Friday, January 21, 2011

The Michael Jackson Experience

WEll Hi.. So I've been playing "The Michael Jackson Experience" on my Wii.. It was one of my favorite Christmas presents this year..The premise of the game is that you listen to Michael Jackson songs, and then you dance like he dances...This is humorous to me, because who can really dance like Michael Jackson? NO ONE..And certainly not THIS White girl! However, I still love it because I love his music, and by the end of 4 songs I've had one Helluva a workout!! Even when I put it on "Easy" and dance like the backup dancers I stll am huffing and puffing by the end..Part of that is because I'm out of shape (boo) but the other is because Michael Jackson is a pretty bionic dancer.. So if you like Michael Jackson, get the game...its pretty fantastic..I play the game in the confines of my house..Playing it in front of others would probably provide hours of entertainment while they made fun of me..So I'm not quite ready for that yet. But I would love to watch others play it, and then make fun of them!

We had a couple of good therapy visits this week. Payslee & I went to the Alzheimer unit on Wednesday and she made a lot of people smile there..and then on Thursday I took Sawyer & Miss Pays to The Fountains at Canterbury. They had a great time! I think Sawyer is getting a little bit better at therapy stuff. He likes people, but he's not sure quite what to do with them. Sawyer has always been a sweetie pie puff face, but it takes him awhile to truly LOVE people. He's always friendly, but he doesn't want to always keep hanging out with the people. Payslee will sit on the residents laps for a long time as long as she can see me, and she will let them pet and love her. She's very tolerant. Yesterday she was wearing a Pink Tutu with a glitter crown on it..It was a big hit. I'm so thankful to have them..they are such a blessing to me and to others.

For those of you who have asked me about the "Pet Communicator", she will be back at Paws around Town on February 5th. If you'd like to book a session with her for your dog babe, call the store, and they will take your information..I know she books up fast, so the sooner the better..Its pretty fun. My suggestion is that you take in questions that you want to ask your dog, because I didn't really take any and just kinda flew by the seat of my pants..but she will ask them specific questions if you have them.

So this weekend Jordan and I are celebrated our year anniversary..Can you believe that! It doesn't seem like its been that long, and I think thats because its been such a fun, easy relationship..which is how they all should be. It only took me 15 years to figure that out! haha! We went to Deep Fork where I had a delicious Walnut Crusted Tilapia, and he had steak Diane. He also got me a coach wallet to match my bag..which I really needed since my old wallet was falling apart and quite ugly. My parents got back from Denver and our Bull, Renegade won Grand Champion! How great is that! Now he will just go back to the farm and be a "Stud".. Happy life for him.

The "Christians & Muslims" class at Crossings is just fascinating..Jordan went with me this week and he liked it to. Terry is such a great teacher that he really explains it well, and you learn so much. Stuff I would have never knew before..Its on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 if you ever want to join me..

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New year..New times..New opportunities

Well folks, I'm going to be honest. 2010 was NOT the best year for me..After I found my love, Jordan, it pretty much went to crap after that..In March my former radio station blind-sided me with a pink explanation, No reasoning..No nothing.. I understand business..and I understand a crappy economy..what I don't understand is people pretending to be my friend, and then stabbing me in the back..or people asking me to look out for their family, and then stabbing me in the back..or when I constantly ask "Can I help with anything?" "Is everything going okay with the station?" "Is there anything I can do?" people lying straight to my face, knowing all along they were going to give me my walking papers a few weeks later.

My parents have always taught me that if you work hard, do your best, do MORE than your share, and treat people with respect, that you will not only KEEP your job, but stand a good chance of being promoted..Sadly, that is NOT the case with the radio business, and its not the case with a lot of jobs with the way the economy is these days, which is a shame..because really good people with amazing talents are out of work, or working in jobs that do not challenge them creatively..thats really sad.. BUT.. The good news in all this is that now I have an opportunity to find something else that I love to do, and try to continue to help people through my therapy dog work..

Its been what I call a "Learning year"..I've had a chance to work on my relationships..My relationships with family and friends, my relationship with Jordan, and more importantly my relationship with God. I've been forced to look at myself and think about what I've been doing with my life up till now, and I've also realized that I need to work on my Walk with God, and the way I handle myself, and the people around me..Its been rough, but its been good..and I've also been able to look at the "Trials" in my life, and realize that through those struggles, God is big enough to turn them into "Victories".. So with that said, I'm thankful for this crappy 2010 year..why? Well here ya go, here's my list of trials this year:

1) I'm thankful for getting let Go at KKNG. it brought me new friends, amazing opportunities, funtimes, and taught me that there is more to life than just a career..

2) I'm thankful for a former Boss I had in College: Even though I disagree with the type of person he is, it was his radio station that taught me how to do good radio.

3) I'm thankful for Ex-Boyfriends.. I've dated some good guys, and some real losers, and I'm thankful for both. The crappy ones showed me what I DON'T want in relationships, and the good ones showed me how to be a better girlfriend in my present relationship.

4) I'm thankful for the opportunity at new jobs because I am learning what I like doing, Vs. What I don't like doing, and I can take those steps to change it.

5) I'm thankful for Negative, Pessimistic People because they show me how I don't want to be perceived, or act to others.

I know God has a plan for me.. The irony is that before I always asked the Lord to bless "MY" plan.. Now I'm just asking him to bless the plan he has for me.. I would be foolish to think that anything I could come up with would be half as good as the amazing things that he has planned..When my grandma Leona died I was so sad, and one afternoon I layed down to take a nap..I had a dream that she called me from heaven and said "KC, You have no idea the amazing things he has planned for you" and right when she started to tell me what they were, the Lord reached over and slapped her hand and said "Shh!".. lol.. That dream will stay with me forever, because I know she was right.. So right now I've just got to be patient, and let him work through me. I have an amazing family, an amazing boyfriend, awesome friends, and the sweetest, cutest dogs I could ever ask for..So while this year has been crappy, I still feel so very blessed and thankful each day. Bring it on 2011!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The story of MJ

Well I successfully stayed up to midnight last night.. Shocker. I was really surprised. MJ, Lauren, Brandon, and I all went to McNellies pub and had some drinks and watched OSU get beat by Gonzaga..Then we decided to go Cosmic bowling..The place we went was less than fancy, but hey..balls are balls..and bowling is So with that going on we managed to stay up till midnight! I was happy to bring in the new year with good friends, and my love..

2010 Was an odd year for me.. We had that bizarre snow-storm throughout Christmas..but I was on vacation at the farm, so I enjoyed being warm with my family.. I brought in the New Year with friends, and a date..It was an odd date that went NO WHERE, and that was the end of that.. but I wasn't discouraged because for some reason I just felt that this was the year that I was going to meet the man that was brave enough to put up with me.. So for those of you who don't know the story of MJ, here ya go..

MJ stands for Magical Jordan..His name is Jordan.. He was a friend of a friend, that being Brandon & Amy, who I had gotten very close to although I had never met MJ at that point..In Early January I was having a "Wii" party with my new Wii that Santa had brought me..AT that time I was dating a Cop that I had met, and he had come over for our 2nd date. I really wasn't that into him, but I had not been dating for a year, so I was trying to be optimistic..The dogs didn't try to bite him, so I didn't think he could be all that bad.. Well as the night went on, Brandon & Amy inform me that they have invited MJ over, but he has stranger danger and hates talking to new people.. Little did I know that they had invited him over to meet ME, and not told HIM that I was on a date with another guy! Great right?

So when he gets there, I run outside to 'save' him from my crazy neighbor who has been hollering at people parking in the street all night.. I run outside and say hello and invite him in..but remember I don't think he is there to meet me, I think he's just there to see Brandon & Amy.. So he comes inside and we all start to play wii.. I begin to lose at Wii, so I begin to cuss in a big way..As you know I'm very competitive, and I hate losing.. So I'm slurring some pretty good cuss words together.. Oh, and did I mention all the wine? Yeah..lots of wine.. Anyway.. So throughout the night Amy & Brandon are texting Jordan and I saying "What do you think" "Do you like him" "Go make your move"..etc, and I"m thinking "I'm on a date with another guy!".. but I have realized at this point that whether I end up dating Jordan or not, I do NOT want to be dating the Cop.. However, The Cop has decided that we SHOULD be dating, and I should not be talking to anyone else at my party and begins to act like a D-bag..

So by the end of the night the Cop is mad, Jordan is confused, I'm confused, and Amy & Brandon are claiming 'innocent'.. :) Well after all that mess, Amy & Brandon ask us if we want to go on a double date that we agree.. We ended up talking on the phone a few nights, and it was great..We had a lot in common.

Not to be sappy, but our first date was awesome, and I loved him from that moment on.. We went to the Mont in Norman and had 'swirls'..and I'm not sure if it was the swirls, or his pretty blue eyes, but it was a done deal for me.. lol.. He was such a gentleman, and so sweet..and Miss Payslee loved him too.. I think it took him like a week before he liked me as much, but we have been inseparable since that time..On the 23rd we will have been together for a year! And I still love the guy...and thankfully he loves me back! So yeah, while the job front pretty much sucked ass in 2010, I'll still be thankful that I found my Magical Jordan! This has been the easiest, most effortless relationship, and now I know that "God does bless the broken road, that leads you straight to your love!".. Thanks Rascal Flatts.. Okay..thats enough sap for now..I'm even making myself ill.. Happy New Year!