Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas and Vegas!

Mom & I at Mandalay Bay--Las Vegas

Got in late last on Wednesday night. Southwest flights.. blargh. The one on the way out there was nice because it was a straight shot to Vegas. But then on the way home, they made us change planes in Phoenix (flight was delayed).. So we were supposed to leave at 7:55..didn't end up leaving till 8:45..That got us into Oklahoma at 11:30.. so long day. We left Vegas at 4:45 (their time)..another time change in Phoenix, then again in Oklahoma so I was all jacked up by the time I got home..Also had twin screaming toddlers, and a new-born baby hollering all the way home. LUCKY ME! I have been battling horrible allergies and I think because of that its weakened my immune system so I went to the Dr. Yesterday and she gave me a steroid shot...but then last night I guess I OD'd on allergy meds.. Had the steroid, the Aleve D, a Zyrtec D, and an Ibuprofin.. then realized, that I COULD NOT SLEEP AT ALL! Too much pseduoephederine I suppose, so I was up till 4am.. Ridiculous. Not doing that again.

Had a great time in Vegas..Stayed 3 days, 2 nights and that was plenty.. Got in around 1 (vegas time) on Monday..went to a show at BB Kings to hear some blues music.. and had some drinks at Fleur.. We stayed at Mandalay Bay since thats where the Michael Jackson show was playing. Then got up on Tuesday and went to the mile of shop to do some shopping.. got myself some sequined pink Uggs, and you the glitter red ring... I had seen the Red/Gold/Silver sparkle uggs, but not the Pink, and I loved them.. Then went to the Michael Jackson show.. it was awesome..good music, good acrobatics. They had these guys wearing light up suits that were I just loved the Cirque shows.. such talented people, and the music was awesome.. I just love Michael Jackson music, so it was a great show to it was the last night of it in Vegas, so everyone was there. So the Vegas trip with mom was Awesome!

WE also had a good Christmas..Jordan got his guns.. He got a Beretta Hand gun from my dad, and a scope from my mom.. he was thrilled..Got a bunch of other small stuff.. I got money from dad and mom.. So with that money I bought a new Lazy Boy.. the back had fallen off mine (it was about 12 years old) so it was time to replace. Got one today at the Lazy Boy store.. Its very comfy. Also went back to the dentist today to get a porcelain crown put on.. man, they can make those things look so real nowdays! So that is done.. Now one more crown and I'm home free!

Supposed to have a New Years outing today, but a lot of my friends are not feeling well.. Including me.. So I'm not sure what we are going to do. WE are supposed to go to Mcnallies tonight for drinks and food..but not sure any of us are going to make it.

In reflecting on this year I'm so happy to be where I am. I have an amazing job, amazing family, amazing dogs, and an amazing man.. Looking forward to more awesome things to come in 2012~!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Peanut brittle heart time

So I've realized that I love Peanut brittle..I had forgotten how much till recently.. My grandma Leona used to make it for me at Christmas, and I guess I always have that memory which makes me love it even more.. There is an amazing Chef here at Chesapeake that made it for me yesterday and its so good.. I just love it. I've sort-of been sharing it.. lol.
MJ gave us quite a scare last week.. He woke up in the night with his heart racing and we couldnt get it to go back down.. A normal heart rate beats at 60-100 beats.. his was racing to the point that he could feel it in his throat, and was short of breath, so we decided to head over to Mercy to get him looked at.. Well when they hooked him up to the machine his heart was beating at 180..not good.. so they gave him some meds, and it went down to about 130, but they couldn't get it to go much lower than that so they admitted him to the Heart Hospital where he was given two options 1) take more meds and see if that works to bring it down or 2) Shock his heart.. The shocking thing sounds crazy, but its not as bad as you think it is.. They knock you out, and do a small shock to regulate your heart beats..kinda "shock" it back into beating correctly.. So he opted to do that because he wanted to go home (t was Bedlam the next day) lol.. So they came in, shocked him, and it worked immediately!
The problem he has is called Atrial fibrillation (AF or A-fib) is the most common cardiac arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythm). It is a common cause of irregular heart beat, identified clinically by taking a pulse. Chaotic electrical activity in the two upper chambers (atria) of the heart result in the muscle fibrillating (i.e., quivering), instead of achieving coordinated contraction.. It can be caused by a number of things, so they didn't really give him a to-do, not -to-do list, but he goes back tot he doctor tomorrow. They did put him on some heart meds, and a blood thinner, and tomorrow we will see if he needs to stay on those or not. They did stress the importance of for those of you who may have clots, asprin is literally a life saver, so remember that. My grandpa Shep died of a stroke, and I can tell you that is something you don't want to go through, or watch someone you love go through.
MJ is good now though. Has to lay off the caffeine, so thats been tough, but drinking 6 pops a day is NOT good for anyone, so thats probably for the best. We are very excited about Christmas! I've gotten people some amazing gifts, so I'm excited to give them to them! Plus MJ is getting some awesome stuf.. I know what it is, and he is going to be so excited!! I'm also excited about my presents.. of course..
The babes and I have been visiting.. Sawyer went last week with Payslee & I, and he was such a sweet guy! He's really getting better at being a therapy dog. Meanwhile Miss P's Christmas dress came in, and its adorable! Can't wait for you all to see it! I'm going to take pics of her in it this week, so I'll post them soon!