Monday, June 24, 2013

We made it a month!!


WEll.. The girls are a month old..Can you believe it? Yes, they have made it.. and we have made it.. so Success! Here is their 1 month old Pics.. As you can tell, they are not thrilled with it..Londyn is still bigger than Crosslee (right) but Crosslee's legs are as long as Londyn's, so she's not too far behind. So far they don't seem to care about each other too much..I'm sure that will change!
Joy (Ali J Photography) came back and took some more pics for us.. We talked Papa Steve into holding the girls.. We knew he would be scared, but we kinda flung them on him, and it worked out pretty good.. Look how cute they are in their OSU stuff..

Of course we had to get mom in there too.. Londyn and Cross were pretty cooperative. It was a nice day and we were at this pretty church with lots of greenery, so they turned out really cute..

So Yesterday MJ & I got brave and decided to take the girls to our Sunday School class.. We had missed everyone, and wanted them to see the girls.. So we got them up, ready, and ironically we were EARLY.. lol.. Don't worry, I'm sure that won't happen too often.. We enjoyed it, but man, we are scared to death they are going to start flailing and crying, or something.. so yes, we made it, but yes, it scared us.. lol.. I think next time we are just going to get them out of their car seats and give them to Laura & the girls in class and let them entertain them while Terry preaches.. I was so glad to be there though, because I had missed hearing Terry preach.. We will go back.. Not sure how soon, but we will go back.. lol..

I will say, for the most part, the girls do pretty well.. They like riding in the car, and like riding in their stroller, so as long as we keep them moving, we are good! I got brave last week and took them to the park and took the dogs with us, so they could run free.. everyone had a good time.. Sawyer likes the babies now.. he always liked them, but Miss P didn't let him get close to them for awhile, so now he likes to jump up there and lick their toes.. Miss P lets him do that..she's very protective, and such a good baby sitter!

I went to my checkup at Dr. Goff's.. as I was sitting there in the waiting room looking at all the pregnant women, I kept thinking "Keep them in! Keep them in!" Its so much easier! Although, man, does my body feel so much better now that they are OUT.. I literally felt better the second I had them, lol.. Now my back is trying to remember how to walk without the added weight of twins, lol.. It takes awhile to bounce back, but I literally lost 20lbs the second I had them.. I've lost around 40 now. Breastfeeding makes you lose the pounds like a Boss..

I am now keeping them by myself during the week.. I made it through last week, lol.. It was touch and go for awhile, but we made it! Yesterday mom came over and kept the girls while MJ & I went to watch "World War Z".. Man! It was good! Its about Zombies.. which yes, sounds ridiculous.. but Brad Pitt is in it, and its actually really good.. It gets into it FAST too, like in the first 2 minutes of the movie.. You should go see it.. We both really liked it.. and the popcorn of course.. Plus, has anyone else noticed that Brad Pitt looks good no matter the role? He can be dirty, crazy, homeless, cleaned up, long hair, short.. etc.. All good.. so go see it.. We saw it in 3D, and scary fast zombies in 3D is impressive..

So here we are.. a month later.. Lives changed and blessed forever. Its rough, I'm not going to lie.. there are times when they both start screaming at the same time and MJ and I are looking at each other like, "well what now?".. but we know that God only gives twins to people who can handle it, so we know that if it doesn't kill us, it will make us stronger...............right??!? lol..

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