Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Some twins cause pair annoy-ya~Uh thank ya!!

Well I hope everyone had a great 4th of July.. We did.. We decided to head West to visit all the grandparents out there and absorb their help with the girls most of all!

Packing wasn't as horrible as we thought it would be.. Mom had a bunch of stuff at her house, so we didn't have to bring much.. We went out on Wednesday evening. The girls started out good in the car, and then about Pendelton's (Foss) decided they had had enough and being to squawl.. Londyn calmed down, but Crosslee is persistent and managed to cry until we got to my mom's house.. Thankfully Gramma Robs was able to soothe her and she got excited about farm visiting!

We had a great time! Steve cooked steaks for us on one night, Ribs another, brisket, chicken.. I mean seriously, we were fed well! Mom & Steve volunteered to keep the girls on Friday night and sent MJ & I to a motel room for a full nights rest.. So we said Yes!

We of course had to go to Simon's catch and had delicious catfish, and then to bed! Of course I can't sleep the whole night because I have to get up and pump (lame) but not having to wake up every 2 hours was heavenly! We truly enjoyed our night.. until we got back home.. The girls were not very cooperative for Mom, and neither were Sawyer & Payslee (WHAT!).. Apparently Sawyer barks and cries when I'm not with him and acted like a tool bag for my mom..So she got zero sleep, and that made us feel bad.. So probably not doing that again for awhile, but the thought behind it was amazing, and I love love love my mom for agreeing to try to help.

The girls did have a blast at the farm.. Crosslee loves outside time. You can take her outside and she instantly relaxes. She loves watching the trees and leaves blow. She loves the loud music that Papa Steve plays on his boombox, lol.. She loves the sounds outside, and Im' pretty sure she's already a farm girl at heart.. Both the girls loved Hot tub time! The Temp of the hot tub was perfect and they would have stayed in there all night! Here are some pics.. As you can see, they are enjoying their time..

We also got them dolled up for the 4th of July, and took them to Sentinel to see the other set of Grandparents.. We met Grant, Lexi, dad & Joni at the Sentinel Park and all the grand kids were decked out in their 4th of July gear.. We got a pic but as you can see, not all were Cooperative.. Sadly for Joni & Kirb, I'm thinking this is going to be their life! Can you imagine Christmas this year!! Lexi (My sister) has a little boy, Joe, who is 8 months.. My brother Grant's daughter, Ava, is 9 months, and then we have my twins (6 weeks).. so its going to be a blast.. I love Joe..He is hilarious. He is the happiest, most joyful baby! Its unreal.. Of course my sister is also happy, laid back, and joy filled, so I suppose this makes sense.. We joke that Londyn & Joe will be friends, while Ava & Crosslee try to dominate and take over the world!! We all had a great time. Ava was all dolled up in her bows and necklaces.. cute cute!!


Well, being that I'm home by myself some now, I've had to find ways to quiet hungry, crying babies.. So far I've put up boppies, and bottle props.. It helps, and it works.. I think as a mom of twins you just have to do what works, whether its PC or not.. I'm sure the birth police would come after me, but such is life.. Since I took this pic, my mom got us something called a "Table for Two" that has two seats, side by side, and I can prop the girls up in that.. even has bottle holders! Nice!! In the sunglasses pic up top, they are chillin' in their table for two..

 So we had a great time at the farm..and realized that traveling with them can be done.. However, it does take awhile..but its worth it to let the grands' spend time with the girls.. Papa Steve is already talking about getting them mini cows that they can show.. Of course I am super excited about this.. because hey, who doesn't want a mini cow??!? Plus, I want my girls to be farm girls.. My best memories are farm memories when I'm showing cattle, or shooting baskets in my barn, Or doing my 'gymnastics' from a hanging carcass bar in the barn (A bar hung from the top of the barn used to bleed deer after the are shot..Hey, sorry, I didn't know at the time this is what it was.. I just thought it was a sweet bar for me to swing and flip from..who knew..lol)

I loved riding 4 wheelers, or jumping on hay bales.. Building a fort with my dad, climbing tree's with my brother Grant, and of course I LOVE animals.. So I'm super excited to share the farm with my girls.. There's no app, or video game that can come close to farm living!

Plus, can I just say how blessed I am and the girls are, to have 4 sets of grandparents?!? I mean its awesome! 4 sets of folks to watch them for us when we need some time, and 4 sets to love them up! Such a blessing.. I can honestly say I'm so glad my parents are divorced.. I know that sounds bizarre, but I'm so grateful that both my mom and dad found people who they love, and I have my halfs, and step brothers and sister.. I love my step-parents so much, and I'm just so grateful that my girls will have so many people that will love them and spoil them!! I know divorce is not the greatest thing, but I think you have to find the positives, and my life has certainly been tons of positives because of it with even more people to love me, and for me to love. Plus my parents are happy!

So.. about the girls.. Well Crosslee is a bit devilish.. About 5:00 in the afternoon, if she has not had several good naps, she turns into a beast.. Now I know what you are saying by looking at her sweet face on the left there.. "What? How can that be true?".. Well it is.. She can scream louder than any baby I've heard.. And don't think you can wear her out..you can't.. She's stubborn and impatient already.. MJ blames me.. but I don't think that is ALL me.. lol.. Thankfully when she gets naps, she's good, and a happy girl.. She loves Music, loves me to sing to her, and loves being outside. When they took her outside at the farm, she instantly quit crying and just took it all in..

Londyn is very easy going and laid back.. UNLESS you don't give her food in time.. Then she will act like you have starved and punished her and she will wail until she gets her food! She does not like to go to sleep..she would rather watch the wall, or the ceiling and just hang out.. She doesn't fuss.. just has no use for sleeping.. (We shall hope that changes as she gets older, lol).. She is getting so big! Has graduated from the newborn clothes, to the 0-3 now.. We go back to get their shots on the 31, and I'll be anxious to see how big they are! Both of them are pretty good at night.. They still get up every 2-3 hours,but thats expected because they have little tummies that don't stay full very long.. but they are pretty good at getting up, eating, then going back to bed.. Its rough..but doable..

So Mom bought the girls these fantastic hats.. Because what  week old doesn't need a hat?? Right? As you can see, Cross was very serious about her hat.. She told me she was ready to greet the Royal baby for Tea.. Londyn told me she didn't care for the Royals, nor did she care for the hat..

So I go back to work on the 23rd.. I'm nervous about going back.. but so thankful to have found a great nanny to stay with the girls.. Miss Donna has been coming by this week and helping out and she and I will get a schedule in place by the time I go back.. It will be hard to leave them, but I am happy knowing I'm leaving them with someone who truly cares about their well being and happiness.. I'm blessed in that regard too.. Life is good in twinland!

We haven't been back to church and I miss it so much.. but the girls get their shots on the 31st, and then we will be less worried about taking them out. I'm ready to be able to go back to worship, and Sunday school!

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