Monday, June 8, 2009

Numbers you must have on your phone..

This is a picture of my Dad, Kirby Sheperd, and mom, Robbie Gilbert.. as you know I have two sets of parents, and I realized that I didn't have a picture of my biological parents together since I was two! So here it is..
Well I had a pretty full weekend..Friday night I went to see "The Hangover" movie..I thought it was hilarious, however my sense of humor is pretty sick, so keep that in mind when going to see it..I laughed the whole way through it, and enjoyed my delicious popcorn! Its kind of the same humor as "Knocked Up" so if you hated that, or thought it was crude and awful, then I would suggest skipping "The Hangover".. lol..

Then Saturday I was at the St. Jude Dreamhome for the grand opening. We had a lot of people stop by and tour the home. We are giving it away on June 28th, so if you haven't bought your ticket yet, you can go to and see it there..and also get your tickets at any IBC bank location.

After that I raced home to get ready for the Rodeo Opry because I was meeting my dad and family at Cattlemens at 5:30..So I did that, and met them and had a delcious plate of lamb-fries and a bakes potato. Then we went to the Opry where dad and I sang "Elvira" together, and he sang "Long Black Train".. I thought he was going to pass out..he was SOO nervous! But he did it, and it sounded great! We had a lot of fun with Elvira..he did the "Ooom Papa Ooom Papa Mow mow's" for me, and I sang the rest of it.. It was a magical moment that will probably never happen again, so I'm glad we did it. They recorded it, so when they send me the video I'll try upload it.
After the show I went BACK to Cattlemens with my other family and enjoyed some iced I spent 3 out of 7 days at Cattlemens last week! Good thing its delcious!!
Sunday I didn't do much..just some yardwork, and hanging out with the dog-biscuits..I'm still watching them on webcam each day! Congratulations to our CMT trip winner, Luke Isenhower, he is going to the CMT's next week!! How exciting!!
Here are some of the phone numbers I shared the morning:
**Put your family on ICE. That stands for ‘In Case of Emergency.’ Paramedics recommend programming ANY emergency contact in your cell phone after the word ICE, as in “ICE-wife” or “ICE-dad.” The idea is that if you get into an accident, police can use your phone to quickly notify someone.
**1-800-GOOG-411. That’s 466-4411. It’s a Google service that lets you request information just as you would on a web browser. Ask for ‘Italian Restaurants,’ and you’ll get a list of spaghetti and meatball joints within the area code you’re calling from! The best part is that Google won’t charge you – unlike some other 411 services.
**866-411-SONG. Ever been driving around, and you hear a song on the radio that you’re dying to know the name of? Call this number, and hold your phone up to the speaker for 15 seconds. The service will I.D. any song within it’s database of 2-and-a-half MILLION tunes. Then you’ll be sent a text message listing the title and artist. It’ll even give you an option to download the song onto your phone!
**If you’re traveling overseas, you must have this number on speed dial: 800-752-6096. That’s a language service that will connect you to one of 170 different translators. Want to know what “la personne la plus futée dans le chambre” means? Then get a French translator on the phone to tell you it means you’re the smartest person in the room! Beware, they’ll charge you $3.95 per minute for that privilege.

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