Thursday, November 11, 2010

CMA Music Awards Chatter

Well I watched the CMA's last night, and If I'm being honest, I could have seriously done without Kid Rock. He sang an awful song, and the whole thing was awful..He, however was the worst.. I do love watching Reba, what I don't love is when she picks a Beyonce song to sing! She has that great song called "On the Radio" and I was so hoping she would Sass it up.. but then she comes out with that Beyonce song..NOT good.

I also didn't enjoy Miranda Lamberts outfits..It looked like she was seriously wearing Gunpowder & Lead! I'm glad she won though..and I'm glad Blake won. I also enjoyed Taylor Swift NOT doing the hair-flip,stomping, songs..I enjoyed her being more subdued and serious..Plus I liked that song. I thought Kenny Chesney sounded a bit off, and Alan was a little rusty, but I did enjoy King George getting emotional during "Breath you Take".. I'll still never understand why Hillary of Lady A wore a hip hugging dress, when she has a big butt, and big hips.. Someone should have told her..She's such a pretty girl, and that dress was just AWFUL!

Don't care about Gwynth Patrow's country music Debut..Don't care about Sheryl Crow.. I did enjoy seeing Kelly Clarkson sing with Jason Aldean, and I did enjoy Sugarland's fun, upbeat "Stuck like Glue".. Cute. That Jennifer Nettles just MAKES you like her!

So thats my two cents for now.. Where was Trace Adkins? James Otto? Gary Allan? Once again, my favorite loves..SHUT OUT..dang.

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  1. sounds like a negative Nelly! :(:(

  2. Why are you so judgemental and full of hate towards so many great artists? Peace and love make the world a better place. :)