Monday, October 5, 2015

Moving on Up.. and Out..

Ahh Yes.. we have moved.. Finally.. and Yup, its been just as sucky as I expected it to be.. and that was WITH Fantastic Movers..

I just really hate moving. I mean there is nothing great about having to pile all your crap in boxes and move it somewhere else.. especially when you have the amounts of Crap that I have.. I know I should probably get rid of it.. but I keep stuff like 3 boxes of CD's.. and backstage passes.. autographed Pictures.. and College pictures.. I know my radio days are probably over.. but I still hang onto all that memorabilia for some reason.. Maybe if I move again I'll be ready to cut the strings and give it up.. but not now..

I've realized that when moving, no matter how much you try to prepare.. you just aren't ready.. Crap keeps multiplying out of the walls or something.. more more more! We had most of our stuff loaded up, and Mom took the girls to the farm to play while we were doing all this.. which was amazing. If you have ever tried to pack with toddlers.. let me tell you, its not ideal. We had called All Star Moving to come Move us.. and Praise the Lord for those guys.. They did an awesome job.. and moved it all, but man, I felt sad for them just looking at the piles of boxes, furniture, and random crap.. ugh. Thanks to those guys for being awesome..and yes, you should call them when you move next time..

But... we survived.. We are in.. and in more important news.. The Giant.. Made it too.. As many of you know (per facebook) Crosslee is obsessed with a 20ft Grim Reaper inflatable that she has named "Giant".. she feeds him, waters him, and tells him "night night" when he slumps over and we unplug him. She even hugs him while he is slumped and says "SHH.. Giant is sleepin!".. We had to move him from the front yard to the back yard because she was so obsessed with visiting him that we couldn't let her just meander around the front yard by herself.. so here he is in the back yard..

We love the new house, love our new back yard, and even love the giant.. Although I'm starting to wonder what is going to happen when Halloween is over? Cross seems to want the giant to stick around.. so I'm not sure how we are going to tackle that one.. other than to end up with a year-round grim reaper.. Lucky Us.. and Yeah, Welcome to the Neighborhood.. Cross has also been picking out her clothes lately.. and one thing is usually the same.. Her Boots, Her tutu, and JA... These are her favorites. 

Everything else has been good.. we are still unpacking.. still trying to get stuff setup.. but getting closer. We bought an awesome Farm Table to be our new dining table and it should be here in two weeks.. We have had some awesome family members that generously gave us 'house warming' presents so we were able to buy a few new pieces of furniture! Gotta love that!!! Once again, we are truly blessed to have such great families who love and support us.. We also have an amazing field for the dogs to run and play in that is part of our HOA.. Banks Loves it, and so do the Tzu's.. Here's sweet Londyn enjoying her field.. and her twirly Curly Curls.. 

I thought the girls might have a hard time adjusting to the new house, but they didn't.. They are doing great.. and they love it too. When everything gets all setup we will have a house warming. I'm excited about this house being bigger because I want to host Women's bible study, and Christmas parties and all kind of fun things! 

We are going to try to go to some Pumpkin Patches soon.. This is such a fun time of year! We have Cousin Joe's birthday party on the 23rd, and I think our Small group is going to visit ORR family farms on the 17th, so lots of fun things coming up. Plus Crossings does an amazing Halloween event for the Kiddos with candy, moon bounces, games and more.. I'm super excited to take the girls to that! I love our church! 

My friend is doing better with her baby.. Baby is over 2lbs now.. Still battling some complications, but she is growing, and that is a big deal.. so we will just hope and pray that things continue to go well! We had a much needed girls night on Saturday and it was good to just sit back, have a glass of wine and laugh.. I'm very blessed to have such amazing friends in my life!

In other news Banks is officially a therapy dog! She will now get to start going on Visits.. I'll probably take she and Miss Pays.. might retire Sawyer.. he was never that good at it anyway, lol

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