Monday, October 16, 2017

Fall Festivus

 OH Man. This year is flying by. I cannot believe we are already in October. This is by FAR the girls favorite month.. I think even more than Christmas. Cross was so excited to make our house "Spooky" and put out the pumpkins out.. Thankfully we had lots of decor left over from "Twin O Ween" their 4th birthday party..  We also inflated the Giant, they still really love him.. But of course... The most exciting thing.. was when we drove home and found that our neighbors had put out the girls bestie, "Bloody Clown"

They immediately jumped out of the car, and ran over with the other clown from our house.. claiming that that bloody Clown wanted to be with his "Dad".. and wanted to hang there by him.. I don't know what to tell you.. they are weird kids. Londyn even wants to be a 'bloody Clown' for Halloween.. I mean I can honestly say, I'm happy they aren't scared of things.. and I'm happy they even treat bloody clowns with respect and kindness.. lol

I even made them some weird creepy pumpkins with their eyes and mouths on them.. Most people found them bizarre, but the girls did enjoy them.

Radio gig is going well. I love being back on the air. I've been talking about all the Pumpkin Patches that are opening, and all the fall events. We went to the State Fair this year. It was the first time we had taken the girls and they LOVED all of it.. but Especially the rides. They wanted to ride every roller coaster and ride! They had a blast.

They are doing a little better with School, and I just love the place they are going. Their teachers are awesome and they come home talking about all the things they learn. They have "homework" on Mondays and we go over the latest letter they are learning drawing and tracing it.. its pretty cute.

We tried Karate.. we tried Dance.. We tried Gymnastics.. and I'm going to be honest.. I don't care. I mean I was worried about having them in things to do.. but honestly with school and church and all the visiting with the grandparents.. We don't really NEED more to do. They aren't that excited about anything we take them too.. they like it, they do it.. but they don't really ask about going again.. so right now we are just going to relax a little bit and enjoy them being kids. When they get home, they like playing with the Barbie Dream house and just hanging out, and thats ok with me. They have the rest of their lives to do Sports and activities!

This weekend we are going to take pictures with Ponies.. Because why wouldn't we? The lady (Tammy Hall Photography) that has taken our pics in the past now has ponies so we are going to take some cute family pics.. Jordan & I are not riding on the ponies, just FYI. It will be outdoors so hopefully this awesome fall weather will stay awesome. The girls went to Gigi's last weekend and found some kittens they loved.. they are also still obsessed with their chickens. They just love all animals really..

We are just plugging along in this thing called parenting and life. I'm so grateful everyday for the blessings God has given me. I watched the footage on the Vegas Shooting and it was just heartbreaking. Being a country air-talent, I've been in that same situation so many times.. just enjoying a great concert with good people around me doing the same.. and to think That some heartless moron would open fire on innocent people like that is just heartbreaking. I hate thinking that I'm raising kids in a world where people like that exist.. But I know I'm also raising them in a world where God prevails. We don't always understand why bad things happen to good People, and we Certainly can't fathom the evil of some people's minds.. But we can Trust in the Lord to lead us through the trials, and know that we will come out stronger on the other side. Hope you guys have a great week!