Friday, July 2, 2010

Week 1 Job Update..

Well I got the call on Monday afternoon that I was set to work Off I went! I admit, in the beginning I was a bit scared.. On Tuesday it was a lot of setting stuff up like accounts, passwords, computers, etc.. So we did that, then on Tuesday we dove in..Bill is my Boss, and we are doing really well...I'm basically just trying to help him out in anyway I can..Right now its handling emails, checking on things, and tracking stuff down..Thankfully I'm pretty good at all those things, so Its been good.. There are still a BILLION things that I don't know, but as far as week 1 goes, I'd have to say we did pretty good.. I learned a ton of things, and expect to only learn more as I go along. The Chesapeake staff is AMAZING.. so nice, so helpful, and so resourceful..I'm very excited to be working for them! Yay!

Not sure what MJ and I are going to do for the 4th of July.. Work let out early today, and I'm off Monday, so it will be a fun holiday weekend. Yesterday I took Payslee to Copperidge Assisted living for a visit last night dressed in her Red/white/Blue..Everyone loved her of course.. She was quite a charmer letting the little people hold her, and cuddle her face..She's such a sweet girl..
I went back to the Ortho Doctor today..I had to have an MRI scheduled because there is some sort of grinding in my knee..The arthritis meds aren't really helping that much, and I'm trying to avoid being on pain meds the rest of my life..So we are going to schedule that and see whats going on..Boo.
Something kinda funny; The other day I had to go take a drug test for the Chesapeake job..Well when I walked in the guy hands me my Pee cup and says "HEY, Aren't you KC Sheperd from the radio?! Man, I just love you! What happened?" So I kinda fill him in..and he proceeds to carry on.. "Well you are just the best.. so go ahead and pee in this cup..and don't flush.. Remember that time you told that joke, wowza, that had me laughing in tears".. So I go and pee in the cup, and come back out and set it on the counter.. and the guy says, "Okay..great.. Attention Everyone!! This is a celebrity, This is KC Sheperd.. Go ahead and sign your name on your pee cup, and then go ahead and sign an autograph for me".. lol.. So I did..And Yes, thats a true story..Just goes to prove that just because I'm not on the radio that ridiculous things STILL happen to me! Have a good weekend all, Happy 4th of July!!

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