Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Keepin it in Perspective

Payslee & Sawyer's Paparazzi pics..Sawyer looks homeless, but at least they look puffish and

Today Jordan & I went and met with one of our favorite pastors at Crossings, and we just had a GREAT talk. I tell you being around people who are so spiritual and so trusting with God is just inspiring to me. Jordan has just started going to church with me the past few months and I wanted him to feel comfortable talking to the pastor, and I wanted to as well..Crossings is a HUGE Church so you have to be willing to make it small enough to fit your needs and thats what we have been doing..First we joined a Sunday school class which we just love. Its so informative and taught in a way that lets you understand the scripture..Its not Preaching, its teaching and we love it..Our next step is going to be finding other folks our age that share our beliefs and values. We want to have a church family, so we're on a mission! lol.

One of the most inspiring and insightful things we talked about was how important it is to just love people. I am not the most compassionate person (unless you are a dog or an elderly person, then I'm a sap) so I have a hard time 'feeling' what other people feel..Lately I've found myself really irritated with people..I have a hard time relating to them, understanding their story, understanding why they act the way they do, etc..But at the end of the day, its not my job to understand them..its my job as a Christian to show them grace and pray for them. I may not be able to love them (right now) beacuse they irritate the pee out of me..but I can always continue to pray for them..Because if you were going through something, don't you think it would make you feel better if you knew 30 extra people were praying for you? I know it would from now on instead of telling someone OFF..I'm going to turn some praying for them ON..This will be very hard for me, so you all pray for me too!

We also talked about God's plan..I am an idiot when it comes to this. When I was on the air I woke up every day and Thanked God because I was going to a job I loved..that fulfilled me..that inspired me..that made me laugh..I thought I was doing EXACTLY what I was supposed to be doing and I was doing it well..I was wrong. I was living "KC's Plan"..not "God's plan for KC'.. While talking to the pastor he said, "God already knew you were really good at its time he teaches you to be good at something else".. And I'm thinking, "What? Why would God want me to be good at Computers?"..But its because I can't see the big picture, and I highly doubt its about Computers..Its about shaping my character..Shaving a little off the prideful side..adding a little to the service side..Scraping off a little of the attitude side..Adding a little extra to the Grace side..See the difference? If you went to work everyday and acted like God was your boss wouldn't you do a better job? Would you want to impress him and make him proud? YES. Completely new perspective for me..And I'm excited, and I'm inspired, and I love it!

How foolish sometimes we are to think we have all the answers..Or to think God is not big enough to 'fix' things for us..I've got so much to learn, but I'm so thankful to have Jordan going through the journey with me, and to have a church that fulfills my spirit and my mind..I've also joined the "In Touch" ministry which will allow me to visit more elderly people..Very excited about that too!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I finally finished the dang thing..

Well after much turmoil, and inner struggle, I have finished the website! Woofs Gone Wild is now up and active! Its not very fancy, and certainly not what I want it to end up being, but the good thing is that for those who can't make the trip to Elk City, and you want to shop at Mom's store..Now you can. So Check it out when you have time..It was a pain in the butt to create, so at least go see it so I can feel The treats at the top are some new treats we got in, and Yes, Payslee & Sawyer have their own! Payslee has chicken treats, and Saw is steak. The other two dogs are mom's, Junior and Bear, and they have Cheeseburger & Steak Jerky..So now you can actually get treats with Payslee's face on them! I cute!

Speaking of Elk City, we went back there this weekend. FETCH, a dog rescue in Elk City was having a fund-raiser where you could have your dogs pictures taken.. Now, in my mind, this sounded like a great idea..I mean you've all seen the pictures of Payslee.. smiling, and posing..One would think this would be an easy task right? And Sawyer with his sweet grin and happy face.. Well we get there and they just act awful! Just like a kid right! They were racing all around, and when I tried to pose them, Payslee's face looked like "I wish I was anywhere but here".. The only thing that made me feel any better is the fact that mom's dogs, (Bear & Junior) also acted terrible! lol.. I think we did end up getting some pretty good shots, but we had to wait for them to settle down a little bit.. When we get them back I'll post them.

We had a good weekend at the farm. We took MJ to Quartz Mountain for the first time..He had never been so we had supper at the Lodge. Delicious Steak with Horseradish sauce and grilled squash. It was really good and the scenery was awesome. The Lake is waaay down though, which makes me sad..It did make me feel better that we got some rain at the farm that night. Then last night Steve and MJ fired up the smoker and smoked Ribs while Mom and I made Baked beans and fried taters..Weight watcher friendly? NO..Delicious? YUP! And hey, you gotta splurge when you are at the farm right!
I took a pic of Miss Payslee at her "Doggie Drinker".. now for those of you who have not seen one of these you are going to say "KC, are ya kiddin"...but I actually found out about them from some of my Shih-tzu Friends, and they are pretty incredible. If you have a dog that has a beard, or face hair, then you know when they dip their face into the bowl to get a drink that it gets all over their face, and all over your floor..Well if you have the Doggie Drinker, then you have no worries! It basically like a giant hampster bottle for little Dogs. They come in 3 sizes, Regular, Tiny (For the small fry's, like Yorkies, Weenies who have tiny legs, chihuahua's, etc) and the Corner version which fits into corners..Payslee & Sawyer love theirs. If you have a bowl of water out, or their Doggie Drinker, they go for the drinker every time. The water is fresher, so I think thats why they like it. Its available at the store..its washable too. The way you get your babe to drink from it is by putting peanut butter on the spout..thats usually all it takes to get them hooked! They just love it! I'll try to get a video of it this week..

Not much going on for me this week...We haven't been going to Taco Tuesday much this week, but we're going to try to go back this week. We (Jordan & I) are going to talk with Terry this week..He's our Sunday school teacher, and one of our favorite guys..We've got some stuff we've been thinking about lately, so I'll keep you posted on his answers..Have a great week!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Well would you look at that..

Well we had a Great Grand Opening at Woofs Gone Wild..We saw a ton of folks, and even more dogs! I think we had a pretty good day..I can't really tell what we sold, and what we didn't..but we had a lot of fun! Now I'm in the process of sitting up the website and I had forgotten what a huge pain in the butt it is!! So many little details and pics and descriptions..blah blah blah.. So I'll be working on that..its about to be done though, and I hope that folks who can't visit the store will be able to visit us online to buy delicious goods for their babes.

Speaking of Babes..Payslee & I are going to be taking an Advanced Therapy dog class starting next week. I'm pretty excited about it because we both love taking classes, and she is so smart! We will be learning some new tricks, and some more advanced therapy stuff..It should be fun..Notice I didn't say anything about Sawyer, lol.. I love that boy because he is so sweet..but he is a free spirit and will not be tamed! He likes doing what he wants to do..So I just let him. He's such a pretty sweet guy! Payslee did a great job selling stuff for us at the Grand Opening..She had on her Pink/Brown Zebra dress and it was adorable..She did a great job greeting everyone and entertaining them for awhile. I think we will be selling treats pretty soon that Have Payslee's pic on them, and also Sawyer and Mom's dogs, Junior & Bear..they will be cute..

In the meanwhile I've been extremely busy at work..I haven't been doing much of anything else other than work, or dog-store stuff..Not too glamorous. I still fit in Therapy visits once a week..but all work and no play makes KC a dull gal.. booo.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Woofs Gone Wild Grand Opening

The dog jog on Memorial day was Awesome! We had a ton of runners, and even More dogs! We all had a blast! Well I'm headed West today to go Help Mom get the store ready. We are going to open up tomrorow morning at 10am inside the Attic Door in Elk City. I'm so excited for her...and for me of course! lol.. I've had the best time ordering stuff that I think people will want for their dog babes. I may be an idiot about a lot of things..but dog's is not one of them! Each day I look at my dogs, and they are completely fulfilled. I think in my mind that is what a happy parent would feel like when they see their kiddos.. My dogs are happy, they are at their ideal body size, they are well fed, and they live a life most dogs would dream about..and it shows on their faces every single day.. That makes me happy, and makes me proud.

People think I'm too 'hard-core' about dogs..One of my friends is always antagonizing me because I think he is a horrible dog owner. Well I'm sorry..but he is! He hates messes..he hates hair..and he hates things that mess up his yard..Hmm... So how would a dog be able to fit into that life? It wouldnt.. and if it did (Like the first dog he got and later took to the animal shelter) it would end up having an unhappy life. I'm very tender about 2 things. 1) Animals, and 2) the elderly. I think if you are going to get a dog, you better be willing to put in the time to be a good dog parent.. Its just like a kid..You will have them for about 16 years, and if you do not intend on being good to them, feeding them the proper things, exercising them, or providing for them, then NO. You don't need to have a dog. Would you throw your kid in the backyard and tell him to entertain himself for weeks at a time? No. Would you feed your kid crappy food that made them sick all the time? No. Would you encourage your kid to get pregnant, or impregnante everything that walks? No. Same with dogs..Exercise them, train them, feed them right, and spay/neuter them. For me its pretty simple, but apparently I'm a "Crazy Dog Owner".. But I believe if you are going to do something, Do it right.. oh be it, and add it to the list of weirdnesses that I have!!

We've been getting some cool stuff in all week, and I'm super excited to see what is our best seller..I think we've really got some cute stuff! Plus we'll be featuring something new that my dogs LOVE called "The Doggie Drinker".. Its basically a giant water bottle for dogs..but if you have a dog that has a beard, like a Shih-tzu, yorkie, Pom, etc..You know that when they put their face in the water-bowl it makes their face all wet and yucky, and drips all over your floor..Well this little gem fixes all that! Payslee and Sawyer love theirs, and it really does help out..They would rather drink out of their doggie drinker than a bowl of water..It keeps the water cleaner, and prevents the wet beard. We'll be selling these in the store as well.

We also got some very cute fabric collars, and they come with this giant flower that slides on..So cute for bigger dogs, and small dogs! And of course, we had to have some "Bling" we'll have plenty of those as well. Miss Payslee hasn't decided which dress she will be wearing for the Grand Opening, but I know she will be a doll! Can't wait to see the plan come together!