Monday, July 15, 2013


Well we are seriously in survival mode now.. The girls are now 7 weeks (will be 8 on Saturday) and people keep telling us "Oh wait.. it gets gets easier.. they will grow out of this".. and we are honestly tired of hearing that.. lol..Not that we don't appreciate the words of encouragement.. but when you are living it, you think "ITS NEVER GOING TO GET BETTER! YOU ARE ALL LYING TO US!!".. Yes, we know its going to get better.. but does it seem like its going in slow motion? Yes, Yes it does.. Its a good thing they are cute...

As most of you know, prior to having babies, I was not a 'baby' person.. so yeah, let go ahead and have two at a time right! lol.. Well I couldn't help that part, but yes, it was quite ironic that me,the non baby person, ends up with two at a time.. Such is life, and Yes, God is funny.. Its hard right now because we don't ever sleep..Jordan has gone back to work, so its hard for him to get up all night with the girls (we each take a baby at night) then go to work at 5:30am each day.. I go back to work next Tuesday, and it will be hard for me.. Its not like I'm getting to take naps all day, or anything.. but I am getting to schlum around in my ugly clothes and not be responsible for anything but myself, and the girls.. So we will see how it goes next week when I go back..

You know what has saved our Sanity?? LaPoppins.. Well actually two things.. Grandparents, and LaPoppins.. Who is Lapoppins you ask? Our Nanny! We found her on, and we just love her.. We struggled with whether to get a nanny or to take them to daycare.. but if you have ever had to pack up a child in the morning and haul all their stuff (much less 2 of them) then you will understand why the nanny situation already looked much better to us! Plus, its so much nicer having someone come over to the house and play with the dog babes, and keep the girls away from sickness & outside stuff.. So this is where LaPoppins comes in.. No, her name is not actually LaPoppins.. Chantry nicknamed her that.. Her actual name is Donna, but Chant combined that with Mary Poppins, and thus the name LaPoppins! She's been coming over and helping out during the week and its allowed Jordan & I to go to the movies and enjoy some time out of the house, since we really haven't left the house a whole lot.. So its working out great!!

We have so enjoyed the rain too.. Crosslee likes walking outside and looking at stuff.. She will sit in her table for two and look outside..Or she likes it when Jordan & I talk to her while she is sitting.. She's started smiling more.. Londyn now laughs.. she is more easily amused than Crosslee.. they are both starting to get really fun, but they still only sleep a few hours at a time in the night.. then by the time you get them back to sleep you have wasted another hour.. So on most nights, Jordan & I are sleeping about 3-4 hours, which after 8 weeks gets rough.. But.. "It will get better".. yeah, I know.. so we've heard.. lol.. Plus when Jordan gets home, they are in their 'witching hour'.. which means they are hollering and mad for about 3 hours before their bath.. Its about 5-8, and baths at 8, so he's like "Well isn't this pleasant to come home too!?!".. but each day they get a little better about that, so hopefully its a 'phase'.. isn't that what everyone says when their children are being terrible?? Yes, its gotta be a phse! lol..

We did manage to get to the movie on Saturday.. We watched "Pacific Rim".. We went to Penn square mall, and apparently they re-did the theatre, and its flipping awesome!! All stadium seats in there that recline!! So nice.. Movie was good too.. Its about giant fighting how could THAT not be good.. We watched it in 3D and the 3D was really good, so we enjoyed that.. Its an AMC theatre now, so we will certainly go back!!

I think we might go back to the farm this weekend.. Crosslee has been missing her cows and tree's blowing.. We'll see if we get brave enough to do it again.. Thank the Lord for the rain..Such a blessing!

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  1. So nice to see the girls smiling! They are just going to get better and better. But I don't know how you are doing it. Loved seeing you the other day and seeing the girls. Thank goodness you have LaPoppins...but she needs the proper clothing. lace up boots....petticoats....umbrella...carpet bag. I saw there is a new movie coming out at Xmas all about the making of Mary Poppins. It looks like it is going to be so good. Tom Hanks plays Walt Disney! Emma Thompson plays the author of Mary Poppins who does not want the movie made.

    I had no idea that the Penn Square Theater is cool now. I always hated going to the movies there...nice to know its a great place to go now. I am wanting to see Red 2 next.

    Hang in there! I'll come babysit when they get older. I'm no good with babies...but I'm all about little girls! They are good babies though...thanks goodness for that.