Monday, May 24, 2010

Celebrity Apprentice, Brooks & Dunn, and LOST

Well I was glad that Bret Michaels won celebrity apprentice last night.. I mean seriously, the guy has a hemmorhage, then a stroke? Yes..he needs some good news! Plus I just like the guy. I loved the 80's hairbands, and Poison was one of my fav's of all time, so I was cheering for him all along..and I'm just glad he's going to be okay. Holly did a great job too, but she didn't sing "Unskinny Bob" or "Every Rose has its Thorn".. so Yeah, I like Bret better!!

As for LOST..I was LOST all season! I watched seasons 1-4 very dilligently, but I've been a slacker for the last two..Is there two? See..Lost again..But I did watch it a bit, and I did like the ending. I thought it was pretty fitting and left it kinda 'up in the air' so that one could decide what they DID think happened..

Now as for the Brooks & Dunn special..WOW! I LOVED IT.. I'm going to add some of my fav's here..Of course I LOVED Rascal Flatts doing "Its Getting Better all the Time"

And I loved Jennifer Hudson doing "I Believe" and Reba doing "Indian Summer"..Reba just cracks me up because ONLY SHE could pull off singing the way she does..but I do love it.. I also loved Lady A's "If you see him"

And I thought Miss Taylor did a good job too with "Aint Nothin Bout You"..I am seriously going to miss Brooks & Dunn..they are an amazing group, and Ronnie is one of the best singers of all time.. I hope they do a replay of it so I can record it and save it forever.

Still on the job I'll keep you posted!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

HOLY Oklahoma HAIL!

Wow! I just sat through quite a hail storm! It hailed golf-ball sized hail for about 15 the point that it flooded my backyard like snow..Thankfully I got my plants underneath the awning before it slapped them around, but the ones in the front will have some recovering to do. My neighbor said his roof is damaged. I rent, and nothing is leaking, so I feel like I'm good for now! Lots of fallen leaves, and beat up tree's, but I think everything else is okay.

Right now Payslee & Sawyer are in the backyard eating hail they are weird little creatures. Rally hates the storms, so I gave him a doggie sedative called "Happy traveler" that is supposed to help with anxiety.. So far so good. He's been driving me batty during the storms, so I'm hoping this will help that.

Last night MJ & I went to "In the Raw" and had some delish Sushi.. Since MJ got sick on it about 3 months ago, he still hasn't been able to eat I ate his share, and he had a noodle bowl. We were going to go see "Robin Hood" with Russel Crowe, but didn't get around to it, and instead rented "Daybreakers". It was pretty good too..about Vampires.

I had a really great feeling about getting a job last Monday..I really do feel like something is just around the corner for me. This morning when I went to church at Crossings the preachers sermon was about 'Getting out of your comfort Zone.' This really hit home for me, because Radio has been my comfort zone for the last 13 years.. I love it, and I always will..but I'm also excited about trying something new, and different..With 'normal' people who appreciate someone who is willing to work hard, get the job done, and make things happen.. So this week I'm going to work on cleaning my

room & my closet so I'll be ready when the new job comes calling!
Yesterday was my half/brother Grants Graduation. He graduated from OU law school, and they had bag-pipe players! How freakin cool is that! I didn't even know we had a bagpipe organization in Oklahoma..but I'm thinking they are a bit like Accordion players..while I find them very cool, maybe they are not saught after like say, guitarists..Whatever, I though they were awesome. Then we all went to Iron starr and had some Delish BBQ.. Here he is all excited about his graduation! Yay Grant! Hope everyone survived the storms!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oklahoma Storm Damage & Ratings

Well we had a great Mothers day. I went home Sunday to be with my mom and took the dog babes..Couldn't do much outside..AGAIN..because of the Crappy Weather, but its always fun to be with my mom..

Friday night all my girls and I went out with Shelly. She has a friend that works at Coyote Ugly. I had never been and we had a blast. Lauren, Shelly, Paul, Whitney, Me, and Ashley took a picture in Bricktown before we left to go..We ate Sushi at "In the Raw" and it was awesome. I am on an Edamame kick right now and love eating it..

Payslee had a therapy visit last Thursday at Copperidge Retirment. She wore her Burberry Dress, and was just a cutie pie head. We like going there to visit those folks. They are all so friendly and happy to see us.

After I got back from the farm on Monday the storms set in.. Non stop Storm coverage, tornados, etc.. What a mess..So sad for the folks that had storm damage. But so awesome how our state comes together to help one another out. After the storms passed I decided to let the dog babes go outside and play since the sun was shining..I left them out there playing for about 20 minutes and when I went out to get Payslee this is what I was faced with:

YES. Payslee had put her FACE in a puddle! Someone should really tell her that she is NOT a lab..but a foofy, poofy shih-tzu girl! So today they both got baths..I doubt it will last, but at least they smell like cake for now!

Still looking for a job..but yesterday I got a feeling like one was just around the corner. I'm very excited about that fact. Its been nice to rest, and get caught up on my sleep..but I'm a good worker, and I like working, so I need to get back out there..

On a side note I saw the lastest Radio ratings. You all probably read them in the paper.. Looks like the Twister & KXY did exceptionally well, and the new station, which I enjoy very much, "The BREW" 94.7. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers as I look for a job..I love you all!

Monday, May 3, 2010

What am I doing..dang.

I need to get on the horn updating this thing! Its hard to remind myself because I'm so busy.. NO. I'm not..Who am I kidding.. But really, it does seem like I'm staying very busy even though I don't have a job. There are two jobs that I applied for that I really want, so be sending positive thoughts my way that I get at least one of them..

I still appreciate getting emails from all of you, but I do feel like I should clarify something. JAKE-FM is still a Tyler media station..meaning, that if you email the folks at JAKE, they are still the same KKNG people..meaning they still dont want me. I say this because a couple of folks have been sweet enough to email me and say "KC, I just emailed that JAKE station telling them to hire you because you are the best!"..which I truly appreciate..BUT the same people who got rid of me, are the same people running that station, so they probably don't appreciate But I do thank you very much for caring enough about me to send the email. Some folks that KKNG sold to another company..It didn't..Just switched the format to JAKE..but all the same people are still in managment and still own the station..So thats why I'm telling you this.. But anyway, thank you..

I had a great weekend! Finally we didn't have wind.. I joined mom & Steve at the Farmers Market and picked up some plants for my flowerpots and planted them on the beautiful Saturday we had. Sawyer had a friend over, Max, a Mini-Aussie, so they had fun playing all weekend..Miss Payslee was ready for him to go home, lol.. She's such a diva dog!

MJ took me to see "Death at a Funeral" on Saturday afternoon..It was very funny. It has Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan, and some other folks..Good movie.. Then Sunday he wanted me to meet his mom for the first time. They invited me over to the house for a Crab boil, which was pretty delish! We all had a great time, and she's a very nice lady..Next weekend I'll go home for Mothers Day on Sunday..but on Friday I have a big girls night out planned with Shelly..which always proves to be entertaining!