Friday, March 30, 2018

Do tell.. Do Tell..

OH man. I have a lot to tell you guys.. I'll start with the fact that we went back To Great Wolf Lodge last month. This time Gigi and Pa went with us.. I will say this about Great Wolf.. To kids.. its the greatest place ever.. To Parents.. its.. an opportunity for ways to sneak beverages in a Yeti so that you can deal with the loud noise, Chlorine, screaming kids.. and people wearing things that should not be seen in public.. much less a kids water park..

I will give you a few tips.. Take your own snacks, your own Juices, Your own drinks.. You CAN take them down to the pool area with you as long as you aren't toting glass or an ice chest.. so that will save you a ton of money. Also, wait for a coupon, or a groupon, or a discount.. Those help.. But man, the girls love it.. they talk about it everyday and asked to go back the second we left.. so yeah, its a fun, quick trip.. and Grapevine has an Einstein Bagel.. which is Delightful, so #winning.

Ok, Second thing.. I'm back on the radio! I got offered the afternoon gig on 99.7 Hank FM from 3-7pm.. I'm so excited.. and through the magic of Radio, my regular day job at Loves, I'm able to do both and still be a good mom and Wife.. The girls are going to be making regular appearance on the show with me, so get ready for that.. I'm honestly just so glad to be doing something I love and having really supportive people at my Loves Job that encourage me. I'm mostly excited because I didn't know if I would ever get to be back on the radio again.. and when I look back at the way God has moved in my life.. its just fun to watch! You have to realize that through trials comes Grace, and when that Grace happens its such a blessing to see. God is good. I've setup a facebook page so you can interact with me while on the air.. go HERE--

I was thinking about "God Moments" in my life today, because Today is my 1 year anniversary at Orange Theory Fitness. When I think about how crazy it was that I even got there.. its bizarre.. I saw a facebook ad For Orange Theory with a number to call about it.. It was a cold day and I was supposed to go down there and meet with a coach.. I cancelled.. He texted me and set up another time.. I agreed to go down there.. having NO CLUE what I was doing. I had not worked out in forever.. I hated to hear about people working out. I wanted to punch people that told me "Workouts are fun".. blargh. Shut up. No.. No. Stop talking.. But.. I put all that out of my mind and went down there. I somehow just felt like it was what I was supposed to do. When I went down there I met Jordan.. (not my Jordan, but another fantastic Jordan) and he went through the premise of Orange Theory.. I remember asking him 2 main things. 1) How do I keep from Dying. 2) How many times do I have to come here to see results..  He responded enthusiastically to all my questions.. and he was a muscly, good lookin dude, and he was a coach.. so how bad can it be? I joined.

The studio hadn't opened yet, so I had a few months to think about what I had gotten myself into.. but on day 1.. I was there.. I didn't have workout clothes. I had no idea what to bring. I was a probably a sad looking Sack for gym attire.. But I went.. There were a few times I thought.. Yup.. this is it.. My heart is going to explode.. Hell, there are days I still do that! It's hard! Its work! I fell off the rower.. I probably have looked like a fool more than once.. #yourwelcome But man, the payoff is good! And I love that its for everyone. Its go at your own pace, so if you are 14, or 84.. we can all go! I get inspired daily by the folks that go and literally hand me my butt on the treadmill. I mean..I started out power walking, and these folks come in in beast mode.. but I love it.. You do what YOU can do, and that is good enough! I also have crap knees.. so guess what? No lunges for me! No thank you. Pass.. So the coaches give me options that won't strain my knees. #winning. And sometimes I bring in Cross's Owl, Melba, and the coaches take pics with her.. See how Happy Khairi is With Melba?

At First I only Went 2 days a week.. Then 3.. Then My friend Eileen (who I worked out with, and loved because she cussed as much as I did through the workouts) told me 5 was the magic number.. FIVE! FIVE???? I'm DYING at 3! I'm sore! I can't do it! I'll miss all my lunches! No!.. Ok.. Ok.. Ok.. I'll go five.. and I started going 5.. I met new friends.. I met new Coaches.. I loved all of them.. I loved the OTF Family.. and I started getting muscles.. I started losing weight.. NOW.. Keep in mind, at this point I had no desire to eat healthy. Baby Steps guys.. baby steps.. So I would literally go to Orange Theory on Mondays so I could go to Qdoba $1 Taco days after.. My reason for OTF was to eat whatever I wanted.. and I still lost 20 pounds.. Then about 9 months in I decided to start eating right.. I joined Profile in Edmond. My OB, Dr. Goff had lost 75 pounds and told me about it, so I gave them a call. When I first talked to them I was like.. No thanks. Pass.. But after thinking about it.. I realized I needed a PLAN.  They provided me a coach, meal plans, food, etc.. and I lost 25 more pounds in 8 weeks. So here I am. Its hard. But I still go. Because other people are holding me accountable.. I love to encourage new OTF members because they are in the same place I was when I started.. and its been an awesome journey. People have encouraged me.. complete strangers will come up to me after class and high-five me.. or Ask me how much weight I've lost.. Its a journey, its a family, its been a good God moment for me that led me to some awesome people.. and 44 pounds lighter.. Plus My heart is in better shape! 4" off my chest, 5" off my waist, 9" off my hips.. And I still really like going.. so there's that.. My favorite part? Yeah, its still when its over.. but I'm glad I did it!

So I can't complain.. I started the process of enrolling the girls in Deer Creek.. then stopped.. Because they will just turn 5 at the end of May, and would've started school in August.. and I just don't see the point in putting them in early. They are in Pre-K right now at the Childcare Network and they love their Teachers and friends, so we are going to put them in Next Year when they are 6. I think that is the best solution for them and hopefully they will have gained some Emotional Maturity where we don't flip out at our sister wearing our Shoes, or because you didn't get the bike on the playground.. however, I don't want people wearing my shoes, so I guess that is Valid. We'll see..

IN the meantime, I'm on 3-7, and even have a Bio so please.. feel free to be Crankin It to Hank.. and Yes, I'm working on breaking out Helen, the Accordion for your listening pleasure, so give me a few weeks and I'll get that started up.. You can also download the app and take me with you! Boom!

We are super excited for Easter At Crossings. Its my Anniversary there too, and if you are looking for a service that will MOVE you.. Come Join us at Easter. I can guarantee an amazing Musical performance, Message, and gathering. We have several Services, so take your pick. I'd love to have you join us! There's a Maundy Service on Thursday that will be incredible.. Good Friday at 12, and 6pm, and all the Easter Services!  Look at what we have put together with just a small little Tail Tie (These are the ties I used to put my Heifers tail in when I was showing, but I think normal people call them Zip Ties). Just goes to show you that we are all small Pieces in God's Grand Plan, but when we are all working together, we can do amazing things!