Sunday, March 27, 2011

When one door closes..

Well Hi..First off, I want to say thank you to the people that read this blog. Last night I performed at the Rodeo Opry in Cowtown and I heard from so many people about how they read my blog, and thats how they knew I was on the show. That made me so happy, because sometimes when I'm writing these things, I really have no idea whether anyone reads them or not. I heard from several people who used to listen to me on the air and truly appreciate them saying how much they missed me, and appreciated even more them saying I was truly good at my job. My response is always the same, and I think it will always be the same: "You don't miss me as much as I miss being on the air." Even though I have gone on to do something else, I will always miss being on the radio.

The Opry was a great time. I sang "Sweet Dreams" "If you've got Leavin on your mind' and "Your Cheatin' Heart"..all Patsy Cline tunes, and the crowd (and my mama of course) seemed to enjoy it. Jordan came along, and even though he hatest country music, he had a good time. I liked seeing his sweet face in the audience too.. I think that mom bought a CD of the show, so if she did, I'll try to upload some audio from it. There were a lot of great performers on the show last night, including one of my former students from my Radio class that I taught at Southwestern, who did a GREAT job, Steven Jeffrey..So good to see him, and so glad to see that he chose a profession OTHER than radio! See..that class does work! lol. Owen Pickard also hosted and did a great job..Thank you to everyone who came out, it was a really good time!

I think the hardest thing to come to terms with is that people (and myself) thought I was actually really good at my job. I thought that too, and I still think that..But how many other people who are good at their jobs and go there every single day doing a good job, still get let go from their position? A LOT. I've talked to so many people this past year that have lost their jobs, by no fault of their own. Either the company was down-sizing, the company closed, or the company just couldn't afford to pay them anymore. Its a sad time for our country right now, because if you were brought up the way I was, people like Us don't lose their jobs. People like Us always do their best, work hard, do more than their fair share, act like team players and do what needs to be done for the good of the company. Yet a lot of people like "US" are out of work. I think I was a good radio talent, but thats not the only thing I did for the company. I knew that there would always be a need for other things, like websites, social media networks, photoshopping, video editing, I taught MYSELF how to do all that so I would be that more valuable to the company I worked for..But in the end that didnt' help me keep my job.

So I guess what I'm saying to you, is if you are good at your job, but you still lost it..don't give up. This past year has been such a learning time for me..Because of all the things I taught myself to do, I've realized now that I need to teach myself more. Chesapeake is an amazing place to learn new things. If the saying goes "Once you stop learning your brain will die" then let me tell you, My brain is pretty much busting at the seams! I learn something new everyday, and it makes me happy to know that there are OTHER things in life that I can do well..

Will I always want to be on the radio? Yes. I think its like other jobs in the entertainment field..Singers, Musicians, Comedians, etc..We all love the spotlight, and we love attention, so when that is taken away from its, its very hard to just fall into a regular job..But there are so many other blessings that have come out of NOT being on the radio..I get to spend more time with my friends and family, Jordan & I have grown stronger in our relationship, I have more opportunities to meet new friends and people, etc.. You just have to be willing to find the silver lining. There's no point in dwelling on the negative..And while I've forgiven those people who have wronged me, I certainly have not forgotten, and have realized that they were never really my friends to begin with, and certainly not the kind of people I should spend my whole life what a blessing to find that out and be able to move on to bigger and better people!

So if you have had a similar situation this year..whether it be through your job, or maybe a relationship..try to find the positive. Did you really want to be around those toxic people in your life? No..Did you really want to be taken advantage of, and not appreciated? No. Remember that you get what you ask for, and 6 months before I got let go at KKNG I had been praying "Lord, if this is not what I'm supposed to be doing, send me in another direction"..then when it happened I was like "Really Lord? REALLY!!"..but thats the way it works. We don't always see what the best thing for us is when we are in the moment..but he does. He's got a bigger plan and I'm sure its a much better my job now is to be patient and let it all play out to his will..Ask and ye shall recieve!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Rodeo Opry is Coming up.. Reality BS

Well I'm on schedule to sing at the Oklahoma Rodeo Opry this Saturday. If you want tickets you can go to: and click on the "Tickets" link.. I'm planning on doing a Patsy Cline Medley, but I haven't talked to the Opry folks yet, so I'm hoping that is okay!! If So I'm going to do 1) Leaving On Your Mind, 2)She's got You 3) Sweet Dreams 4) Your Cheatin Heart.. Now won't that just be delicious! Mom is coming up so it should be fun..Jordan is going too, although I'm pretty sure he will be suffering through the whole event..How is it that I always end up with people who despise country music? I don't know.. But he doesn't like any of it, and doesn't even know who Patsy Cline is!! haha! So yes, if you are wondering what Jordan looks like..just look for the guy suffering in the front row!

We went to see "Lincoln Lawyer" this weekend..I was so excited to see my Delicious Trace Adkins in his movie role! He did a great job he played a tough biker, which really isn't too far of a stretch for him.. Matthew Mconaughhey was not hard to look at either..Nor was Josh Lucas or Ryan Phillipee..but besides all the eye candy, it was actually a really good movie.. I'd like to see "Limitless" with Matthew as well..Thats probably on tap for next weekend.. Friday night we rented Russel Crowe's movie "The Next 3 Days".. it was okay, but a bit far-fetched, and went on forever.. But it was okay for a rental..

Last night watched "Celebrity Apprentice".. It was good. I wasn't that sad that Nikki Taylor went home..She's sweet and all, but wasn't a big time player to me. I was excited that the men won the challenge, and kinda hoping that John Rich would take out Jose Canseco because he was making fun of people who listen to Country music.. John Rich defended us, and told him to shut it.. There was a time when I liked Jose, but that time has now come and gone. He seems like an ass, and acts like an ass.. I've always liked John Rich, and he's fun to watch.. So is Crazy Gary Busey, although lately Charlie Sheen is making Gary Busey look sain!!

Also on Idol I was cheering for Lauren, but she keeps picking sucky songs and now I'm forgetting her.. Pia is good, but a little too Carrie Underwoodish for me..I mean we already have Carrie, so do we need Pia? Not sure.. Its like the Scottie Guy..I like him, but I like Josh Turner better, so so far I don't really need either of those two..I'm cheering for Casey.. 1) because his name is Casey, and 2) he seems a bit insane, which I like.. So there ya go..

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Do you need a part time Job?

So as most of you know I've been working part time at Paws around Town, the awesome little dog store in NorthPark Mall..However, I"m about to start taking a therapy dog class with Payslee on Saturdays and I won't be able to work there on Saturday's anymore.. So do you know of anyone, or maybe yourself that would like to pick up a little extra cash by working there on Saturdays? There are two pregnant girls there working now, and they are about to pop, so they are going to need some help! lol.. If you have never been to it, go to their website Its basically just an awesome place to go to get high-end doggie treats, clothes, food, etc.. And dogs are even welcome in the store.. So if you have any interest, email me at and I'll give you more details. You would mainly be helping out on Saturday's from 10-6..

Monday, March 7, 2011

Celebrity Apprentice is Fantastic

So I have been waiting awhile for the debut of Celebrity Apprentice, hoping it did not disappoint me.. Well alas, It did not. Who doesn't love Crazy Gary Busey as the "Pepperoni Prophet"?? Ridiculous.. I also enjoyed Jose' Canseco wanting to kick the crap out of Richard Hatch. I remember Richard Hatch from watching the VERY first Survivor..back when Survivor was actually still entertaining.. He was a snake then, and he's a snake now..but does that make for good tv? YES..Plus he's been in prison for 4 years, so now he's probably really hateful and crazy..I cannot stand Star Jones.. I despise her so much that a few years ago I actually took the time to write a letter to ABC stating why I wish they would take her off the air.. They did..But I don't think it was because of my letter.. dang. That is only one of two letters that I have written in protest of someone..Guess who the other one was? Omarosa from the first Celebrity Apprentice.. I didn't like her either.. But this season looks really good.. Dionne Warwick and Latoya Jackson can compare Psychic Friends, Nene and Star Jones can fight it out..John Rich and Lil' Jon have already become best friends, and Nikki Taylor appear to cook a mean Pizza.. I think its going to be quite entertaining.. I'm also watching Jet & Cord McCoy again on the Amazing Race..I went to college with Jet. We had an English Sci-Fi class together and I remember he would show up to class with his eyes black, or his arm in a sling from being thrown off a bull..He is a funny, nice guy, so I hope they win it this time around. Then there's Idol.. I was cheering for that Clint guy, but he got the boot. So Now I've directed my attention to the girls, and I'm cheering for that Lauren girl..I think she's cute and fun times. Everyone automatically thinks I'll cheer for the Country guy..Scotty. But I'm not..why? Because he's not original.. He sings just like Josh Turner, so until he shows me something a little more magical, I'm going to cheer for someone else.. Jordan & I played tennis last was fun times..Why? Because I won.. As most of you know I'm insane about being competitive..We are thinking we'll try to play doubles soon, so for right now we are both working on not serving puffishly..Doesn't look like the Weather is going to cooperate this week, but we'll see.. The Dogs are good..Payslee got a new easter Dress from doggiedudsbydeb..Its the picture up above, and yes, she's smiling again..People seem shocked that my dogs smile all the time, but geez..Have you seen my dogs? They live the lives of Kings! You'd be smiling too!