warmed up..and they slept good being back in their own beds. They seem to be adjusting, although I seriously think that Sawyer would rather just go to Camp Bow Wow and play every day..Here's a video of the "Glowdeo"..

Monday, October 12, 2009

Back from Balloonfiesta

This is the Balloon Mom was riding in...................
Well I made it back from Balloonfiesta in Albuquerque, NM. Mom and I had a BLAST! We saw the most amazing things ever.. GIANT balloons flying everywhere.. They say they have over 100,000 people there that visit each day, so there were a ton of people..but also a ton of balloons..Over 500 that float around. While we were there no one crashed, however the Wind was a factor on Wednesday when we got there.. They had shut down all the balloon stuff for WED evening due to the wind. The wind KILLS the balloons quickly..It can't be blowing over like 10 mph, or it will kill the ballooons.

On Thursday we got up and went out and its kinda hard to drive to the festival, because all you want to do is watch the balloons! Sometimes they come pretty close to the highway and they are so pretty! The Special Shape balloons are my favorite..These Bee's were so cute.. They would inflate up, and then their hands were held together by a giant piece of Velcro..I loved them.. I'll post some more pics tomorrow of my favorite Monster Balloon..

At night they have something called the "Special Shapes Glowdeo" in which all the Character balloons stay on the ground, and they 'glow' from their hot air inflator..I also loved the giant pig..It was from Very cool Balloon, and it was a GIANT Pig!
Then On Friday Morning we got up early to go and try to get a Hot Air Balloon Ride.. Only one of us could go, so Mom decided to go up with balloon Captain, Randy Wright from Plano, TX. He was Hysterical! He had over 1000 balloon hours, and was an amazing Balloon Captain. I decided to be a part of the 'Chase' team, which Meant we were responsible for following the Balloon around, and picking them up when they landed..I almost felt like a storm Chaser!

Here is a pic of our ballon guy, Randy.. It was a chilly morning there.. Starts off around 40 degrees.. and you spend the whole morning flying..You take off at like 7am and you are not done till almost 1. Its a whole "process".. First you drive like 7 miles away for a place to "Launch".. then you inflate the Balloon.. Then you fly for about an Hour and a half..Then you land.. then you load up the balloon..Then you drive back to the Balloonbase.. Then you have a 'Champagne' ceremony.. Then you have lunch! Its quite a process, but a fun one, and we had THE BEST balloon team ever! So much fun. Randy & His wife Diana have been flying in balloons for a long, long time, and Randy made it so memorable for us!

Mom had the BEST time ever! She got to do a "Splash & Dash" which means they got to dip the bottom of the basket into water..they did it TWICE! Once they dipped into the Rio Grande!
She had an absolute blast! She also interviewed our Pilot, so I'll try to get that uploaded here in the next couple of days.. Here's a pic of Diana & Randy Wright, our magical Balloon people!

More tomorrow.....

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Balloon Time!

Why you should always make a Schedule:
Well I'm headed to Albuquerque for Balloon Fiesta today! It should be a fun trip, but I will miss the dog Biscuits! They are going to visit and play with their friends at Camp Bow Wow in Edmond. I've already told them 23 million things to watch for..I'm so ridiculous about them! I just love their little bodies! I'm going to take all their comforts from home so they won't be sad. Sawyer will think its the greatest day of his life! He loves playing!

I got Payslee's Halloween Costume, and decided to do a little 'trial run' of how cute she would be in it.. and Yup, she makes an Awesome little Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz! Still not sure what Sawyer's going to be this year, or more importantly, what I'M going to be this year. I try to hit several parties dressed as something different, and I know I'm going to for sure be a SHAKE thanks to the folks at .. Speaking of, remember if you go to their Website and place an order..Enter the promo Code KKNG09, and they will hook you up with 10% off AND free shipping! So if you haven't ordered your costume yet, there's the place to do it!

Today Chris Young was with us on the air today..He's so good! He stopped by the studio a few months ago, here's a little bit of that:

I also uploaded the interview to the KINGPOD, so if you missed anything from this week, it will all be there!

Well you all fun, I'll try to update from New Mexico!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fun with Dogs on Tuesday

Last night I was invited by Kevin at Camp Bow Wow in Edmond to see Joel Silverman, the Celebrity Dog Trainer, and the Host of "Good Dog U" on Animal Planet. He brought his cute dog, Foster to show us a few tricks, and MAN that dog is so smart, and does so many amazing tricks! Plus his wittle face was soo cuute!

He's got a new book called "What Color is your Dog" and it talks about how to train your dogs according to their personality color. He was very fun, so I invited him to stop by the station to be on our show and help our listeners with their dog behavior issues..He did a Great job! Look at his little Dog, Foster Working:

Foster Mailing a Letter:
Foster Working on set:
You can also visit Joel's Website at: And if you have time, he will be at the Camp Bow Wow in Moore tonight for a free Seminar,
and Book signing from 7-8pm.

Toby Keith was also on the show today for a short interview..We are pretty much star studded this week! Chris Young will be on tomorrow, and Luke Bryan on Thursday, and we had Martina McBride on Monday. If you missed any of the interview with our funtimes folks, Go to the KingPOD and check them out!
I'm getting ready to head out for Balloonfiesta tomorrow! Woo hoo! My dog babes are going to Camp Bow Wow in Edmond where Sawyer will be playing with his dog Friends, and Miss Payslee will be acting like a Princess!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Fleamarkets, Bonfires, and Zac Brown

Well I went to the farm this weekend. ON Friday we went to a Birthday Party, complete with Bonfire! How fun is that.. I also somehow ended up on a trailer singing with the band..Funny how that happens when your mom is there! It was not a stellar performace, but it was okay for the party at hand..

Saturday was the Elk City Flea Market, so we got up early and headed up to town. We didn't really buy much, but we did come across a giant skillet.. And I mean GIANT. Mom thought it would be nice to cook with over the firepit, so we purchased it. I thought it would be funny to pose Payslee in it like she was a "Payslee Pot Pie" As you can tell in the pics, she didn't find it quite as amusing as I did.. hahaha!

Then we also had some dog-friends over to celebrate Payslee & Sawyer's birthday party. They were giant dogs, as they only really have 2 shih-tzu friends..But they all had fun eating Treats and playing.

Look how big this Lab is compared to Rally! His name is Hayes.

So that was funtimes.. Then last night I headed back to OKC to be at the Zac Brown/Eli Young show. Zac took us backstage for some good eatin! It was an "Eat & Greet" with Pork, Steaks, Spaghetti Squash, Maccaroni and Cheese, and delish cookies! YUM. By far the best food I've ever had at a concert! The actual show was a little damp though..It misted pretty much the whole evening, and it was a little chilly! The Show was good, but we had to wait a LONG time to actually see the ZBB. Eli Young started at 5, and finished up about 6:15..There was a long set-change, and then Zac had brought some other writers to play before they took the stage, so we waited a long time before the actual ZBB got on stage..but they put on a great show! It was a nice way to end the Zoo Concert series!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Its Friday for the farm

I'm writing this before 8, so I don't know who won, but today is the Smackdown between Shania Twain & Faith Hill.. I think it should be a pretty good battle.. Blonde Vs. Brunette.. etc.. I'm taking Faith Hill in the vote because if I go song to song, I like more Faith songs..Although I like her earlier stuff much better than her later stuff.

Woo, it got chilly! This morning walking into the office there was a crisp breeze in the air. I'm wearing a long-sleeve t-shirt!I wish I could leave my windows open at night, but alas I cannot, because the killers will come inside.. dang. Last night Grey's Anatomy was good..I made it to 9:22, so I didn't get to watch all of Private practice..but I'll tell you, Wednesday is my new favorite TV night.. "Modern Family" is one of the funniest shows I've ever seen! You should watch it, if you don't.. I like Cougar Town too. I have to DVR because of my church class (Which was AMAZING yet again on WED) so I watch it when I get home. I'll have to miss the final Church class next week because I'm leaving with mom for Balloonfun..But Lauren said she will take good notes. I also found out that my teacher (Terry Feix) is going to teach another class, so I'm very excited about that!

I'm headed to the farm this weekend for another birthday party for Sawyer and Payslee. They are going to celebrate with Sawyer's best friend, Izzy, and Payslee's best friend Bear. (Pictured left) Look how Little Miss Pays is! She is the size of Bear's arm, but he is always sweet and patient with her, and lets her climb on his head, which she loves to do! We invited some other dog friends over, but I'm not sure they will be in attendance..Thankfully for Payslee & Sawyer, they pretty much just amuse themselves all day!
Then I will come back on Sunday and head to the Zac Brown Band/Eli Young concert at the Zoo. We are doing an "Eat & Greet" and I think Zac is going to be cooking us BBQ, because he has a magical BBQ sauce that he is there ya go! Lauren, Brandon & Amy are going with me, and it seems that the weekend weather is going to be amazing! Remember over a year ago when the Zac Brown Band stopped by the station and sang to us..Here's a trip down memory lane:

Then I'll begin packing for my big Balloonfest trip next week! Have a great weekend!