Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hello Florida and Unemployment!

Last night MJ & I went to see a bizarre movie called "Repo Men" with Jude Law & Forrest Whittaker.. It was about future times when scientists have devloped 'mechanical body parts' like hearts, lungs, eyes, etc.. and they are awesome to have..until you can't make your payments on them, and then REPO men come and repossess your body parts! See..I told you it was weird..but it was good because I had never seen a movie like that before.. MJ was kinda 'out' on it.. lol.

I leave for Florida on Wednesday..Excited to be getting away from all the 'drama'.. I'm also excited to see my old friend, Chantry..He's a working actor in Florida and I'll get to spend some time with him while MJ is in his Computer conference meetings. Chantry & I have fun no matter WHERE we are, so it will be awesome.. Plus I'm excited to go to Disneyworld with MJ. He's never been, and neither have I..I've been to Disneyland, but not world, and I've never been to Florida, so its a trip of firsts for us both, and it will be awesome.

As for whats happening on the job front? Not much.. I've been applying at different places everyday..I also really appreciate all the emails about how to get health insurance. Apparently I have to wait till my former employer sends me the Cobra options before I can find out more about that..So until they send that packet, I can't do much Cobra wise..I've looked into some other insurance options, because I will have to have something in the meanwhile until they send my Cobra stuff. What a pain.. Speakin of, I guess they are now hiring two new staffs for KKNG, and JAKE FM.. Which does hurt my feelings because they told me "budget cuts" when they let me go.. but I've learned that I can't dwell on this, or think about all the what-if's.. The point is that I'm not meant to be there, and something bigger is in store, so I'm just trying to focus on that..but its still hard not to have your feelings hurt over that crap.. Bill hasn't had much luck either, and James is applying at different places. He has his bartenders license, so he thinks he might try to get a gig doing that. For those of you who want to email any of us you can:

Yesterday my neighbor went crazy again and had a huge fit. My other (good)neighbor was edging the yard, and the street-side yard, and she came flailing out of the house screaming "GET OUTTA MY YARD PUNK"!.. Keep in mind the day before that I was rollerblading the dogs outside (no where NEAR her house) and she screamed at me "DAMN..YOU LOOK LIKE THE DAMN CHAIN GANG!".. Yeah, so she obviously has issues.. But anyway, she was hollering so loud that my neighbor finally just called the Cops.. Well imagine our surprise when the Cop gets there and the lady cop acts WORSE than my crazy neighbor! She starts yelling at us telling us we are instigating her.. I said, "She is across the street screaming at us!" and she said "Well quit talking to her!".. I said, "I'm not talking to her..I don't do crap to her, she's obviously insane" and the Cop said "Well then quit bothering her!".. So as you can see, that went no where quickly, and I just went back in my house.. I'm probably going to start looking at different places to live anyway.. Because if you call the cops, and that only makes it WORSE, that can't be a good sign right! lol.. I did, however, step outside and record some of her screaming..because its so ridiculously insane and loud, I felt like you all just couldn't miss Keep in mind NO ONE is in her yard.. Hello CRAZY!


  1. Oh my, that is truly a crazy neighbor to put it "lightly"! I feel for you! I would definitely move away from that craziness quickly. I can't imagine how stressful that can be having to deal w/that everyday YIKES!

  2. Wow--what a nut-bar! I think there must be better places to live. Have a great time in Florida. Disney World is great fun. Lots to see and do.
    I'm still hoping you find a great place to work where you can stay in this area.

  3. Just because Junior inheirted the radio business from his Daddy doesn't mean he knows anything about making it work. Too bad he didn't get his dad, Ralph's, vision. He has let a small town manager make some dumb mistakes and it will probably be the end of them. I look forward to hearing you and Bill, where ever you end up. I just hope it is a place that knows what the market wants instead of being stuck in the '80's. Good luck.

  4. i do not even listen to the jake it really sucks without casey and bill