Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Tis The Season.. to choke on Holiday Spirit..

Well.. Christmas has been entertaining to say the least.. Where do I start..

Well lets begin at my company Christmas Party.. Each Year the Loves family does an amazing party lunch for the employees. Its a lot of fun, great food, and a good time to visit with your co-workers.. Which is exactly what I was doing... Until... I put that delicious last morsel of steak into my mouth.. Cooked to Perfection.. just delightful.. So delightful it wanted to stay in my throat.. Yup, it was Biscuit-gate 2.0.

I tried water.. Tried Swallowing several times.. Nope. Not happening. Ironically my co-worker, Lovero, who was sitting with me during the first Biscuit-gate 1 incident was also at my table this time..  So he says "Oh No! Not again!!".. I'm also sitting with both of my Bosses.. One of them, Casey, looks at me.. "Whats going on?"---
Lovero, "its ok, she chokes a lot".. lol..
Me--Yeah, this seems to keep happening..things just get stuck in my throat..
Casey: Are you ok?
Me--I will be.. I'll be right back..

So then I have to go into the bathroom and silent gag (because this is a big place and there are a lot of people) and cough up the dang steak.. It works. I go back..  All is well.. but after this day, I called, made the appointment to get 'scoped' in the throat, and see if they can 'blow it up' to be back to normal.. When I went to the Dr, he said its most likely a stricture in my esophagus, or that it has narrowed.. either way, they go in with a scope and blow it back up.. I'm sedated. and my throat is numb.. so hopefully this will be an easy procedure and fix the issue..   So there's that..

 After that Christmas went pretty smoothly. Pa &  Gigi kept the girls for a few days at the farm so MJ and I could build train sets, wrap presents, and fill stockings.. Cross has loved her Elf on the Shelf.. Eliza.. She doesn't really do anything. We broke all the rules and let her carry her around. She basically just "hid" treasures for Cross.. She loved her. She's still asking about her now.. I told her she went to take a nap.. Like the Giant, the Bloody Clown from the Neighbors house, and Santa.. (Hey, you do what you gotta do).. Gigi & Pa took the Girls to the Park in Elk City to "ride the ponies"and see the lights. They had a blast. I'm pretty sure they would live there and never miss Jordan and I.. At one point mom said "Cross likes to take off her clothes, wrap up in a soft blanket, have me rub her back and feed her berries"... Um. Yeah. Who DOESN'T"T???

So on the 22 we went to the farm to begin Christmas. We went to my dads on the 23. We had a big time there.. Girls played with Cousin Joe & Ava.. Those 4 are a mess, but they are all so good.. We never saw them.. they just played and ran and raced down the hallways.. We didn't go bother them unless we heard crying, or fighting.. but there wasn't much of that. They all love playing together. We had a great time down there.. Then on Christmas Eve Sant came to Gigi's house! He brought the girls a big 4 wheeler Power Wheels.. However, they were kinda weirded out by it, and didn't really ride it.. I think they will though.. They loved all their goodies. Cross had the best time with her Tea set.. Serving everyone Tea.. Cille loved her magnets.. They both loved their Karoke Machine! Lots of fun things to play with!
Then we went back home on Christmas Eve and to our Christmas Eve Service at Church. Oh man. It was so amazing. I LOVED it.. Its one of my favorite services. They turn out the lights and everyone lights candles to represent the Light of the World coming to us on Christmas Day.. So awesome, and so was the Choir.. They sang my favorite.. Listen in.. GLORIOUS IMPOSSIBLE

Then on Christmas day.. Santa Brought the girls a train set! They were so excited.. Traims! Traims! Thats what Cille says.. They loved it.. They tore it all to hell in about 10 min.. but hey, they loved it.. Cross got a "Monster".. she loves him.. among some other babies.. magnets.. little people.. and everything else known to man. They had a blast. After that we went to GT & Nana's and they got even more stuff! It was a great Christmas.. 

On Saturday Jordan's mom came over for yes.. thats right... another Christmas! We all had a fun time because she brought the girls a tee pee, so they had fun with that.. But then the weather came in that night and pretty much ruined my trees again.. They are still without power at the farm.. And to top it off, we have a Huge earthquake in the night.. Geez Oklahoma Weather.. 

I went back to work on Monday.. I was ready.. 7 days at home All day Er' Day with the girls was plenty.. I've since Hot-glued their train about 10 times.. I'm sure I'll do it 10 more.. But they love it, and I love that they love it. I love that they have great Grandparents who love and spoil them. I love our Church, I love our friends.. It was a very blessed Holiday Season. I want them to stay this size forever because watching things through their eyes is magical.. Every snow flake, every new present, every new tradition is something new and magical for them. I know we won't be able to capture these moments forever, but they are so much fun to watch right now.. We will enjoy it while we can! Hope you guys stayed warm, have power, and had a good Christmas! 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Everything is "Magical"

We had a great thanksgiving! Hope you all did too.. Yeah, the ice storm was a bit of a ruiner, but thankfully both places I was at (Western OK, and Home) we didn't lose power.. so that was nice.. I did somehow get Food Poisoning the Tuesday before, and that was NOT cool.. Then Jordan had some sort of stomach bug on the Day after.. so we ended up staying in Western Ok from Wednesday to Saturday.. but it was fun.. the girls want to be out there all the time anyway.. 'Mommy? Go see Gigi? Pa? Joe? Pops & Grammy, Bear? Poppy?".. she names off everyone she knows out there.. So we had a fun time.. Mom put up 5 trees this year.. and the girls loved them. She made the mistake of putting breakable owl ornaments on one.. so of course Cross wanted to "Hode" them.. and you can imagine how that went..

This is a really fun time with them. Everything is magical.. without me even doing anything. These people who do 1235 Christmas Crafts, and spend every single day trying to 'create' magic.. MAKE. ME. TIRED.. "Oh Look everyone a Santa face pancake with apple cream pudding frosting hats!".. Ugh. I thought this was such an amazing read. QUIT MAKING EVERYTHING MAGICAL
"Think about the life of a modern day, Westernized child. Think back to when your children were new. What did they notice?
A fresh child will find magic in every ceiling fan. A baby will be fascinated by the light switch on the wall which, with a simple flick, brings the brightness of noonday in the dead of night.

Even adult humans 200 years ago would have found this miraculous! A child today can walk into a grocery store and see entire cases dedicated just to berries. Half a dozen varieties, flown in from around the country and world are stunningly displayed. We take this for granted as spoiled adults, but this is crazy! Most of the world lacks this ever present variety.The television, the hand held phone, the tablet- all with moving people trapped inside of them who appear and disappear at the swipe of your finger. Children recognize this technology for what it is- magic."

I am with the author of this article.. If you feel the need to do this for your child.. go ahead.. and I'll be proud for you, but I just don't have that kind of time.. Or those clever crafting skills apparently, lol.. I have seen this first hand when we take the girls to the farm, and maybe because I grew up on a farm, I feel this way.. but Hay bales are magical.. Just sitting there.. You can turn them into forts, jump and climb on them, roll down them, hide in them.. And its just a bale of Hay.. Some may feel the need to paint they hay bale, put reindeer ears on it, and add lights to it.. But.. Its still just as magical without all those things.

Here's something for you.. I remember one of the most 'magical' things in my childhood being what I called a Gymnastics Bar in the Barn.. I used to go out to it every day and hang from it.. spinning, twirling, doing dismounts, watching the pretend crowds cheer for me as the pretend judges awarded me "10"s... Guess what that bar was? A deer Carcass bar..

When the hunters would shoot a deer, they would bring it out to the barn to let it hang and the blood to drip from it.. Yeah, I know.. Gross.. but didn't really take away any of that magic for me!! Magic is Magic.. Especially if you have a great imagination.. Which I do.. and I think my girls do too.

We get so caught up in creating special things for ourselves and our kids that we miss the magic.. I remember thinking the Ipod was the coolest thing that ever happened.. My kids will grow up thinking music always just came with their phones! If you look around there are so many magical things this time of year.. you really don't have to create any if you don't want too, its there if we just look for it. So Do what you can.. but don't feel bad if you don't wake up and make Reindeer Shaped Cinnamon Roll.. If you have time to do those things, then YAY! But.. We can only do what we can do.. and shouldn't feel bad about the rest.

Speaking of Magical.. We went to 1Smart Cookie's "Cookies & Milk with Santa" event on Saturday.. It was so much fun. We thought it would be a nice place for the girls to take Santa Pics.. Well Cross was super excited.. She had talked about him for days and all the way there.. When we got there she said "OH! Santa!! HI SANTA!! and Introduced him to JA... And that was it.. She didn't want to sit by him, or take a pic with him.. Cille pretty much hated everything about him, so yet again, for the 2nd year in a Row, MJ and I are in the Santa pics.. But.. it was a super cute event.. Cookies were Delicious, and the girls enjoyed coloring pics and drinking chocolate milk.
Tonight we are going to the "Live Nativity" at Crossings. There will be a sugar cookie bar there, petting zoo, and then they are going to tell the story of Jesus. I love our Church so much. They have so many fabulous events to go to and take your kids to learn about Christmas. Tomorrow night we have small group. We have been learning about Advent. Tomorrow is "Peace".. It will be really good. 

In other news.. Cross is obsessed with her Monster PJ's these days.. She wants to wear them all day everyday.. if you put them in the dirty clothes.. she will get them out and say "No, I wear the Monsters".. I mean, there's a reason we call her Creepy Cross. Cille still hates me trying to take pictures of her.. But I can't help it. She's really pretty, so I still try.. This is how it always goes...
 She just hates it.. So there's that. I'm so excited about Christmas this year.. We did a wishlist for the girls to make life easier.. I remember when I was buying presents for peoples kids.. Man, what a jerk I was.. I probably bought them blocks and 355 things they didn't need.. but you just don't know until you have kids of your Own! So forgive me for that.. I did a wishlist of things I really thought the girls would love to make life easier.. So if you are wanting ideas, consider doing that for your relatives.. I think it is super helpful to me when they send me lists of what they want, or what their kids want. 

We will try to go look at Christmas lights this weekend.. When we see them Cross says "Look Sissy.. So PURRRDY".. lol.. She's also started saying her name "I Cwosslee Maaple".. if you ask her what Londyn's name is she will say "Sissy Maaple".. Londyn has learned all her colors, letters and numbers now.. she's very proud of herself.. She will sit in her bed at night chatting about all her colors.. Its super cute. Special thanks to Suzanne, her speech therapist, and to her Ipad Apps, Endless Alphabet, and Endless numbers for helping teach her those things! Oh.. and of course, Daniel Tiger.. 

You guys enjoy the holiday season!! 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well is everyone ready for Thanksgiving?? I can tell you..that scheduling holidays with 4 sets of families is not a ton of fun.. there's never really a good time. With Grant & Lexi having Joe, Ava, and Luke.. we like to all try to get together so the kids can play, because they are all so close in age.. but with them having in-laws, me having in-laws, and me having 2 sets of parents.. its really a scheduling nightmare.. I'm sure you all know the feelings.. lol.. But.. Its such a blessing to have people you actually like to be around on the Holidays, so that is the ultimate blessings.

So with Thanksgiving just around the corner we have been trying to decide what to get the girls for Christmas.. We are going to be doing Advent with our small group this year and try to establish some fun traditions for the girls as they get older. I'm super excited about this. Terry & Laura (Our Sunday School teachers) wrote an Advent book that showcases songs, little events, and fun things to do with your friends and families to teach your kids about the importance of Christmas, and the true meaning. We are really excited. This will really be the first year they are excited.. and I say "They".. but I mean 'Cross'.. Londyn Lucille doesn't get excited about much.. Mainly bracelets, puffs, and magnets.. So she will be excited about that..

We did Phase out the Giant.. (Grim Reaper).. He has been in our yard since October.. Cross's best friend.. "The Giant".. but it was getting really windy and cold. So we decided to take her to Big Lots and let her pickout her own giant.. There were plenty to choose from.. Giant Santa's, Reindeer's, Shivering Snowmen, Norman Snowmen, Olaf, a Polar Bear.. I mean there were some good options.. She wasn't really that excited about any of them honestly.. but she picked the Reindeer.. Now, the one thing she DID get excited about.. was a giant Monkey.. but this one didn't inflate. He was just a super soft stuffed monkey. She hugged him.. (I should have known better than to take her over there.. but I'm a glutton for punishment apparently) and when I told her she had to tell him goodbye, she said "Ok Monkey.. I have to go bye bye.. I see you next time" It was so sad.. She will probably get him for Christmas because I'm a sucker.. #dummy. I can't stand their little faces to be sad. LL has the perfect sad face..
This is not the full extent of it.. but if you were to take away those markers.. you would see it come in full form.. So we'll see what Santa has in store for them. I wasn't really going to do Elf On a Shelf.. but.. They both really loved the Pout Pout Fish Book they got for their birthday.. so I think they would like reading a story and then searching for their elf.. so we'll see. Cross is already super excited about Christmas Lights and Christmas tree decorations. This is going to be a really fun year with them. Cille gets excited about bling.. which means she will really love the trees at Gigi's house!

I thought about working on Potty training for about 30 minutes.. then realized we would be driving 3432 places this week, so I should prob wait until we get back into town. I feel like Cross could be ready.. but I'm not sure.. We'll see.. I know for a fact that Cille could care less. She would be happy Poopin' her pants all day long.. lol.. Hopefully.. HOPEFULLY.. she will grow out of that.

But.. as this time of year approaches.. and as I've gone through the whole Nicu/premature baby thing with my friend Kristen.. I've realized I have a whole lot to be thankful for. Don't know how many of you have been following the Blog from Rory, and "Joey+Rory".. but its just been heartbreaking. She's 40 and dying.. and her baby is not even 2. When I think about leaving my girls, it hurts my heart.. I can't imagine anyone else raising them, or laughing with them.. or teaching them.. They are such unique children that I know no one else in the whole world would love them like I do..and she's going to have to leave that baby to a world without her mama in it.. It just hurts my soul. When I look at my girls, I can't imagine anyone choosing to not be around them, or squeeze them, or play with them daily.. but I know that is always a possibility.. So I always want to be here for them.. to protect them, and to raise them. So with that said, I have a lot to be thankful for.. 
1) My Amazing God, My Amazing Church & Church Family.. 
2) My Beautiful Healthy Family.. Sweet Husband, My Sweet girls and dog babes
3) My awesome family of people who love me and take care of me, and more importantly HELP me.. lol. Some days I need a break, or a day off, and they are awesome about coming to my rescue! 
4) The fact that I am healthy, and for the most part, my body still works. And the fact that I was able to carry twins..That makes me proud of my body.. flabby and all.. 
5) That I have a good job, that allows me to live in a beautiful neighborhood, drive a nice car, and provide for my family. 

So with that Said.. Have a great Thanksgiving!! 

Friday, November 6, 2015

Please help me I'm falling...

Lets talk about falling today shall we?

First off.. I apologize in advance, but I can't help by laugh when people stumble and fall.. Not in life, but like really fall down. Like if they trip.. or slip.. or just fall. It sends me into hysterical laughter. I will laugh and laugh.. and then I can even start laughing again sitting at my desk and thinking about it the next day. Falling is funny. I think its so humerus to me, because I do it so frequently..

In College I actually Fell UP the stair to the Swosu Science building.. I fell so badly that my toes were bleeding.. I also fell DOWN the hill at the SWOSU Admin building.. Southwestern is a very hilly campus.. I fell down the hill and rolled by.. while cars were driving.. It was pretty humiliating, but I still can laugh thinking about it.

Anytime there is any sort of moisture on any type of pavement, sidewalk, or walking area.. I fall. No matter what.. Even if I'm not walking near it.. my shoe will somehow find its way to it, and I slip.. Usually I'm pretty stellar at catching myself before I fall all the way down on the ground.. but still.. You know if people are watching me, then they are laughing at the ridiculous amount of balance and care I am trying to control in NOT falling all the way down.

I used to wear cute, fabulous shoes with heels.. Until I kept falling down.. Last year at my brothers birthday party at Iron Star.. I got up to to to the bathroom. I was wearing Dansko heeled shoes.. Just walking to the bathroom.. nothing in my way.. No water on the floor..nothing. I managed to slip and fall.. But.. I wasn't going down alone.. I went ahead and grabbed 2 people sitting at a table near me, and took them down too. It was pretty humiliating.. and I'm also laughing as I think about it now.. MJ was there.. he was laughing too.. as was the whole bar. Score one for me! I haven't worn those shoes since then.. because I fear them.

Oh, and lets not forget me falling through the attic that one time.. that was stellar.. Nothing like that to get your blood boiling.. So I fall.. A Lot.. But it still makes me happy when other people fall too. I love it when people stumble or fall, then look around like they think you didnt' see them.. I always ask them if they are ok.. but I'm also laughing at the time. I'm sorry.. I can't help it.. it just makes me giggle so bad. So.. If I fall down, feel free to laugh.. because if you fall.. its on. I'll help you up, but it will be in the midst of me laughing at you for doing it.. You're welcome.

On a different note.. Girls had a fun Trick or Treat Weekend.. We went to the Fall Carnival At Crossings.. It was pouring outside, so everything had to be inside and it was a bit of a madhouse.. a million kids in church.. But it was fun. They had trick or treating, bounce houses, marshmallow fountains, Popcorn and punch.. Lots of fun! Mom came up and went with us..

We also went to Storybook Forest in Aracadia last week.. Loved it, and so did the girls.. and then We went to Parkhurst in Arcadia last week.. The girls met a sweet pony, rode the horsies (as Cross says) and had a big time on the haybales and swing. Very fun time of the year! Next weekend is Connor's birthday party (in our small group at church) so we get to go to Orr Family Farms! So excited for that too!

On Halloween we took the girls around our neighborhood and we had a blast. Our new neighborhood is the best! Lots of kiddos and the girls really liked going up and getting Candy. Suckers are their favorite by far.. and gummi Life Savers! We had a great time! The Giant is still up in the back yard.. Cross made friends with the bloody clown and death guy hanging from our neighbors tree.. She has been going over daily to visit them.. However, they took them down this week.. that was not good. We had to tell her the Clown was taking a nap and would be back next year.. She still asks for him. I'm not sure how long the Giant will stay up.. He may be a year round staple in our yard, b/c she really loves him, and he entertains her..

House is almost put together. Our new Farm Table came in this week, and its freakin aweome. David James Tables made it.. He and his dad just out working in the shop, building farm tables. We LOVE it so much.. ITS AMAZING. Will be an heirloom that we can pass down. Its our favorite thing!!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Losing my mind..

Over the past few weeks I have done some ridiculous things..

As previously mentioned.. I am still getting into other people's cars. I have no idea why this keeps happening. The other day I met mom to drop off the girls in Weatherford.. She was driving her Car.. For some reason, My mind did not acknowledge this.. I got all the girls stuff out and proceeded to put it into a white Pickup.. When I opened the door I only saw ONE carseat.. so I was like "Geez Mom, you forgot the other seat?".. No dummy.. You are in the wrong damn car!.. The worst part of this? The guy who's truck I was in.. didn't say a word.. Just like he kindof assumed I was crazy and would figure it out..and I did.. meanwhile Mom is laughing hysterically. #jerk. Lol..

Then.. I signed up, as a good steward to take a meal to a couple in our class that just had a baby.. I told them I would call in Cafe 7, and the hubby could pick it up on his way home from work since they were staying at her in-laws house.. She calls me at 6:00.. "Um, KC, is it under another name?".. Um no.. its not.. BECAUSE I NEVER CALLED IT IN.. I'm dumb. What is wrong with me! So I have to race around, call it in, and thankfully, because its Cafe 7, it was ready in 7 minutes..

Oh, and lets not forget about me meeting my friend Kristen at Zoey's Cafe.. We go there for a great lunch and chat about how crazy we are lately.. having trouble telling whether we are coming or going with 2 year olds.. Delicious conversation and food.. I leave.. Satisfied mentally and physically.. Next day I'm in the drive through at City Bites grabbing a sandwich.. Hmm.. thats odd.. where's my billfold? I don't know.. Where was the last place I saw it? I'm not sure..... Where is it?? Where is it!!! ITS AT ZOEY'S KITCHEN WHERE YOU LEFT IT YESTERDAY IDIOT!!.. So thankfully, I call, they have it, they give it back to me. Thank you Zoey's Kitchen for serving delicious food and keeping my wallet safe for me..

So as you can see... Pregnancy Brain lasts WAAAY past pregnancy.. Its still happening.. I leave my phone laying places, I forget Payslee is in the girls room and lock her in there.. I lose things that I literally just bought.. I go into a room only to forget what I went in there for.. I leave things in random places all the time..Its sad.. Its pathetic.. its Motherhood..and Getting old.. Both of which I am in the midst of..

So If I was supposed to bring you dinner.. or I accidentally got into your car.. Forgive me.. I'm Twinning..

In other news.. Its Halloween Week! We are going to the Crossings Fall Carnival.. It will be so much fun! Cross is going to be a Toad, and LL a Bumblebee.. Mom is coming up to go with us.. It will be fun with bounce houses, candy, games and more. We are excited. We took the girls to Storybook Forest in Arcadia on Tuesday and they LOVED it! So cute and fun.. Not a ton of fun for older kids (I'd say cutoff is probably 10) but little kids had a blast.. and the girls are now saying "Trick or Treat" and taking candy, lol..

This morning Cross & I were playing with her puppet Harold. He's a monkey, and I make him talk and play with her daily. She loves him. Well MJ was being funny and imitating me.. She looked over and said "Daddy! No! Stop it! Only Mommy is Harold!".. he said "Cross.. You aren't the boss of me, I can do what I want!"... She looked back at him and said "Daddy, I a Bowwwse!".. She is saying "Boss" Like Rhymes with "Louse".. I'm a Bouse! lol.. Its hilarious.. She's hilarious.. We are in trouble..

Monday, October 5, 2015

Moving on Up.. and Out..

Ahh Yes.. we have moved.. Finally.. and Yup, its been just as sucky as I expected it to be.. and that was WITH Fantastic Movers..

I just really hate moving. I mean there is nothing great about having to pile all your crap in boxes and move it somewhere else.. especially when you have the amounts of Crap that I have.. I know I should probably get rid of it.. but I keep stuff like 3 boxes of CD's.. and backstage passes.. autographed Pictures.. and College pictures.. I know my radio days are probably over.. but I still hang onto all that memorabilia for some reason.. Maybe if I move again I'll be ready to cut the strings and give it up.. but not now..

I've realized that when moving, no matter how much you try to prepare.. you just aren't ready.. Crap keeps multiplying out of the walls or something.. more more more! We had most of our stuff loaded up, and Mom took the girls to the farm to play while we were doing all this.. which was amazing. If you have ever tried to pack with toddlers.. let me tell you, its not ideal. We had called All Star Moving to come Move us.. and Praise the Lord for those guys.. They did an awesome job.. and moved it all, but man, I felt sad for them just looking at the piles of boxes, furniture, and random crap.. ugh. Thanks to those guys for being awesome..and yes, you should call them when you move next time..

But... we survived.. We are in.. and in more important news.. The Giant.. Made it too.. As many of you know (per facebook) Crosslee is obsessed with a 20ft Grim Reaper inflatable that she has named "Giant".. she feeds him, waters him, and tells him "night night" when he slumps over and we unplug him. She even hugs him while he is slumped and says "SHH.. Giant is sleepin!".. We had to move him from the front yard to the back yard because she was so obsessed with visiting him that we couldn't let her just meander around the front yard by herself.. so here he is in the back yard..

We love the new house, love our new back yard, and even love the giant.. Although I'm starting to wonder what is going to happen when Halloween is over? Cross seems to want the giant to stick around.. so I'm not sure how we are going to tackle that one.. other than to end up with a year-round grim reaper.. Lucky Us.. and Yeah, Welcome to the Neighborhood.. Cross has also been picking out her clothes lately.. and one thing is usually the same.. Her Boots, Her tutu, and JA... These are her favorites. 

Everything else has been good.. we are still unpacking.. still trying to get stuff setup.. but getting closer. We bought an awesome Farm Table to be our new dining table and it should be here in two weeks.. We have had some awesome family members that generously gave us 'house warming' presents so we were able to buy a few new pieces of furniture! Gotta love that!!! Once again, we are truly blessed to have such great families who love and support us.. We also have an amazing field for the dogs to run and play in that is part of our HOA.. Banks Loves it, and so do the Tzu's.. Here's sweet Londyn enjoying her field.. and her twirly Curly Curls.. 

I thought the girls might have a hard time adjusting to the new house, but they didn't.. They are doing great.. and they love it too. When everything gets all setup we will have a house warming. I'm excited about this house being bigger because I want to host Women's bible study, and Christmas parties and all kind of fun things! 

We are going to try to go to some Pumpkin Patches soon.. This is such a fun time of year! We have Cousin Joe's birthday party on the 23rd, and I think our Small group is going to visit ORR family farms on the 17th, so lots of fun things coming up. Plus Crossings does an amazing Halloween event for the Kiddos with candy, moon bounces, games and more.. I'm super excited to take the girls to that! I love our church! 

My friend is doing better with her baby.. Baby is over 2lbs now.. Still battling some complications, but she is growing, and that is a big deal.. so we will just hope and pray that things continue to go well! We had a much needed girls night on Saturday and it was good to just sit back, have a glass of wine and laugh.. I'm very blessed to have such amazing friends in my life!

In other news Banks is officially a therapy dog! She will now get to start going on Visits.. I'll probably take she and Miss Pays.. might retire Sawyer.. he was never that good at it anyway, lol

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Happy Birthday to ME..

Well another year.. another year older. My Birthday was last Saturday.. I did have a fun birthday though, thanks to MJ.. He booked a wine tour with VIP Limo's in OKC and for them to take us to Stroud and Chandler to taste some wines.. It was a lot of fun. Chantry, Brandon, Mom, Lauren, and Kristen all went.. 1st Stop was Stableridge.. It was good wine and we had a lot of fun.. but that was it! All the rest of them were closed.. I have since told VIP Limo, that a "TOUR" is more than one.. and that they should probably check and see if wineries are actually open before they offer them as a TOUR on their site.. But whatever.. We had a good time anyway.. MJ stayed home with the girls.. Why you ask? Well 1) He doesn't drink 2) He doesn't love Limos and 3) He doesn't really like my friends and I together in a limo anyway, so it all worked out!

After the few weeks I had.. I needed a wine tour.. Its been pretty stressful. One of my good friends, and girls from our small group ended up having to have a C-section for her baby at 29 weeks.. Which is a Micro Preemie.. The whole thing has been a rollercoaster from thinking she was going to have to be on bed rest, to being monitored in the hospital, to having to have her baby.. Thankfully she is at home now and doing ok.. but baby is still in the NICU, and it hasn't been easy.. Shortly after she was born she had a Stage 4 Brain bleed, (Which is a big deal) And was having some breathing issues, stomach issues, heart issues.. Which weren't AS big.. but when you are that premature EVERYTHING becomes a big deal quickly..They also got the diagnosis that she had Down Syndrome.

I have been up with her as much as I can and trying to offer whatever help I can, because my heart just breaks for her and her sweet family. We don't know what the Lord has planned for this sweet baby, but we know he DOES have a plan, and God is good in all things.. so we just have to wait and be patient. The complications could range from Mild to Severe.. and they really won't know until she gets a lot older.. so we just pray and lift them up, and try to be wherever they need to be, and to be supportive.

This whole experience has been surreal for me.. because when people get pregnant, NORMALLY everything is fine.. but you just never know. I mean I was building TWO lives at once.. I didn't even know my body was capable of doing that! With my friend, it was a failed Placenta.. but no one knows WHY it failed.. or if it would fail again.. or what you could do to prevent it from failing.. I mean its all just a crap shoot. I know women have babies everyday and its usually fine, but when things like this happen it just really puts it all into perspective.. its little lives you are creating and any one little thing could go wrong and change that life.. or change your life.. I have felt so bad for my friend because she is now mourning the loss of a child she 'thought' she was going to have.. Not to say she isn't thrilled with the one she has, because she is.. but no one ever wants to think about their babies having to grow up in a world where hardships are going to constantly follow them.. and we never know when hardships are going to happen.. Terrible things happen in this world every day. Its scary to think about having babies in it sometimes.. but we just have to trust that God has a plan for our babies and for us. .

In other news with the girls.. LL has started talking more.. she is saying new things everyday.. She and Cross have been doing this thing where they both go "ahh Ahh Choo!" and pretend to sneeze.. LL has had a cough so when she coughs Cross says 'You ok Sissy?".. and LL says "I Ok".. its pretty cute.. But something that is NOT cute is them yelling to see who can be the loudest. NOT cute. LL has also taken to having a blanket with her at night.. I am not mad about this.. because I still have my blanket at night.. so don't judge us.

Cross has been doing funny things.. She is obsessed with wearing her Boots that Gigi got her.. and she is obsessed with her Giant.. Her Giant is a Grim Reaper. Yes, I know.. I know.. We went to Walmart and she saw a 12ft inflated Grim reaper and started referring to him as her Giant.. She didn't want to leave the isle.. just stare and talk to him. When we went home she kept asking "To go see her Giant at the Giant store".. When Gigi came up for my birthday party she told Gigi she wanted to go see her Giant.. so of course Gigi took her back to Walmart and they bought the giant.. So now we have a giant, in a box, in the kitchen.. we are waiting to air him up until we move to our new house.. So right now she just visits him in his box, kisses him, and offers him food and water.. What can I say.. this kid is weird.. I know she is, but she's mine..and hilarious.. and has a soft heart for the Grim Reaper!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Property Brothers, where are you??

So for the past few months.. we have been in the process of selling a house, and buying another one.. When we went into this little adventure we thought it would be made up of Rainbows, unicorns, beautiful houses, awesome sellers, and perfect houses.. I can now tell you that it is made up of NONE of those things...

We sold our house Quickly.. 3 weeks to be exact.. We have an amazing realtor, Laura Feix from Harris Realty, who I have started to feel sorry for on a daily basis for having to deal with us, but she has stuck it through with us, and we are super thankful for that.. So.. We didn't really want to look at a TON of houses before we sold ours for fear that the other houses would sell and then we would be sad that we didn't get to pick them.. So we really didn't start looking hard core for a house until Late July.. We figured a 60 day close on our house would give us PLENTY of time to find another one... After all, we had already found several that we liked anyway, how hard could it be? Um Very..

Why you ask? Well.. because as awesome as MJ and I are.. We are really not built for house buying.. I'm not built for long term looking..and MJ is not built for negotiations.. This does NOT make a great buying team, lol.. We also don't come at things the same way.. so I'm looking at 1970's houses with waterfalls in their bathrooms thinking "Um, this is incredible!".. and MJ is thinking.. "You have lost your mind" while he is oogling a 3 car garage, theater room, or something new and shiny.. We don't really even agree on what KIND of houses we like.. We don't really know WHERE we want to be.. and HOW MUCH we want to spend... Once again, pray for Laura.

For those of you who don't know.. We bought our first house when it was almost finished.. Just finished enough where we got to pick out the carpet, fixtures, tile, paint, etc.. Guess how much I did of this? Yup. NONE. I hate stuff like that.. I don't care about paint or tile, and I dang sure don't care about grout color.. MJ, On the other hand, LOVES stuff like this.. and he did an amazing job with our house. Awesome tile, paint colors, backsplash, etc.. I mean its awesome.. thats why we sold it in 3 weeks! I was smart for leaving this to him, because I probably would have picked a rainbow Tile with crystals sparkling on top of it, and a hand painted mural of Roy Orbison.. Probably not great for resale value.. but anyway.. So he does all that and it turns out awesome.. The only thing I pick for the house? Bling Knobs for my Cabinet. They are legit. I love them.. and I'm taking them with me to the new house. That was my ONE thing.. Probably for the best..

So the first offer we made didn't agree to what we asked for.. and we walked.. only for them to come back and agree to it later, and us to decide we didn't want to spend that much money.. The 2nd offer we made was just kinda weird.. WE couldn't get the info we wanted, and they couldn't get the price they wanted.. and it made us all feel uneasy, so we walked..

The 3rd offer we made the seller decided he was not down to pay any closing costs. Like Any.. Well that was obviously not workable for us, so we even offered him MORE than he had the house listed for.. He STILL said no.. even though the house had been on the market for a LONG time..and he had no other offers.. Still said No.. So at this point.. I'm throwing money at people screaming "SELL ME A HOUSE! And praying Laura doesn't walk out the door.. But like I said, she's awesome.. so she only continued to power through with us, pray with us, and fight the good fight!! At this point I'm also thinking its a shame that Property Brothers, or Fixer Upper is not ringing me on the phone.. then I remember that I didn't really apply to be on that show.. so there's that..

Finally.. Finally... We came back to a house.. Agreed on a house.. because at this point.. we are truly running out of time. We close on our house Sept 25, and you have to do inspections, appraisals, blah blah.. so we literally had 0 days left.. BUT.... We have a house!!!! And its close to everything we do in work..friends, etc.., With wood floors, a field for the dogs, more space... And yes, MJ got the 3 car garage, and No, I don't have a waterfall for a bathtub.. boo.. But...Marriage is all about compromise folks.. So thank you so much to Laura Feix.. We could not have done this, or would have wanted to do this without her.. She's been super helpful throughout this process, and we have appreciated her honest opinions and the fact that she always had our best interest in mind.

Do also want to give special Shout out to our Awesome Mortgage person, Ces Vorse at 1st Mortgage Company.. Love her and couldn't have done this without her either.. She is EXCELLENT at her job.. and fabulous... which are 2 great qualities! We have some awesome ladies in our life! So with that being said.. We are moving on up! I'll have more details on the house and such at a later date..

In other sad news.. My friend Shelly died last week. She was only 46 years old. I've known her since 2005 and we have had a lot.. LOT of fun together.. We went to college together, worked in radio together, and attended MANY a concert together.. We even managed to make it to Hawaii!! I think she had been sick for awhile, but no one really knew that..and I will say that she certainly went out with a bang.. Taking some trips to New Orleans, awesome concerts and such.. She was truly the life of the Party and she always readily accepted new friends and made them feel welcome. She was a gem, and I'll really miss her smile. RIP Shell.. I know you'll be throwing awesome parties in Heaven, and you'll be glad to hug your mama again. Thanks for all the good times.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Choking on a Biscuit..

Its been an interesting couple of weeks around here.. 

First off, I ate a biscuit from Popeyes.. Which I love by the way.. but it somehow managed to get lodged in my throat..Not enough to choke me, but enough to make it painful to try to get anything else down.. like Water.. or other food.. And it made it hard to swallow, but I could still breathe.. This is all happening at work. It was pretty ridiculous. It got so bad that I thought I would try to go into the bathroom and throw it up.. Didn't work.. So I came back out, tried to swallow some water.. Didn't' work.. It was still lodged there.. So my co-workers are looking at me like I'm crazy..and about to die. My eyes are watering now.. And of course I'm psyching myself out thinking I'm going to die because my throat is going to close up..  This is obviously not true, because I can still breathe.. So finally Deana, My fabulous co-worker comes in and says..

"Listen.. This happened to me at Golden Coral once with a piece of steak.. It was just sitting in my throat.. and it wouldn't get out.. I couldn't swallow it.. So I had to go throw it up. You gotta do it.. You gotta just go in there, put your hands down your throat, and throw up that biscuit.. So go ahead, and take your sunglasses off.. Take off your necklace.. and get in there!"

Well I took her advice..and did this.. It worked. But the moral of this story is: Chew your food, or you look like a weirdo with a biscuit lodged in your throat thinking you are dying and can't breathe at work. I mean really.. who does this.. geez. 

We've had our house on the market for a few weeks and its not as bad as I thought it would be keeping it clean. We took so much stuff OUT of the house that its easier to keep it clean now.. but its still hard with Toddlers.. b/c they just want to take everything out and throw it everywhere! We have had some showings, so we'll see what happens. We have found some other houses we like, but we can't really buy anything else until we sell ours.. So we are in a waiting game. I did chase mowers the other day.. Found their truck, chased them down some roads, and begged them to come to the house.. This works.. but remember it puts you at a disadvantage on negotiating price, so I don't recommend it. 

Girls are doing great! Cross is talking so much now. She strings together complete sentences. Its pretty awesome. LL is still working with her speech therapist and doing really good too. She started saying 'hello' and 'here' and 'thank you'.. I honestly think LL can say whatever she wants.. but doesn't. Like the other day she came up to me and asked for "ice".. she had never said that before.. So I honestly think she is just fooling us all.. But she is just doing things on her own time. She loves working with Suzanne, so we will keep doing it. People keep telling us she looks like Shirley Temple.. I mean we can't really be mad about that, since Shirley is like.. the cutest. 

The girls have been swimming this summer.. the love it! They swam at my mom's house and Aunt Lex got them Puddle Jumpers.. They are awesome, and they keep them from drowning.. so bonus. LL is pretty brave in the water.. she will jump off the size, and she swims and swims.. kicks her little legs till we think they are going to fall off! Cross likes someone to be by her, and she likes to float around as opposed to swim..but they both really love being in the water. Cross also loves picking corn.. right out of the field.. and eating it.. right off the stalk.. She loves corn! Both of my girls are such good eaters.. They eat everything! I made cabbage the other day..baked it in the oven with EVOO & Parmesan on it, and they ate it up! They eat squash, green beans, spinach, sweet potatoes, cabbage, carrots.. I swear its because I did Baby Led Weaning..
Everything else has been good.. MJ is still doing good at his job, I still enjoy my job, and we love our Small group and Sunday School Class. There has been some hot topics going on here lately in the news.. Its hard to debate who is right and who is wrong, so I just choose to spend some time in the bible and in prayer with God and pray that he is able to heal all the crazy things that are going on in this world. I'm just proud to have such great people around my girls in family, in small group and in church. The World is a rough place to raise kids right now. I honestly don't see how people keep their marriage together, or their families together without God at the Center.. I'm so thankful for my walk with him daily, and the fact that I married a great man who also walks with the Lord. We can only pray for him to keep us in his hands and watch over us, because its just ugly out there without him folks. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Toddler for Rent...

Man.. I have to just get this off my chest.. Its been bothering me for awhile, and I've been praying about it.. Because I'm the first to admit, I don't really have all the answers when it comes to marriage, Kids, or parenting.. or about 90% of other things.. But I am one helluva Whistler, so there's that.. Anyway..

I've realized I have become pretty cynical when it comes to being a parent.. If you have kids, you will know what I'm about to talk about.. and if you don't, prep yourself.. Or don't.. because you may be one of the "Rainbows, Unicorns & Magic" parents that posts on Facebook all the time about your perfect life and children that are made of roses and magic beans, and how no sleep and screaming kids has only brightened your complexion and made you lose weight.. Good on ya' but thats not real in my world.

My life is not perfect.. but its pretty great. I have amazing Parents, an Amazing Church, Healthy, Happy Kids, Great Friends, and I serve an Awesome God.. But I have found that lately.. if and when I have to do anything that is out of my comfort zone (My comfort zone is driving to work, working, and going home, lol).. I'm just put-out with the whole thing. Part of this is because I'm TIRED. Truly Tired.. MJ & I have our house on the market and I don't know if you have ever tried cleaning a house, staging it, and keeping it clean with twin toddlers, but its not easy.. Keeping it clean will be the hardest of all! lol.. So I'm tired.

Cross is going through (What some are calling a stage, but its been going on for a year now, lol) a stage in which she is clingy, whiny and repeats things 3210 times. The Irony is that she is only like this with me. She is a perfect darling with everyone else..She acts amazing with my mom, with Jordan, with Leslie...  But with me.. She's kindof a terror.. Like the second I come home this is how it goes:
Crosslee--"Icicle.. Icicle... Icicle?" 
ME--Cross, you just had a popcicle, so No
Cross--Icicle, Icicle Icicle Icicle Icicle Icicle, Icicle Icicle Icicle Icicle?
Me--Cross, You Just had one, we are going to wait till dinner for anything else. 
(Lays down in the floor and starts to cry and whine, then gets backup)
Me--No, we are waiting to eat dinner
Me--Crosslee, No. We are waiting to eat dinner. You have had plenty of snacks
Me--No, you just finished your milk. 
Leslie the Nanny--Yes, Cross, you have had 3 snacks already.. 
Cross--(Lays down in the floor again and begins to cry, then goes over and pushes her sister)
Me--CROSS. We do NOT push our sister, Go sit in your naughty Chair..(I proceed to walk her to her room and sit her in her chair while she is sobbing. 
Crosslee then comes back out of the room.. 
Me--Crosslee. We are not having any snacks. We are going to wait to eat dinner, then you can have more food. 
Cross--NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (begins to cry and sob again, so I walk her back into her room and sit her in the naughty chair, and I go back in the living room. 
Wait for 1 minute..... Here comes Cross.. She has the naughty chair IN HER HANDS and sits it down beside me..  
Me--Ok. we can go outside and look for Toads.. ( I begin to walk outside to look for toads)
Cross--MAAAAAAAAA MAAAAAAAA!! Lays down sobbing because I have walked 2 ft away from her, and she is certain I'm never coming back.. (Even though she knows the back yard is not a door to oblivion)

So.. yes.. this is how my days go when I come home. Yes, I know its probably just a phase.. but its a ROUGH phase.. Its even worse when we are in the car because she will go on for hours..

Cross-- "Get in car? Get in Car?
Me--Yes, lets go get in the car. 
Cross--OK (we go get in the car and drive away)
Cross--Get out? Get Out? Get out? Get Out? Get out? Get Out? Get out? Get Out? Get out? Get Out? 
Me--Cross, we can't get out until we get there, so just wait a few more minutes. 
Cross--Go Play?
Me--yes, we are going to the church to play. We will be there in just a few minutes. 
Cross--Ice Cream?
Me--No, we are going to play. 
Me--No we are going to go play.. don't you want to go play with your friends at church?
Cross--Go play? Go Play? Go play? Go Play? Go play? Go Play? Go play? Go Play?

This is seriously how it goes. If you don't believe me, you can Ask Leslie Or Jordan... I mean its EXHAUSTING. And remember, this is just part 1 of my 2 kids.. Thankfully Londyn Lucille is pretty mild Mannered, but she has also decided to start laying on the floor and acting out.. but since she doesn't really talk yet, I haven't heard as much of it.. Hers is mainly just whining and crying. She has her moments, but her moments are a lot fewer than Crosslee's.. But I'm guessing she will catch up, then I can write a blog about

Now Granted, this is just one aspect of their personalities.. They have moments when they are shiny happy little people.. But unfortunately they sometimes save those moments for people other than their mom. I have read about this, and I know its normal.. but as a result, it doesn't make me real likely to want to get in the car and ride with them.. And this kind of thing can happen in Restaurants as well (they don't like to be confined).. so MJ's and I solution to this.. is just to stay home, or only go to 'safe zones' or places that require us to drive for about 15 min at the Max.. But we realize that we have people that want to see the girls that live farther away than 10 min.. so we make the trip.. But by the time we get there I literally am wanting to pull all the hair out of my head, lol..

So I'm going to have to re-group. I'm going to have to get more patient. I'm going to have to suck it up..and get through this, and realize that this is something most parents go through.. Its just that they usually have ONE kid and I have TWO.. But I'm writing this to let you know that OTHER PEOPLE DO GO THROUGH THIS.. My kids are freakin cute.. Really adorable.. and at times they are AWESOME.. and Hilarious, and well-behaved! Cross has the most amazing manners.. She said Please, and Thank you, and counts to 10... She's Crazy smart.. And Londyn is so squishy and funny. She speaks in weird robot talk, and could play in the sand for hours entertaining herself..

But its not all rainbows and roses when you are a parent. Its TOUGH. Its Guilt-inducing, Its maddening, Its Tiresome, Its Selfless, Its Annoying, Its Confusing!! But.. Its also Inspiring, Rewarding, Special, Spiritual, Hilarious, & its limited.. because even though you will always be the parent.. There will be times when I know I will look back on this phase of life and be sad that Cross doesn't cry anymore when I walk away from her.. Or wonder why she quit giving me 20 hugs a day and asking to sit on my lap. Or Londyn running over to me and saying "TEN!" Time is passing.. and it goes quickly..

So instead of viewing all these things as nuisances.. I'm going to try to view them as opportunities.. Opportunities from God to raise a good child. Opportunities for our families to form lasting, awesome relationships with our babies. Opportunity for me to learn to be more patient, and not always be in a hurry for the next phase to start. Opportunities to be silent and know that God is God, and he is going to see me through whatever trial I'm having, Whatever trial the girls are having, and know that he is present and he doesn't make mistakes.. Even when I think I have screwed it up beyond Measure. Its all perspective.. and mine has sucked lately.. But the good news is.. I have time to change it, and I'm going to start right now.. But lets be honest.. this is not easy. Its hard to get excited about your kid having an all out tantrum, and viewing it as an opportunity.. but I know that God doesn't' give me more than I can handle.. However, I can only handle it so many times a day, so if I don't meet you for dinner, or come to your party.. don't be mad.