Thursday, October 29, 2015

Losing my mind..

Over the past few weeks I have done some ridiculous things..

As previously mentioned.. I am still getting into other people's cars. I have no idea why this keeps happening. The other day I met mom to drop off the girls in Weatherford.. She was driving her Car.. For some reason, My mind did not acknowledge this.. I got all the girls stuff out and proceeded to put it into a white Pickup.. When I opened the door I only saw ONE carseat.. so I was like "Geez Mom, you forgot the other seat?".. No dummy.. You are in the wrong damn car!.. The worst part of this? The guy who's truck I was in.. didn't say a word.. Just like he kindof assumed I was crazy and would figure it out..and I did.. meanwhile Mom is laughing hysterically. #jerk. Lol..

Then.. I signed up, as a good steward to take a meal to a couple in our class that just had a baby.. I told them I would call in Cafe 7, and the hubby could pick it up on his way home from work since they were staying at her in-laws house.. She calls me at 6:00.. "Um, KC, is it under another name?".. Um no.. its not.. BECAUSE I NEVER CALLED IT IN.. I'm dumb. What is wrong with me! So I have to race around, call it in, and thankfully, because its Cafe 7, it was ready in 7 minutes..

Oh, and lets not forget about me meeting my friend Kristen at Zoey's Cafe.. We go there for a great lunch and chat about how crazy we are lately.. having trouble telling whether we are coming or going with 2 year olds.. Delicious conversation and food.. I leave.. Satisfied mentally and physically.. Next day I'm in the drive through at City Bites grabbing a sandwich.. Hmm.. thats odd.. where's my billfold? I don't know.. Where was the last place I saw it? I'm not sure..... Where is it?? Where is it!!! ITS AT ZOEY'S KITCHEN WHERE YOU LEFT IT YESTERDAY IDIOT!!.. So thankfully, I call, they have it, they give it back to me. Thank you Zoey's Kitchen for serving delicious food and keeping my wallet safe for me..

So as you can see... Pregnancy Brain lasts WAAAY past pregnancy.. Its still happening.. I leave my phone laying places, I forget Payslee is in the girls room and lock her in there.. I lose things that I literally just bought.. I go into a room only to forget what I went in there for.. I leave things in random places all the time..Its sad.. Its pathetic.. its Motherhood..and Getting old.. Both of which I am in the midst of..

So If I was supposed to bring you dinner.. or I accidentally got into your car.. Forgive me.. I'm Twinning..

In other news.. Its Halloween Week! We are going to the Crossings Fall Carnival.. It will be so much fun! Cross is going to be a Toad, and LL a Bumblebee.. Mom is coming up to go with us.. It will be fun with bounce houses, candy, games and more. We are excited. We took the girls to Storybook Forest in Arcadia on Tuesday and they LOVED it! So cute and fun.. Not a ton of fun for older kids (I'd say cutoff is probably 10) but little kids had a blast.. and the girls are now saying "Trick or Treat" and taking candy, lol..

This morning Cross & I were playing with her puppet Harold. He's a monkey, and I make him talk and play with her daily. She loves him. Well MJ was being funny and imitating me.. She looked over and said "Daddy! No! Stop it! Only Mommy is Harold!".. he said "Cross.. You aren't the boss of me, I can do what I want!"... She looked back at him and said "Daddy, I a Bowwwse!".. She is saying "Boss" Like Rhymes with "Louse".. I'm a Bouse! lol.. Its hilarious.. She's hilarious.. We are in trouble..

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