Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hello Florida and Unemployment!

Last night MJ & I went to see a bizarre movie called "Repo Men" with Jude Law & Forrest Whittaker.. It was about future times when scientists have devloped 'mechanical body parts' like hearts, lungs, eyes, etc.. and they are awesome to have..until you can't make your payments on them, and then REPO men come and repossess your body parts! See..I told you it was weird..but it was good because I had never seen a movie like that before.. MJ was kinda 'out' on it.. lol.

I leave for Florida on Wednesday..Excited to be getting away from all the 'drama'.. I'm also excited to see my old friend, Chantry..He's a working actor in Florida and I'll get to spend some time with him while MJ is in his Computer conference meetings. Chantry & I have fun no matter WHERE we are, so it will be awesome.. Plus I'm excited to go to Disneyworld with MJ. He's never been, and neither have I..I've been to Disneyland, but not world, and I've never been to Florida, so its a trip of firsts for us both, and it will be awesome.

As for whats happening on the job front? Not much.. I've been applying at different places everyday..I also really appreciate all the emails about how to get health insurance. Apparently I have to wait till my former employer sends me the Cobra options before I can find out more about that..So until they send that packet, I can't do much Cobra wise..I've looked into some other insurance options, because I will have to have something in the meanwhile until they send my Cobra stuff. What a pain.. Speakin of, I guess they are now hiring two new staffs for KKNG, and JAKE FM.. Which does hurt my feelings because they told me "budget cuts" when they let me go.. but I've learned that I can't dwell on this, or think about all the what-if's.. The point is that I'm not meant to be there, and something bigger is in store, so I'm just trying to focus on that..but its still hard not to have your feelings hurt over that crap.. Bill hasn't had much luck either, and James is applying at different places. He has his bartenders license, so he thinks he might try to get a gig doing that. For those of you who want to email any of us you can:

Yesterday my neighbor went crazy again and had a huge fit. My other (good)neighbor was edging the yard, and the street-side yard, and she came flailing out of the house screaming "GET OUTTA MY YARD PUNK"!.. Keep in mind the day before that I was rollerblading the dogs outside (no where NEAR her house) and she screamed at me "DAMN..YOU LOOK LIKE THE DAMN CHAIN GANG!".. Yeah, so she obviously has issues.. But anyway, she was hollering so loud that my neighbor finally just called the Cops.. Well imagine our surprise when the Cop gets there and the lady cop acts WORSE than my crazy neighbor! She starts yelling at us telling us we are instigating her.. I said, "She is across the street screaming at us!" and she said "Well quit talking to her!".. I said, "I'm not talking to her..I don't do crap to her, she's obviously insane" and the Cop said "Well then quit bothering her!".. So as you can see, that went no where quickly, and I just went back in my house.. I'm probably going to start looking at different places to live anyway.. Because if you call the cops, and that only makes it WORSE, that can't be a good sign right! lol.. I did, however, step outside and record some of her screaming..because its so ridiculously insane and loud, I felt like you all just couldn't miss Keep in mind NO ONE is in her yard.. Hello CRAZY!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Whats up with KKNG & KC Sheperd?

Well I'm still getting several emails a day asking me where I'm at, and what I'm doing, and why I'm not on KKNG radio anymore.. So I'll re-hash.. About two weeks ago Bill, James Ayers & I were all called into the office and told that they would be "Making changes" and we were not going to be a part of those changes. So that was that.. So for the past two weeks Bill & I have just been trying to figure out what to do, and look for jobs. We have been told that it was because of 'budget' and the 'economy'..but then we found out that they are hiring all new jocks for JAKE Fm, and KKNG, so now we know that was not the truth..Either way, you know what? We've just got to continue to be positive, and take this opportunity to realize that there is bigger and better things coming our way! No need in dwelling on it.. Yes, it is crappy, and No, I've never been LET GO from any job in my whole life, because I firmly believe in giving 100% to every job that I do, but sometimes that doensn't matter, and you just have to move I'm moving on.. Thank you still for all your emails.. is my new email address.. I am running into a few hiccups.. like Health Insurance.. blargh. I've never not had a job, so I have no idea even where to begin with the search for Out-of-Work Health insurance!

Now, onto other things.. Dancing with the stars.. How in the hell Does Pam Anderson look so dang hot all the time? Yes, I realize that she is "built" and most of her is fake..but crap, when she was dancing I was just sitting there thinking that if you could put a picture of "Sexy" on a woman, it would be her.. I'm not a fan of Shannon Daughery..I think she's a tool.. But I did like watching some of the rest of them..Not sure how long Kate is going to last on there.. She's too much of a villian.. But its a good season this year!

I'm also still watching Jet & Cord McCoy on the amazing race. I'm so proud of them and the way they are representing Oklahoma and Cowboys!! They are awesome! Also watching Idol, although I'm not that passionate about any of the contenstants so far..

Yesterday Payslee & I went to the Hospital in Norman to help the patients with their physical therapy and speech therapy.. She wore her new Easter Dress, although it looked like a Princess Party dress! lol. She stands so still while the patients use their injured hands to brush her, then she lets them pick her up and give them a hug for all their hard work..She's such a good girl. Now she's been asked to go to the Bone & Joint hospital as well.. Good Girl Payslee head! She is my biscuit!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Hello Sunshine!

FINALLY.. The Sun.. After that weird blizzard thing! I went out West this weekend to spend some time at the farm with the family, and they got WAY more snow out that way. The dogs had a grooming appointment, and I'm sorry to say that I'm a bad Mommy.. Sawyer had to get his hair shaved! He lookes like an oddly shaped Lion! its pretty awful..but it will be a good cut for this summer..he will probably start looking more normal in about a month or so..right now he looks like a skinned lamb! lol..

The roads weren't too bad. I went to see my dad in Sentinel on Saturday, and it was slick..but not impassible.. It was good to see that side of the family too. My parents are so freakin awesome! They made me feel a lot better about the 'Getting the Boot' situation and not having a job now. I've applied at a few 'random' places, but did not get those jobs.. I've been having some amazing listeners send me links to jobs that they think I would be good at, which I really appreciate. The nice thing is that I can do a lot of things.. Having been in small market radio, and NO BUDGET radio I've had to learn marketing, promotions, and PR all on my own to make things happen for the stations I worked at.. So I would be an asset in any of those areas, but if the companies don't "KNOW" me, it makes it harder to convince them. But I'm sure something will come up.
I've beent told by a few listeners that called the station that they were told "KC & Bill decided not to move with the new station".. Well let me be the first to tell you that is NOT true. We didn't have that option, so please don't feel like it was our choice. It wasn't. I'm not sure "who" is telling them that, but that really bothers me.
I had a heckuva day with cars yesterday! First of all on our way to church mom had the 'child locks' set in her car and we could NOT figure out how to get the doors open! Then I went and got my oil changed and somehow when I reset my "change oil" icon, I set the car into METRIC units..which made me think I was going 130 miles per hour (because it was showing in KM instead of MPH!).. ridiculous..I tell ya..I may not be on the radio anymore, but stupid things still happen to me daily!! Enjoy the sunshine Folks!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

KC Sheperd job search continues!

St. Patricks Day Payslee!Well its Thursday.. I'm still sitting here.. lol.. I'm trying to just enjoy the fact that I don't have to wake up at 3am, but I'm an over acheiever, so I'm constantly thinking about jobs, and applying different places. I've applied at a few places so far, and gotten several Radio offers out of the city, but with MJ and I in such a good place in our relationship, and the fact that he has an amazing Job, I just don't really want to move.

Interesting things have been happening though.. I do appreciate all the emails, and nice words everyone has been sending me..Its funny though because people are wanting to know "WHY" and "What were they thinking" and all of that.. and how they can express their displeasure about the recent changes at KKNG.. Well I don't have most of those answers..I don't know "Why" or "What they were thinking" but I do find it amusing that 'they' would think that no one would notice or care that their favorite radio station just got re-routed, and redone! People don't usually like change, especially if its bad which people lose their jobs, and lose their radio station.. So for those of you who would like to voice your displeasure you can email: and I think that will go to the appropriate "Powers that be". Then maybe they can give you some answers. As for me, I'm good..I do appreciate all the prayers, sweet cards, letters, emails, and calls..but honestly folks..This is going to be a blessing. It doesn't feel or look that way right now, but all things happen for a reason, and the Lord will take care of me. He always has, and always will.

In the Meanwhile..exciting news.. Before KKNG let me go, I had already planned a trip with MJ to Florida for the end of this month..So I'm still going to go. We leave next Wednesday. I'm also going to get to see an old friend that I went to college with, Chantry, so I'm excited about that too!

Tonight Sawyer goes on a Therapy visit..We'll see how he does.. I missed being on the air yesterday for St. Patricks day..Bill & I doing our horrible Irish/Scottish accents was one of my favorite things.. Oh, and we'd always call Ireland and see if we could get drunk people to sing to us..That was also good times.. Now we'll just have to find New good times.. I talked to Bill on Tuesday..he's doing good, and fixing some things around his house, and painting the rooms for the kids.. I'll keep you posted on him too.. In the meanwhile, if you need me: is my new email address.. enjoy the sunshine today folks! I know I will!! XXOO

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Livestock show fun, and No Job.

Well its now been a week since KKNG gave me the boot.. Doesn't that feel weird to say! I've been applying at all the places I can think of, and we'll see what happens..The fun thing is that my parents have been in town at the Youth Expo watching some cattle we raised for the past 2 days I've been at the fairgrounds cattle show.. We had a heifer yesterday that won her class, and another one that won Reserve Breed Champion, so that was funtimes.. Today I'm going to go watch our little Hereford show. She's too young to win much, but she is so cute!!

Last night MJ went to the stockshow..Its quite a learning experience for him! He's never been around cows before, and really never been around anything two days of stepping in cow-crap, and being around 2000 pound animals has been interesting for him! We've had a funtime. Then we went with my parents to eat at Charlestons.. Mom's headlight was out, so MJ is going to help her fix that.. Have I mentioned that my parents LOVE him! lol.. Thats always good right!

Tonight I'm going back to "Taco Tuesday" with some friends..We have a lot to catch up on, and since I'm unemployed, its good to save on Taco's! So that will be funtimes.. Also today Payslee & I have a therapy Visit at Bradford village. I havent decided what Miss Payslee will wear yet, but I'm sure she will be fabulous. In the Meanwhile I'm going to start organizing my closet, and things like that. I know my "new" opportunity is just around the corner, so I've got to be ready!! If you all hear of anything I would be fabulous at, just email me.. If you would like to give your feedback, you can email me there as well..
I'm off to the stockshow!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

KKNG is now JAKE Fm 97,3.

Well they did the 'switch' last night on 93.3. They have apparently decided to go head to head against the Twister 101.9 by playing all new music. I've not heard any jocks on the station so far, only Kevin saying the Title and Artist of each song after it plays. Ironically enough, KKNG has tried to go head to head with the Twister the past 3 years by playing more NEW music, but the Twister has always won the ratings battle. So it will be interesting to see how this is any 'different'.. So to wrap up.. Lynn Waggoner is on KKNG, now moved to 97.3 on the Dial, and went from 100,000 watt station to a 1,000 watt station..and JACK FM is now Deleted, replaced by JAKE FM on 93.3, playing Oklahoma's NEW Country.. Bill & I still will not work at any of the stations.. lol.. dang.

The parents are bringing up some heifers that we raised to show in the OKC Youth Expo this weekend at the fairgrounds, so MJ & I are going to go watch them.. He's never been to a cattle show before, so this could be wildly exciting! lol..

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Robbie Gilbert is goodtimes

Uh oh.. Seems Miss Payslee thinks MJ is "HER" Boyfriend!!

Well dinner with Bill was good..he's keeping his options open too on the job front. We are both looking at all of the ideas/jobs being suggested to us. Neither of us really WANT to get out of radio, but we may not have much choice. It seems the radio business is kinda in a slump right now, and we can't really wait for it to come back up..So I've been applying at other places. Hopefully something will come up soon. I'm not the kind of person who can just 'sit at home' and wait for things to happen..I'm more of the type that MAKES things happen, so I'm hoping this little 'fire-cation' will be short lived! lol..

I just want to say thank you to all the folks that have been emailing me and offering such kind, uplifting words. You guys are the best. I was so shocked at the changes they decided to make at KKNG, and it just really hurt my feelings. Its not that I don't think I can't find another job, but I had so many good friends there, and even though Lynn, Bill & I were a 'dysfunctional family'.. we were a family none-the-less..So I feel like I've lost part of my family. But I know when one door closes God opens a window, and he will take care of me, and take me into a new direction. I just wanted to say thank you though, because I've received so many nice comments, letters, emails, and sweet words from everyone..I want you to know that I read everyone of them, and they are all special to me, because in times like this, its nice to know that you have an awesome group of folks in your corner cheering you on!
Mom came into town yesterday and we have been running all over OKC pampering ourselves. Yesterday we got pedicures, and massages at the mall..Then we got our eyebrows "threaded"..Have you ever done that? Its BIZARRE. They somehow pluck/shape your eyebrows with a piece of string..weird, but oddly effective! Then last night it was back to Iguana grill downown for some delish Mexican food, and then MJ took Mom and I to the Sara Sara Cupcake house for cupcakes.. *By the way..MJ is awesome, and being so helpful during this crappy time.. lol..

Today was mall day and we found some awesome, cute, outfits at the mall, and we went to SEPHORA!! Yay! I just can't go to Sephora without being jolly.. so I was all smiles! Its amazing what a new lipgloss can do for you.. lol.. So its been so much fun. And it will continue. Tomorrow My dad is coming up here with some of the cattle we raised to show in the OKC Livestock show, including a cutie pie Hereford Heifer! I can't wait to see her! I've invited all the friends out to see her, and love on her.. Herefords are so I'm pretty excited. I just got back from taking the dog-babes to their field to run and play.. Finally a nice day with sunshine!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Well at least I see the sun rise!

So I've realized that for the past 13 years in doing morning radio I miss the sun shine coming up..So if there is a silver lining, I suppose that would be it. I also went to have drinks/dinner with some good friends on Tuesday at the Iguana grill downtown..MM MM! It was Taco Tuesday so we had these fabulous little mini-tacos.. They were delish.. Then When we went outside Whitney & I noticed that we were right next door to the 'Sara Sara Cupcake house'.. OH MY GOSH..Those cupcakes are magical! It was also $2 Tuesday there, so I got 6 magical cupcakes..Strawberry, Crimson and Creme, Coconut Creme, Carrot cake, and vanilla.. I just had the Strawberry one, and I tell ya, if anything can make you feel better about getting canned at your job..that strawberry cupcake is it! It was so good!

Tonight I'm going to go have dinner with Bill & Leslie (Bill's Finance') and see if Bill is having any luck with the job front. Since we were both so caught off guard, we didn't even have our Resume updated! I've been doing that, and I've applied at several places already. But everyone keeps asking me if I'm going to another radio station.. Well I suppose that will be up to the other stations! lol.. Right now the radio business is just in an ugly place..I hope it turns around, because after being on the radio for 13 years, I just cannot imagine not being on the air..But I may have to have to get out for awhile. I'm looking at some part-time stuff with a few people, and I'm just keeping my options open. I'm sure Bill is doing the same..but I'll give you all an update on him too. Bill & I will always be friends, and he is still planning on getting married in July.

In the meanwhile I went back to see Dr. Cox yesterday and got 3 more silver fillings we're at least making a dent in it! My mom is coming up this weekend, and I'm excited to see her.. Today I gave Miss Payslee a bath, because we have a therapy visit tonight at Sterling House. Her OSU cheerleader outfit came in, and its just adorable! She also got another cute Easter Dress in.. I'll post pics from her visit tonight, tomorrow.. Remember if you need me, I'm at now.. :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day one of the Job Search..

Well this is a whole new world to me. I've never been 'let go' from anything in my life, so I'm really kinda wondering what the heck to do! I woke up early this morning and re-did my resume, and I'm going to work on an aircheck later this afternoon. Its quite a process. I'm going back to the dentist tomorrow because I won't be able to keep my benefits forever, and need to get as much done as I we'll see what we can accomplish. So thats what we're doing today folks! Its so pretty outside though, and later I'm going to go grab a drink with some of my friends! Woo hoo!

Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm leaving KKNG

For those of you who follow this blog, I'm no longer employeed with KKNG radio. I've had nothing but fun, good times with them, and its time for us to part ways. So I will continue to update this blog, but it will not be affiliated with the station..My email is so feel free to email me at that address. Thanks to all the amazing listners, funny phone calls, excellent concerts, and everything else we have shared together!! Love ya!
KC Sheperd

Lorrie Morgan, Pam Tillis, Birthday fun!

I had an excellent weekend! Friday night Lauren, Amy, Brandon, Bill, & Leslie went to see Lorrie Morgan & Pam Tillis at the Firelake Casino. They looked and sounded amazing. They are both SO cute! Pam Tillis got a new haircut and its just adorable on her. They sang most of their hits. My favorite was Lorrie singing "Good as I was to you" and "Something in Red".. and Pam singing "All the Good ones are Gone" and "Spilled Perfume".. They also did a tribute to their dads, and then sang "Silver Wings" together..their Encore was a little Beatles Medley..It was an excellent show..until these two ladies in front of me "Shusshed" me.. I was telling Lauren about Pam Tillis being in a car wreck and they turned around and shusshed me..Which yes, irritated me..but not as bad as when, 2 seconds later, they ANSWERED THEIR CELL PHONE AND BEGAN TALKING!! Seriously?!?! You're going to Shussh Me and then Answer your phone and talk! What a joke.. So yes, that was quite irritating..Other than that though..Great show! If you want to see more pictures from the show you can go
Saturday was Brandon's Birthday party so MJ and I went over there to surprise him. He had no idea we were coming over so he was all jolly about that..and the fact that I took him a Horsehead Cookie Cake.. I Mean who doesn't love cakes with a horsehead on them! So that was funtimes..

Yesterday MJ & I grilled some delicious Cusack Steaks outside..I decided to add some Gargonzola cheese and sautee'd mushrooms..HOLY MAGOLI it was delcious! Then we watched the Oscars. I was glad Monique won.. She played a very DARK role in "Precious" and it was well-deserved.. Also glad Sandra Bullock won..I loved "The Blind Side".. Speakin of movies..I went to see "Alice in Wonderland" in 3D IMAX and it was AMAZING! For those of you scared that its going to ruin the cartoon for you, it doesn't..It actually plays off that quite a bit, and the 3D stuff is just amazing..I LOVED Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter and The Queen of Hearts was really good too..So many colorful characters to look at..It was very good..But I think you will lose a little of the magic if you don't see it in 3D..

In case you missed the story about Brad Paisley falling off the show..Here it is for you..He thinks he may have cracked his ribs..Its almost at the very end of the video, and the audio is awful..but I didn't want you to miss Here ya go!

ONE MORE THING.. This little guy needs a home. His other family didn't want him anymore, because they had a new baby..not because of anything he did. He's a good boy and he just ADORES kids since thats what he was raised with..He's very smart, house-trained, and a good guy.. Let me know if you want more info about him: Just email me at Here's YANKEE:

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Finally a nice day!

Payslee & Sawyer are Best friends.. awww..

So yesterday I went back to the dentist..Its quite a process I'm going through just so you know.. lol.. I found out a few months ago that there were silver fillings in my mouth that had been there since I was 6 years old..Now for some bizarre reason I was thinking that those fillings would last forever.. I was wrong. Dr. Cox took pics of my teeth and those fillings were the most nasty, gross things I had seen in awhile! They were also causing more tooth decay because they were leaking all over the place.. So we decided to give my mouth an overhaul and get new, nice fillings in my mouth.. I got to the dentist just in time before I had really done some thats the good news.. the bad news? We have 16 fillings to replace! Geesh! My mouth is crap! lol.. Thanks crappy genetics! hahahaha! Sorry mom.. Okay, so anyway.. We have now replaced 4 out of the 16. We were supposed to do 3 yesterday but one was so giant that after 2 hours of working on it we decided to call it a day.. The good news is that its not NEARLY as terrible as I thought it would be. Its a process..but its painless.. and of course I love laughing gas, so there ya go.. Its a good thing I really like Dr. Cox, because I'm going to be spending a LOT of time with him over the next few months!!

MJ & I went to the Auto show last night.. Lots of neat cars out there.. I liked a bunch of them, but I can't remember the names of most of them! I do know that I loved a Black 4-Runner, and a Mercedes! Tonight I'm going on a therapy visit to Sterling House with Miss Payslee.. I think she's going to wear her Polka Dot Dress..Yes, I'm aware that dressing up my dogs is a bit ridiculous..but I tell sure does bring a smile to the little ladies faces!

This is the cutest/funniest thing.. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Miss Dorothy, Idol, and Dentist Fun!

So Yesterday I got the clearance to be able to drive My little Hospice lady, Miss Dorothy to visit her husband George at the Nursing home. I got Payslee all dolled up in her Orange Gingham dress and we went to pick up Dorothy..Well how cute that she was also dressed in Orange! So she and Miss Pays matched.. We had a great visit. Miss Dorothy & George have been married for 64 years this year. She is 86 and he's 89. She still gets all dolled up to go see him everytime. Its so cute. Yesterday she had on Orange from head to toe! Orange heels..Orange Purse.. Orange pants..Orange Coat..Orange Jewlery and topped it off with Orange Lipstick!! She's such a neat lady. Here's a
picture of them.. George seems to be doing well too..and he's the sweetest guy ever. His eyes light up everytime he see's her.. They are an inspiration to me!

I took Miss Payslee outside for a bit to Pose her.
Its always hard to take pics of the color of Payslee's eyes. Her eyes are gold because she is a "Liver" shih-tzu. A Liver means that her pigment is pink..Most Shih-tzu's have a black nose, and dark eyes..but Pays has gold eyes and a pink nose..with Pink Paw Pads, and Pink around her eyes as opposed to dark. Sawyer is a regular tzu with the dark eyes and nose.. Payslee had a great time visiting with the folks yesterday..she's quite a charmer! She always lets people smootch her right in the face if they want to do it!
Today I go back to the Dentist..More silver outta my mouth.. Its not a painful process, but it is time-consuming..Why? Because everyone of my teeth is filled with Silver! Dr. Cox has quite a mission on his hands with my mouth! But I think today we will take more out of the bottom and then just keep trucking along! I always take the laughing gas because I get kinda nervous. So when I get there they just start me on the laughing gas, hand me my headphones.. and away I go! lol.. I'm honestly happy that I'm getting it done. After I saw pic's of how bad my silver fillings looked I knew I needed to get them OUT of my mouth..
After the dentist I'm going to the Auto show with MJ..He LOVES cars.. LOVES THEM. So it will be fun. Plus they are serving little car-shaped cakes! How excellent is that! For a list of events go to ! Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Stalker..

Well if you missed the show this morning, I was talking about this idiot that won't leave me alone. Most of you know that I have a magical boyfriend "MJ"..but I haven't told you the story about how we met. Its a bizarre situation because when I first me MJ I was actually on a date with someone else. Lets call him "Dave"..

Well I had invited Dave and a bunch of my other friends over for a little WII party..Well apparently My friend Amy had other plans and invited MJ over as well thinking that we would hit it off.. Of course this irritated Dave very much and he pretty much threw a fit about the whole thing..saying that I should have thrown Amy & MJ out of my house.. I thought this was stupid because its not like I was married to this guy, or even in a relationship with him! Now I realize that it wasn't the most polite thing of Amy to actually Invite another guy to my house when I was on a date with someone else, and I told Dave that I was sorry about that..but he wouldn't listen and kept throwing a hissy. So at that point I realized that I did NOT want to see Dave anymore, so I tried to be polite and say "Listen, I'm not really interested in a relationship right now"...So then I end up going out on a date with MJ..We hit it off and we've been together since then. Well DAVE was a friend on my facebook and after he saw that I was in a relationship with MJ he kept sending me crappy Instant Messages so I deleted him off my Facebook thinking that would send him a sign that I wanted him to LEAVE ME ALONE.. Well It didn't..

Last week he sends me a list of crappy text messages that go something like this:

Him: Went ta send you a message and see where you deleted me from facebook. Whats up with that? Can't we be friends still?

ME: Um well that wasn't really working out.

HIM:Wow Whatever

ME: Exactly.

HIM: Intriguing if you ask me..but its whatever.

ME:You were being a butt about MJ. YOu had crappy, smart elic comments. So I didn't need you reading my status updates or making rude comments. Simple as that.

HIM: Shouldn't be deceitful and day you are not ready for a relationship, but thats neither here nor there. Thought you were adult enough to be friends. But I guess not.

ME: I didn't want to be rude by saying I just didn't want to date YOU..but I guess I should have, since thats what I meant.

HIM: Yea cause you liked and thats not only wrong but its rude. But thats your choice and in the past. As far as smartelic comments, being lied to will do that.

ME: Well Now I"m going to be rude again and tell you to lose my number and please leave me alone.

HIM: Good luck and grow up. Glad your friends control who you hang out with.

ME: ME TOO! Because they obviously have immaculate taste! I'm the happiest I've ever been and completely in love with MJ! So thank you Amy!

HIM: Good for you. Guess Bi***y people like you and her find people to put up with your arrogance!

So at that point I just quit texting. Its apparent that he wants to have the last word and it just being an idiot, so I leave it at that.. But I got a bunch of great advice today from the listeners today! Thank you all for that..Here's a few suggestions

*IGNORE HIM---> Yes! Very good advice and I'm going to do this.

*Hit him with a Skillet---> Umm..Not sure that would help, and might get me arrested..but good idea none the less.. lol.

*BLOCK him from your phone---> Another excellent one..Looking into this as well

*LET ME WHIP HIS BUTT----Love the fact that my listeners will come to my defense!

*Give him the # to a good therapist----> YES! He obviously needs some help if he is this obessed with me after ONE date.

So as you can see..once again the KKNG listeners have come through for me in my love life! I appreciate you all! Hopefully this will get him to leave me alone!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Olympics are over and Blake Shelton!

Did you hear Blake Shelton on the air with us this morning? He's funny and awesome..and for some reason I told him he had a good Head on him? WHY WOULD I DO THAT???? I'm an So far I've told the Mountain Man from the Oak Ridge Boys that he looked "Very Mountainish" and now I've told Blake Shelton he has a good HEAD on him! Geesh..Anyway, if you missed the interview here ya go..

I had a good weekend..Didn't do much on Friday. Went to the sales at KOHL's and took the dog babes Rollerblading. Then Saturday MJ took me to a place in Norman called "Victoria's" to eat some delicious Italian Food. It was awesome! I had me some spinach Tortellini and it was excellent. Then we went home and watched some of this series we had recorded called "World War II in HD" on the History channel. There is a former soldier on there from Oklahoma that played for Coach Iba in Stillwater..and its just facinating to listen to. VERY good series!

Yesterday MJ and I went to an Open house in Yukon..Not to buy a house..but just to kinda look. I've been throwing away money in Rent up here for 3 years now, so it might be a more practical choice for me to buy a house. Speaking of..I got all the leather furniture polished and good to go. Got it rearranged the way I wanted it.. Spent last night on the new couch watching Jet & Cord McCoy on the Amazing Race..They are cracking me up. Jet & I had a class together at Swosu, so I'm enjoying cheering our Oklahoma boys on and hoping they take home more prizes!