Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Why am I being so lame?

I keep forgetting to update this blog, and that is just not very cool of me.. so I apologize.. Well we are all moved into house.. still waiting for some finishing touches to be done, but overall things are the way we want them. Our master Bedroom faces the West, and let me tell you, when its 111 that is NOT a great idea.. No air conditioner can keep up with that, so we've been dealing with that.. Lots of fans!

WE brought Dafnee, the newfoundland puppy home.. and then we took Dafnee the Newfoundland puppy back.. Lol.. We were actually very sad about this..but I got Daf as a wedding present to Jordan with the thought that Newfs were going to be sweet, lazy, puppies. That was NOT our Dafnee. After not sleeping for 3 weeks we talked with her breeder and decided the best thing for her was to take her back. Supposedly since then she has been a complete angel, and I'm thankful she is much happier there..because with us, she never slept more than 2 hours a night, bit us constantly, and just never seemed 'settled'.. Well now she seems jolly, happy, and fulfilled. Sawyer was thrilled..he never did really care for her. Payslee missed her, but got over it pretty quickly. Not sure Rally ever realized we had a puppy (He's 14 now) lol.

Everything else has been good. Went out with Brandon, Jen, and Chantry last saturday to a place in Norman called Blu. We love this place because they serve Potato Chips drizzled in Blue Cheese.. I LOVE blue cheese, so this was pretty much the best thing ever for me.

We are trying to keep all the plants and trees that we bought at the TLC Moonlight Madness sale alive.. This weather is certainly NOT helping. Payslee & Saw have been doing awesome in their therapy visits. Last week Sawyer made a stroke patient smile and laugh.. Which he had not done in months, so that was pretty touching!  

I'm going to get my hair done at Changes on Friday. Nicole is going to smack me. I haven't had my hair done in 3 months and she's going to be like.. "Uh, wow Rooty".. I'm going to put the red/blonde back in it.. Its pretty terrible right now.

Other than that, things are good.. Jordan &I booked a mini-honeymoon in November for the Cabins at Beavers bend.. Should be a fun trip.. here's how you can look at them! https://www.hiddenhillscabinsok.com/summerbrook-beavers-bend-cabin/

Hope you all are going well!