Thursday, December 21, 2017

You're Gonna Miss this..

Man, what a magical time of the year if you have kids.. Is it insanity and dang near impossible to keep the perspective on Jesus? Well sure.. but its also magic.. I feel like the months from May to Now have just FLOWN by..and I'm waking up and its 3 days until Christmas!

The girls are so much fun.. they love everything Christmas.. I look at my other friends who have older kids and know they are missing this age.. 4.. 3 was fun too, but 4 has been a lot of fun with the girls because they are starting to 'get it'.. and you can still totally threaten them with Eliza the Christmas Elf and Santa! So.. winning.. But this year they have just seemed to take it all in, and really love it.. They giggle with Glee when they see Awesome Christmas lights.. or really anyone who made the tiniest bit of effort on lights, lol.. They watch Christmas movies over and over.. And they even ask to watch the old classic versions of Frosty, Rudolph and the Grinch.. because their little minds have no idea what CGI is.. or High Def.. or all the new technology that makes Cartoons nowadays.. they are just as happy with the weird old Snow Monster and Rudolph with his stoic leg movements.. They sing Christmas music so loud and love it! Frosty the Snowman, Santa Claus is coming to town, Jingle bells..and I'm still trying to get them to love the Il Divo Christmas Collection and Clay Aiken's version of "Mary Did you know".. We may have to save those for next year..

Its really been fun so far.. but with all the Commercialism of Christmas these days.. and so many trying to leave Jesus OUT of Christmas.. Jordan and I have been trying to fit him back IN.. I realize they are only 4.. but each day on the way to school we talk about the Gift that Jesus gave us by coming to the world as a baby.. They love The Christmas Story so we take time to tell it (and yes, they do still think their Donkey, Kris, is THE donkey that carried Mary to Bethlehem) I somehow think finding out that part is not real might be worse than finding out about Santa! We have been rehearsing how we say "thank you" for gifts that we didn't always ask for.. and how we should always be Grateful for something someone gets us because they thought enough of us to get us a gift.. But man.. It feels like a daunting responsibility.. to teach your kids to be Thankful.. Grateful.. and Peaceful. Marty Preached about Peace last Sunday and it was a great message.. a Message that no matter what happens over the stressful Holiday season we can feel Peace because Jesus has overcome the world.. But its still hard.

We have 4 Christmas's to go to.. It makes our life hectic trying to get to everyone's house on time.. make everyone happy.. haul the girls around.. haul the dogs around.. Get everyone's hair fixed, packages wrapped, food cooked.. All while reminding the girls that we are NOT going to ask about opening Presents 6542 times, and we are NOT going to tattle on each other every 5 minutes.. Its stressful. Its easy to lose perspective and forget the Reason for the Season.. Its easy to lose your peace.. and your mind when the girls are trying to slap each other in the back seat.. Its hard realizing at some point this holiday season someone is probably going to be upset about something.. But.. We have to keep our Peace.. We have to keep our perspective.. Especially this time of year. I just read an amazing blog from my awesome friend Karen that talks about how easy it is to let Satan steal your Joy and Peace..(Read Karen's Blog because its awesome, so click here)  and its so true.. I'll admit this morning when that person in the Audi rode my car bumper all the way to work.. or when I ordered all my groceries online to avoid the crowd.. and then realized they forgot the dates for the date roll.. it was tempting to let my Peace be stolen.. But if I look at the big Picture, man, I'm so blessed. So Very blessed.. like beyond anything I deserve..

This has been an Amazing year. I love my Husband and the fact that he puts up with me telling Puns to MYSELF and then also laughing at MYSELF until I can't breathe.. The girls have grown and said some of the funniest things ever to me.. and each day we see more and more of their awesome little personalities. My family has been healthy and happy. We've had so much fun at the farm this year with getting chickens, riding 4 wheelers.. playing with Cows..  Jordan and I have good jobs that help us provide for our family. I love my bosses and my co-workers.. I LOVE my Minivan.. Yup, I said it.. I freakin love that minivan..I found Orange Theory Fitness and my heart and my waistline are healthier.. I also made some amazing friendships there that I have really enjoyed this year. I love my church.. the blessings I get from that place are incredible.. I love my Small Group and all the people who give me perspective, and a kick in the butt when I need it.. I love the girls Pre-K Teacher, Mr. Daniel, who is by-far one of the most patient men I've ever know.. (he has to be right?) I love my radio gig.. Even though its part time, its still allowed me to be back doing something I love and that is a Great Blessing. Its not hard for you to look around and see your blessings. I realize sometimes its harder to see them because something else is happening that makes you forget them.. but remember.. Have Peace.

I'm going to wake-up in 4 days and Christmas with my twins is going to be over. I'm never going to get that time back with them. Its a once in a life-time deal.. So even when they are being annoying.. when your family is being annoying.. when your friends are being annoying.. You have to remember.. that moment is fleeting and once its gone.. its gone.. I know there's going to be a time when my kids are not as excited about Christmas.. or ME for that matter, so we have to celebrate these little nuggets they give us! Its an awesome thing that God Gave us for Christmas, so Celebrate it, and Enjoy his Peace this Holiday Season! Merry Christmas!