Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Running with the pack..

Well we have made it to 9 weeks now.. Still in survival mode with the girls, but its getting better.. We took them to get checked out last week and they have underdeveloped tummies which made their stomachs hurt, which in return made them holler and scream.. so we got them some baby Zantac, and they are partying down now.. Ok, not really, but they do appear to be feeling better.. I went back to work last Tuesday.. I missed their faces, but it was nice to be back at work.. I enjoy what I do, so It was nice to be welcomed back. I have some projects that I'm going to start on pretty soon, so I'll get that going. I love completing tasks..what can I say, I'm weird in that way.. When I was on the air, I would say "I love entertaining"..but since there is no one asking me to be funny or entertain them here, I have to just go on with completing tasks.. so thats where we are at on that deal..

The girls get their shots this week..I"m kind of a loser. I didn't even send out birth announcements, but with twins you never feel like you are caught up.. So they should be thankful I've even filled out some pages in their baby books and taken pics of them.. Speaking of pics, they are getting pretty cute. I put Crosslee in a Ralph Lauren hat the other day, and she was pretty sweet.. She still has rage moments, but she is getting better.. Sometimes you want to look at her and say "Really? Why are you so angry? You have everything you could possibly want and more, yet you spit in my face"... But like I said, she's getting better, so I guess we'll keep her! ;) This is her judgment face.. She looks like this a good portion of her life..lol..she didn't even smile at us till she was 6 weeks old!

We are going to go back to the farm this weekend, even though last time it was a disaster.. Crosslee didn't get any naps and then didn't sleep well.. so that Saturday she woke up a screamin demon, and it was NOT good for anyone.. she pretty well hollered the whole day.. but Now that we know she has to keep her schedule, have naps, and has her tummy meds, I think she will be back to her jolly self. In theory.

I was so sad to learn this weekend that Kidd Kraddick died. Since I left radio he is the only show I've really enjoyed listening too. There's just not much by way of Oklahoma radio that is that great to me, so I downloaded the I heart Radio app, and listened to his show out of Dallas. I guess he had a brain aneurysm on the golf course and died while he was on his Kids Kids golf tournament trip.. So sad.. Today the others on the show (J-si, Jenna, Kellie & Big Al) took calls to celebrate his life.. ITs weird to think how attached you get to people you don't even know..but I know some listeners were like that for me when I left the airwaves, so I'll always appreciate that.. I hope they keep the show going so I will have something to listen to each day, but I think it will be hard to go on without their ring leader, host, and namesake..

So I saw "Grown Ups 2".. Man what a turd of a movie.. It was so bad that MJ and I almost walked out.. which is really sad, b/c I love Adam Sandler and all those guys.. but it was NOT funny.. full of stupid fart jokes, a Computer generated deer that pee's on people.. Dumb characters, no plot.. etc.. It was just bad. Shame on you Sandler! I've always loved your dumb movies in the past! WE are going to try to go see Red 2 this weekend maybe, or something else.. I need me some popcorn. IN other exciting news.. Not really.. I've lost all but 3 pounds of my pregnancy weight.. which would be amazing to say, but I was losing weight BEFORE I got pregnant, so its not that amazing.. But still, lets celebrate it ok? Thanks.

 What else? Well we tried to take the girls to church again yesterday.. We did it..but Cross ended up having to sit outside the whole time b/c she just cannot be quiet.. Maybe she will be able too someday, but until then, its off to the nursery. Since they get their shots this week, they should be able to go to the nursery soon! I have missed the music at Crossings so much, I'll be excited to be back in action!! Speaking of that.. We are also going to try to pick up our therapy dog visits again soon.. Brandon or maybe Chantry or Lauren can come help out on Thursdays so Payslee and I can go visit. Miss P is ready to go!

I finally went and got my hair done! Geez.. I had to apologize to Nicole because I'm not sure I had even brushed it in 6 weeks! lol.. By the way, it looks fab..and if you need a hairdresser, call Nicole at Changes Hair Salon..She is fabulous, and in turn makes ME look fabulous!! Oh, speaking of fabulous.. I'm also going back to the dentist soon.. I know you people are saying, "How can she still need work done after a root canal, 6 crowns, & 22 fillings?".. Well I can.. Thank Goodness I have a great Dentist with Dr. Jim Cox.. I'm going to try to talk him into giving me root canals in all my teeth.. He won't, because he's a great dentist, but Man, I get so sick of my teeth being sensitive.. And I'm going to be honest, I enjoyed the root canal.. He's THAT good..Its my own fault.. I keep eating flavor ice & sunflower seeds.. Shhh.. don't tell him..  XXOO..K

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  1. Crossley looks like the Grumpy Cat. So glad to hear that they've figured out what was making them cry. Poor babies with tummy aches. They are getting more and more personality. They both look so sweet in that last photo.