Monday, March 26, 2012

Hello Spring!

So Of course you know by now that Payslee has an Easter dress each year.. Doggiedudsbydeb did not let me down this year and mad her this cute little bunny frock.. So cute. So yesterday I took her up to the Chesapeake campus (which is landscaped beautifully) And had her pose.. I also posed her in another little dress from Barbara..So cute with the big poof! The flowers matched the dress perfectly, so it was a great photo Opp, and Miss P didn't disappoint! She looks kinda sneaky in the Pink dress, lol.
I have had Tonsilitis for 2 weeks.. which sucks..but I'm used to it. I have over-sized tonsils and with all the allergy stuff going on, I'm not shocked by this. I had a friend who had her tonsils taken out, and as expected it was pretty much the worse thing ever.. So I think I will pass on that. Apparently as an adult its pretty much just misery filled with bloody tonsils, bad breath, no eating, talking, etc.. so as you can tell, doesn't sound like a cup of tea..and while this sucks, I think that would suck worse, so I'm just going to keep them in my mouth for now.

Yesterday at Church we had Dr. Ron Fowler as a guest speaker and it was so good! Everytime I walk in the doors at Crossings I am so thankful to call it my church home. The music is so amazing! I'm a person who is blessed through music, so I have to have it, and man, it doesn't get any better than the music at Crossings! MJ has started enjoying it too, and a few weeks ago they talked about needing volunteers to run the "media" portion of the service.. camera's, sound equipment, etc.. So he wrote his name down.. Well they already called him back and now it looks like he will be serving on that committe! I'm so proud of him. I tell you there is nothing better than looking around and seeing what God does with people you love in your life. What a tremendous blessing.
This weekend was nice. MJ & I took the dog babes to Lake Hefner, over by where people fish, and let them run and sniff.. Their faces were pure joy just running and smelling stuff. I feel so much pride when I watch them happy and jolly knowing that every day I make sure they have the best possible life ever. Its something I take a great deal of pride in, and I'm happy knowing how happy they are!

Today at Chesapeake Marie Osmond spoke to us.. She looks fabulous and gave a great message about how to pull yourself out of depression. She has been through a LOT in her life and she's still so positive and uplifting. She talked about her own postpartum depression and then her son's suicide.. Still through all that she is so grateful for her good life and blessings. I wish everyone could get to that place..but so many people just want to wallow in their own self pity and never see the amazing things that God has done, and continues to do. She is a fantastic woman! I mean you look at all that she has had to deal with.. sexual abuse, physical abuse, having two hearing impaired brothers, being in the spotlight since she was 4, the loss of a child, etc.. and yet still she gives glory to God for all her blessings and chooses to be positive every day when she wakes up.. Makes you look around and think "Hey, maybe I dont have it so bad".. or at least it should.

Went to see "Hunger Games" on Saturday.. theatre was packed! I read the book in 2 days so I would be ready for the movie, and it was very good. Stayed very close to the book and loved Lenny Kravitz in it! I still have to read the other two books, and will eventually. I'm ashamed to say that when the preview for the next Twilight movie showed, I was also excited for that.. lol.

Pays, Saw & I have been keeping up with our therapy visits. They are such good patient babes. They make everyone smile when they see them. I'm proud to call them mine! Hope you all have a Happy Easter!