Friday, December 14, 2012

Wrappin' Presents!

Merry Christmas everyone! We went on a therapy visit last week, and this week... Payslee had on her Christmas dresses, and was looking sassy.. Sawyer was just wearing his lovely fur coat. .We've decided that Sawyer is a Yeti.. For anyone who has watched "Rise of the Guardians" You will notice a similarity between my shih-tzu, and the Yeti's in Santa's Workshop:

So now I tell Sawyer he is a Yeti that is living in my house.. He's such a sweet boy. They had a good time at their visits.. Last week we went to Ranchwood Nursing Center, and Last night we went to The Fountains Assisted Living. Sawyer loves to ride on the people's walkers..the kind that have the little seats where they can sit down. We have a favorite lady there named "Johnny".. Both Saw and Payslee just wait for Johnny to come in from eating, and then she will come and sit on the couch, and they will jump up there and love on her.. Then Sawyer rests on her walker, lol..There's also another guy who is blind named Glenn.. He LIVES for the visits with Fudge, Payslee & Sawyer.. Fudge is the Chocolate lab that goes with my babes to visit.. Glenn waits for us to bring the dogs to him and he loves and loves on them.. It literally brightens his whole face talking to those dogs! It was a good visit last night.. Saturday, we will all be at Barnes & Noble on Memorial Wrapping presents for free, so come by and visit if you want. The dogs and I will be there from 9-11 that morning..

I encourage anyone who has a dog that would like to do this, to get involved.. We have so many therapy reqests and not neary enough therapy dog teams.. You can go to New Leash on Life and find out information about how you can take the therapy dog classes, and the therapy dog test.. I can't tell you how rewarding it is! There are so many people that need these visits.. and so many dogs that love to visit, so its a great time to get started. Always good to give back during the Holiday Season.

I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping.. MJ and I finally put up the tree and lights on the house.. Its pretty ghetto, I'm not going to lie.. He was 'in theory' going to put up lights on the house.. but that never really happened.. So we ended up putting lights in the tree, around the garage, in the flower beds, and then I hung snowflake lights on the fence.. For Ghetto, its pretty good, lol.

There is rain in the forecast today.. I sure hope it does rain.. It makes me so sad to look at Lake Hefner lately.. I know Western OK needs the rain too.. Looks like we might get another Winter Storm on Christmas.. I can't complain, we've had it pretty fluffy so far for "winter" weather..

I always look forward to this time of year.. My grandma Leona used to have the most amazing Christmas's for us.. She would always let me open one gift the night before Christmas.. And I would be so excited! Of course I had the best parents, and grandparents in the world, so I always got everything on my list.. (I know, I know..spoiled)..but I'm not going to lie, it was a sweet gig.

Then on day we celebrated Christmas, we would walk into the house and the first thing you would smell would be homemade Rolls in the oven... She would always make something 'different' for Christmas dinner because she knew we would be sick of eating turkey & dressing.. So one year we would have Mexican Casserole, and another year Noodles.. She was an amazing cook.. After we would eat we would all go to the living room and we would sing.. My Uncle Don would sing Tenor, My Grandma, Alto, Me, whatever key I was singing in that day, lol, and my dad would sing Bass.. It was really like watching a Christmas movie.. Such a neat time in my life.. I hope to someday have cool traditions for my own family.. I always get a little sentimental this time of year because even though Leona died in 1999, I still miss her like it was yesterday.. But, it always makes me look forward to the holidays because My mom has now taken on a few of those traditions, and I've taken some as well.. Grandma always made Date-rolls.. I hate dates, so she would make mine without, lol.. So now I make date rolls for my family.. and Mom makes noodles.. Its a neat time of year.

I hope you guys have your own Christmas traditions.. and if not, you are making some new ones! Merry Christmas!! Be thankful for what you have.. God is good!!!

My grandparents, Shep & Leona, and me!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksmaseve day

Well, hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.. We did.. We went to the farm and took the dog babes.. They always love it out there, so many new smells and things to see.. We had a great Thanksgiving Dinner.. Mom and I didn't do much Black Friday shopping.. It doesn't have the same Zeal in Elk City & Burns Flat as it does in OKC, lol.. We did go and decorate a Christmas tree... she took Junior and I took Payslee. AS you can see in the pic, they are being good helpful babes..

Afterward we went to Elk City to re-stock the Dog store "Woofs gone wild" at the Attic door.. I put a tutu on Miss P and she flitted around "Look at me.. Look how cute I am" and wouldn't you know, we sold 3 tutu dresses.. Lol.. I swear thats why they loved her working at Paws Around Town! She's a Natural salesgirl!

While we were out doing that stuff, MJ, Steve & Randy were off Deer hunting. MJ has had all the 'hunting' stuff for a long time now with nothing to hunt.. So being that its deer season and my family is quite skilled at deer hunting they took him out on our land where he shot this 8pt Buck.. He wasn't that keen on skinning/gutting the deer..but he powered through.. We are going to make jerky and deer sausage out of the deer, and of course he is getting it mounted to hang in our house.. (Lucky Me) lol.. I'm sure it will end up in his man cave anyway..

We went and saw my dad on Thanksgiving evening.. Got to visit with my new niece and nephew, Ava, and Joe.. I was amazed at all the baby stuff it takes to have ONE baby, lol.. It was all over the living room! lol.. They were both very cute and dolled up for the Holidays.. Joe loves rocking in his swing, and Ava loves people to carry her around.. Either of those things sounds pretty great to me! lol

Here they are hanging out in their Grammie Gowns.. Ava is on the left, and Joe on the right.. they are pretty jolly...

MJ & I got out all the Christmas stuff.. We put up the tree. Its MJ's Black tree, and I filled it wih glitter ornaments.. He says it looks like Hobby Lobby threw up on it.. whatever.. Men dont know about glitter..  We are going to put up the Christmas lights this weekend.. there is a guy across the street from us who has went all out.. with inflatables, lights, candy canes, etc.. We have to do something to be able to hang with him and not be shamed out of the neighborhood..

We took our mini Vacation to Beavers Bend 2 weeks ago.. It was fun.. We had a cute little Cabin and the dogs loved running and jumping in all the leaves.. It was in the middle of nowhere, so after 2 days of it, we got bored.. but it was nice to get away.. very pretty up by Broken Bow..

I went to a baby shower for a girl in my Sunday school class on Sunday.. I know you all will be shocked by this.. but I am TRULY not a joiner.. It took everything I had to even get myself there.. I dont know very many people in my class yet, and the idea of walking into a house of people I dont know is not appealing to me.. Especially to a baby shower.. but I powered through.. It ended up being a really good time, and people enjoyed my ridiculous tales of my life.. So I'm glad I put my fear behind me.. but man, I wish it wasn't so socially awkward for me. People think that because I was on the radio and so loud and entertaining that it meant I was that way in real life.. No.. I mean think about it folks: I was talking to MYSELF in a room BY MYSELF for 5 hours.. lol.. I'm actually pretty introverted when it comes to things like that.. Shhh.. dont tell.. I'm pretty good at faking it, lol.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Glad. Election. Is. OVER.

Who was sick of election crap? Yup, me too.. It got so bad on facebook that I actually had to quit reading it.. I have one friend who is just an insane liberal.. I can't listen to him anymore.. Reading his posts makes me angry.. Not because he's a liberal, but because he's sooo far left that he never even considers any other thoughts..

I didn't care for either candidate.. I thought they both sucked. I really thought we could have come up with two better ones out of all the people in the world.. but I still went out and voted because I do appreciate the right to do so.. I think right now the country is so polarized with being SO LEFT or SO RIGHT that it makes it impossible to get things done.. I sure do hope that changes eventually.. So needless to say, I'm glad its over!!

Well in happier, more awesome news.. I won Chesaween 2012!! First place!! All by myself too, so I didnt' have to share the goods, lol.. I dressed up as a giant traffic light with a traffic cone hat and sang a parody song of Frank Sinatra's "MY Way" called "You can't go THIS way" about parking and construction on the Chesapeake Campus.. it was a good song, so I'm glad I won.. There were some awesome costumes.. Light "Thunder gnome" & The Jamiacan bob sledders.. It was a fun event.. and I'm so thankful to work for a company that lets you take half a day off to go to a Halloween party!! Awesome!!

Next week Jordan & I are taking our mini-honeymoon and going to a Cabin at Beaver Bend.. We get to take the dog babes, so they are excited to be in a cabin and see the wilderness.. It will be a nice relaxing weekend.. Then the weekend after that its Thanksgiving! Can't believe that Christmas is just around the corner!

Not much else going on.. Been watching the TV show "Nashville".. its pretty good.. Also been loving "American Horror Story"..but dang.. that one is scary.. Still watching the VOICE and I made the mistake of watching XFACTOR last night..but man, its just not that good.. and Britney Spears looks terrible..They put Khloe Kardashian on that show as a host, and she is almost as terrible as Brooke Burke on Dancing with the Stars.. geez.. get them off TV please..

Hope you guys are enjoying your fall.. I need to get inspired to put up my Christmas stuff.. blargh.. My brother Grant & His wife had a baby girl, Ava.. and then my sister Lexi and her husband Brandon, had a baby Boy, Joe.. So I'm an Aunt twice over! Went to see both of the babes, and they are all doing great!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Well Hello Fall!

Well we have finally made it to fall.. I was seriously wondering if it was ever going to happen.

My plants are doing good..those clearance shrubs I bought from Wal-Mart for $1.50 have taken off and are doing really good... We lost one of the bradford pears..but Marcums had a sale, so we bought another one..that was way healthier than the first and just planted it in the same place.. The nice thing about Marcums is they offer a year warranty even if you buy them on sale.. TLC does not.. The Crape Myrtles are starting to kinda do their own thing, and the other Bradford Pear is doing well.. the oonly one that doesn't look that great is the Chinease Pistache in the back yard.. Hopefully it will come to life.

WE are still really enjoying our new Sunday school class at Church. Its nice to be a part of a small group, and still get to have the amazingly smart Terry Feix to teach us! We have been enjoying the Parables.. He's such a good teacher. Also so nice to be at Crossings. How I love that church!

I entered the Chesa halloween Costume Contest.. I have to compete against other 'groups' but.. If I win, I get $2000, and even if I get 6th, its $950.. so surely I will get something. My song is strong, and costume is very cool, so I feel like I have a pretty good chance to win at least SOMETHING.. And I cannot express my happiness that I work for a company that rewards amazing talent and costumes for Halloween! I'm so ready!
For those of you wondering about Payslee & Sawyer's Halloween.. Payslee will be a Butterfly, and Sawyer will be a Caterpillar.. Ridiculous? Yes, I think so.. but they will be cute. Sawyer is doing amazing, and back to 100% after surgery. He's bouncing, running, jumping and wrestling with Payslee. She's glad to have him back to wrestle with her!
I've been watching some good shows.. Enjoying all my terrible housewife shows, and then American Horror story returns next week! Tonight I'm going to tune into "Nashville" to see if its any good.. Have also loved Grey's, even though McSteamy is gone.. And still watch Private Practice.. I can't decide who I am cheering for on Dancing with the Stars.. I love to watch Gilles (I mean who doesn't) and I also enjoy Emmit, and Shawn Johnson.. Its good this year! Also watching pure BS (Blake Shelton) on The Voice. Still love that show too! Glad Fall TV is back in action!
I will be dressing up as a Traffic light..with a traffic cone on my head.. To go along with my Chesa song. I have re-done "My way" by Sinatra and changed it to "You can't go This Way".. I feel like its pretty guys know how I love to do song Parodies!!! I'll try to post a recording of it when I finish it! Happy Fall/Halloween!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Shibbidy Do da..

Well, My little Sawyer dog is back in action! He got his stitches out last week and got the green light to get back to his life! He's still not supposed to jump, but can run, go on walks, and play with Payslee.. so they are both very happy. The chances of it coming back are less than 1% in Shih-tzu's.. the only dogs that it tends to happen again with is Daschunds.. So we are excited that he is doing great! So nice to see his puffed smile!

MJ and Brandon enjoyed the Elk City Rodeo.. It was their first one, so that proved entertaining.. They got to see all the basics, barrel racing, bulldoggin', calf roping, and bull and bronc riding..then imagine our surprise when we found out John Conlee was in concert afterward! Bonus! I love that guy.. I remember when I was doing radio in Corpus Christi and we went to a concert.. he pulled me up on stage and let me sing Rose Colored glasses with him, then signed his pair of rose colored glasses and gave them to me! Mom still has them in a glass box, lol.. She loved him too, so it was a funtime.

 Other than that.. all good! Woot! Looking forward to Halloween!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Poor Sweet Sawyer boy

Well for those of you who follow me on Facebook you have heard about this, but for those of you who don't, I shall tell the story.. 

My Sweet Sawyer started acting funny last Tuesday.. so I took him in on Wed morning before work (Neel is open 24 hours, and emergency hours are over at 6am) So we went in at 7.. they worked him over.. felt of him, stretched him, etc. Nothing.. So we went home... Well I went back home at lunch, he was shaking, and crying, so I rushed him back..This time my regular Vet was there, and he did xrays.. It didn't show much, but did show a little abnormality in his back between his vertebrae, so he sent us home with Pain meds.. I gave them to him for a few days, but he never really got a ton better..

On Sunday when we left for church he was resting and then when we came home he had lost control of his back legs..he was sliding across the floor, so I just burst into tears and emailed my vet (He wasn't working that day, but I have his phone number and email, lol) So he calls Neel and Dr. Jeff, and tells me to go back up there.. They admit him, and start an IV steroid drip and muscle relaxers.. Well at that point I knew we were in for more than we had thought.. I started to research it, and found he had a form of disc disease. (any time a dog has a bulging disc, slipped disc, etc, it has to be called disc disease) So Dr. Logan called me and told me he was a good candidate for surgery.. Being that Sawyer is in good health, and very active, and young, he would be able to make a full recovery, and not have to worry about re-injury.. So he called the surgeon and we were able to get in last night.. 

The Surgery center is over there behind Sams Club off Memorial and Penn. The surgeon was Dr. Streeter, and she was awesome.. she watched him walk and knew that he had a bulging disc.. So he goes to get a Cat scan where they can see exactly where its at.. and sure enough, HUGE bulging disc in his back... So she just takes it out (Dogs have the ability to fuse their bones back together with no problem, unlike people) So now it will be fixed for good. No worries about re-injuring it being that they took out the problem area, and the chance for re-injury is less than 1%..If we had just done the medical route (which he also could have done, and would have improved) He might have re-injured it again, and could have possibly ended up paralyzed.. Well knowing that Sawyer is a happy, running, jumping boy, I just didn't want to take the chance.. Also his 6 pound sister loves to pounce on him and chase him, so I knew we did the best thing for our tzu family.. So..what did all this set me back? You don't even want to know.. Seriously.. 

But I guess in the long rung, cheaper than taking him back to the vet every 6 months with a new injury.. But man, that sucks..and put a big dent in our savings account.. but he's worth it..He's only 3, and my pride and joy so ya gotta do what ya gotta do! So beans and rice for me for the next year, but I love my dog!! lol..  And I know he brings so much joy to  the patients he visits every Thursday, and those who can't move in their beds, when he sits patiently with them while they look at him for love. 

Some have said, "you fool.. why didn't you have pet insurance".. Well I did.. for 2 years.. I never used it. So I was spending $60/month for a once a year vet visit, and I wasn't even breaking even! So we just put some money back each month for times like this.. Also, for those of you curious about pet insurance.. I went with PETFIRST, and they are great.. but they do not cover ANY pre-existing conditions, or degenerative diseases.. So It wouldn't have really helped me in the long-run.. but It is something to think about possibly for Payslee again later.. Its basically something that will pay your vet bill if your dog gets hit by a car, or run over.. Mainly for 'accidental' stuff.. So something to consider.. Sawyer was born with bad discs.. so for those of you who have had the same thing happen, its not something 'you' did.. He jumps, runs, wrestles, and does all those things, and yes, I could try to stop him, but dogs that have bad discs can also be hurt from walking across the room.. So don't blame yourself if your babe ever gets it.. I'm just happy that it can be remedied, and I get my sweet guy back soon! Miss Pays has been missing him!! Thank you all for keeping him in your thoughts! He will be home soon!


Sunday, August 5, 2012

You never know who's watching..

There have been many times when I've looked up to someone. My grandma is one of the first I remember. Her name was Leona, but because I couldn't say her name when I was younger I called her Grandma "Loney".. My mom had a hard time giving birth to me, and was in and out of the hospital for the first few months of my life. Grandma Loney stepped in and took over while mom was sick. I have the fondest memories of spending time with my grandma and Grandpa (Shep). They just treated me like a mini-adult.  I would go to dinner with them every Friday night to Weatherford to visit Grandma's sisters.. We would go to the Mark, and I would order some weird random children's meal that was like "Jack and Jill" or "Humpty dumpty" and we would all sit there and talk like Adults (This is when I was 2 & 3 years old).. I never cried to go back to my parents, because I was so enamored with my grandparents.

Grandma made everything from scratch. I would watch her for hours making rolls, cakes, and casseroles.. I always loved baking cookies with her because she would let me mix the batter with my hand (she would always say only ONE hand) and then of course let me lick the spoon. Every night she would read me a story.. One day she was reading a book to me while I ate a lifesaver candy.. I was leaning back on her lap and it got stuck in my throat.. I was choking, and without missing a beat, my grandpa lept up, reached down my throat, and pulled out the lifesaver! It was like they were meant to watch over me, and meant just for me. He also saved me another time when I fell into a lake (In my Easter dress, Mom was NOT pleased, lol).. I got too close to the edge and he just grabbed the end of my hair before I got too far under, and pulled me out. To this day I do not remember ever watching my grandma or grandpa fight, or say a harsh word about someone. Grandma read the bible front to back more than 3 times. Grandpa was always there to lend a helping hand when someone needed it. They always knew someone might be watching..

They had so many friends that they enjoyed.. Grandpa played dominos every weekend.. and went to the Blue Goose in Gotebo where they would still fill up your tank when you pulled in. Grandma took me grocery shopping at the United in Cordell, (while grandma waited on the bench at the front of the store and visited with people) and then afterword they would take me to the TG&Y and let me pick out one stuffed animal. I would agonize over what to pick..and grandma said I'd go back to the ones I didn't pick and say "I'll get you next time, so don't be sad"..

When I think back of how much time and energy they gave to just entertain me it makes me smile. I'm so grateful for that relationship, and hope someday my kiddo has a relationship like that with my parents. They have both been gone for over 10 years, and tears roll down my face as I write this because I still miss them so much.. They lived their lives always knowing that someone might be watching.. Little eyes might be watching.. and they set a great example.

When I was in college I volunteered for Big Brothers/Big Sisters. I had a 9 year old girl as my mentee.. She was shy,quiet, and not a confident girl. Every week I would take her somewhere and talk to her, but I never felt like she was listening to anything I said, and that she probably dreaded the times I was coming to pick her up! I mentored her until I moved out of state.. Her mom called me a few years later and said "I just want you to know how much Melana loved and respected you".. I never would have known..but I'm glad I always kept in mind that she might be watching.

There are so many great examples of people I look up to in my church, and I'm pretty sure they have NO CLUE how much they mean to me, or that I'm watching. There is a 93 year old man that sits in front of me every Sunday. He's always by himself, and each time I see him, he's greeting people, and welcoming them to church. When we sing, he raises his hands and voice up to heaven, and it just moves me to see his spirit.

Our choir leader writes the most amazing bulletin messages for us. They are so heartfelt..watching the way he leads the choir, and shares his music gifts inspire me to be a better Christian. I look forward to seeing him every Sunday, and I'm pretty sure he has no clue who I am. There is a woman who sings in the choir who I just Adore. I'm pretty much insane about her.. to the point I saw her in the food court and ran after her to tell her how much I love her, lol.. She was probably freaked out. I know I would have been.. but I didn't want to pass up that moment to tell her how much I enjoy her singing and enthusiasm for the Lord while in the choir. I'm so blessed that I was able to get in touch with her, and have her sing at my wedding. I can now call her my friend, and I've been able to tell her what a great blessing she is to me.

There were days when I was on the radio, and days that go by now when I think; "What am I doing to make the world better? What am I doing to inspire somene else?" and some days the answer is "Nothing." I try not to have too many of those day. I remember getting off the air and thinking "That was a terrible show, no one cared".. and then later that day getting an email from a listener that said "Just wanted you to know that joke made me laugh, when I was havin a really crappy day".. You just never know when someone is watching or listening.

Now that I'm older, I look back at my parents and step-parents and appreciate them so much. The fact that my step mom, and step dad were willing to allow me into their families and take care of me.. How my mom and dad put me before everything and didn't put me through a messy divorce. At my wedding seeing all four of my parents talking and being friendly to each other just made my world. I'm so happy to have all of them in my life! They have all set such good examples for me in different ways, and I'm grateful for them all. I love hearing my daddy sing, and I love how much everyone loves my mom! Even though we made some mistakes, they taught me lessons that I will forever remember because they always knew someone might be watching, and they still continue to inspire me to be the best person I can be..

I decided to write this blog because each day when we go to our jobs, or go out in the public, we just never know what other people are going through, and how a small smile, or kind gesture might make their day. If someone cuts me off in traffic, I try not to take it personally..Maybe they are going through something in which they need to get somewhere quicker than I need to get.

When I am at those nursing homes, I'm constantly shocked by how the lick of  a dog in a dress brightens someone day. All this time I'm trying to teach Payslee not to lick, and then when she licks an elderly person their whole face lights up!

I've done a lot of things that I would never want anyone to see, or know, but I also try to do a lot of things to inspire people, teach people, and love people, because you never know who might be watching, and what that could mean to them.

So take time to be kind to each other.. Quit being bitter about stuff that isn't going to matter in 10 years.. Stop living so selfishly that you can't see anyone but yourself.. Enjoy your friends and family.. Praise your God and give thanks! We only have this one time to get it right, and we shoudn't waste our time.. There are so many people who have inspired me... County singers, Preachers, writers, Family, and just regular people.. and some of them know they have, and some of them don't.. So live your life thinking.. "Someone might be this how I want them to see me?"

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Why am I being so lame?

I keep forgetting to update this blog, and that is just not very cool of me.. so I apologize.. Well we are all moved into house.. still waiting for some finishing touches to be done, but overall things are the way we want them. Our master Bedroom faces the West, and let me tell you, when its 111 that is NOT a great idea.. No air conditioner can keep up with that, so we've been dealing with that.. Lots of fans!

WE brought Dafnee, the newfoundland puppy home.. and then we took Dafnee the Newfoundland puppy back.. Lol.. We were actually very sad about this..but I got Daf as a wedding present to Jordan with the thought that Newfs were going to be sweet, lazy, puppies. That was NOT our Dafnee. After not sleeping for 3 weeks we talked with her breeder and decided the best thing for her was to take her back. Supposedly since then she has been a complete angel, and I'm thankful she is much happier there..because with us, she never slept more than 2 hours a night, bit us constantly, and just never seemed 'settled'.. Well now she seems jolly, happy, and fulfilled. Sawyer was thrilled..he never did really care for her. Payslee missed her, but got over it pretty quickly. Not sure Rally ever realized we had a puppy (He's 14 now) lol.

Everything else has been good. Went out with Brandon, Jen, and Chantry last saturday to a place in Norman called Blu. We love this place because they serve Potato Chips drizzled in Blue Cheese.. I LOVE blue cheese, so this was pretty much the best thing ever for me.

We are trying to keep all the plants and trees that we bought at the TLC Moonlight Madness sale alive.. This weather is certainly NOT helping. Payslee & Saw have been doing awesome in their therapy visits. Last week Sawyer made a stroke patient smile and laugh.. Which he had not done in months, so that was pretty touching!  

I'm going to get my hair done at Changes on Friday. Nicole is going to smack me. I haven't had my hair done in 3 months and she's going to be like.. "Uh, wow Rooty".. I'm going to put the red/blonde back in it.. Its pretty terrible right now.

Other than that, things are good.. Jordan &I booked a mini-honeymoon in November for the Cabins at Beavers bend.. Should be a fun trip.. here's how you can look at them!

Hope you all are going well!

Friday, June 22, 2012

We're married!

Well, we are married! Wedding happened on May 29th..some of you may remember it as "The Hail storm of May 29th".. lol.. They say Rain on your wedding day is good luck..well, we were literally HAMMERED with it. If guests left after the wedding and went straight home, they were fine..if not, it cost you $500 deductible to go to my wedding, lol.. So sorry about that..

The Ceremony was beautiful. Robin Wood, the Chesa Pastor officiated and did a K.I.S.S Theme.. Meaning he tied verses of the bible to the KISS theme.. K=Kindness, always be kind to one another.. I=Intimacy..always find ways to show each other you love each other. S=Self Esteem--Use words that build each other up, not tear each other down.. S=Security..Be a safe place to fall for your spouse. It was a great ceremony.. The wedding singer (Barbara Albritton) was the best thing ever. I knew she would be. She sang "His eye is on the Sparrow" for the lighting of the Unity Candle, and then for the Recessional she busted out "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" and it was awesome! Everyone loved her, but no one more than me!

There are more wedding pics on my facebook page (Search for KC Sheperd) if you want to see the whole album. The following Saturday we had the reception at the farm. It was so beautiful and just my farm girl style! I took pics in the rye in my wedding dress, and of course we had to halter up a calf and take pics with it. I'll always be a farm girl in my heart. My mom's friends put together the most amazing atmosphere..Beautiful flowers (done by my fabulous friend Chantry) and tables decked out in bling, brown, and Pink. We had catered mexican food (our fav) from the folks at the Old Triggers near Elk City/Sayre.. and it was awesome! Guac, taquito's, fajitas, and tamales!So good! We had 15 dogs there, including my sweet babes, and all of them acted amazing!

It was everything I imagined it would be. All my friends and family.. a pretty dress, and my farm with dogs. My cup runneth over. Such a great day.

Didn't waste much time after the wedding.. lol.. Bought a house, closed on the house, and am now living in the house. We actually found a house that was almost finished, but still in the stage where we could pick colors, paint, carpet, cabinets, etc.. So we did. Jordan is amazing at that and did a great job. My kitchen is fabulous. Of course I picked bling knobs, but they aren't in yet, so when they come in, I'll post pics. We did hard woods in the living room, beautiful tile in the kitchen, white cabinets, and black granite counter tops.. I just love it!

And as if that wasn't enough excitement.. We are getting a puppy.. Yup. It was my wedding gift to MJ. He has been wanting a "BIG" dog to offset the foofy poofy shih-tzu's.. So after looking at breeds, our lifestyle, and what we want.. We decided on a Newfoundland. She is 8 weeks old now, and we'll go get her next week. We have named her Dafnee, and she is grey, which is very rare for a Newf. She will be the sweetest girl..they  have the best temperaments, and make the most amazing therapy dogs. MJ is beyond excited. Here's what she looks like.. (Pic courtesy of Her breeder is amazing, and she is a healthy, happy girl from Kansas. I'm thinking Sawyer will be beyond excited.. Miss P, I'm not so sure, lol
I do have some sad news, and I want you guys to keep this family in your prayers. Kristen Smith's little 3 week old boy is very sick in the hospital. They are family friends, and just the sweetest, cutest family. Aiden is in critical condition and we are praying for a full healing and recovery. To learn more about his story, and join the prayer chain, here is the address.. 50 for Aiden

I am so happy and blessed to have the friends and family I have. I was one of the rebels that waited till I was in my 30's to get married.. But I was waiting for the right one, and now I found him, and I begin my happily ever after. I still have hopes of being on the radio again someday, but right now, I'm drinking from my saucer, cuz my cup has overflowed. Love you guys,

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

And..I'm getting married!

So.. I'm getting married! MJ proposed to me last Saturday on a horse-drawn carriage ride through bricktown.. Did I know it was coming? Yes, because I'm a planner.. lol.. We had actually decided to push up the wedding from October (10-11-12) because we were wasting time paying Rent.. We have been wanting, and looking at houses for awhile, so we would have wasted $5,000 more dollars on rent by waiting till October to buy one.. 

So here's the details.. Wedding will be May 29th, 7pm at Crossings Community Church Chapel.. yes, its a tuesday, but hey, Crossings is a popular place! Plus we are not having a reception immediately after, so I'm guessing it will take about 30 minutes! Consider this your invite if you are reading this.. because I have not the time, or money to send out 800 invitations!! I'd love to have you there, and it should be a quick affair..but being that I hate weddings, I won't blame you for not going! lol

My lovely friend Nita helped me find the perfect dress..we actually thought it was going to be an AWFUL buying a bathing suit..but we went to David's Bridal, and man, they know how to do it! They fluff you, stuff you, pin you, push you, etc..and I ended up with an amazing dress...that was on sale! Boom! That's how I roll! My ring is just beautiful.. MJ did an amazing job.. We got it at Michener Farrand and we just love those guys! Dave is the MAN! I just love love love it.. No, its not traditional, but those of you who know me, know that nothing about me is!! 

Wedding Colors are going to be light pink and Brown. Although I'm not sure we are really following that much.. We are going to have a big reception the following Saturday at the Farm.. It will be fun, why? Because we are having a Mexican buffet! Yes! I'll be having a Western, OK shower, and an OKC Shower, so that will be fun too.. and apparently a bachelorette party which could be quite entertaining. No, the dogs are not going to be in the wedding, but yes, will be in pictures..Of course I have to include them! Miss Pays will be a fashionista as usual! Sawyer will wear a bow tie..
In other exciting news, Chesapeake featured me as a 'Star Volunteer' and showcased the dogs and I volunteering. It was awesome because it led a lot of folks to want to get their dogs therapy certified! So that is awesome! We would love to have more folks with therapy dogs.. Always nice to do stuff for other people!

Speaking of dogs..we have the Dog Jog coming up.. We will be having so many things going on! An Agility Dog Demonstration, a Fly Ball demonstration, dog contests like 'Best trick' 'owner dog look-alike' best costume' 'best dressed', etc.. so bring your dog babe and come on out! You don't have to jog to enter the contest and there will be some amazing prizes!

So lots of fun stuff going on in my life right now.. Feeling very blessed! 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Hello Spring!

So Of course you know by now that Payslee has an Easter dress each year.. Doggiedudsbydeb did not let me down this year and mad her this cute little bunny frock.. So cute. So yesterday I took her up to the Chesapeake campus (which is landscaped beautifully) And had her pose.. I also posed her in another little dress from Barbara..So cute with the big poof! The flowers matched the dress perfectly, so it was a great photo Opp, and Miss P didn't disappoint! She looks kinda sneaky in the Pink dress, lol.
I have had Tonsilitis for 2 weeks.. which sucks..but I'm used to it. I have over-sized tonsils and with all the allergy stuff going on, I'm not shocked by this. I had a friend who had her tonsils taken out, and as expected it was pretty much the worse thing ever.. So I think I will pass on that. Apparently as an adult its pretty much just misery filled with bloody tonsils, bad breath, no eating, talking, etc.. so as you can tell, doesn't sound like a cup of tea..and while this sucks, I think that would suck worse, so I'm just going to keep them in my mouth for now.

Yesterday at Church we had Dr. Ron Fowler as a guest speaker and it was so good! Everytime I walk in the doors at Crossings I am so thankful to call it my church home. The music is so amazing! I'm a person who is blessed through music, so I have to have it, and man, it doesn't get any better than the music at Crossings! MJ has started enjoying it too, and a few weeks ago they talked about needing volunteers to run the "media" portion of the service.. camera's, sound equipment, etc.. So he wrote his name down.. Well they already called him back and now it looks like he will be serving on that committe! I'm so proud of him. I tell you there is nothing better than looking around and seeing what God does with people you love in your life. What a tremendous blessing.
This weekend was nice. MJ & I took the dog babes to Lake Hefner, over by where people fish, and let them run and sniff.. Their faces were pure joy just running and smelling stuff. I feel so much pride when I watch them happy and jolly knowing that every day I make sure they have the best possible life ever. Its something I take a great deal of pride in, and I'm happy knowing how happy they are!

Today at Chesapeake Marie Osmond spoke to us.. She looks fabulous and gave a great message about how to pull yourself out of depression. She has been through a LOT in her life and she's still so positive and uplifting. She talked about her own postpartum depression and then her son's suicide.. Still through all that she is so grateful for her good life and blessings. I wish everyone could get to that place..but so many people just want to wallow in their own self pity and never see the amazing things that God has done, and continues to do. She is a fantastic woman! I mean you look at all that she has had to deal with.. sexual abuse, physical abuse, having two hearing impaired brothers, being in the spotlight since she was 4, the loss of a child, etc.. and yet still she gives glory to God for all her blessings and chooses to be positive every day when she wakes up.. Makes you look around and think "Hey, maybe I dont have it so bad".. or at least it should.

Went to see "Hunger Games" on Saturday.. theatre was packed! I read the book in 2 days so I would be ready for the movie, and it was very good. Stayed very close to the book and loved Lenny Kravitz in it! I still have to read the other two books, and will eventually. I'm ashamed to say that when the preview for the next Twilight movie showed, I was also excited for that.. lol.

Pays, Saw & I have been keeping up with our therapy visits. They are such good patient babes. They make everyone smile when they see them. I'm proud to call them mine! Hope you all have a Happy Easter!

Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm a dumba**

You ever have those moments when you wake up and think "Man, I'm a freakin idiot!".. I had one of those this week...First off, let it be said, that at the end of the day, I know God is in control of my life..and I know that he will always take care of me, so I'm not doubting my faith, but hey, I have bad days too. The other thing that I think God gives you is choices. He will always take care of us, but I do think you have free will, and with free will comes choices. When I think back on some of the choices I have made throughout my life, I think "I'm a dumba**".. The most frequent decison is usually related to Radio..

When I was 19 I started as an intern at Wright Wradio in Weatherford. Mom told me it was time to get a job after my first semester in College and she had a friend that worked as a sales person at the radio she told me to go out there. I walked into interview and this 5 foot tall man named "Wild Bill" said "I love the sound of your voice!".. and with that, my internship began. I started out in the news room, (even though I said, I'd like to do anything BUT news) with a guy that later got fired for sexual harrassment..(not filed by me by the way, lol). .I was an intern with two other girls.. One that I hated as a former basketball rival and the other was a girl I went to high school with that was 3 years older than me named Shea.. (She and I are still good friends by the way).. The first thing they had me do was to write news stories.. I was pretty good at this because in radio, you write exactly the way you talk.. so this was good.. Until I was also enrolled into a "news reporting" class in College..writing for newspaper WAY different that radio.. that sememster about killed me..

Eventually I got to read the news on the air in the am.. I mean what college student doesn't want to show up at 4 am to do the news right? Yes! So begins the story of my getting up at 4am legacy.. As a result of reading the news in the AM, that meant I got to act as the 'sidekick' on some of the morning show bits that Wild Bill did.. We would banter and do funny stuff and I quickly learned that I didn't want to be in the news room, but in the airchair doing my own show. I had some HORRIFIC air checks though.. (An aircheck is when the boss calls you into a meeting to tell you how horrible you are on the air) I have been told "KC when I heard you today I wanted to rip your trachea out" or "KC women aren't meant to be on the radio" or "Why do you have to be so brash".. on and on.. Whats funny is that I thougt thats how all businesses were ran before I realized that radio is very unique in that way.. and not in a GOOD way..

Well eventually enough people quit for me to get my first afternoon gig on a Hot AC station.. I had a blast on that show and it really molded me into a good jock.. We started fun bits like "Songs that could get me fired" "Good morning wake ups" "Joke to go".. all kind of great bits.. I loved it.. Eventually the morning guy quit and I asked if I could take over the morning show... Of course I heard "KC, women on the radio don't do well, and no one would ever put a GIRL on the radio as a MORNING show. Girls are meant to be laugh boxes..they laugh at things the MEN would say".. Fortunately I had had some great prior co-hosts and they had told me this was NOT true.. So after a few months of me pestering them non stop (and the fact that no one else wanted to get up at 4am to do a show) I got the gig.. and so began my love of the radio morning show. Been doing it ever since..

From the first day I went on the air, I was hooked.. to the first caller that told me I did a good job.. to the caller that told me I sucked, which made me just want to work harder to win them over.. Radio is addictive. Its like show business.. And it was never a dull moment. I've never worked for more unstable, dysfunctional people than when I was in radio.. But ironically enough, usually the good would outweigh the bad. .So I chased radio forever. I left relationships for radio, didn't bother being a vet because I had radio, developed horrible eating habits and gained weight for radio, left my friends and family for radio, and got my heart broken by radio..
So at some point I've had to ask "What would have happened if I hadn't chosen radio?" I'm not sure.. I always wanted to be an AI (Artificial Insemination) Vet.. Since I saw my step dad do it.. I love cows and loved making better cows. I always wanted to be a large animal vet. I know I would have been good at it too because I'm like Snow White with Cows.. But I never bothered getting that education because I had already found 'my' career.. I got a masters in English because it was easy for me.. Very little studying, and I'm a speed reader, so it came naturally.. So why be a vet right?

Now, as I wake up, a woman in my 30's.. I think.. Wow.. Time has really gotten away from me. Radio was great, but the pay was awfu. I'm not married, I have no kids, I don't own a house, I'm paying on a car, and I don't feel like I 'have' other things that people my age age who did things differently.. However, Have they hung out with George Strait and Garth brooks? No. Have they taken their family to amazing concerts? No.. But hell, if I was an AI Vet, I could probably afford to buy my OWN tickets to those shows and backstage!

The one good thing about radio is that I learned who I never WANT to be like, or WANT to work with. I've met some of the most unreasonable, egotistical, jerks in the WORLD. You can't imagine how unethical some of the people I have worked for can be! So thats a positive.. I've also learned what kind of manager I'd never like to be! But the flip side to that is that it has made me have a thick skin, quick wit, and sharp tongue.. Most of the times those are all good things. I've also learned that I can bounce back pretty quickly, being that I was only out of work for a few months when I lost my job in radio..Thats because I was willing to work hard and work my way up. Some people think a job is just 'owed' to them because they got a college education, or because they previously had a great job. I've never thought that way, and have had to start at the ground floor at most of the jobs I have taken..but it always pays off because you learn so much along the journey.

So as the saying goes, "All things happen for a reason".. but sometimes you can't help but question your decisions. MJ and I were thinking about buying a house this past week, but the whole idea fell through because neither of us had really 'planned' for that.. We hadn't saved enough money, we hadn't done a budget, and we hadn't always managed our money.. So that means No house. We are going to wait 6 months, try to save money, budget, and actually figure out what we can afford as opposed to jumping in head first. Which sucks. But sometimes being an adult does suck.
So yes, I still wonder what my life would be like if I hasn't always chosen radio.. but I have to remind mysef that I've done things, and met folks that most people will never do or meet.. and I hope that along the way I've made some people laugh.. I hope I've inspired some people to volunteer and be good dog parents.. and I hope that I've showed people that when you are down and Out, the Lord can always bring you back up, and always knows what you need. Its now my responsibility to start doing better with my money (now that I'm actually making some!) and get on the road to home ownership! Maybe a marriage and a baby will also be in my future someday.. Who knows! Stranger things have happened..

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Who knew Shih-tzu's were vicious?

So MJ has been accusing Payslee of biting his feet.. He woke me up in the night the other day saying "Payslee! Stop it!!" and I said, "What she is doing?" and he said "She's biting my feet!".. so I scooped her up and took her away.. Now let it be said that Miss P loves sleeping with MJ. She curls up next to him, and he will wake up in the night and she will be sleeping with her head on his pillow, laying upside down.. She is always nestled up by him.. So, I found it a bit hard to believe that she "all of the sudden" starts biting his toes in the night.. As you can imagine this was also hilarious to me. I mean here you have a grown man hollering in the night like a rabid beast dog is attacking him..and its a 6 pound shih-tzu girl!!

Well a few weeks went by and she didn't nibble his toes.. so I let it go. So on Monday night as we were getting ready for bed we were just about to turn off the lights and he says "NO! She's doing it again!! She's biting my feet!".. so of course I look down there..and she is doing nothing..just laying pleasantly at the end of the bed.. So either MJ is imagining things, or my Sweet Miss Payslee is biting MJ and then pretending not too.. Either of which is VERY funny to me..So I'll keep you updated..

MJ & I are also thinking of buying a house so we've been going out each week with our Realtor and looking at them.. At first it was fun, but now its getting annoying because the second we find one we like, it goes 'pending' and is sold! Its happened to us with like 5 houses.. Apparently its a crazy time because everyone is scared the interest rates are going to go back up, so people are scooping them up like crazy.. We are trying to get in the area over by the Kilpatrick.. kinda near Wilshire & County line road.. So we'll see what happens..

I got my hair done last week.. I'm back to Blond/Red.. and I love it! I was sick of my hair being all one color, so I went kinda wild this time. Nicole did an amazing job at Changes hair Salon. If you are looking for a great hair stylist, give her a call, 405-340-8190 or visit her website. MJ was a little shocked with it at first, but he's warming up to it.. I can't just have 'normal' hair, lol. I also got my bangs back.. I had grown them out, but I missed them.. plus I can always grow them out again. My hair grows fast.

Valentines Day was awesome.. He surprised me with Gerber daisies that had little jewels in the center of them. .and then a giant tub of Movie Popcorn! It was awesome!! Not much else going on.. The dog babes are still going on Therapy visits and handed out Valentines to the residents with their pics on it. MJ & I are also going to a class at Crossings called "Prep for Marriage" and its amazing.. We have a great teacher (Kim Kimberling) and I highly recommend anyone who is thinking about tying the knot to get in that class.. its very good.. but all the classes at Crossings are!! Hope you are all having a great week!

PS.. Love the Voice.. So much better than Idol, and I love Blake Shelton!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hello February!

Well Its been a good start to the New Year.. Didn't end up doing much for New Years..I had a cough then, and I STILL HAVE A STUPID COUGH. I dont know what else to do about it.. seems a lot of folks have it, including my Doctor who has had his since Dec 22... I've taken Codeine, steroids, antibioics, Delsym, Mucinex, and I even tried drinking a bottle of Tennessee It didn't work either, but figured I would quit coughing, or either pass out...Lol. BUT.. so far, none of those things have worked and I am still coughing.. So annoying..
Payslee got a new Valentine Dress, and a new Easter Dress...The Easter dress is above, and I'll get some pics of the Vaentine Dress this week when we go on our visits.. She's been doing great at Therapy Visits, and Sawyer is actually doing really good too now! He likes to just sit with the little ladies and let them pet him. He's so soft that they all love doing that. So I'm very proud f both of them..Rally is 14 now..he's had such an interesting life with me. I got him in College..he moved with me to Corpus Christi, back to Weatherford, To OKC.. He's seen a lot in his life! He' still going strong too.. He can't hardly hear anymore, and his eyes aren't what they used to be..but he loves playing with Sawyer and running around still, so thats all I can ask for!
MJ & I are planning a trip to Colorado at the end of this month. We are going to a place called Monument..We are going to take the dog babes and stay in a cool cabin. Its a 10 hour drive (I hate driving) but hopefully it will be fun once we get there.. MJ loves Colorado, and I think the dogs will like bouncing around in the moutains. We leave on March 1 and are going to stay about 3 days.. It will be funtimes!
Work is going great. I am still amazed by the awesome things Chesapeake offer me. And very grateful for the opportunities they give us. I had my meeting with Aubrey, and I can tell you, he's just as cool and dynamic in person as he is on paper, and on TV.. Very cool guy. Also very cool that he still meets with every single new employee in his company, and he has over 12,000.. So you can see that would be time consuming, so I'm glad he's still willing to do it.
MJ and I are going to an awesome Church class called "Prep For Marriage".. its so good..and so something EVERYONE who is even thinking about getting married should go to. Dr. Kim Kimberling teaches it, and we've met some awesome new couples in it, and learned some great things. its 8 weeks long and we are in week 5 and just love it. All is good in Sheperd town!! Oh, and PS, I love Pinterest! If you aren't following me, you can here..