Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm leaving KKNG

For those of you who follow this blog, I'm no longer employeed with KKNG radio. I've had nothing but fun, good times with them, and its time for us to part ways. So I will continue to update this blog, but it will not be affiliated with the station..My email is so feel free to email me at that address. Thanks to all the amazing listners, funny phone calls, excellent concerts, and everything else we have shared together!! Love ya!
KC Sheperd

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  1. WOW! so i've been working in midwest city for about 4 years now and have listen to kkng for almost everyday from ty austin at night ( i use to work on his chevy alittle bit) to your morning show. well it just hit me you and bill was gone on wedsday morning (sorry been listening to Bo phillips alot great singer). anyways it was saying to move to 97.3 and i drive from meeker to midwest city everyday i now lose kkng well before harrah road. So now they just didn't lose you and bill and james ares but me to. now i don't really know who to listen to if 101.9 would really be red dirt nights i'd be all over that but they say it and play one song an hour it seems. Well good luck to you all maybe i'll hear you somewhere else in the okc