Thursday, October 30, 2014

Don't Stop till you Get enough..

Fall weather is so great. You wait all summer for it, and then finally it arrives.. and then you take out all your summer stuff, throw it out into a box, and get all your fall/winter stuff out.. Only for it to climb back into the 90's.. and you to have nothing to wear. Welcome to Oklahoma..

 But the somewhat cooler weather has been nice. We had a fun weekend last weekend. We took the girls to the park, because they are finally big enough to enjoy it.. and not eat rocks.. so thats always a plus. They love going up and down the slide, and swinging.. And they just love being free to walk around in open fields and grass.. I do the same thing for my dogs. We take them to a big field and let them walk around and be dogs.. and they love it. Kids are the same way.. no fences.. Just freedom. I think even at this young age they know what that is and love it. I know they love it at the farm.

Saturday our neighborhood had a block party. We all went to the end of the street where they had a bounce house, hot dogs, hamburgers, and snow cones. Then one of the guys in our neighborhood is a firefighter and brought his firetruck out to give the kids rides on. This was the girls first encounter with a bounce house. We put them in there and Crosslee was a beast! She LOVED it.. She did not care that big kids were in there bouncing, she just raced around and flopped with the best of them. LL sat on the side for awhile then wanted out because the action was a little scary for her, but she liked watching sister in there. And LL loved walking around and visiting with everyone at the block party. We love our neighborhood.. Just a nice place with nice people. We all had a good time.

On Sunday we went to my nieces birthday Party. Ava had her 2nd birthday party, complete with a frozen theme, and the girls had a blast. They had it in the back yard with a bubble blower, trampoline, play  houses, and the best party favors. The girls loved going up and down the slide and eating chocolate covered pretzels. It was a little hot, but everyone had a great time.

This next weekend is going to be fun too. We are going to Mj's dad's house to drop off the girls to play with them, and MJ and I are going to go to the balcony at the Warren and enjoy a date! They got me that for my birthday, so it will be a fun little outing. Plus there are 2 good movies out now, Denzel has a new one called "The Equalizer" and Ben Affleck is in a new one called "Gone Girl" which looks great too. We will see one of those two.. and have amazing popcorn which is what life is all about..

So FINALLY Fall TV is back on.. I still am one of the few that Watches Grey's Anatomy and it started back this week.. and Nashville.. They were both good. I'm still (sadly don't judge me) watching Teen Mom 2.. which is a show to watch if you want to feel like a better mom. I think that is why reality shows are so great.. they make us feel normal. Like "Hey, At least I didn't get pregnant at 15 and have the dad leave me, or get throw in jail".. "Or Oh look I had a bad day, but I didn't embezzle 10 million and lie on my taxes" See its all perspective.. lol

The girls have their Halloween Costumes, and they are amazing. Cross is going to be her creepy Owl that she carries around all the time. I found a costume that looks just like her J.O (judgment owl) and its so perfect! I tried it on her the other day and its GREAT! She liked wearing it too.. Londyn Lucille is going to be a Pink Monster. Hers is also super cute and puffed. She is like a soft little pink creature walking around. Super cute. We are going to Trick or Treat at Northpark this year again.. It should be fun, and then Crossings is doing a Fall Festival so we'll take the girls there to Trick or Treat and play. Plus they will have bounce houses, so Cross will be super excited.

Everything else is trucking along.. MJ starts his new gig in Reservoir on Monday. He's excited. Every day is a new adventure with the girls. We got them some 'SAND' from Brookestone and they love it. its the weirdest stuff ever, but so cool. its like Magnetic sand.. Great gift idea by the way if you have a youngster in your life.. we enjoy ours. Life is good!