Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Veterans Visit, and Mancakes!

Today we are at the "Mancakes" breakfast at Integris Southwest Medical Center.. yum.. Pancakes are always delish. By the way, On Saturday they are having their 6th annual "Mens Health University" from 9-Noon at the Francis Tuttle Center, Reno Campus, 7301 West Reno. They will have FREE Men's Health Screenings, & Free Cancer Screenings. I think this is really important, and usually expensive, so take advantage of this if you need some free screenings!

Yesterday I took Payslee & Sawyer to the Veterans Center in Clinton and it was one of the coolest things ever. I wasn't sure how these former Soldiers, and the ultimate, "Manley Men" would respond to a 6 pound shih-tzu girl, wearing a Pumpkin Dress and Matching Halloween But they just LOVED her! And she loved them. She was so gentle with them, and they with her..She would go to each of them and wait for them to talk to her, and then when they did she would reach up for them. The Gentleman who is holding her to the left, just fell in LOVE with her, and he carried her around with him..She just loved it. Then I would sit her on the laps of those that could not reach her, and she would sit patiently while they would love on her..It was so sweet, and it brightened their day, and mine just to take those dog babes..

Sawyer did good too, but he is much more Shy than Miss Payslee. He was good too, but I think its going to take him a little while to come out of his shell..I have to remember that at 10 weeks old Payslee was going with me to the Rodeo, and to visit my Hospice Patient! I didn't get Sawyer until he was 16 weeks, so he's a little behind as far as socialization, but he'll get there!

I got home last night and was beat though..I went to bed at 8:30..but did see where Natalie, the Swimmer got the boot on Dancing..I really thought that Louie guy would go home..But I wasn't attached to either of them, so its okay.

Tonight my new favorite show comes on, "Modern Family" and "Cougar Town".. both are good, but Modern Family is hysterical.. Oh, and by the way, if you were wondering about the Thundershirt guy, (he was on Monday) his website is: and they come in all sizes. I haven't put Rally's on him yet, but I'm going to try it tomorrow. Its supposed to help your dogs with anxiety they might have from Thunderstorms, Car Rides, Vet Visist, Separation Anxiety, etc.. So I'll keep you posted! Thanks to everyone at the Clinton Veterans center. They have a great Facility over there, and it was an awesome visit!

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