Monday, June 12, 2017

Twin o Ween!

Well.. we Successfully made it through the Girls 4th Birthday Party! We did TWIN O'Ween this year, because if you have followed the lives of my girls, you will know they have always LOVED Halloween, and all things creepy.. So.. Why not do a Halloween Party in the Middle of May right! RIGHT! If you guys remember, Cross started loving a Creepy Clown that my neighbors hung up for Halloween.. she cried and cried when we took him down, so Imagine how excited she was when he showed up for her party! Thankfully he didn't scare the other kids, and the girls squealed with delight when they saw him hanging there! lol You know who else was back?? The Giant!! Yup, we inflated a 20 ft Grim Reaper and put him in the front yard.. Cross and Londyn were pretty excited to see him there to greet!

It would have been 100% awesome.. but it ended up being 95 degrees that day.. so it was a little toasty in my back yard.. BUT.. the Lord always shines on me, and brought us some cloud cover and light sprinkles while the party was going on, so everyone ended up having a blast! The beauty of kids is that they don't know or care that its 95 outside.. We lined our fence with Giant Spiders.. added some creepy ghosts, witches, and skeletons.. and of course I had to draw Owl Balloons for Crosslee! I hung Eyeballs in the Photinas (beach balls) and Scarecrows from the trees! It was a Halloween Backyard Bonanza! 

We had an awesome bounce house from Dawn to Dusk Inflatables, and those folks are just AWESOME. If you ever need a bounce house rental, you should call them.. they are super sweet, setup/tear down for you, and they really try to make sure you are 100% satisfied and happy with an awesome party! We ended up choosing a castle, and the kiddos loved it!

We had an awesome cake again thanks To Chubby Cheeks Cake Love.. I asked the Girls what kind of cake they wanted, and they picked a "Bloody Clown Cake".. (I told you they liked Creepy) and it was a delicious little 6" cake.. then she also did some Cake Pops for us, and some delightful Halloween Cupcakes! The girls loved all of it.. all though I do think the kids liked the Cake Pops the best! 

 Unkie B made the awesome Watermelon Monster.. and it was delicious.. I got some amazing cheese popcorn from Kernals and Kandies here in OKC. I can't even talk to you about how yummy it was.. I'm still eating it.. WE had amazing Halloween Mini's from One Smart Cookie.. Holy Moly.. those are some delightful cookies! 
The Adults at the party enjoyed "Hallowine" and "Witches Brews" while the kiddos drank Boo juice! Which was Hawaiian Punch out of Jack O Lantern cups. We Made a Snake out of Deli Spirals with funny eyes, Cheese balls, and Yummy Fruit Salad! 

We also had Queen Elsa stop by for a visit, and I must say, she was the hit of the party! 

The girls agreed that she wasn't 'spooky' but they were very excited to have her there.. WE booked her from Upstage Theatre, and she was so awesome! She sang "Let it go!" with all the kids and took pictures, and then even painted snowflakes on their faces! They all had the best time singing and dancing with her! 

I of course, went all ridiculous.. with the invitations.. chalkboards, Stamps, Goodie Bags, Ants that carried Strawberries, I mean.. you know.. ridiculous.. Overboard.. Aweseome. I love the lady that does these chalkbaords for us thought, because I hang them in the girls rooms all year. They are 11 x 13's, and I love looking back at each year because she puts a picture in them! They are from: Paperie Lane. 

This year I designed all the invitations and thank you's myself. I also did the goodie bags, which consisted of all kinds of fun goodness! Floam, glow sticks, masks, Londyn & Crosslee Hershey Kisses, Halloween suckers, Ghost Suckers, Gummy Monsters and more! If you want to see more pics of the whole party... here they are! 

Overall we had a great time. The best part was watching the girls have ALL their people there.. the family and friends that they love so much all in one setting! They went around from each friend, to each family member and their little faces were so jolly. They had two little friends from their Church MDO show up,  and some more friends from our Small Group, and all of their cousins. Aunt Martha even flew in from Wisconsin for the party!!!  I've always said its such a blessing to have so many friends and family around our girls that love them, and take the time to love on them and hang out with them.. Even when its 95 degrees outside!! So Seriously, thank you to all of those peeps.. it means the world to Jordan and I and the goats. 

I honestly love the time of year for the girls party.. I love planning it about 6 months out. I'm crazy that way, but I do love Party planning.. Its a way for me to be creative! So if you ever need help planning a party, hit me up! 

In other news.. our nanny quit.. gave us no notice..So we had to find an immediate place for the girls to go during the day..and Our Air Conditioner died, BUT.. since this is a happy birthday girls awesome post.. I'll save that post for next week.. XXOO