Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I've done it again..

This is so cute! I had to share..This is a couple who has been married 62 years. He is 90..look at em' go!

Well one of my shih-tzu friends told me how I could set up a webcam from my house, and watch Payslee & Sawyer in my kitchen while I'm at work. So I tried it, and it works! I'm sitting here watching them on the webcam! They are pretty boring..I'm glad, because I thought they would be all sad when I was gone, but they are just chewing on the KONG's, and laying on their blankie..How great is that!

I've gotta give Payslee a bath today. I'm hoping to do so before the rain moves in and gets her all dirty again. Sawyer got a bath yesterday because he went outside and put his face in the plant water.. gaw..Typical boy I suppose.

This weekend should be funtimes. My dad, Kirby is going to sing with me at the Rodeo Opry. We are going to sing "Elvira" and then he's going to sing "Long Black Train".. I can honestly say I don't remember a time in my life when Dad wasn't singing something, so that will be nice. He is the reason I love the Oak Ridge Boys so much, so I hope it will be entertaining for other people too. We will be at the Opry on Saturday night at 7:30. If you would like tickets call: 405 297 9773. We'll see you there!

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