Thursday, April 28, 2011

What a great day!

Therapy Dogs come in all sizes. This is Payslee's friend, a Great Dane, Achilles

Well let me start off by was a pretty great week..Mom came up on Saturday and we went to Easter service at Crossings..Man! It was so awesome! The music there is so good with a live orchestra that it immediately brings me to tears when they start in..I just love it. The sermon was really good too, and I'll talk about it on my other blog GOD & DOG when I get time to write it. But it was just awesome.. Before Church mom and I had time to pick up a few flowers..Mom loves planting, and is getting the pool area ready, and I had to plant some pots..Then we happened upon the buy one get one 1/2 off sale at Metro Shoe Warehouse! Yes..New Dansko's for both of us!! So cute!

Today I took Payslee & Sawyer on one of my favorite therapy visits. I swear people, if you are feeling sorry for yourself, or in a rut, get out an volunteer..These people are so inspiring! I had sat down with a few ladies that Pays had made friends with and they wanted to talk with me about American we got to talking about music, and country singers, and the fact that I used to be on the radio..they asked me if I was still doing it anymore, and I said No, and if I was sad about it, and I said yes..and this sweet lady put her hand on my arms and said "You know what though, God always works it out for the best, and something better will come along for you".. So awesome! And yes, I do believe that..

I'm also not going to lie and tell you I don't feel kinda good about the fact that their ratings came out this week and they got I know, I know, thats not very nice of me, but when I left there all of the management told my good listeners that asked "KC & Bill got fired because of their low ratings"..well when we left we had a 4.6, KKNG now has a 1.5, and Jake FM has a 3.9..both of which are lower than 4.6. So yes, something better is coming along, and yes, I'm glad to be around such amazing, inspiring people who brighten my day while my shih-tzu brightens theirs! Payslee also enjoyed a ride from a little lady who pushed her around for a bit..and hung out with her giant great dane friend, Achilles.

This is going to be a good weekend. MJ was gone last weekend visiting his grandma, so tomorrow we are going on a triple date with friends to go watch "FAST FIVE" which is basically "The fast and the furious part 5" but what it means to me is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, & Vin Diesel are in the same movie, and I'm not mad about that..they are both magically delicious!! Who cares if the movie is good or not right! Oh, and speaking of movies..DO NOT go watch "Water for Elephants".. I thought it was going to be a love story, and it was..sort-of..but they were really mean to an Elephant named Rosie, and it made me cry..I can't watch people be mean to if you can't either, SKIP that movie..

I'm still watching "Celebrity Apprentice"..I can't wait for NeNe to go off on Star Jones next week..I can't stand Star.. and I also watched "The Voice" This week.. Loved Blake Shelton on it, and so far, I think the show is WAY better than American Idol this year..I'm bored with Idol.. Have a great weekend!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Modeling and Memories

Payslee working the Run way..
Well it was an interesting week. I needed to record some spots and had to go back to Tyler media to do it..Not my first choice, but it actually went better than I thought it would. I didn't have to see any of the people who kicked me out, so that was a blessing. It mainly just brought up some sad feelings of me remembering happy times I had there and sad because I wasn't on the radio anymore. I have to keep reminding myself..bigger and better things..bigger and better things..But its a conscious effort everyday that I really have to keep doing, or how quickly I call fall right back into the sadness that I had right after I lost my job.

One really fun thing that I did this week was with Payslee. Susan from Paws around Town asked Payslee to model a dress for a Fashion show in North Park Mall. Of course we both agreed, and it was so cute! At first she was scared, but then she started working the runway! She wore a very cute "Paisley" Easter dress, and we had a great time. She's such a good girl. It was the only nice day we had over the weekend..with the stupid Wind blowing 50 mph thats pretty much a ruiner for doing anything outside.

This weekend my mom is coming up to go to Easter Service with me at Crossings Church. I'm actually going to the Saturday service because there are so many people that go on Easter Sunday and we are having 9 services at Crossings, one being Saturday evening at 6:00. I'm excited because the choir is always so amazing there and thats what made me fall in love with the church to begin with, so I just know it will be great.

Jordan & I also went to look at our 'dream house' over the weekend. We've basically found the neighborhood we want to live in, but we are stuck between two builders..We love them both, and their houses! One is Joe Roberts Construction, and the other is Dodson Homes..both houses are amazing and I'll love either one..but Jordan is partial to one that has a "man Cave" I'm not sure we really need that, but he's already talking about theatre seating, and video man. We have plenty of time to figure out which one we want. Mom is going to look at them with me this weekend and give her opinion..they are all just awesome, so I'm excited for her to see them.. Bigger and better things! Sometimes you just have to remember to "Let go, and Let God"..