Thursday, March 4, 2010

Finally a nice day!

Payslee & Sawyer are Best friends.. awww..

So yesterday I went back to the dentist..Its quite a process I'm going through just so you know.. lol.. I found out a few months ago that there were silver fillings in my mouth that had been there since I was 6 years old..Now for some bizarre reason I was thinking that those fillings would last forever.. I was wrong. Dr. Cox took pics of my teeth and those fillings were the most nasty, gross things I had seen in awhile! They were also causing more tooth decay because they were leaking all over the place.. So we decided to give my mouth an overhaul and get new, nice fillings in my mouth.. I got to the dentist just in time before I had really done some thats the good news.. the bad news? We have 16 fillings to replace! Geesh! My mouth is crap! lol.. Thanks crappy genetics! hahahaha! Sorry mom.. Okay, so anyway.. We have now replaced 4 out of the 16. We were supposed to do 3 yesterday but one was so giant that after 2 hours of working on it we decided to call it a day.. The good news is that its not NEARLY as terrible as I thought it would be. Its a process..but its painless.. and of course I love laughing gas, so there ya go.. Its a good thing I really like Dr. Cox, because I'm going to be spending a LOT of time with him over the next few months!!

MJ & I went to the Auto show last night.. Lots of neat cars out there.. I liked a bunch of them, but I can't remember the names of most of them! I do know that I loved a Black 4-Runner, and a Mercedes! Tonight I'm going on a therapy visit to Sterling House with Miss Payslee.. I think she's going to wear her Polka Dot Dress..Yes, I'm aware that dressing up my dogs is a bit ridiculous..but I tell sure does bring a smile to the little ladies faces!

This is the cutest/funniest thing.. Enjoy!

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