Friday, June 3, 2011

Woofs Gone Wild Grand Opening

The dog jog on Memorial day was Awesome! We had a ton of runners, and even More dogs! We all had a blast! Well I'm headed West today to go Help Mom get the store ready. We are going to open up tomrorow morning at 10am inside the Attic Door in Elk City. I'm so excited for her...and for me of course! lol.. I've had the best time ordering stuff that I think people will want for their dog babes. I may be an idiot about a lot of things..but dog's is not one of them! Each day I look at my dogs, and they are completely fulfilled. I think in my mind that is what a happy parent would feel like when they see their kiddos.. My dogs are happy, they are at their ideal body size, they are well fed, and they live a life most dogs would dream about..and it shows on their faces every single day.. That makes me happy, and makes me proud.

People think I'm too 'hard-core' about dogs..One of my friends is always antagonizing me because I think he is a horrible dog owner. Well I'm sorry..but he is! He hates messes..he hates hair..and he hates things that mess up his yard..Hmm... So how would a dog be able to fit into that life? It wouldnt.. and if it did (Like the first dog he got and later took to the animal shelter) it would end up having an unhappy life. I'm very tender about 2 things. 1) Animals, and 2) the elderly. I think if you are going to get a dog, you better be willing to put in the time to be a good dog parent.. Its just like a kid..You will have them for about 16 years, and if you do not intend on being good to them, feeding them the proper things, exercising them, or providing for them, then NO. You don't need to have a dog. Would you throw your kid in the backyard and tell him to entertain himself for weeks at a time? No. Would you feed your kid crappy food that made them sick all the time? No. Would you encourage your kid to get pregnant, or impregnante everything that walks? No. Same with dogs..Exercise them, train them, feed them right, and spay/neuter them. For me its pretty simple, but apparently I'm a "Crazy Dog Owner".. But I believe if you are going to do something, Do it right.. oh be it, and add it to the list of weirdnesses that I have!!

We've been getting some cool stuff in all week, and I'm super excited to see what is our best seller..I think we've really got some cute stuff! Plus we'll be featuring something new that my dogs LOVE called "The Doggie Drinker".. Its basically a giant water bottle for dogs..but if you have a dog that has a beard, like a Shih-tzu, yorkie, Pom, etc..You know that when they put their face in the water-bowl it makes their face all wet and yucky, and drips all over your floor..Well this little gem fixes all that! Payslee and Sawyer love theirs, and it really does help out..They would rather drink out of their doggie drinker than a bowl of water..It keeps the water cleaner, and prevents the wet beard. We'll be selling these in the store as well.

We also got some very cute fabric collars, and they come with this giant flower that slides on..So cute for bigger dogs, and small dogs! And of course, we had to have some "Bling" we'll have plenty of those as well. Miss Payslee hasn't decided which dress she will be wearing for the Grand Opening, but I know she will be a doll! Can't wait to see the plan come together!


  1. Amen sister on being a crazy dog Mom! I think the way you put it is a very good way to explain it to irresponsible dog owners. I can't wait to hear how the grand opening goes. I've been busy working on a doggy thing myself. I'll show you soon. I am loving that bed in the bottom left corner.

  2. Are you going to have a website to buy stuff the triplets would love to buy stuff

  3. how much for the doggie drinker? that is the cutest thing ever.:)

  4. Hi Melissa..The Drinker is $65..but you'll never have to buy another one. Rally has beaten the hell out of mine, lol..knocked it over, smashed it, stepped on it, etc..And it still lives on, and doesn't even have a scratch on it! Its basically for dogs that have beards so their face doesn't get wet, the water stays cleaner, and no more drips on your floor..Email me if you are interested in one..