Monday, July 1, 2013

Sleep? I'll sleep when I'm dead... Not really.. I'm tired.

Well here we are.. 5 weeks into the twinliness.. Girls are doing good. We are *trying* to put the on a schedule.. haha.. I know you are laughing, but seriously, everything I've read, and everyone (twin mom's) I have talked to said its important to get them on a schedule..
So we've been going with the "E.A.S.Y" schedule.. Easy= Eat, Activity, Sleep, then Your Time. So far,its ok.. I'm not going to lie.. its hard.. Especially when I'm by myself and they both wake up screaming at the same time, the 'activity' portion gets a little sketchy, lol.. Plus, who wants to wake a sleeping baby? Yeah, we do.. why? because we want to sleep at night.. so after about an hour and a half we wake them up for eating and activity time.. They are still waking up every 2 hours at night, but hopeful that as they put on more weight, and get older, they will go for longer stretches. Radio prepared me for little sleep, but this is a whole new level of 'little'..
Each night Jordan & I have a designated baby.. Crosslee is usually my baby.. she wakes up every 2 hours like clockwork.. But, she's pretty good about going back to bed.. but by the time I get up with her, feed her, put her back to bed, & Pump, its an hour.. so I'm up and hour..sleep 2, then get up again.. I'm hopeful this will get better. If not, I'll learn to love Espresso I suppose. Everyone keeps telling us tha 6 weeks is a 'magical' time when they can sleep longer, and all that.. I'm not getting my hopes up.. I will say at this point, having ONE baby seems pretty doable..If you ever had twins, then had one you would be like "WHAT! This is amazing!"..
Last week My dad and Joni came up and kept the girls for a whole day so MJ & I could go run around.. IT. WAS. AMAZING. Lol.. We went and got Pedicures, a massage, and went to the mall to shop a bit.. We so enjoyed our day! Well I did.. MJ said the massage folks beat him too hard and he was sore.. He apparently does not enjoy the 'deep tissue' massage, lol.. The girls had a great time with Pops Kirb, and Mama J, because that night Londyn slept for 5 hours! We may have to pay them to come back and do whatever they did again.. lol.. Then they came back on Thursday morning for a few hours and we took the dog babes to their field and let them run free.. So we enjoyed that time. Thankfully we have so many people around us that are willing to help out with the girls and give us some free moments. My mom and Jordan's mom have been coming by as well and giving us 'movie' breaks.. We watched "World War Z" last week with Brad Pitt & the Zombies, and it was GREAT! Loved it.. Then Saturday we watched "The Heat" with Melissa McCarthy & Sandra Bullock..and it was HILARIOUS. Loved the creative cursing, lol.. Reminds me of me' ol' radio days..

We got all our Newborn Pics back.. and Ali J, did an amazing job.. Just look at our angels.. yes, they "LOOK" that way.. but there are times when Crosslee acts a bit devilish.. She can rage with the best of them. Londyn is more reserved, but she can get going too.. Papa Steve was apprehensive about holding them, but look how cool this picture is! Both the girls and he will cherish that little moment..

We are heading out West for the 4th of July. Mom wants to introduce the girls to all her friends. No fireworks, but I'm sure it will be exciting figuring out how to 'travel' with the girls, and the dogs. So pardon our drooping eyes in the picture below.. We are pretty tired..but we are hanging in there, and making it happen, and the girls are doing really good..

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  1. Loved this post. The photos of the girls are so pretty! So nice that you'll have those forever to remember how little they were. I hope you start getting to sleep more soon.