Monday, November 22, 2010

What are you Thankful For?


Went to Church yesterday and the sermon was called "Thankful People Have Perspective" and Pastor Marty went onto say that they have Perspective, because they Count their blessings.. I can honestly say, I count my blessings every single day. Not a day goes by that I don't give thanks for the life I live. Even though right now, its not exactly where I want it to be, I'm still very thankful. We make a choice everyday where we put our perspective. We can start off grouchy because some fool is druving too slow in tge fast lane, or we can choose to be thankful because we actually have a car that takes us where we need to go. Its our choice. Marty summed all his 'Blessings' into 3 categories because it basically fell under one of these three Umbrellas...the first one was:

GRACE: Where would we be without the Grace of God? G R A C E=Gods riches at Christ's Expense.. Which is a great way to sum up Grace. Being that God has offered Grace to us, it's our purpose as Christians to offer Grace to others..and with recent radio events in my life, offering grace to others who have wronged me, is VERY difficult. I have realized that I do forgive, but I do not forget, and I think that's ok.

The 2nd one was Purpose: We all have to know that there is a reason we exist. God has a purpose for us. Sometimes we don't realize our true purpose until we discover our spiritual gifts. Spiritual gifts bring new purpose & perspective. God can use our gifts in our struggles & our weaknesses.. This is very true, because I think sometimes it takes a heartbreak, or the loss of something that makes us get a new perspective about how God may be trying to work in our life. He starts out with a whisper, but sometimes we are so self absorbed tat it takes a yell! Lol! So when you pray are you making a to-do list for God, or asking him that he bless YOUR path? Because that's what I have been doing! We need to pray for his will to be done, not ours..even though he loves us enough to bless our will, we are probably going to miss out on all the amazing things that HE might have had planned with his will..
The 3rd thing was Peace: in the Lord we are all given peace. We can weather any storm, and he always gets us through it, and walks beside it. Ironically enough, we usually never see it at the time, but can look back and think: "thanks for helping Lord"..

As we get to Thanksgiving remember to count your blessings, and even in your frustration with family, friends, idiots, morons, Late people, obnoxious folks, negative people, and even smack talking OU fans..remember to never be lacking in compassion.. You never know for sure what burdens people have going on right don't add to it, but try to help through it. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm getting emotional in Old Age

I have realized that as I am getting older, I am becoming less of a hard-ass, and more tender. How do you know this? Well because I never would have written a blog 5 years ago admitting that I was tender for one!

Growing up I was always the serious one..When I showed cattle my eyebrows were always down, always stern, and I had one thing in mind: WINNING. It was the same exact way in basketball. I have always been consumed with being first, being #1, being the best.. And as I've gone through this latest journey of being let go at KKNG, I realize that there's really no point in living your life that way. I did everything I could possibly do to make that station better..I went out of my way to do more than my fair share of work..I worked on things that no one else would do..I worked at events that no one else wanted to be with..I let work CONSUME me, and in the end it didn't really matter because I can't (and neither can you) change bad decisions.

I have been CONSUMED with radio for 13 years. I never had productive relationships, because the job always came first. I dropped everything when my bosses asked me to, and ran to the job. I put up with more crap than anyone should ever tolerate, because I was consumed with being the best..But what I've realized out of all of this, is that even when you ARE the best..Something around you is usually suffering..Your friendships..your relationships with your family..Your dogs..your, etc.. Something always has to give, and for me, it was always everything else BUT radio.

Now that I've had time to reflect on the past events I've realized how much "LOVE" and "JOY" I was missing. MJ coming into my life at just the right time..A church that has brought so much happiness into my life..a Family that I love to spend time with..And Dogs that make me smile every single time I look at them..And what am I missing? Nothing..The reason I loved radio is because it was all about my life has shifted and God has tapped me on the shoulder and said, "How bout making it all about me, and my plan for a change?" and as I've accepted this challenge, I've grown more tender.

I can't watch anyone sing in the Crossings Church choir without tears welling up in my eyes. I am a person who is touched by music. All kinds..all tempos. I LOVE Music..I'm PROUD of music. I also love watching OTHER people LOVE music..When I look around my church and the choir is singing so beautifully that the congregation simply can't sit still..or they must stand up to give a standing ovation..that touches ME. When someone sings a song that truly moves them to emotion..that moves ME. When one of my favorite artists wins an award..I start crying for them, because I'm proud, and I know how hard they've worked..When I read a story about a sweet dog getting adopted, I cry, because of how awesome the person is for adopting the dog, and for how awesome that dog is going to make that person feel. When life is not focused all on me, I have a chance to look around and see what God is doing..And its really cool stuff. I can't even Watch Oprah pay off someone's house without crying because I'm thinking that Oprah is awesome for not just being a rich old bag..She shares..she loves..she gives back.. THAT is awesome.

So this week I challenge you to look for things that unite you with people..not separate you.. And I ask that you reach out to someone that you normally wouldn't because its the right thing to do..And don't just listen to music..HEAR it..Hear the words..Music is something that has always been so powerful to led me to an amazing career for 13 led me to an Easter Sunday at Crossings..and now its leading me into a brand new direction..I'll always love music because it brings me closer to so many things I love..So if you see me in church bawling on Sunday, Know that its because I'm moved, and not because I'm sad.. I'm moved because I'm blessed with so many amazing things, and excited to know what life can be like when I don't make it all about me..but about other people who need a blessing too.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

CMA Music Awards Chatter

Well I watched the CMA's last night, and If I'm being honest, I could have seriously done without Kid Rock. He sang an awful song, and the whole thing was awful..He, however was the worst.. I do love watching Reba, what I don't love is when she picks a Beyonce song to sing! She has that great song called "On the Radio" and I was so hoping she would Sass it up.. but then she comes out with that Beyonce song..NOT good.

I also didn't enjoy Miranda Lamberts outfits..It looked like she was seriously wearing Gunpowder & Lead! I'm glad she won though..and I'm glad Blake won. I also enjoyed Taylor Swift NOT doing the hair-flip,stomping, songs..I enjoyed her being more subdued and serious..Plus I liked that song. I thought Kenny Chesney sounded a bit off, and Alan was a little rusty, but I did enjoy King George getting emotional during "Breath you Take".. I'll still never understand why Hillary of Lady A wore a hip hugging dress, when she has a big butt, and big hips.. Someone should have told her..She's such a pretty girl, and that dress was just AWFUL!

Don't care about Gwynth Patrow's country music Debut..Don't care about Sheryl Crow.. I did enjoy seeing Kelly Clarkson sing with Jason Aldean, and I did enjoy Sugarland's fun, upbeat "Stuck like Glue".. Cute. That Jennifer Nettles just MAKES you like her!

So thats my two cents for now.. Where was Trace Adkins? James Otto? Gary Allan? Once again, my favorite loves..SHUT OUT..dang.

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Its not always our plan..

Okay, first things first.. About 2 weeks ago mom found these two sweetfaces roaming in the Tree row, abandoned, and hungry..She took them in, and has been working with them..they are sweet, smart, labs, and have a great disposition..They would be excellent family dogs, so if you, or someone you know has room in your home for them, email me at

Now moving on.. Today I went to Sunday School at Crossings and Terry had a great message today.. He was talking about how we are usually always asking God to bless OUR plan.. and what WE want.. Now God will do this, because he loves us.. but did you ever stop to think about what plan HE had in mind? God's plan is always bigger, better, and more abundant that anything we could have planned.. So sometimes its just best to say "Lord..Its all in your hands. I have no idea what you have planned for me, but I know its cooler, and more awesome than anything I could have come up with on my own, so have at it!".. But in our efforts to always have control of every situation, its hard to give it up to him, and let him take the reins. I'm doing that right now..and there are many days when I feel like I've been left hanging.. but I'm so excited about HIS plan.. For the last 13 years its been all about MY plan..what I Want..what I think is best.. and I've realized, that I'm not always the best decision maker.. Now I'm going to leave it up to the Master and let him do amazing things with me, and through me.

Tomorrow is Miss Dorothy's funeral. For those of you who don't know, she was the hospice lady that I visited on a weekly basis. She was 87 years old, and a spitfire.. When you sign up to Volunteer for hospice they tell you that the patient usually has 6 months or less, but I had Miss Dorothy for 2 years! I feel truly blessed to have known her, and been her friend. Tomorrow I will sing "Drinking from My Saucer" to celebrate her life at her service. What a neat, inspiring lady.. She didn't even enter the work force until she was 60 years old, and worked till she could not work anymore because the Cancer hurt her bones. She used to tell me she was "almost perfect" and now I know she truly is...

Lately I've been thinking a lot (Since someone has been sending me rude, hateful emails) that its really awful when people get to a point in their lives in which they don't care about hurting someone's feelings, or care about someone's feelings.. Like those who constantly act hateful to waitors and waitresses.. sending food back..barking complaints.. griping about the service. .I don't like to wait either, but these people are doing their jobs, so why try to be rude and make them feel bad about themselves? Or Road-ragers.. Unless you plan on seriously getting out of your car and fighting someone, don't act like you are a badass behind the wheel..We all have places to go, so lets all just try to be respectful when we are driving. .We all make mistakes, and driving lets just be nice about it. My point is this.. Instead of taking time out of our life to try to make someone feel bad..why not smile, or offer kind words to make someone feel good? Who knows what kind of day that person might be having, in which your kind words might lighten their load.. to quote my favorite band the Oak Ridge Boys

"You know a smile
Never goes out of style
So brighten up the one that you wear
Let it shine
And you just might find
You'll lighten up the load that you bear.

You know with all the trouble and sorrow in the world
It seems like the least we can do
Just take that smile into the street
And share it with everybody you meet.
Everyday (Everyday) I want to shake somebody's hand
Everyday (Everyday) I want make somebody know (that thinks they can) that they can (yes
they can)
Everyday (Everyday) I want to try (I want to try)
To show my brothers and sisters that I want to help them along the way Everyday, Everyday.

You know a kind work
Never goes unheard
But too often goes unsaid
And on the tongue
Of the old and the young
Gets swallowed up with pride instead."
I know with all the negative press, and crappy things we see and hear its easy to be negative.. But we can control how we treat people, and how we think.. So if you need to read "The Secret" and lets try to be better to each other.. Its a process, but one that I think is worth the effort..

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Poppycock Festivus

Well I managed to pull off the "Princess Poppycock" costume this year.. It took forever! That white makeup is a beast..and after about 2 hours it starts cracking, and then you look like the Joker! I had all my friends over for a big party, and they had some pretty good costumes too.. We had Mario & Luigi, bad slumberparties, Cops, and all kinds of good stuff.

MJ dressed up as Luigi..Miss Paylsee was unsure of his weird puffish hands.. The picture of her to the left is at a therapy visit last week..We went to Sterling House and they enjoyed her Ballerina they had such a cute setup outside that I just had to pose her!

As you can see from the group pic, we all had a great time at the party.. MJ and I went to another Halloween party on Sunday..but I didn't do Poppycock makeup..I did more of a "Raggedy Ann" that I have Red Hair, it wasn't that big of a stretch..There was a guy there dressed as Bret Michaels, and it was hilarious..

Well today is election day..I tried to vote by Absentee, but I didn't apply on time, so I'll be waiting in line today I suppose..I have to go vote though..last time I voted it took me 3 hours when we were voting for President..

Going to Eat Sushi tonight.. MMM! Usually its Taco Tuesday, but I'm thinking something different for tonight.. Speaking of Food, MJ & I drove to Medicine park on Friday to meet my brother..He just proposed to his girlfriend, so the whole family met up to eat and celebrate at The Old Plantation..
It was great food, and everyone was very excited for Grant & Jenny..He also picked out an awesome ring!

Well everyone have a great week.. PS, to the person that keeps emailing me hate mail, I've now blocked you.. and I'll continue to pray that you find some other happiness that doesn't include trying to be hateful and malicious..