Friday, May 24, 2013

Well, its a little late to go back now..

Does anyone else find it odd that it requires more proof and documentation to adopt a dog from an animal shelter than it does to have a baby? I mean you have to be more qualified to adopt a homeless dog than to have a hospital just hand over a baby to you.. In my case, they are handing me TWO..You would think they would have me take home one on a 'trial run' to see how I do, and If I pass, then they send me home with the second one! Anyway.. you can see I'm not feeling 'qualified' at the moment.. lol..

The Above passage is taken from my "Jesus Calling" book by Sarah Young. This book is so amazing. It gives you what you need on a daily basis. I decided to look ahead and see what the book said for the day the girls would be born..and Man, it was so dead on. Isn't it funny how God always knows just what you need? So cool.

So here we are. Tomorrow is the big day. We are both scared.. Right now mainly scared that I'm going to do okay, and that they are going to do ok when they get here.. Mainly fear of the unknown. But I know that God will take care of me, and giving MJ and I twin girls was obviously HIS idea, so he's got this. "Be still and know that I am God".. Its going to be hard, and always has been hard for me to be still. I haven't been still all my life.. Heck I'm about to POP and its STILL hard for me to be Still! But I'm going to try, because I know these babies have a lot of lessons to teach me. Did you know that because I am having fraternal, spontaneous, twins, we are 12% more likely to have them again. So guess what? We aren't having any more! Can you imagine.. I get pregnant again, and its twins AGAIN.. and its GIRLS! MJ would die..

I think we have everything ready... except for names. I did find out today we have 30 days. So we CAN leave the hospital without names. I hope we don't get to that point, but thankfully IF WE DO, my brother Grant, the Lawyer, can help us change them if we do leave with them being named "A" and "B"..

With all the tornado stuff that happened this week, its just so sad.. I've been praying for all those families, and those who lost all their loved ones and homes. So cool though to see Oklahomans join forces and help one another. Because of all this, MJ and I will probably be getting a storm shelter.. The weather in OK lately seems to be getting worse each year. I can count on one hand how many times we needed to go to the cellar, or even saw Hail when I was growing up in Canute.. Now we have golf ball hail every year.. and it gets more frequent each year.. Obviously weather is getting more dangerous, so we need to have a storm shelter.. I think we will get the kind that goes in the back yard, because those garage ones make me claustrophobic.

I almost got into a fight the other day at my favorite place.. Cafe 7.. A woman actually tried to steal a table from me.. Seriously? She acted like it was HER table even though she sat down way after me, and when I went to push it together (for my guests I was expecting) she said "You're not trying to take my table are you?".. I didn't want to have to play the "Are you seeing me giant pregnant and miserable card" but I was going to.. I said "Well I was holding this table because I obviously don't fit in a booth anymore".. So she kinda rethinks her rude ness and asks her friend to find another table.. I tell you, you should always be nice to pregnant people.. You never know when they are carrying giant twin girls and their sad bodies are about to give up. I've told people that I have actually felt BETTER these last 2 weeks.. and I think its because my body has just given up. Lol.. I'd give up too if I was it..

M & I appreciate all the sweet comments, prayers, and thoughts from you guys. We are very blessed to have so many cool people around us.. I go in at 7am on Saturday, surgery is at 9.. Should be updating and posting on Facebook for those who want to know how its going. We are all very excited, and scared, but know this will be a life changing experience that will bless us, and enrich our lives. I cannot tell you how excited we are to have our church home and family around us. We truly go to the best church ever. The things they have done for the tornado victims is just mind blowing, and the fact they are making time to come pray with us on Saturday before I go in is just awesome. I love all my Crossings family, and we are so excited to raise our girls there!! What blessings are in store for us! Thank you all for coming along on the journey! I'll report back soon!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

HI Cry Baby..

I made it to full term (for twins) 36 Weeks!! So with me having ONE week left of being pregnant.. I can tell you that I've been pretty emotional all day.. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of 'pregnancy hormones' get ready.. it sucks.. and its ridiculous. This is foreign to me, because I'm NOT one of 'those' people.. In fact, I've truly hated the pregnancy Hormones because I'm not a high feeler, so when I would hear women go on and on about pregnancy Glow (which twin moms don't seem to have by the way, lol) the creation of life, the joys of kicks and all that fluff, I did NOT understand it.
I often have thought that MJ would have loved me to be "more feeling".. However, I am pretty sure that he will now tell you that he is so ready for me to be back to my non-feeling self.. lol..Being that at any given time he can walk in and I will be crying so hard and laughing at the same time that I'm sure I must seem like a crazy person.

Things just seem to make me emotional.. Here's some examples of things that have led me into sobbing hysterically, then laughing because  know how ridiculous I am.. I really hate it..

1) Faith Hill's "A Baby Changes Everything"
2) Christian The Lion I probably would have cried on this one too.. there is something about animals and elderly people that just lead me to sob.
3) 4 Year old Singing on Ellen.. This one made me cry because I can totally see this being one of my daughters.. Which made me happy, but also scared, so I started to cry..
4) Budweiser Horse-- In fairness, I probably would have cried about this before.. Animal commercials just kill me..
5) A walrus getting a birthday cake.. (geez, I dont even have an excuse for this one)

So as you can see, some of these things are just ridiculous.. I think I'm mostly scared of the unknown. I've never done ANYTHING without knowing I was going to excel at it.. Thats just the way I am.. I don't play sports that I can't win at.. I don't take classes I can't make good grades in.. I don't do radio unless its really good radio.. Well I know nothing about parenting..other that to dogs.. And while I do have amazing, smart, well behaved dogs.. I have to think that babies will be a little different.. lol.. People keep telling me that I'm going to be amazing at it.. And I do appreciate that.. But how do THEY know that? I don't.. I know that I don't do anything half-ass, so I will be doing it to the best of my ability, thats for sure! So I guess thats the best I can hope for..

The Good news is I married a man who WILL without a doubt be amazing.. Thank the Lord for that. MJ is sweet.. and he loves taking care of people. Both excellent parenting qualities. He will be so patient and caring with the girls (Unless they smash cheetos in his car, and then its questionable) and I know he will like teaching them things. He is a very high feeler, so he operates on how people feel and react.. He likes everyone to be happy all the time.. I am more intuitive and I have just been reading a million books hoping the knowledge seaps into my brain and becomes helpful.. I don't care what other people think..
Hopefully together that will be a magical parental combo!

Remember a few weeks ago when I told you the story about me planting flowers in the front yard like a tool and my belly was showing because I couldn't pull my shirt down with my muddy hands? Well.. I had hoped that no one really SAW me that day.. Apparently I was wrong.. 3 of our neighbors have now come up to Jordan and said "Is your wife pregnant?".. Lol.. Yeah, obviously they saw me out in the yard on all 4's trying to get up.. So I believe the neighborhood is aware.. Good thing is our neighborhood is awesome and they have already offered to help, and have even given us swings and such, so I guess my belly showing spectacle was not all bad.

I've also decided I should have ordered a shirt that said "Its twins, so don't judge me".. or "2 weeks left".. People keep looking at me like I should not be walking around in the world.. Its like they fear a baby is about to drop out of me at any time..There are also many 'pity' looks.. I've heard "Wow"..a LOT lately..

For our last weekend of freedom MJ and I have just enjoyed some time at the house, and then we went to the movies. I saw "Mud" with Matthew Mcoughnahay (however you spell that) and it was really good.. Kind of a coming of age movie. MJ watched the new Star Trek movie.. he said it was good too.. Then we went to eat at our new favorite place in the world.. Mama E's.. Have you been here yet? Its soul food place, and mm mm it makes us so happy!! Yesterday we had catfish with mac and cheese, collard greens, cornbread, homemade potato salad, and of course.. Cool aid.. Its so good. It was featured on "Diners, drive-ins, and Dives".. and we love it. Great people too. Speaking of food.. does anyone else find humor in the Braums commercal where the guy says "Wacka Mole-EE".. because it makes me laugh.

So.. by this time next week.. Hopefully the girls, MJ and I will be happily settled in our little recovery room.. Hopefully we will be enjoying their sweet, healthy faces, and hopefully we will be able to tell them apart so we don't look like fools..We would appreciate your prayers. I know this has been in God's hands the whole time, so I don't worry too much about that.

Stll no names peeps.. I'm starting to wonder if its going to happen.. We are going to try not to leave the hospital without them having names.. but they may have "A" and "B" on their birth certificates.. Isn't it funny how everyone has an opinion on what you should name your kids? We take this very seriously and we just want them to know that we didn't just name them Hooley Booley because we want their names to be special and unique just for them.. We already know they are special, so we want them to have a special name that goes with them..
"My whole life has turned around
I was lost but now I'm found
A baby changes everything,
yeah A baby changes everything"


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Getting Closer...and Closer...

Well here we are.. 35 weeks.. wowza. Everyone keeps looking at me with Pity face.. then they realize they are looking at me with Pity and quickly turn the pity face into a smile.. I don't mind either one, it makes me laugh actually.. I probably look like like I need Pity.. I actually feel ok.. I don't feel great, but I think considering, I'm doing ok. My main issue is my back, and just feeling too heavy to get around or walk for very long..I mean geesh, these are big babies!

The good news is that I can still get in and out of the bathtub..I. Love. BATHS. The end.. I mean if I could not take a bath it would be so much worse.. My twin friend told me that I probably wouldn't be able to get out of there without rolling onto all 4's and hoist myself.. Thankfully this is NOT the case so far.. Although I will admit that the bathtub makes a giant sucking sound when I do get out.. I have been putting Epsom salts with Lavender in my baths and its my favorite time.. I have a feeling I will be missing it soon.. lol..

MJ & I have setup an email for the girls.. We have been emailing them throughout the pregnancy about what they are doing, and how I am doing.. I think it will be cool to look back on their lives and read this to them. We will make a scrapbook out of it eventually. I realized on Sunday that this will be my last "sane" Mothers Day.. Its safe to say that MJ & I are not sure if we are more scared of them staying in the womb, or actually coming out!

I'm still feeling very blessed though.. I don't have high blood pressure, and hopefully I won't get it.. Dr. Goff has taken great care of me.. I don't have acid reflux, heartburn, and I don't have much swelling.. A lot of the other pregnant people I know (though they are only having ONE mind you) are already having so many issues that are not cool.. I really think (even though this is a pain) taking my 25 vitamins a day has helped me a TON..but all of that starts with great Doctors, which I have had from the get-go.. Very happy about that.. I am all about knowledge.. Reading as much as you can and being prepared.. so that is what I've been doing.. I hate being unprepared.. I know I will be with a lot of things, but at least I have read up on the subjects!

I think this weekend MJ and I will try to have a nice date together.. being that a week from Saturday we will be in the hospital having babies! Does this seems insane to anyone else but me! Wowza..

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wow.. You look really Pregnant".. Yeah, well thats what happens

Well hello everyone.. I'm now 34 weeks (as of tomorrow) which means I've made it to the home stretch.. They say babies born within this time are usually healthy and good to go, so what a blessing! Babies are BIG.. Especially Baby B.. at this time a normal singleton baby should weigh about 4 3/4 pounds.. My babes are 4.15, and 5.8 pounds! Which is great.. means their lungs, brains, and hearts are all bigger, and they will do much better when they come out..

We had another ultrasound on Monday.. Of course Baby A is facing my back and refuses to turn around.. We saw Baby B but her eyes were open, and she looked kinda odd, but we did see her perfectly formed ears! The Ultrasound tech kept poking on her with the wand, and she did NOT like that.. she always pokes back. She's feisty.. A doesn't like it when I sit down wit my legs up, or when I wear a pregnancy belt.. she will constantly kick it.. She has had the hiccups lately which results on a constant thump.. thump.. thump.. on my lower belly.

 I go see Dr. Goff tomorrow and we will be scheduling my C Section then.. Will probably be around May 27th. For those of you wondering, hell yes I'm having a C section.. why women would want to have anything else, I do not know.. Especially with twins.. Push two giant babies out? No thank you..thats just silly to me. Plus its not as healthy for the babies.. chances are you could push one out, and then the other one could be in distress and they would have to do a C section anyway.. So whats the point? With a C section I don't mess up my hair, makeup, etc.. and their heads look great with no stress to their little baby bodies.. Sounds like the best solution to me!

These women that are insane about giving birth naturally blow my mind.. I mean they honestly feel CHEATED by not getting to push watermelons out of peanut size openings.. What the hell? Cheated is losing your job when you did everything to keep it.. Cheated is having your paycheck furloughed because the government can't get their crap together.. Having a C section is NOT being cheated.. Think about the health of your babies, and yourself.. its insane. Yet I keep running into more and more of them that tell me how "cheated' I'm going to feel for having a C-section.. Yeah yeah.. You have fun with that.. I'll be just fine.

In other news this weather is dumb. I'm sick of it.. Brandon came over and helped MJ clean up the flower beds, and we plant all this lovely stuff and now we are going to have temps in the 20's? Get it together Winter.. its not your time.. Move on. I decided it would be cool to plan some of the flowers myself.. IT was sexy I tell you.. I'm out in the yard with garden gloves on, and on my hands and knees planting them.. except, Oopsie, I can't get back up.. awesome. So I roll over on all four's and hoist myself, only to find that my tank top has now ridden up leaving my giant twin belly exposed to the world and my neighbors who are probably looking out their windows and pointing and laughing wondering what the hell is wrong with me to begin with.. Well I can't pull my tank top down because my hands have mud all over them from the flower bed. Sweet.. So I try to hurry and wash them off, pull down my shirt, and put away the shovel.. Whoever told you pregnancy is bliss has obviously not tried to plant flowers at 33 weeks pregnant.. Welcome to my life. I paid dearly for it the next day with awful back pain, and my crotch dying. so Lesson learned on that deal. 

Baby A is also laying on some nerve or something because after sitting awhile my leg just dies.. It doesn't go to sleep it just won't move anymore.. It happened the other day in a restaurant. When we got up to leave, my leg wouldn't work and I almost fell down trying to get out of the chair.. Then I began limping around like a tool until it started to work again.. It bizarre.. An adventure everyday I tell ya! I also may or may not have ridden the electronic hover round at Homeland the other day.. and I also may have loved it.. Don't judge me.

You know what the other cool thing is? People at work saying the most ridiculous things to me.. Keep in mind, I'm in IT, so I work with a bunch of men.. This is what I have heard so far this week "OMG. How are you still able to walk" "OMG you look SOO PREGNANT" "WOW, your Belly is really protruding!" "You look like you could pop at any second" "I kinda want to touch your belly, but its scary" "Are you due like Now?"... Yes.. welcome to the world of considerate men.. lol.. Thankfully this is all humorous to me. I'm aware of how pregnant I look.. I walk around with it everyday and sigh a little when I walk past a mirror.. However, we are nearing the finish line, so I'm very blessed and happy to keep carrying them until they are cooked all the way through. God is good!!