Monday, June 29, 2009

What a weekend.. of death and drama!

Well I was so sad to hear the news of Michael Jackson dying. Whether you liked him as a person, or not, you cannot deny he was a musical genius. He was HUGE to me when I was younger and I loved all his songs. Its sad to see the way his life turned out, but he was still such an amazing singer and dancer..

Farrah Fawcett was not as big to me, simply because she was kinda 'before' my time.. I didn't watch Charlies Angels, and didn't post her picture up of the Red bathing suit. I did watch "Farrah's Story" a couple of weeks ago, and It was so sad to see Cancer taking away her life. She was very strong to have documented all that..

Well I'm finally off the 'soup' diet. I lost 7lbs, so that was a nice little jump start..but I probably didn't help myself by eating calf-fries this weekend! Plus tomorrow we will be at Toby's, and I will probably have MORE calf-fries..but maybe I'll go for the catfish this time..

I had a great time at the farm this weekend. Payslee & Sawyer went to the groomer, and Miss Payslee looks like such a little angel baby! She is so pretty when she is groomed with her white flowing hair and golden eyes! Sawyer looks cute too, but I haven't uploaded his pictures yet, so I'll post them tomorrow.. Although Sawyer's hair is a little short, and he looks like a Lion head tzu.. They swam a little bit in the pool, but they really liked resting on the steps the best. They were tired all weekend because of Mom's baby, Izzy..They all 3 played and played.. My babes were WIPED OUT last night when they got home, and so was I. I'm only working through Wednesday this week though, because we are heading back out there to have some folks over for the 4th of July, and just have a little time off.. I can't wait!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday fun for you..

I had a great night last night! Becca (one of my co-workers) adopted a dog from and I went over to help her go over the basics of training with her kids. She adopted "Chessie" and later changed her name to "Jessie"..

She was so great! I taught the kids how to be the 'pack leader' and how to walk her without her dragging them. Jessie is so sweet, and a perfect fit to their family. I love happy endings! She had been in the shelter for TWO years, and now she is only 3 years old, so now she will live out the rest of her life with a family that loves her! Hooray! Here is a special song for all those who have adopted, or rescued a dog:

After walking Jessie for awhile, I went home and let my babes run wild in their field..I'm on Day #3 of the Sacred Heart Medical Diet. Today I eat the Soup, and all the veggies and fruit I want. It seems the worst part of it is over. Yesterday when I had weighed I had lost 2 lbs. I forgot to weigh this morning..Once again, if you want the diet info just email me

Also, one of our listeners sent this to me yesterday..
Pass this on if you know someone. They are killing 400 dogs a DAY in Oklahoma City because they are too crowded, and it just breaks my heart.. Here's BUCK!

My name is Buck. I am approximately 2-years old and am a male Doberman/Greyhound mix. I weigh about 44 lbs. I'm currently residing at the Purcell Animal Shelter, but I think some people around here are getting tired of me and have started talking about putting me "to sleep". They say I'm not so adoptable because I growl when people come up to my cage. But, my friend Diana, who works here, says that far from being mean, I am a total sweetheart, just fearful when I'm caged up! I just don't like being in that cage, and all those people staring at me and poking their fingers in at me!

But, you let me out of that cage, and I become a different dog! I have known some abuse in the past, so I might be a bit slow to warm up to you, but I know with a bit of time, you and I could become best buds. I hang out with a couple girl dogs here, and we all get along wonderfully! I am neutered, heartworm negative, and current on my shots!

Diana tells me my days here could be numbered, so she asked my friend Michelle with Best Friends of Pets to try and find me a foster as soon as possible. Best Friends will work really hard to help find me a forever home, if I can just come stay with you for awhile!

If you can help me by being my foster parent, please e-mail Michelle at or call her at (405) 420-2554.



Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Its way too hot for that..

Well my "Manners" class with Payslee got cancelled last night because the air-conditioning had went out in that building.. and that would have been miserable, so I think now we will just go an extra week... I can only imagine how that would have been; Screaming dogs, and screaming people!!

I'm excited to say that my friend Becca adopted a dog from Pets & People for her family! She adopted a beautiful girl named "Chessie" yesterday and I'm so proud of her for doing it! I heard from someone the other day that they are having to put 300 dogs to sleep/a DAY in Oklahoma City because there are that many homeless pets in Oklahoma City. I love Pets & People because they actually go and rescue dogs and cats from death row and take them back to their no-kill shelter...BUT they can't rescue more dogs, if people don't ADOPT dogs, so if you, or someone you know has room in their house and heart for a homeless dog or cat, Call Edy at Pets & People. You can also look at their website, they have all the pic's of the dogs, their stories, and thier contact information.

Speaking of Pets..You still have time to enter the "PIMP MY PET" contest..just email your name, pets name, and address, and tell me why your pet deserves to be "Pimped" at, and we'll pick the winner on Friday! The Winner gets a gift card from the Cosby Ranch, and a free makeover from the Paw Spa!!

On a Crappy note.. My 6th Laptop Quit..I took it in to have it repaired. It wasn't charging so I thought it would be easy to fix..WRONG. I called yesterday and they had 'junked it out' which means its not fixable.. Dang. I had to go down and get a replacement..IT was free, but Best Buy does not backup any of your work, so I lost all my programs, data, pictures, files, etc.. What a huge pain in the Wazoo!! So I spent all day doing that.. thank goodness I bought the service plan, or I would literally have NOTHING. BUT.. my next purchase is going to be an external hard drive, seriously.. because after going through 6 laptops, I'm beginning to think they only last about 6 months, and I can't keep losing all my magical stuff!

Stay cool!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hello Hotness..and I dont mean myself! HAAAAAY!

Geesh..its HOT. I can't even walk/rollerblade the dogs till after 8 now, or thier feet might burn off! Which makes it impossible to go to bed at a decent hour..because if we rollerblade at 8:15, to 8:45, then that puts me getting in bed by like 10..blargh. Too late! Oh well..such is life..

Tonight Payslee and I go to our second "Manners" class. They ended up splitting the class into two separate classes, so I'm not sure which other dogs will be with us..but it will still be fun. We go this evening at 6pm.

Well I started a 7 day diet today. You go on it for 7 for 2..on for 7..I'm not that excited about it, but Its pretty easy to stay on, and you are supposed to be able to lose weight pretty quickly. If you want more info about it, email me at

So yesterday a guy called me that is interested in my music career..I'm not sure where THAT's going to go..but its always nice to be loved! I'm sending him some CD's today. So if you missed "Waiting on a Waggoner" today, my delicious Parody song you can listen to it HERE:

Monday, June 22, 2009

"Pimp My Pet" Contest, & Limo Magic!

We are having a fun little contest called "Pimp My Pet".. The pet that wins (we draw June 26) gets a $200 giftcard from the Cosby Ranch in Mustang, and a free makeover from the Paw Spa. You can email me a picture of your pet at along with your name/pet name/address, & Phone number and you could win some sweet pampering for your furbaby!

Friday morning there was a 'rockstar' line to get into Cattlemens (see left) and we had a great time giving away the tickets to "New Face Showcase" with my Delicious James Otto.

I had an interesting weekend to say the least..Friday night I had a "Water-off" with my crazy neighbor..I was watering my yard, when she came out and started to water HER yard..well when she would inch closer to the curb/road..I WOULD inch closer to the road (I'm showing NO FEAR! lol)..Neither of us were backing down..except then she started squirting people with her hose as they went by! I did'nt partake in this activity..but finally after about 10 minutes of watering SHE turned HER hose off first! Haha! Strike one up for Sheperd!! There was no yelling, or racial slurs from her this time, so hey..maybe we are making!

Saturday night my friends and I went out for a night on the town..and boy was it! We stopped by several different places including Dan O'Brians, Edna's, & Cafe Do Brazil!! We had a blast..Although, I did lose my shoe..first I broke my shoe, then taped it with green tape..then somehow it didn't make it home with me..Oh well, it was broken anyway! I'll tell you though, I can party down....till about 10pm! Then I'm out like a light! What a lame-o I am! Amy, Brandon, Joel, Lauren, Shelly, & Paul and I all had a blast..I have awesome friends!

I called my dads on Fathers day, and will probably go home to visit them both next weekend. I got the DVD of me singing with dad on the Rodeo Opry, so I'll try to post the video soon.. Happy Monday!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I was on TV!

Well a big Thank you to my boy, Gary England! He put my song "More Gary On TV" on the news last night at the 6 & 10pm weather! He even put a big picture up of me, and played the song! In Case you missed my magical Gary England Song.. here it is for your listening pleasure.

So I was pretty excited about that.. Tomorrow we will be live at Cattlemen's doing our show, and the first 93 people get free tickets to our "New Face Show Case" at the Riverwind in August. That means you will get free tickets to see my delicious James Otto, Joe Nichols, Eli Young Band and more.. we start at 6am, so come have some tickets and biscuits!! See you there!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rascal Flatts & Dog Training

I had a great weekend! Mom, Carol, Renee' & I left for Dallas on Friday afternoon and got to Grapevine around 6:00. We went over to the Grapevine Mall and had supper at the Rainforest Cafe..It was a little too loud for us. I had been to the one in California & Las Vegas, but It was just too loud! We shopped a little bit that evening, but decided to call it a night around 9pm.

Saturday we got up and headed back to the mall for a lovely day of shopping, and exercise.. I say exercise because that Mall in Grapevine is ridiculous big and walking around it took forever! We had fun though, then headed back to our beautiful motel (the Hampton Inn in Grapevine). We were about 20 minutes from the Superpages center, so we took off around 5:30 and headed to the show. It was HOT outside, but we were excited and ready to go!

We weren't supposed to get to go to the Darrius Rucker meet and Greet, but Magical Neda from Lyric street records got us in, and yes, Mom totally Smash-faced Darrius Rucker!!

He put on a great show, and actually sang some of the Hootie and the Blowfish Songs. The whole show was great. Cledus T Judd opened it up, then my Flatts boys came out and they were AWESOME, as usual. Its one of my top 3 concerts of all time. The Encore was them brining Darrius back out and singing "Hold my Hand" and "Revolution" and "Life is a Highway" was an awesome show with my awesome mom, and some awesome friends!! Here's Renee', me, and Carol.

Then last night was Payslee & I's first "Manners" class..It went pretty well, because she was BY FAR not the worst one in the class, so that made me feel better. We are working on "Pay attention to me" and "Sit".. She already knows these things at home, but in a room full of screaming dogs, its a little harder to keep her attention!! I'll post more about it tomorrow!

**Save Money at Amusement Parks
Visiting an amusement park can be downright expensive. So, here are tips to help you cut costs this summer, courtesy of the Associated Press:
**First, look for Internet specials, and coupons in newspapers, on grocery items, and at gas stations and fast food chains. For example, buying tickets online for Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey can save you $10 apiece, and coupons on Coke cans offer two-for-one weekday admission, or $15 off weekend tickets.
** Consider a season pass if you plan to visit an amusement park more than once. It’ll probably pay for itself in less than two visits.
**Go to small regional parks, and old-fashioned seaside parks. They’re often a lot cheaper than big theme parks, and have much shorter lines. For example, you can buy individual ride tickets at New York’s Coney Island, and California’s Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. They also offer multiple-ticket discounts, and unlimited-ride wristbands.

**Some parks also have discounts for locals. For example, Disneyland’s $99 Summer Fun Pass lets you visit the park three times between now and the end of August and all Disney theme parks offer free admission this year if you visit on your birthday.
**Check out AAA. They sell steeply-discounted advance tickets to theme parks and attractions.
**You can also find offers like the “kids eat free” card in Orlando, Florida, which is good at Disney World, Universal Tours, SeaWorld, and over 100 area restaurants.
If you don’t find any deals on the park’s website, call them. Most theme parks and attractions will help you find the best deals available, if you just ask.

**Finally: If you’re on a tight budget, be firm with your kids. Tell them beforehand that you want to splurge on a day at the park, but you can only afford it if they promise not to ask for extras – like souvenirs and arcade games. That’ll cut down on your expenses – and eliminate most of the whining.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Lots of Videos today! Rollerblading & Dad & Lynn

Well I finally got around to uploading the small video portion I took of my dad singing at the Opry. The Opry folks are supposed to send me the higher quality version, so I'll post that when I get it..but for now, just to give you a taste, here is my dad, Kirby singing "Long Black Train" at the Rodeo Opry last weekend:

Well we went rollerblading yesterday, and since so many people asked me how I manage to Rollerblade with three dogs, I thought not only will I rollerblade, but I will VIDEO IT! So here you go!

Its really not that tough for us. The dogs know their roll: Payslee is the lead sled dog, then Rally, and then Little Sawyer lags behind..but they all have a good time, and the end result; TIRED DOGS..A TIRED a GOOD DOG...Here they are afterwards..

For those of you who missed Lynn's old 1976 car Commerical..Here you go..this is a magical nugget:

Well Mom, Renee', Carol & I are headed to Dallas today to see Rascal Flatts. They are playing at the Superpages center tomorrow in Dallas. I'm excited to see them. Its always a great show. Payslee is not going to be that excited about being away from home. This is the first time I've left my little dog-babes somewhere overnight!! I'll get to watch them on the video though, and see what they are doing. CAmp Bow Wow will take good care of them! I won't be back on the air till Tuesday! Miss me! XXOO

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Well Hello Thursday, welcome..

Can you see the baby??

I enjoyed the rain yesterday..We didn't get to rollerblade though. I just let the babes run wild in the back yard and chase each other..

I'm getting excited about my trip tomorrow..We're all headed to Dallas tomorrow around lunchtime to see Rascal Flatts. The actual show isn't until Saturday, but we're going to go up and make a weekend out of it. We won't be back till Monday.

I've got to go to the ATT store on Friday and pre-order the new Iphone. It shoots video, so I'm pretty excited about that..and it also has voice command, so its kinda like that mobile sync thing in cars where you can just say, "Play Rascal Flatts" and it will..How bionic is that? I do love me some good technology!!

Here's a little slice of heaven for you.. and for me.. Okay, maybe its just for me..

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rollerblading at Lake Hefner & How to save Money

Well Yesterday I decided to brave the elements and take the dogs to Lake Hefner to try our hand at Rollerblading. Not to say that I haven't rollerbladed, because as most of you know I do that frequently, but I had never done it at Lake Hefner, with 3 dogs! We made it..but barely. The biker people just kill me! Not all of them, but MOST of them seriously could care less if they were to run over me, or my dogs..I mean is it really that important Mr. Speedo that you can't move over to the other lane, as opposed to rolling over me!

I make the dogs mind too, and they must stay in their lane..but what I really hate is the biker people who want to ride in a foursome, so they won't pick a lane..eventually I end up on the grass, because they just refuse for ONE second to ride in only one lane..I'm tired of you Biker people.. tired of you. PICK A LANE!
I do love watching the Kite people at the Lake. I'm amazed how they are able to stay upright while on their boards. The Lake is pretty this time of year, and its nice because the rain has filled it up. It was hot and muggy though yesterday.
I gave Payslee a bath yesterday. I'm going to give Sawyer one today, and then Rally is going to the groomer this weekend. All 3 are going to Camp Bow Wow in Edmond this weekend to hang out. Mom, Carol, Renee, & I are going to Dallas this weekend to see my boys, Rascal Flatts..Its going to be a fun girl weekend!
****How to Save $5,000 a Year*****
From Money Magazine
  1. Use only your banks ATMs and save yourself the service charges
  2. Don't go to Starbucks; bring your own coffee to work
  3. Rent a DVD 3 times a month instead of going to the movies
  4. Ride your Bike around town instead of going to the Gym
  5. Borrow a book from a friend instead of shelling out $25 everytime you go to the bookstore
  6. Hand wash your dry clean only items
  7. Take your family on a road trip vacation instead of flying somewhere
  8. Brown bag your lunch 3 times a week instead of buying it every day.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Numbers you must have on your phone..

This is a picture of my Dad, Kirby Sheperd, and mom, Robbie Gilbert.. as you know I have two sets of parents, and I realized that I didn't have a picture of my biological parents together since I was two! So here it is..
Well I had a pretty full weekend..Friday night I went to see "The Hangover" movie..I thought it was hilarious, however my sense of humor is pretty sick, so keep that in mind when going to see it..I laughed the whole way through it, and enjoyed my delicious popcorn! Its kind of the same humor as "Knocked Up" so if you hated that, or thought it was crude and awful, then I would suggest skipping "The Hangover".. lol..

Then Saturday I was at the St. Jude Dreamhome for the grand opening. We had a lot of people stop by and tour the home. We are giving it away on June 28th, so if you haven't bought your ticket yet, you can go to and see it there..and also get your tickets at any IBC bank location.

After that I raced home to get ready for the Rodeo Opry because I was meeting my dad and family at Cattlemens at 5:30..So I did that, and met them and had a delcious plate of lamb-fries and a bakes potato. Then we went to the Opry where dad and I sang "Elvira" together, and he sang "Long Black Train".. I thought he was going to pass out..he was SOO nervous! But he did it, and it sounded great! We had a lot of fun with Elvira..he did the "Ooom Papa Ooom Papa Mow mow's" for me, and I sang the rest of it.. It was a magical moment that will probably never happen again, so I'm glad we did it. They recorded it, so when they send me the video I'll try upload it.
After the show I went BACK to Cattlemens with my other family and enjoyed some iced I spent 3 out of 7 days at Cattlemens last week! Good thing its delcious!!
Sunday I didn't do much..just some yardwork, and hanging out with the dog-biscuits..I'm still watching them on webcam each day! Congratulations to our CMT trip winner, Luke Isenhower, he is going to the CMT's next week!! How exciting!!
Here are some of the phone numbers I shared the morning:
**Put your family on ICE. That stands for ‘In Case of Emergency.’ Paramedics recommend programming ANY emergency contact in your cell phone after the word ICE, as in “ICE-wife” or “ICE-dad.” The idea is that if you get into an accident, police can use your phone to quickly notify someone.
**1-800-GOOG-411. That’s 466-4411. It’s a Google service that lets you request information just as you would on a web browser. Ask for ‘Italian Restaurants,’ and you’ll get a list of spaghetti and meatball joints within the area code you’re calling from! The best part is that Google won’t charge you – unlike some other 411 services.
**866-411-SONG. Ever been driving around, and you hear a song on the radio that you’re dying to know the name of? Call this number, and hold your phone up to the speaker for 15 seconds. The service will I.D. any song within it’s database of 2-and-a-half MILLION tunes. Then you’ll be sent a text message listing the title and artist. It’ll even give you an option to download the song onto your phone!
**If you’re traveling overseas, you must have this number on speed dial: 800-752-6096. That’s a language service that will connect you to one of 170 different translators. Want to know what “la personne la plus futée dans le chambre” means? Then get a French translator on the phone to tell you it means you’re the smartest person in the room! Beware, they’ll charge you $3.95 per minute for that privilege.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday is upon us..

Well we had a fun day yesterday at Cattlemen's. We had a great breakfast, and saw some magical people..I think we'll be back there next month, so hopefully if you didn't get to come out yesterday you can join us then..

My dad and I are singing at the Rodeo Opry this weekend. This will be the first time we have ever sang together on a stage. We used to sing together when I was little at Christmas time, but never really anywhere together..My whole family is coming up (all the steps & the reals).. lol. I think it will be funtimes. I hope I don't screw it up!

I may go try to see a movie this weekend if I have time. I'll be at the St. Jude Dream home from 1-3 tomorrow, and then I'm meeting one set of parents at Cattlemens for dinner at 5:30, then its off to the Rodeo Opry..

I've got to give Payslee a bath today. I bought some of that whitening Shampoo to make her all pretty. I gave Sawyer a bath, but he's already a dirt-devil again! I may wash him again today too..I rollerbladed with all 3 of them yesterday. I think today we will drive over to Lake Hefner and rollerblade there..You all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I've done it again..

This is so cute! I had to share..This is a couple who has been married 62 years. He is 90..look at em' go!

Well one of my shih-tzu friends told me how I could set up a webcam from my house, and watch Payslee & Sawyer in my kitchen while I'm at work. So I tried it, and it works! I'm sitting here watching them on the webcam! They are pretty boring..I'm glad, because I thought they would be all sad when I was gone, but they are just chewing on the KONG's, and laying on their blankie..How great is that!

I've gotta give Payslee a bath today. I'm hoping to do so before the rain moves in and gets her all dirty again. Sawyer got a bath yesterday because he went outside and put his face in the plant water.. gaw..Typical boy I suppose.

This weekend should be funtimes. My dad, Kirby is going to sing with me at the Rodeo Opry. We are going to sing "Elvira" and then he's going to sing "Long Black Train".. I can honestly say I don't remember a time in my life when Dad wasn't singing something, so that will be nice. He is the reason I love the Oak Ridge Boys so much, so I hope it will be entertaining for other people too. We will be at the Opry on Saturday night at 7:30. If you would like tickets call: 405 297 9773. We'll see you there!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Great weekend at the farm!

Well we had such a fun weekend! We went to the farm, and took the babies to meet Mom's new Border Collie baby, Izzy. I thought Payslee might act ugly, but she didn't..they all ran and played and played! They had such a good time!

I also got Payslee's life jacket on Friday. I figured she might need it for this weekend, but she didn't. I put it on her though. It has a handle, and that made me laugh. She didn't seem to mind it much, but I didn't put her in the pool with it on. I did put her in the pool and let her swim around to
learn where the steps are..She did a good job. She looked like a little Otter swimming. Sawyer seemed to enjoy it more than Payslee did. He swam for a bit, but then he went under a little bit, and that scared him, so he got out after that.

Look How Cute Payslee is in her life jacket! She's so light I could carry her around like a little purse. She and Sawyer, and Izzy chased each other around, and bit each other pretty much the whole weekend. This is the only time that Izzy will be the same size as Payslee..Here's a picture of her..

I also learned how to shoot my new gun this weekend. Its a Smith & Wesson pistol. I like it much better than my revolver that dad gave me. I was able to hit the Dr. Pepper can, so thats a plus! I seriously doubt I will ever have to shoot it, but at least I'll have the comfort of knowing that if someone tries to come into my house and get me, I'll be ready!
We talked about these tips this morning, so enjoy!
**Tricks Restaurants Use to Get You to Spend More:
**When you open the menu, you naturally tend to look at the upper right hand corner. So that’s where restaurants will put their most profitable items. Not necessarily the most expensive, the most profitable. For instance, a restaurant will make more money off a pasta dish than a steak dinner because the ingredients are cheaper. Also, Rapp says these are the most commonly overpriced items: Filet mignon at a steakhouse, salmon in a seafood restaurant, and a margarita at a Mexican place.

**The next menu trick to look out for – if there are no dots connecting the menu item to its price. That makes it harder for your eye to connect the dish to its price. However, some restaurants use those dots to invite a price comparison. Take the menu at the Parker Meridien Hotel in New York City. They list a THOUSAND dollar caviar frittata – and right above it, a $28 asparagus omelet. The omelet looks cheap by comparison – but it’s no value.

**If there are no dollar signs on the menu, you’re likely to care less about the prices.
When there’s a long description of how the dish is prepared, it diverts your attention away from the cost.