Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sometimes you feel like a fool..sometimes ya don't.

I tell you, this new job has really been an eye opening experience. I went from being one of the smartest computer people, to now being one of the dumbest.. lol.. I miss all the listeners, and all the aspects of radio. I've been talking to some folks about possibly doing it part time on the weekends just so I'm not totally OUT of the business. Its hard to completely change professions after 13 years, and its hard to realize that a profession you once loved is slowly dying.. But I'm so blessed to have been given this opportunity at Chesapeake, and I can't wait to see what happens with it. For the past two weeks at Crossings Marty has preached about the Serenity Prayer, and I really have to be mindful of that these days.. I start over thinking stuff, and getting nervous, and second-guessing myself, and I just have to say:

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
Taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
Trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
That I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
Forever in the next.

I have a hard time with the "ONE DAY AT A TIME".. and have to remember that its always "One day at a time sweet Jesus" and hum the song in my head a few times. I must quit worrying about things and people that I can't change, and just appreciate each day God has given me with my friends, family, dogs, and blessings.

Speaking of dogs.. One of my fellow therapy dog friends has a business called "Edmond Critter Sitter" and she comes to your house and lets your dogs out during the day, or plays with them, or takes them to their grooming appt, or whatever.. I thought it might be nice to have her come over to my house once or twice a week and let my babes out..Especially on the days that I have to work late, or can't come home at lunch..She comes to Oklahoma City too, so look her up if you might need services like that..She'll also stay in your house with your dog babes if you don't want to board them... I know right! Awesome!

MJ & I went to see "Salt" this weekend with Angelina Jolie..It was really good.. Plus it was $1
popcorn day at AMC.. booya! Mom & Steve came up this weekend too, and we ate Sushi at a new place on May called "Saii".. it was delish..Then on Saturday we all got up early and went to the Farmers Market at OSU/OKC.. WE found all sorts of fresh goodness.. berries, fruit, okra, beans, corn, candles..etc.. If you haven't been to that on a Saturday morning, check it out..its delish and so awesome to shop local!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Yes, I can turn on a computer.

So I think the reaction to my getting a job in IT at Chesapeake has been kinda funny.. I agree that IT work is a long way from being an on air personality, but what most people don't know is that I studied Computer Science in College..In fact, I'm only 3 hours away from having a Minor in Computer Science..so listen, its not THAT far of a stretch! lol..
The job is going well..I learn some new computer lingo every day..and I learn something new everyday..which means my brain is constantly working, and I'm thinking that will keep me young and spry.. lol..NOt sure, but yeah, I'm thinking that.. People want to know what I do there, but honestly, if I told you it probably wouldn't make a lot of sense..I know it sure wouldn't have to me a month ago, but I like what I do, and I think I'm doing a pretty good job..

I'm still taking care of my hospice lady, Miss Dorothy, and still going on visits once or twice a week when I can. Its still mostly Payslee, but Sawyer goes sometimes now too. Last weekend MJ & I went to see "Inception" the new movie with Leonardo DiCaprio, and it was good..A little long, but really thought-provoking and interesting..Go see it if you have time.. Then yesterday my friend from Orlando, Chantry came to town and we had a lovely lunch visit.. He makes handbags, and clutches and for me, he made a satched for Paddy, my Ipad..How awesome is it! (pictured left)..He knows I love weird ladies on stuff, so he went with this design, and I just love it!! His website is The House of Chabanks..check out his stuff..He's fabulous.
Last night MJ & I went to eat at Olive Garden, which I loved.. Saturday night was Shelly's birthday party and we suprised her at Musashis..Good times had by all.. Hope you all are doing well too!


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Flooding In Oklahoma & therapy

Wow..this Rain has been amazing..Watching that flooding in Hobart, and all around has been crazy! In fact this whole past year of Oklahoma weather has been odd..but hey, Its Oklahoma right!

Week 2 of work was very busy.. I stay busy most days.. I asked to come in to 7-4 instead of 8-5 because I'm just an early bird. I always have been since I was little, so that has been awesome..I like it so much better! I'd come in at 6 if they would let me! I still wake up around 5 each morning..But anyway, its been good. I learn something new about everyday, and found out that I had some folks who used to listen to me that I work with now, so thats been cool too..I'm making new friends, and just trying to work hard each day. Its a great place to work.

I took the dog babes to the groomer yesterday. They go to Ms. Jo's Dog grooming off 63rd, and now they are little fluff puffish angels..However, with all this rain, they stayed pretty and white for about 10 minutes..They love running outside in the evening and I take them to this big empty field and just let them be 'free' for about 30 minutes.. I let them run and play until their tongues are dragging the ground, then we go home. I took them BOTH on a therapy visit this week to visit with my hospice lady and her husband..Sawyer did really well! the Key is Payslee..If she's around, then he's brave enough to visit. I guess he figures if she likes them, he should like them to..so it was very cute..and I was proud of those little birds! The picture of them is them sitting on the bed letting George, Dorothy's husband pet them and love them..

Now to the crap news..The other day I get into my car and realize that it smells like dead carcass.. Since I don't know of any anyone putting any dead carcass into my car, I start to investigate and find that the wretched smell is coming from the trunk..I lift up the trunk bottom (where the spare is stored) and find that there is standing, rotting water in my trunk! How did it get there!! I don't know..but it was foul. So I had to get all these towels and glob the water out of there, all while it smelling wretched & foul.. So now its in the garage 'airing' out after I sprayed bleach in it.. Stupidly, I did all this after getting a spray tan, so now my tan is all jacked up and I'm going to look like I have a weird tan-skin disease..because its all blotchy..Plus I smell like carcass..So I'm going to go take care of that now, thanks,

Love ya, bye..


Friday, July 2, 2010

Week 1 Job Update..

Well I got the call on Monday afternoon that I was set to work Tuesday..so Off I went! I admit, in the beginning I was a bit scared.. On Tuesday it was a lot of setting stuff up like accounts, passwords, computers, etc.. So we did that, then on Tuesday we dove in..Bill is my Boss, and we are doing really well...I'm basically just trying to help him out in anyway I can..Right now its handling emails, checking on things, and tracking stuff down..Thankfully I'm pretty good at all those things, so Its been good.. There are still a BILLION things that I don't know, but as far as week 1 goes, I'd have to say we did pretty good.. I learned a ton of things, and expect to only learn more as I go along. The Chesapeake staff is AMAZING.. so nice, so helpful, and so resourceful..I'm very excited to be working for them! Yay!

Not sure what MJ and I are going to do for the 4th of July.. Work let out early today, and I'm off Monday, so it will be a fun holiday weekend. Yesterday I took Payslee to Copperidge Assisted living for a visit last night dressed in her Red/white/Blue..Everyone loved her of course.. She was quite a charmer letting the little people hold her, and cuddle her face..She's such a sweet girl..
I went back to the Ortho Doctor today..I had to have an MRI scheduled because there is some sort of grinding in my knee..The arthritis meds aren't really helping that much, and I'm trying to avoid being on pain meds the rest of my life..So we are going to schedule that and see whats going on..Boo.
Something kinda funny; The other day I had to go take a drug test for the Chesapeake job..Well when I walked in the guy hands me my Pee cup and says "HEY, Aren't you KC Sheperd from the radio?! Man, I just love you! What happened?" So I kinda fill him in..and he proceeds to carry on.. "Well you are just the best.. so go ahead and pee in this cup..and don't flush.. Remember that time you told that joke, wowza, that had me laughing in tears".. So I go and pee in the cup, and come back out and set it on the counter.. and the guy says, "Okay..great.. Attention Everyone!! This is a celebrity, This is KC Sheperd.. Go ahead and sign your name on your pee cup, and then go ahead and sign an autograph for me".. lol.. So I did..And Yes, thats a true story..Just goes to prove that just because I'm not on the radio that ridiculous things STILL happen to me! Have a good weekend all, Happy 4th of July!!