Sunday, June 12, 2011

I finally finished the dang thing..

Well after much turmoil, and inner struggle, I have finished the website! Woofs Gone Wild is now up and active! Its not very fancy, and certainly not what I want it to end up being, but the good thing is that for those who can't make the trip to Elk City, and you want to shop at Mom's store..Now you can. So Check it out when you have time..It was a pain in the butt to create, so at least go see it so I can feel The treats at the top are some new treats we got in, and Yes, Payslee & Sawyer have their own! Payslee has chicken treats, and Saw is steak. The other two dogs are mom's, Junior and Bear, and they have Cheeseburger & Steak Jerky..So now you can actually get treats with Payslee's face on them! I cute!

Speaking of Elk City, we went back there this weekend. FETCH, a dog rescue in Elk City was having a fund-raiser where you could have your dogs pictures taken.. Now, in my mind, this sounded like a great idea..I mean you've all seen the pictures of Payslee.. smiling, and posing..One would think this would be an easy task right? And Sawyer with his sweet grin and happy face.. Well we get there and they just act awful! Just like a kid right! They were racing all around, and when I tried to pose them, Payslee's face looked like "I wish I was anywhere but here".. The only thing that made me feel any better is the fact that mom's dogs, (Bear & Junior) also acted terrible! lol.. I think we did end up getting some pretty good shots, but we had to wait for them to settle down a little bit.. When we get them back I'll post them.

We had a good weekend at the farm. We took MJ to Quartz Mountain for the first time..He had never been so we had supper at the Lodge. Delicious Steak with Horseradish sauce and grilled squash. It was really good and the scenery was awesome. The Lake is waaay down though, which makes me sad..It did make me feel better that we got some rain at the farm that night. Then last night Steve and MJ fired up the smoker and smoked Ribs while Mom and I made Baked beans and fried taters..Weight watcher friendly? NO..Delicious? YUP! And hey, you gotta splurge when you are at the farm right!
I took a pic of Miss Payslee at her "Doggie Drinker".. now for those of you who have not seen one of these you are going to say "KC, are ya kiddin"...but I actually found out about them from some of my Shih-tzu Friends, and they are pretty incredible. If you have a dog that has a beard, or face hair, then you know when they dip their face into the bowl to get a drink that it gets all over their face, and all over your floor..Well if you have the Doggie Drinker, then you have no worries! It basically like a giant hampster bottle for little Dogs. They come in 3 sizes, Regular, Tiny (For the small fry's, like Yorkies, Weenies who have tiny legs, chihuahua's, etc) and the Corner version which fits into corners..Payslee & Sawyer love theirs. If you have a bowl of water out, or their Doggie Drinker, they go for the drinker every time. The water is fresher, so I think thats why they like it. Its available at the store..its washable too. The way you get your babe to drink from it is by putting peanut butter on the spout..thats usually all it takes to get them hooked! They just love it! I'll try to get a video of it this week..

Not much going on for me this week...We haven't been going to Taco Tuesday much this week, but we're going to try to go back this week. We (Jordan & I) are going to talk with Terry this week..He's our Sunday school teacher, and one of our favorite guys..We've got some stuff we've been thinking about lately, so I'll keep you posted on his answers..Have a great week!

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