Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Shibbidy Do da..

Well, My little Sawyer dog is back in action! He got his stitches out last week and got the green light to get back to his life! He's still not supposed to jump, but can run, go on walks, and play with Payslee.. so they are both very happy. The chances of it coming back are less than 1% in Shih-tzu's.. the only dogs that it tends to happen again with is Daschunds.. So we are excited that he is doing great! So nice to see his puffed smile!

MJ and Brandon enjoyed the Elk City Rodeo.. It was their first one, so that proved entertaining.. They got to see all the basics, barrel racing, bulldoggin', calf roping, and bull and bronc riding..then imagine our surprise when we found out John Conlee was in concert afterward! Bonus! I love that guy.. I remember when I was doing radio in Corpus Christi and we went to a concert.. he pulled me up on stage and let me sing Rose Colored glasses with him, then signed his pair of rose colored glasses and gave them to me! Mom still has them in a glass box, lol.. She loved him too, so it was a funtime.

 Other than that.. all good! Woot! Looking forward to Halloween!