Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Running with the pack..

Well we have made it to 9 weeks now.. Still in survival mode with the girls, but its getting better.. We took them to get checked out last week and they have underdeveloped tummies which made their stomachs hurt, which in return made them holler and scream.. so we got them some baby Zantac, and they are partying down now.. Ok, not really, but they do appear to be feeling better.. I went back to work last Tuesday.. I missed their faces, but it was nice to be back at work.. I enjoy what I do, so It was nice to be welcomed back. I have some projects that I'm going to start on pretty soon, so I'll get that going. I love completing tasks..what can I say, I'm weird in that way.. When I was on the air, I would say "I love entertaining"..but since there is no one asking me to be funny or entertain them here, I have to just go on with completing tasks.. so thats where we are at on that deal..

The girls get their shots this week..I"m kind of a loser. I didn't even send out birth announcements, but with twins you never feel like you are caught up.. So they should be thankful I've even filled out some pages in their baby books and taken pics of them.. Speaking of pics, they are getting pretty cute. I put Crosslee in a Ralph Lauren hat the other day, and she was pretty sweet.. She still has rage moments, but she is getting better.. Sometimes you want to look at her and say "Really? Why are you so angry? You have everything you could possibly want and more, yet you spit in my face"... But like I said, she's getting better, so I guess we'll keep her! ;) This is her judgment face.. She looks like this a good portion of her life..lol..she didn't even smile at us till she was 6 weeks old!

We are going to go back to the farm this weekend, even though last time it was a disaster.. Crosslee didn't get any naps and then didn't sleep well.. so that Saturday she woke up a screamin demon, and it was NOT good for anyone.. she pretty well hollered the whole day.. but Now that we know she has to keep her schedule, have naps, and has her tummy meds, I think she will be back to her jolly self. In theory.

I was so sad to learn this weekend that Kidd Kraddick died. Since I left radio he is the only show I've really enjoyed listening too. There's just not much by way of Oklahoma radio that is that great to me, so I downloaded the I heart Radio app, and listened to his show out of Dallas. I guess he had a brain aneurysm on the golf course and died while he was on his Kids Kids golf tournament trip.. So sad.. Today the others on the show (J-si, Jenna, Kellie & Big Al) took calls to celebrate his life.. ITs weird to think how attached you get to people you don't even know..but I know some listeners were like that for me when I left the airwaves, so I'll always appreciate that.. I hope they keep the show going so I will have something to listen to each day, but I think it will be hard to go on without their ring leader, host, and namesake..

So I saw "Grown Ups 2".. Man what a turd of a movie.. It was so bad that MJ and I almost walked out.. which is really sad, b/c I love Adam Sandler and all those guys.. but it was NOT funny.. full of stupid fart jokes, a Computer generated deer that pee's on people.. Dumb characters, no plot.. etc.. It was just bad. Shame on you Sandler! I've always loved your dumb movies in the past! WE are going to try to go see Red 2 this weekend maybe, or something else.. I need me some popcorn. IN other exciting news.. Not really.. I've lost all but 3 pounds of my pregnancy weight.. which would be amazing to say, but I was losing weight BEFORE I got pregnant, so its not that amazing.. But still, lets celebrate it ok? Thanks.

 What else? Well we tried to take the girls to church again yesterday.. We did it..but Cross ended up having to sit outside the whole time b/c she just cannot be quiet.. Maybe she will be able too someday, but until then, its off to the nursery. Since they get their shots this week, they should be able to go to the nursery soon! I have missed the music at Crossings so much, I'll be excited to be back in action!! Speaking of that.. We are also going to try to pick up our therapy dog visits again soon.. Brandon or maybe Chantry or Lauren can come help out on Thursdays so Payslee and I can go visit. Miss P is ready to go!

I finally went and got my hair done! Geez.. I had to apologize to Nicole because I'm not sure I had even brushed it in 6 weeks! lol.. By the way, it looks fab..and if you need a hairdresser, call Nicole at Changes Hair Salon..She is fabulous, and in turn makes ME look fabulous!! Oh, speaking of fabulous.. I'm also going back to the dentist soon.. I know you people are saying, "How can she still need work done after a root canal, 6 crowns, & 22 fillings?".. Well I can.. Thank Goodness I have a great Dentist with Dr. Jim Cox.. I'm going to try to talk him into giving me root canals in all my teeth.. He won't, because he's a great dentist, but Man, I get so sick of my teeth being sensitive.. And I'm going to be honest, I enjoyed the root canal.. He's THAT good..Its my own fault.. I keep eating flavor ice & sunflower seeds.. Shhh.. don't tell him..  XXOO..K

Monday, July 15, 2013


Well we are seriously in survival mode now.. The girls are now 7 weeks (will be 8 on Saturday) and people keep telling us "Oh wait.. it gets better...it gets easier.. they will grow out of this".. and we are honestly tired of hearing that.. lol..Not that we don't appreciate the words of encouragement.. but when you are living it, you think "ITS NEVER GOING TO GET BETTER! YOU ARE ALL LYING TO US!!".. Yes, we know its going to get better.. but does it seem like its going in slow motion? Yes, Yes it does.. Its a good thing they are cute...

As most of you know, prior to having babies, I was not a 'baby' person.. so yeah, let go ahead and have two at a time right! lol.. Well I couldn't help that part, but yes, it was quite ironic that me,the non baby person, ends up with two at a time.. Such is life, and Yes, God is funny.. Its hard right now because we don't ever sleep..Jordan has gone back to work, so its hard for him to get up all night with the girls (we each take a baby at night) then go to work at 5:30am each day.. I go back to work next Tuesday, and it will be hard for me.. Its not like I'm getting to take naps all day, or anything.. but I am getting to schlum around in my ugly clothes and not be responsible for anything but myself, and the girls.. So we will see how it goes next week when I go back..

You know what has saved our Sanity?? LaPoppins.. Well actually two things.. Grandparents, and LaPoppins.. Who is Lapoppins you ask? Our Nanny! We found her on care.com, and we just love her.. We struggled with whether to get a nanny or to take them to daycare.. but if you have ever had to pack up a child in the morning and haul all their stuff (much less 2 of them) then you will understand why the nanny situation already looked much better to us! Plus, its so much nicer having someone come over to the house and play with the dog babes, and keep the girls away from sickness & outside stuff.. So this is where LaPoppins comes in.. No, her name is not actually LaPoppins.. Chantry nicknamed her that.. Her actual name is Donna, but Chant combined that with Mary Poppins, and thus the name LaPoppins! She's been coming over and helping out during the week and its allowed Jordan & I to go to the movies and enjoy some time out of the house, since we really haven't left the house a whole lot.. So its working out great!!

We have so enjoyed the rain too.. Crosslee likes walking outside and looking at stuff.. She will sit in her table for two and look outside..Or she likes it when Jordan & I talk to her while she is sitting.. She's started smiling more.. Londyn now laughs.. she is more easily amused than Crosslee.. they are both starting to get really fun, but they still only sleep a few hours at a time in the night.. then by the time you get them back to sleep you have wasted another hour.. So on most nights, Jordan & I are sleeping about 3-4 hours, which after 8 weeks gets rough.. But.. "It will get better".. yeah, I know.. so we've heard.. lol.. Plus when Jordan gets home, they are in their 'witching hour'.. which means they are hollering and mad for about 3 hours before their bath.. Its about 5-8, and baths at 8, so he's like "Well isn't this pleasant to come home too!?!".. but each day they get a little better about that, so hopefully its a 'phase'.. isn't that what everyone says when their children are being terrible?? Yes, its gotta be a phse! lol..

We did manage to get to the movie on Saturday.. We watched "Pacific Rim".. We went to Penn square mall, and apparently they re-did the theatre, and its flipping awesome!! All stadium seats in there that recline!! So nice.. Movie was good too.. Its about giant fighting robots..so how could THAT not be good.. We watched it in 3D and the 3D was really good, so we enjoyed that.. Its an AMC theatre now, so we will certainly go back!!

I think we might go back to the farm this weekend.. Crosslee has been missing her cows and tree's blowing.. We'll see if we get brave enough to do it again.. Thank the Lord for the rain..Such a blessing!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Some twins cause pair annoy-ya~Uh thank ya!!

Well I hope everyone had a great 4th of July.. We did.. We decided to head West to visit all the grandparents out there and absorb their help with the girls most of all!

Packing wasn't as horrible as we thought it would be.. Mom had a bunch of stuff at her house, so we didn't have to bring much.. We went out on Wednesday evening. The girls started out good in the car, and then about Pendelton's (Foss) decided they had had enough and being to squawl.. Londyn calmed down, but Crosslee is persistent and managed to cry until we got to my mom's house.. Thankfully Gramma Robs was able to soothe her and she got excited about farm visiting!

We had a great time! Steve cooked steaks for us on one night, Ribs another, brisket, chicken.. I mean seriously, we were fed well! Mom & Steve volunteered to keep the girls on Friday night and sent MJ & I to a motel room for a full nights rest.. So we said Yes!

We of course had to go to Simon's catch and had delicious catfish, and then to bed! Of course I can't sleep the whole night because I have to get up and pump (lame) but not having to wake up every 2 hours was heavenly! We truly enjoyed our night.. until we got back home.. The girls were not very cooperative for Mom, and neither were Sawyer & Payslee (WHAT!).. Apparently Sawyer barks and cries when I'm not with him and acted like a tool bag for my mom..So she got zero sleep, and that made us feel bad.. So probably not doing that again for awhile, but the thought behind it was amazing, and I love love love my mom for agreeing to try to help.

The girls did have a blast at the farm.. Crosslee loves outside time. You can take her outside and she instantly relaxes. She loves watching the trees and leaves blow. She loves the loud music that Papa Steve plays on his boombox, lol.. She loves the sounds outside, and Im' pretty sure she's already a farm girl at heart.. Both the girls loved Hot tub time! The Temp of the hot tub was perfect and they would have stayed in there all night! Here are some pics.. As you can see, they are enjoying their time..

We also got them dolled up for the 4th of July, and took them to Sentinel to see the other set of Grandparents.. We met Grant, Lexi, dad & Joni at the Sentinel Park and all the grand kids were decked out in their 4th of July gear.. We got a pic but as you can see, not all were Cooperative.. Sadly for Joni & Kirb, I'm thinking this is going to be their life! Can you imagine Christmas this year!! Lexi (My sister) has a little boy, Joe, who is 8 months.. My brother Grant's daughter, Ava, is 9 months, and then we have my twins (6 weeks).. so its going to be a blast.. I love Joe..He is hilarious. He is the happiest, most joyful baby! Its unreal.. Of course my sister is also happy, laid back, and joy filled, so I suppose this makes sense.. We joke that Londyn & Joe will be friends, while Ava & Crosslee try to dominate and take over the world!! We all had a great time. Ava was all dolled up in her bows and necklaces.. cute cute!!


Well, being that I'm home by myself some now, I've had to find ways to quiet hungry, crying babies.. So far I've put up boppies, and bottle props.. It helps, and it works.. I think as a mom of twins you just have to do what works, whether its PC or not.. I'm sure the birth police would come after me, but such is life.. Since I took this pic, my mom got us something called a "Table for Two" that has two seats, side by side, and I can prop the girls up in that.. even has bottle holders! Nice!! In the sunglasses pic up top, they are chillin' in their table for two..

 So we had a great time at the farm..and realized that traveling with them can be done.. However, it does take awhile..but its worth it to let the grands' spend time with the girls.. Papa Steve is already talking about getting them mini cows that they can show.. Of course I am super excited about this.. because hey, who doesn't want a mini cow??!? Plus, I want my girls to be farm girls.. My best memories are farm memories when I'm showing cattle, or shooting baskets in my barn, Or doing my 'gymnastics' from a hanging carcass bar in the barn (A bar hung from the top of the barn used to bleed deer after the are shot..Hey, sorry, I didn't know at the time this is what it was.. I just thought it was a sweet bar for me to swing and flip from..who knew..lol)

I loved riding 4 wheelers, or jumping on hay bales.. Building a fort with my dad, climbing tree's with my brother Grant, and of course I LOVE animals.. So I'm super excited to share the farm with my girls.. There's no app, or video game that can come close to farm living!

Plus, can I just say how blessed I am and the girls are, to have 4 sets of grandparents?!? I mean its awesome! 4 sets of folks to watch them for us when we need some time, and 4 sets to love them up! Such a blessing.. I can honestly say I'm so glad my parents are divorced.. I know that sounds bizarre, but I'm so grateful that both my mom and dad found people who they love, and I have my halfs, and step brothers and sister.. I love my step-parents so much, and I'm just so grateful that my girls will have so many people that will love them and spoil them!! I know divorce is not the greatest thing, but I think you have to find the positives, and my life has certainly been tons of positives because of it with even more people to love me, and for me to love. Plus my parents are happy!

So.. about the girls.. Well Crosslee is a bit devilish.. About 5:00 in the afternoon, if she has not had several good naps, she turns into a beast.. Now I know what you are saying by looking at her sweet face on the left there.. "What? How can that be true?".. Well it is.. She can scream louder than any baby I've heard.. And don't think you can wear her out..you can't.. She's stubborn and impatient already.. MJ blames me.. but I don't think that is ALL me.. lol.. Thankfully when she gets naps, she's good, and a happy girl.. She loves Music, loves me to sing to her, and loves being outside. When they took her outside at the farm, she instantly quit crying and just took it all in..

Londyn is very easy going and laid back.. UNLESS you don't give her food in time.. Then she will act like you have starved and punished her and she will wail until she gets her food! She does not like to go to sleep..she would rather watch the wall, or the ceiling and just hang out.. She doesn't fuss.. just has no use for sleeping.. (We shall hope that changes as she gets older, lol).. She is getting so big! Has graduated from the newborn clothes, to the 0-3 now.. We go back to get their shots on the 31, and I'll be anxious to see how big they are! Both of them are pretty good at night.. They still get up every 2-3 hours,but thats expected because they have little tummies that don't stay full very long.. but they are pretty good at getting up, eating, then going back to bed.. Its rough..but doable..

So Mom bought the girls these fantastic hats.. Because what  week old doesn't need a hat?? Right? As you can see, Cross was very serious about her hat.. She told me she was ready to greet the Royal baby for Tea.. Londyn told me she didn't care for the Royals, nor did she care for the hat..

So I go back to work on the 23rd.. I'm nervous about going back.. but so thankful to have found a great nanny to stay with the girls.. Miss Donna has been coming by this week and helping out and she and I will get a schedule in place by the time I go back.. It will be hard to leave them, but I am happy knowing I'm leaving them with someone who truly cares about their well being and happiness.. I'm blessed in that regard too.. Life is good in twinland!

We haven't been back to church and I miss it so much.. but the girls get their shots on the 31st, and then we will be less worried about taking them out. I'm ready to be able to go back to worship, and Sunday school!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Sleep? I'll sleep when I'm dead... Not really.. I'm tired.

Well here we are.. 5 weeks into the twinliness.. Girls are doing good. We are *trying* to put the on a schedule.. haha.. I know you are laughing, but seriously, everything I've read, and everyone (twin mom's) I have talked to said its important to get them on a schedule..
So we've been going with the "E.A.S.Y" schedule.. Easy= Eat, Activity, Sleep, then Your Time. So far,its ok.. I'm not going to lie.. its hard.. Especially when I'm by myself and they both wake up screaming at the same time, the 'activity' portion gets a little sketchy, lol.. Plus, who wants to wake a sleeping baby? Yeah, we do.. why? because we want to sleep at night.. so after about an hour and a half we wake them up for eating and activity time.. They are still waking up every 2 hours at night, but hopeful that as they put on more weight, and get older, they will go for longer stretches. Radio prepared me for little sleep, but this is a whole new level of 'little'..
Each night Jordan & I have a designated baby.. Crosslee is usually my baby.. she wakes up every 2 hours like clockwork.. But, she's pretty good about going back to bed.. but by the time I get up with her, feed her, put her back to bed, & Pump, its an hour.. so I'm up and hour..sleep 2, then get up again.. I'm hopeful this will get better. If not, I'll learn to love Espresso I suppose. Everyone keeps telling us tha 6 weeks is a 'magical' time when they can sleep longer, and all that.. I'm not getting my hopes up.. I will say at this point, having ONE baby seems pretty doable..If you ever had twins, then had one you would be like "WHAT! This is amazing!"..
Last week My dad and Joni came up and kept the girls for a whole day so MJ & I could go run around.. IT. WAS. AMAZING. Lol.. We went and got Pedicures, a massage, and went to the mall to shop a bit.. We so enjoyed our day! Well I did.. MJ said the massage folks beat him too hard and he was sore.. He apparently does not enjoy the 'deep tissue' massage, lol.. The girls had a great time with Pops Kirb, and Mama J, because that night Londyn slept for 5 hours! We may have to pay them to come back and do whatever they did again.. lol.. Then they came back on Thursday morning for a few hours and we took the dog babes to their field and let them run free.. So we enjoyed that time. Thankfully we have so many people around us that are willing to help out with the girls and give us some free moments. My mom and Jordan's mom have been coming by as well and giving us 'movie' breaks.. We watched "World War Z" last week with Brad Pitt & the Zombies, and it was GREAT! Loved it.. Then Saturday we watched "The Heat" with Melissa McCarthy & Sandra Bullock..and it was HILARIOUS. Loved the creative cursing, lol.. Reminds me of me' ol' radio days..

We got all our Newborn Pics back.. and Ali J, did an amazing job.. Just look at our angels.. yes, they "LOOK" that way.. but there are times when Crosslee acts a bit devilish.. She can rage with the best of them. Londyn is more reserved, but she can get going too.. Papa Steve was apprehensive about holding them, but look how cool this picture is! Both the girls and he will cherish that little moment..

We are heading out West for the 4th of July. Mom wants to introduce the girls to all her friends. No fireworks, but I'm sure it will be exciting figuring out how to 'travel' with the girls, and the dogs. So pardon our drooping eyes in the picture below.. We are pretty tired..but we are hanging in there, and making it happen, and the girls are doing really good..