Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Time is here!

Oh Man. This really is the most wonderful time of the Year! The Girls are so much fun this Christmas Season. Everything is new, magical.. and awesome! They love all the Lights, They love the Tree's, they Love Santa and all the Creatures.. and of course.. they Love Presents! I think they will be sad when they open them all just because they will lose the excitement that has gone along with WANTING to open them..They love Watching the Grinch (Shocker)

We have done so many fun things with them this season.. Gigi and Pa took them on the Polar Express Train ride with Santa in Elk City.. we went to the Mall to see Santa.. We went to the Live Nativity at Crossings where the girls decorated Sugar cookies, Visited the Animals, and heard the Christmas Story while singing Songs.. it was so great. Our Church is just incredible.. The week before I went to a Women's Pinterest Event and they went ALL out.. I mean we had an incredible Breakfast Brunch served on fancy plates, an awesome speaker, and then did an amazingly easy Craft. It was a GOOD time. I'm so proud of my church! We went to look AT Christmas Lights and they loved that. They are just really excited about every aspect of it. Everything is brand new, and they are soaking in every moment of it!

Plus, can I talk about Christmas Outfits? CAN I.. Yes, I love dressing the girls in super cute Christmas stuff too.. so we have had several photo shoots with cute stuff on.. The only downer of our Christmas Holiday Season was that Jordan lost his job 3 days before Thanksgiving.. so that was NOT great. Its been an uphill battle dealing with his Company, but we know that God is good, and will provide for us. We have amazing family, church family and small group, along with great friends around us who have been more than helpful, bringing us supper, bottles of wine and Dr. Pepper for Jordan, and just overall trying to help in any way they can, so that is a great blessing. I know he will land on his feet quickly, but its stressful. Through Trials comes Grace, and I know he will end up in a job where he needs to be. Thankfully I'm blessed to still have my job. I love my Bosses, my company, and my co-workers, so that is also a blessing.

Hope you guys have a great Holiday!!! Excited for 2017! PS, if you would like to join us for a Christmas Eve Service, I'd love to have you at Crossings! Its beautiful!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving & Halloween Magic

Man. This year is FLYING by.. its ridiculous. First off.. Halloween was awesome. I am not sure you could have any more fun than a 3 year old does at Halloween. Everything is an exciting, magical, awesome moment. From getting people to just hand you free Candy.. to walking around dressed as an Octopus and people hi-fiving you for it.. So yeah, its pretty much the best. They would squeal and cheer anytime someone gave them ONE piece of Candy.. yelling "LOOK WHAT I GOT MAMA!!".. I mean.. they LOVED it. Cross had made friends (again, because she remembered him from last year) with our Neighbors Bloody Clown Halloween Decoration.. Look at her joyful face with him..

Each day she would run over and talk to him and the other scary things hanging at their house. She and Londyn both loved him. They loved all of them really..They got to trick or treat in our Neighborhood for a bit, and then we went to visit Friends in Quail Creek, and they loved that too. I asked Londyn like 40 times to be something other than an Octopus, but that is what she chose.. she LOVED him.. They have both always loved Creepy stuff, especially Cross, and nothing has changed there.. So Halloween was her favorite thing.. I mean Every piece and part of it.. EXCEPT.. the part where it ended.. and my neighbors took down the bloody clown..

This was the Sadness, and crying episode after Cross realized my neighbors had taken her friend, "Bloody Clown" Down for the next year and put him into the garage. She is still upset about this if you ask her.. so don't..

We took them to several Pumpkin Patches, and also to Storybook Forest again this year. It was super cute and creative and they loved it all. They are really into Princess stuff right now, so they loved Storybook Forest, because Snow white was there, Rapunzel, the Lady in the Shoe, Mike Wazowski from Monsters INC.. I mean it was a fun time.. So they loved the whole Holiday season this year and it was so much fun watching them love something I've loved all my life too! I mean.. hey, I'm kinda creepy.. Don't judge. Londyn Lucille carried around a Skeleton for a week.. We loved the Crossings Fall Carnival, that was a blast.. I mean honestly, we just did a bunch of awesome Halloween things!

Then we moved onto the Thanksgiving Time, and its been flying by too. We had a great Holiday. We went out to the farm where the girls have been busy doing their 'chores'.. We have a Sweet Bull out there that loves it when they come to Gigi's house, because they get on their "4-wheeler" and go back and fourth to the barn getting food and feeding the bull each day. They have finally figured out how to drive it (Cille does not drive, she only likes to ride) and they ride it all over the farm, following Pa into the cow lots to help. 

We took LOTS of Family Pics.. with both Jordan's side, and Mine.. and they all turned out super cute too.. Here's a few of them.. Tammy Hall Photography took them for us. She's awesome. 

We had a Great Thanksgiving! We went to Hobart, and also to Canute. All the Cousins got to play together! The Girls are still warming up to the idea of their baby Cousins (Jett & Harper).. but as long as I don't hold them, they are fine. If I hold them the world quickly comes crashing down with sobbing, sadness, and drear. Its a lot of fun watching all of them run wild and play. They are all at a fun stage right now. We are very blessed to have Good families around us.

The girls Love going to MDO at Crossings.. they talk non stop about their teachers and their new friends. That has really been a blessing for us.. OH! OH!!  HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN TO TELL YOU THIS!!.. Cross is.. wait for it.. POTTY TRAINED!!  It finally happened about 3 weeks ago.. I had taken off a Friday to have a long weekend and she just told me every time she wanted to go.. No more Poop. Praise the Lord.. but don't get too excited.. Londyn could still care less.. so I'm 50/50.. Hey, I'll take what I can get at this point!!!

So as we approach The Christmas Season, we are very grateful. We love our Church so much, and our Family, and our Small group family. I'm so excited for Christmas this year with the girls. We brought back the Elf, Eliza.. This year she hides when the girls go to sleep and they wake up to find her.. but she tells them about Jesus when they find her. Just a sweet, quick, little verse, but its something they look forward to each morning. They also love Their Nativity scene with the baby Jesus, and Their Donkey, Kris, and Pony, Woody, have somehow made it into the story..Each Night we Read "The Birth of Jesuse" and  For those of you who didn't know.. Kris is actually the Donkey that carried Mary to Bethlehem, and Kris actually found the stable for them to lay in.. and Kris also laid by them, along with Woody, and the Bull from the farm, to keep them warm.. So just in case you missed that chapter in the bible about Kris & Woody, there you go.. lol..
Hope you guys had an Awesome Thanksgiving and Halloween! Christmas is just around the Corner! And maybe.. so is Londyn being potty trained! But don't get your hopes up! XXOO..

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Its hard to be cool..

Well Kids.. A Minivan Happened last weekend.. a Toyota Sienna. I had heard the Pro's and Con's.. and I really decided a long time ago that it was probably something we needed.. Saying this made me think of the Oak Ridge Boys song.. Enjoy..

Now, I hear some moms saying "Oh KC.. I swore I would never buy a minivan! "Oh KC.. get an SUV! They have just as much room!" "OH KC Minivans are not cool!".. Right. I hear you. But let me tell you something.. When you become a parent, you do a lot of UNCOOL stuff.. Like wiping Butts. Is that cool? No. No its not. Is lifting your kid up to smell their butt to see if they pooped cool? NOPE. Its not. Is saying out loud "Please don't eat the dog food" cool? No.. so for all of you that still think you are 'cool'.. This is going to be heartbreaking for you to hear.. but Alas. You are not.

Once you enter the realm of parenting, "COOL" goes out the Window.. Now hey, you might regain some cool points later, but you will never be full on cool again. You know why? Because your kids wont' let you.. and even if you are kickin it, thinking you are cool.. Most likely your kids do not think you are. Cross said to me this morning "Daddy is more funny than you".. so see.. there's that.

So. Don't judge my mini van. Her name is Dolly.

Speaking of things that aren't cool.. The Girls are still not Potty trained. And.. not only are they NOT potty trained, they really show no signs of ever wanting to BE potty trained. I remember, before I was a mom (You know, when I was cool) I thought.. Oh, if I have kids, we will save so much money by quitting diapers at 18 months. HAHAHAHAA! Jokes on me. Yup. Dangit. Cross is the closest of the two.. She will wake up in the morning, tell me she is going to wear her big girl Panties.. Tell me that she is going to Poop in the potty.. And then, by the time I've driven to work.. Poops her pants. So yay. Parenting Win. As for Londyn.. Yeah, Good luck.

Everyone has given me so much 'advice' that I'm ready to trach Chop them.. "It has to be her idea! She's still so young! You can't make her! No one goes to Kindergarten Pooping their pants! Hmm.. Well.. when I look at my VERY Unique children.. this last one doesn't do much for me.. I mean I have children that think Bloody Clowns are their besties, and sing Disturb's Sound of Silence, followed by It is well with my soul. So yeah, I certainly get that they are not 'the norm'.. So then I think.. Well.. Maybe I do have the only children that ARE going to go to Kindergarten Pooping their pants.. Add more cool points to me! I mean.. look at them..
The Good news is.. I really don't care that much about being cool anymore. I feel like with my 13 years on the radio.. I did REALLY cool stuff a lot of the time.. So now its time for a bit of lame-ness. And I'm pretty Ok with that. Because.. right now, The girls still do think I'm cool.. I'm sure there will come a time (in the  near future) when they don't.. But right now I literally make magic happen by cracking an egg, and Showing them how to make Rice Krispy Treats.. So I'll take it while I can! 
PS, My Minivan Doors Open with a press of a button. I have a sweet Sound System and Blue Tooth.. What more could I want! 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

It Is Well with My Soul

This time of year brings excitement for me. It always has.. When I was younger, this time of the year meant 1) My Birthday in September 2) October Halloween Parties.. 3) Fall Holiday Season.

My mom has always been super excited about Halloween, so that made me super excited about it.. and now, for those of you who see my girls on Facebook.. you see my girls are super excited about it! They Love the ghoulish Skeletons, Giant inflatables, and everything else that goes with it. I know people think its ridiculous that Cross loves the Bloody IT Clown next door, but that is her dude. She shows no judgement.. he's just a guy thats hanging on a garage that makes her happy when she see's him.. Its weird, I know it.. but its also pretty awesome to watch how kids can see something that we find ugly and scary, and turn it into their best friend.

I used to get to have the best Halloween parties. We had an awesome big red/white barn, So we could have the party no matter what kind of Weather. We would come to "The City".. lol.. which is what we country people call OKC, and go to "MG Novelty" which is closed now.. but it was like the Party City back then.. And buy all sorts of ridiculous decorations. It was seriously one of my favorite things to do. Then we would go home and mom would come up with more creepy stuff on her own.. Like one year she filled plastic gloves with Oatmeal so they were like dead hands.. We bought a Coffin and put a skeleton man in it.. We would make Red Punch with plastic fingers in it.. IT was a great time. I loved every second of it.. Then we would invite a bunch of people from school and we would all wear costumes. Everyone looked forward to it every year. I'm excited to be able to pass along the tradition to my girls. Although, Honestly, Cross started out being creepy on her own..

Cross and Cille still love the Inflatable "Giant" (AKA the Grim Reaper). He's back up in the back yard this year, and they love to watch him come alive in the mornings and go to sleep at night. Cille just ends up liking what Cross likes.. she's not scared of anything either. Cross does have a love for weird clowns. I can't say that I'm with her on that.. I don't really care for them.. but she thinks they are her people, so we just go with it. This year Cross is going to be a white Owl, and Cille is going to be an Octopus. I presented her with all kinds of cute costuming options.. a sweet kitty, a bear, a Horse.. but.. she chose the Octopus.. So there you go.

I also love this time of year because I love taking the girls to Pumpkin Patches.. If we back up.. this is about the time 3 years ago when I realized 1) I was pregnant, and 2) it was twins.. so anytime I feel the nip of fall in the air, It takes me back to a place of Joy, and sheer Terror.. at the thought of having twins, lol. But its a fun memory for Jordan and I to share and laugh about now. Especially thinking about when I told my mom and dad.. and My mom saying "See, I told you I was going to need more than one"..and My dad just being over the moon because "twins" had really never occurred to us! So this is one of my favorite times of year for sure. We are Taking the girls to a pumpkin patch this weekend in fact! There's so many great ones around here to choose from. 

We had a great time at Balloon Fiesta last week! This was the girls first real Vacation-Trip, and they did really good. It was a 6 hour drive from Canute, so not too bad. The Awesome folks at Doug Gray Dodge in Elk City, hooked us up with a Tahoe, completed with DVD system.. so we traveled in Style! WE got there around 3 in the afternoon, and the girls wanted to go swimming. I had Tonsillitis, so I let them go with Gigi, Pa, and daddy.. They had a great time. 

In the Mornings we went out to the "Mass Ascension" and watched them fly into the air. Pa went up into a balloon on the first day.. He had quite an exciting story to tell.. Once they took off, the Wind Changed and started blowing the Balloon into town (which they do NOT want) so they had to make a landing on private land  (which is Frowned upon).. the Wind blew their basket over and the skidded side-ways a bit in the basket, but thankfully everyone was ok. Pa told them how to get out of the field, and back to where the 'Chase team' can pick them back up. So he found the whole situation humorous, I'm pretty sure everyone else was freaked out! So it was a "bucket list" item for him complete with a great story!

The girls enjoyed the balloons. Especially the special shapes. They loved watching the Big Dragon, Owls, Witches, and Scarecrow. When Cille saw the witch she said "Hey Witch, I'm going to punch you in the face".. I have no idea why, but it made us laugh. We had a good trip. IT was a good one to take the girls too. Not too far, lots of fun things for them to look at, and they are still talking about it.. so win win. I won't lie.. we couldn't have done it without Gigi & Pa, and it wouldn't have been nearly as much fun! So thankful for Good Grandparents!

IN other Random news.. the weird growth in my mouth healed, so bonus for that. My mouth is so bizarre. I go to the oral surgeon Friday just to make sure its all ok. The Girls are still Loving going to Crossings on Tuesday/Thursday and its been so much fun to hear about their days. Its a fun time to be with them. They are trying at times, and they tag-team Jordan and I quite a bit.. but we are holding strong, and trying to Build little awesome people. There's a lot of days when I'm pretty sure I get everything wrong.. but when I have moments like this,I know we are doing something right..

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Which Pie are You??

So. I've been asked to write about this Many.. Many.. MANY times now, and I just never have put it into words.. but I'm going to try to take the time now to do that. This is my OWN analogy, but everyone I share it with says "YES! Thats it exactly!".. So now, if you hear me say, "Thats because they are lemon" you will know what I'm talking about.

Many years ago, I realized that I was NOT like most women I knew. Not that I was a bad thing, or they were a good thing.. it was just really different.. Even when I was growing up.. I realized my goals for myself were not the norm, and the expectations I had for myself were not the norm.. Now I know why this is.. 1) I was an ENTJ on the Myers Briggs.. and 2) Because I was a lemon Pie.

**Disclaimer** This is my theory on pies upon first meeting them. You cannot say how someone would be after you REALLY get to know them, because at that point their guard is down, and it changes the way they act.***

Women, are like Pies. And they are all delicious in their own way.. but they are VERY different tastes, textures, and personalities. So today, ladies and Gents.. I'm going to blow your mind. Prepare yourself for the Pie People. You can tie, almost every woman (I have not done this for men, I'm still working on that) you know into a slice of these pies:

First Pie is Cherry.  Cherry pies (Also could be considered Apple Pies) are delicious. They are by far the sweetest pie you will ever eat. Everyone loves cherry pies. They are an american staple. They look pretty, are arranged pretty, they taste deliciously sweet. Cherry pies always look like they have it together (and even if they don't, they aren't going to tell you up front) because they are always positive, cheerful, upbeat, uplifting, and Precious.

Cherry Pies will use words to describe their husbands like "Cute" and their kids are "delicious".. They will often say they are "so in love with".. XYZ. They will use hashtags like this #blessed #myeverything #precious #perfection. They describe times in their lives as Perfection, and even if its not Perfection, that is the illusion they are going to give you. Cherry Pies will be able to make breakfast meals in the shapes of disney characters and Fruits in happy faces across their kids dinner plates. They are amazing at Pinterest activities. You will be jealous of how they make everything look so easy, You will wonder if they ever really have any problems with their kids or their husbands, because they really do look like they have it all. They probably decorate their desks at work with festive things, or adorable pictures of their family, or cute sayings.. Cherry pies are super-high feelers. They are all about sharing their feelings, and encouraging others to share theirs. If Cherry pies are going through something, and admit it to people, everyone will surround them, hug them, and cry with them.

Their family pictures are things dreams are made of. They have professional pictures taken a lot. Sometimes they match as a family.. because somehow.. Somehow.. that Cherry pie managed to convince her kids and husband to Coordinate.. got them in the car, and got them to all smile like a magical family.. THEN converted that picture onto a Canvas and draped Fleur De Leur's around it in her living room to match her pristine kitchen that has White Cabinets.

Cherry Pie's love Pottery Barn. In fact their houses look like you just stepped into a Pottery Barn Show room. Nothing is out of place. It looks like they spent hours cleaning, and then when you see them they will look like the perfect Step ford wife.. With magnificent shiny lips, and pristine Hair. Its fantastic. They know how to wear, and live in high-heels. They throw amazing parties that everyone wants to go too, because they usually have amazing treats at them. They know how to make Champagne Punch, and Wedding Punch.. They have Fiesta Dishes.. They like to work out, and they even look like they like to work out.. which is incredible. Overall.. Cherry pies are the bomb. I mean like I said, Everyone loves Cherry Pies.. (Cue the Warrant Song here)..

The Next Pie is the Rhubarb Pie. Rhubarb pies are also delightful sometimes, but they are a bit confusing. Are they a fruit? A root? A Vegetable? Do they go in Pies? Smoothies? They seem to pack a punch of antioxidants, so that is good news.. but no one ever really fully understands the Rhubarb. Rhubarbs are seasonal, and you don't see very many of them. They are a rare commodity. They have pretty distinct views that they understand like a science, but if they try to explain them to someone else, we are all left scratching our head. They have different ideas about the way the world works. Some of them make sense to other people, and some of them only make sense to themselves.. the Beauty of the Rhubarb, is they don't usually care! Rhubarbs are their own people, that like to do their own thing. Sometimes they hang with a crowd, sometimes they don't. They can be content doing either.They are smart, sharp, and Witty. Its hard to get much past a Rhubarb.. They like to reflect on situations and think about what they would do, or how you should possibly do it. Sometimes you will think their advice is crazy.. other times Spot on. You won't always understand if they are being sarcastic, or serious.. but they will amuse you either way!

Rhubarbs are an acquired taste. Meaning, they are delicious, but upon first glance, someone might not KNOW they are delicious.. They might offend you right off, then turn around and hug your neck.. Kinda like a fine wine. It may take someone a little longer to warm up to a rhubarb because you honestly just don't relate to what they are saying.. But after they get to know them, they can begin to see the magic of the rhubarb pie. Rhubarbs are mysterious.. you don't know what they are thinking, but you know they are in deep thought. Rhubarbs are also usually very Loyal friend.. and the first to offer to help you bury a body.. should you ever need that.. lol

Next Pie is near and dear to my heart.. Because it is Me. Lemon Pie. Lemons are very tasty in their own right.. but when you first bite into one.. Wowza! It slaps you right in the face with a squirt of sour sauce! That pretty much describes me to a tee! Lemons are pretty witty, entertaining, and they are one to say what they think. Sometimes its filtered with some sugar, like say, Lemonade.. other times, its like biting into a sour Lemon fruit.. Either Way, Lemons are always going to be a Citrus. Lemons cannot ever be Cherry Pie. Lemons cannot ever offer cherry pie advice. If you ask a Lemon what to do in a certain situation in which the Lemon thinks you are doing something dumb.. the Lemon will say "Thats dumb".. They don't really sugar coat it, b/c you see, the lemon has no sugar.. So they just can't. Its not that they don't want to, but a lot of the time they are just not able to do it. Lemons are probably not going to be at many social activities. Not because they aren't social, just because they don't care that much about going.

Lemons are not worried about what people think about them. In fact, they are usually trying to do something out of the ordinary.. If they wear something that no one else wears, and someone makes fun of them for it.. the Lemon will not care. Lemons are not high-feelers. In fact, you will sometimes have to remind the lemon to have some feelings.. The Lemon is really not interested in making tons of friends, or impressing people. They just Usually entertain people by making them laugh, or saying exactly what someone else WANTS to say, but will not. Lemons can be tender.. but its not common nature for them. Usually its about specific things.. For me, its old people, animals, and Music. I'm super emotional about Music. So usually you will find a couple of things that make Lemons tender, but it will be far less than you would find with a Cherry pie. And.. even if the Lemon is tender about something, chances are you won't see that side anyway. They are really good at hiding it, in case you didn't notice, the rind of a lemon is pretty hard to get through. ;) But.. if you ever do, they will be loyal, and a friend for life. They will also be glad to spew sour from their mouth to defend you in a situation.. no matter what pie you are. But.. if you can stomach the sour of the lemon.. They will make you Laugh! They will even say inappropriate things that you are thinking when no one else will say them. They will entertain you with sarcasm, wit and hilarious stories, but the stories will always have a twinge of sour related to them! Lemons can be some of your most funny friends.. if you can stand the sour humor!

The next pie on the Agenda.. and really the most versatile Pie on the Pie Chart.. is the Key Lime Pie. Key limes are amazing, because they have the ability to play to whatever audience they are with. Meaning, they are the perfect mixture of both Cherry and Lemon. Key limes may have a few rhubarb tendencies, but normally they fit in pretty well with a group of cherry pies or a group of Lemon pies, or even a group of Rhubarbs. Whoever they are with, is what kind of mood they will be in that day! 

If Key limes go to a party with Lemons who are all talking about how ridiculous the world is these days, they will chime in about how ridiculous it is too! But.. on that same vain, if they go to a gathering where all the cherry pies are talking about how much fun it is to make cornbread from scratch.. they will also chime in about their favorite cornbread recipe.  Key limes love the positivism that Cherry pies bring, but they also know that they are Probably more realistically thinking like the Lemon, but they would never say that, because it would hurt the Cherry pies feelings!  Key limes do not like to hurt people's feelings! They like everyone to be happy, and they will go to great lengths to smooth over a disagreement in the group, or "Fix" the situation if  someone is upset. Key limes like to go to social events where they are going to feel welcomed. They love Community and events to go to, and things to participate in, because they love "Joining" in. They want people to like and accept them, and most people usually do, because the key-lime is a little sweet, with a little sour. Sometimes the Key lime is not exactly sure what side they like the best, so they are good at staying in the middle and making sure everyone has what they need. They throw great parties because they meet everyone's needs, and they usually love entertaining.. but then are dead tired AFTER entertaining! They usually get volunteered to do things because they don't say "NO" to people. They don't usually love confrontation, so they will say "YES" to avoid someone getting their feelings hurt, or having to confront someone else to do the job. Key-Limes are what make the world go round! 

This bring us to the final Pie.. Minced Meat. Now.. we all know a minced meat pie. This is the Debby Downer of Pies. No one really gets excited to see this Pie on the table, except other minced meat lovers.  Whenever you talk to a minced meat SOMETHING is always wrong. They are never satisfied, and they don't have any problems telling you about it. They have usually been 'wronged' some way by 'the man'.. They don't always see their blessings, and forget about counting them! Minced meat, hopefully, is a "short term" pie.. We all go through times of "Minced meat" but hopefully we all come out of it.. because Minced meat pie is not really someone wants to be around.

Minced meat goes from one dramatic event to the next. If you offer them advice on how to fix it, they will usually ignore the advice you give them, because they honestly don't want to fix the problem, they want you to feel sorry for them. They are Martyr's in life. Its never their fault, always someone else's, because they have just been dealt a bad hand in the deck of life cards. Minced meat's will feel that life "Owes" them something just for living, as opposed to doing something to make the situation better. Minced meats will ask you for advice.. then never take it.. Now, Like I said.. hopefully.. HOPEFULLY.. this pie is temporary.. and eventually the Minced meat will come back around, and find some goodness in the world.. Otherwise they will have very few friends, lol. People will hang around Minced meat for awhile.. try to help.. offer prayer and suggestions.. but they can't stay there forever. They will also not continue to offer advice to Minced Meats if Minced Meat has NO intention of ever getting out of the never-ending negative circle.. So if you are minced meat, or know someone who is.. try to get them out of this flavor pretty quick!

The Best part of the pies, is they work together pretty good. Lemon's and Cherry's love sharing advice and suggestions with each other.. IF.. You understand that you are going to get cherry advice from cherries, and lemon advice from Lemons. Don't ask me to give you cherry advice. I'm a citrus. I'm not capable. The closest you will get is a grapefruit piece of advice, which is still going to be sour. Minced meats are going to ask you for advice, but not take it.. so that will get super frustrating quickly. Rhubarbs are going to give great advice, and probably advice you had not thought of before.. So enjoy each other, and don't try to make someone fit into a pie they are not. Celebrate the pies that you are!

So there you have it.. Now you should be able to enter a group of people, and know exactly who you are talking to! I need to come up with a quiz you can take to find out what pie you are.. but my guess is that most people know, and that most people know what kind of pies their friends are. Whichever pie you are.. celebrate it! (except Minced meat, and if you are that one, find a way to get out of being minced meat).. because we are all different, we are all delicious, and we are all needed at Thanksgiving and Christmas! So Eat, Drink, and be merry!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Time Flies..

OH Timehop.. You Silly app! You make me feel so old when I look at you! Isn't that crazy.. when you see those things come up on your Facebook post.. Like "Brandon & KC Celebrate 8 Years of friendship".. WHAT! That seems crazy..

Today was the Girls first day of Mothers day Out At Crossings.. They were mostly excited for their new Nap Mats, and Backpacks.. with snacks in them. I chose to send them to Mothers day out, as Opposed to an actual Pre-K because of the days/times/Money.. It was more financially possible for us to send them to MDO because we are already paying for a full time nanny.. And since most 'schools' are not working parent hours, we just decided to keep the nanny, and then also do Mothers day out so they could hang out with other kids, and enjoy a day out a couple of times per week. They looked pretty cute as they went, and one of their teachers is a girl in my Sunday School class who has twins too, Miss Danielle.. So I'm hopeful she'll tell me if they act like little jerks..
 This past weekend was Rodeo weekend in Western Oklahoma.. and Gigi & Pa took the girls.. They had a GREAT time, and made it through the WHOLE rodeo (not getting into bed until 11pm!).. They had a great time though. Cille got to eat chicken on a stick, and they both found an inflatable Owl (for Cross) and an Inflatable Spiderman (For Cille).. They had box seats up high and they both loved watching everything going on below them. The Rodeo is a BIG deal in Elk City.. I always went to it when I was younger, so the girls are starting the tradition off right!
Jordan & I stayed behind and finished painting our Kitchen.. We painted our living room, and the kitchen was the same color, so it looked weird until we finished it. I was tired of seeing the green, so we went with a color called "Open air" and it really brightened things up. I can't say that I love painting above my cabinets.. because it was pretty awful, but the finished product is
nice. You can't tell that much in the pics, but its made a HUGE difference in the way it lightens up the place. That paint came from Sherwin Williams, and it was truly a One Coat.. and its reflective property was 75%.. so it really made a difference.

ON Saturday.. Brandon and Rachel Came over.. and.. We recorded a podcast! Now.. before you get too excited.. IT was pretty sucky.. But I have full faith we will get better. This was really just more of a 'get to know' you podcast.. So we are going to record another one on the 24th. We are all excited because its something fun to do.. and I need a hobby and a way to be Creative! So more to come on that..

Jordan and I went to Western OK on Sunday after Church.. Man, speaking of church.. Sorry, but I just have to tell you.. we got a new Choir Director, and a new Orchestra Leader, and just when I thought the music could not get any better at Crossings. IT DID. I am blown away every Sunday by something magical they do. Such a blessing.. Ok, anyway.. we went to Moms house on Sunday and grabbed the girls, then went to my dad's house. They had a big time playing outside in the 'Fort" that Pops had built, and eating yummy chicken bites from the Red Barn. Pops & Grammy have a whole room full of toys, so the girls love running back there and literally tearing EVERYTHING up.

We also went to see my Grandma Betty, who is in the hospital.. and the girls wanted to wear Costumes.. So Cille put on a Hello Kitty Ball Gown, and Cross had on her Western Girl outfit. They were pretty cute and made grandma smile, even though she was cussing the staff at the hospital. lol..

So we had a great weekend. My birthday is coming up on the 19th and I don't even care. I remember when there was time when my birthday was a big deal.. Like Limo ordering, party having, champagne poppin big deal.. but now all my party planning efforts are spent thinking of Michael Jackson birthday parties for the girls.. And Honestly that is pretty fun, so I'm not sad about it. There was a time in my life when I had PLENTY of ridiculous birthday parties, and the pictures to prove it!

I can't believe Fall is here.. I'm so excited for Pumpkin Patching and Sweater Weather with the girls. I can't believe they are 3 somedays.. and other days I remember the terror of having twin infants. In Sunday School the other day we were talking about Proverbs.. and we read this one:

Proverbs 3:5-6New International Version (NIV)

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart

    and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight" 

I can tell you, not a day goes by that Jordan and I ever feel "Equipped" to be parents to twin girls. But when I read that verse, I know that God knew what he was doing when he gave them to us, and we ARE Equipped! Even when we feel like we are failing, or struggling, or screwing it all up. And as parents, we all feel like that everyday.. So.. Trust in the Lord folks.. He knows what he's doing! Or in my case, I'm sure hoping he does! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Letter to my Grandma

Yesterday at Crossings, Lance Ward preached a great sermon. It might sound a bit morbid when I tell you.. but he basically asked the question, "How do you want to die?" Here's the whole thing if you want to watch it.. Its really good. A Matter of Life & Death--Lance Ward.. It was about knowing if you were only doing things to get to HEAVEN.. that you were missing the whole point. Because when you get to Heaven, if Jesus isn't there with you, its not going to be any fun.

He was talking about what people might say about us when we died. Would they know we were Christians? Would they know how important Jesus & Church was to us? Did we exhibit traits of a Christians? When he described what a true Christian should look like.. it was "Someone running after Jesus.".. seeking him, chasing him.. Hanging onto him as a life preserver! Holding onto him in the good times, holding onto him even harder in the bad times as we bear the stormy seas of life. And the whole time he was talking about who might be an example of this.. I kept thinking of my grandma Leona. I hope everyone has someone like her in their life.

Leona Lucille Sheperd is my dad, Kirby's mom.. She had my dad in her later 30's, so I only got to know her for 22 years. But man.. did she pack a lot into those years! My Grandma passed away in 1999. Its Crazy to think she's almost been gone as long as I knew her.. Because she's still so vivid and clear in my mind. I hope it always stays that way.

Grandma Loney (thats what I called her) kept me full time from when I was born, till I went to school. Every day mom would drop me off at  their house in Lake Valley, which was out in the country.. literally in the middle of no-where.. And everyday we had an adventure. Make no mistake, my Grandpa Shep was there too, and he was a huge influence as well. He would take me to the "blue Goose" to get full service gas.. or to Play Dominos..It was literally the best days ever.. because all they wanted to do was play with me all day. On Friday Mornings we would drive to Cordell and get Groceries at United, and then they would take me to TG and Y (remember that!) to get a new toy. There were no ipads, no smart phones, (they still had a party line back then!) and no Pokemon.. lol.. Just my grandparents and I in the wilderness of Rural Gotebo! So Today I'm writing her a letter.. to honor her.. And to remind myself to be better about Chasing after Jesus. Society tells us to be selfish. Find things that only fulfill us.. make us happy..entertain us.... So in today's world its hard to remember sometimes that its not ALL ABOUT US. And its certainly hard to teach your kids that its not always ALL ABOUT THEM. But thankfully I have a great family and church family that puts the reminder in my head that I'm not on this earth to be all about me. I'm hand-picked, special, unique.. and I want my girls to feel that way too.

Dear Grandma Loney,

While you were here, I know you knew how much I loved you.. but since you are in heaven now, I did want to tell you a few things that are really important, and hi-five you for being such an important role model in my life.. Even when you thought I wasn't listening.

I remember a few things that we played together.. but mainly I just remember us being together. I remember you telling me bible stories, and telling me how many times you read your bible from front to back. At the time, that seemed impossible to me because it was such a big book with such small words! You were also funny and said things I didn't understand.. Like when you would giggle at me so loudly that you would say "You are going to laugh the Pee Waddlin' out of me!".. and we would laugh. And random stories you made up about some fictitious (or at least I think he was) character named "Old Bloody Tom".. lol..  Playing marbles on the floor of the Kitchen, hiding "treasures" in the side of a red clay Canyon.. I remember you telling me about Jesus and how important he was going to be in my life. You were always running Toward Jesus..

I loved going to church with you and sitting beside you while you sang old hymns. I sing those same hymns to the girls today, and I know I only know them from you and the Baptist church, because not too many churches sing old hymns anymore, yet the words are very present in my mind. .. Thank you for teaching me those songs, and letting me stand on a bucket in the front yard and do a 'concert' for you and grandpa.. I sang into a hairbrush..and you guys clapped so loudly every time I finished. You always encouraged me to sing, even though I'm pretty sure at that age, it sounded terrible. And when I got older.. you still wanted me to sing. Its one of the things that made you smile the biggest..
Baby KC and Grandpa Shep

Today I'm tired. I wonder how you were able to keep up with me when I was little.. Especially since Crosslee is just like me, and she WEARS. ME. OUT. I wonder how you didn't just want to sit in your chair and send me off to do something so you could catch a quick breath, instead of going outside with me and playing in the creek? How were you so patient? I never even remember you raising your voice to me, and I know I had to be super annoying at some point! How did you find the time to cook me breakfast and lunch everyday.. from scratch.. and allow me to cook with you? It would have been so much easier for you to just do it yourself.. but you let me stir every batter, lick every cookie pan, and layer every casserole. You let me eat Cherry pie filling out of the can as a 'snack'! How were you able to minister to those in need? Didn't you ever get tired of hearing other people's problems? How were you always able to provide good advice?

How did you manage to show Grandpa so much patience and empathy when he lost his voice & right hand from the stroke? How did you continue to love him through that? How did You never lose your patience with either of us when we were asking you for 32 things? I wish I had your empathetic nature sometimes when I'm at my breaking point. I wish You could meet the girls. I know you see them daily.. but they both do little things that remind me of you. Cross is obsessed with Owls, and watching birds.. Just like you. Londyn is the one named after you, and we call her Cille, more than we call her Londyn. She's very sweet.. I wish I knew what you looked like as a little girl.. because I imagine thats what Cille looks like. Every time I see a Cardinal I think of you.. And every time Cross asks for another stuffed owl, I think of you..

When I step into church on Sundays.. I almost immediately think about you. Its like you are happy I am there and I feel that. I'm so thankful to have found an amazing church home, family, and Sunday school class. I know you would be so proud of that. I hope I make you proud, and I hope you continue to teach me through the girls. They are filled with curiosity and there are days I just can't keep up with them.. but I know you kept up with me, so you inspire me to go on. Thank you for always letting me learn from you.. Letting me lick the spoons.. Jordan thanks you and mom everyday because I am a really good cook.. and I follow very few recipes! I just wing it.. because I was always in the kitchen with you guys. Thank you for never being too busy to sit with me and read.. Thank you for clarifying the bible for me when I had questions (from the Left behind series).. lol.. Thank you for encouraging me to wait on a Godly man to marry, and to not settle for anything less. Thank you for being kind...To everyone you came in contact with.. and not judging anyone, even when I know you wanted to! (We let Aunt Mildred do that! ha).
                                                                        (KC at 2)

Thank you for showing me what it truly means to Love someone. To be able to care for grandpa like you did. Giving up your life for his because he needed you. And thank you for showing me what it means to love Jesus. I remember back in 1982 you told me you would be fine with dying at any time..and I thought What! No way!.. but you said, "I can't wait to see Jesus!".. And the day you called me and told me you had Pancreatic Cancer, and 6 months to live.. I said "Well..when do you start treatment?" and you said.. "I'm not starting treatment.. I can't wait to see Jesus, and this will just speed up the process, what do you want from my house?".. I thought you were crazy!I wasn't ready to let you go! It wasn't time! I needed more from you!  Little did I know, that the Lord had provided us both the perfect amount of time to get ready to say goodbye. I cherished those 6 months, and left nothing unsaid, and neither did you. What a gift.

I hope you enjoy watching the girls and I..  I can hear you laughing when you found out I was having twin girls.. God is funny! Thank you for whispering patience into my ear sometimes when I don't have any..Reminding me to count my blessings daily.. Reminding me to Pray and give thanks.. Reminding me that not being like everyone else is ok,  and reminding me to always Run for Jesus.. I surely hope that is something we can teach the girls to run for as well. They say the Lord sends you exactly who you need, and he knew I needed you.. to teach me to be more like him. Love you,

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Game of Twins

So. The fighting has started. You know it was inevitable, when you have two kids that are the same age.. In our house, we have never dressed the girls alike, bought them the same exact toys, or given them the same plates/cups. We have always treated them like they were completely separate people who just happened to be born the same time.. because thats how its always been..

If you've met my girls.. You probably didn't even realize they were sisters, much less twins.. they are COMPLETE opposites.. From their blonde/brown hair to their personalities.. They look and act nothing alike.. so we have never treated them alike.. But.. we are about to start. WHY you ask? Because whatever one has.. the other one wants. NON STOP.

It all started a few months ago with the HULK action figure. Cross has always liked Creepy stuff, so when she saw the Hulk on a Commercial, she loved him.. So she wanted the big action figure, so we got her one.. And we got Londyn a Thomas the Train, because that is what she loved.. Ssoon after Cille started crying to have the Hulk.. So we had to go get her one to avoid the Hulk being in a permanent time out. Well... then we made the mistake of taking the Hulk to Gigi & Pa's house.. and we lost him.. Which was another issue, lol.. but anyway.. After that day it seemed like whatever one girl had, the other girl wanted.. so now.. we have to buy TWO of the exact same items.. plates.. cups.. Bug Juice.. apple juice boxes.. Puzzles.. etc.. or its a fight. So we will officially start being 'twin' parents.. By getting the same thing of everything.. Well.. except clothes. They aren't fighting about that... ... ... Yet.

We have had a fun two weeks. My Dad had his birthday Party in Sentinel on the 23, in Sentinel.. and they rented a giant inflatable Toad Water slide for the kids. They all had a blast.. Well My two did, and cousin Joe. They had to have gone down that thing about 325 times. Add that to all the swimming they did that weekend at Gigi's..and you have a couple of water dogs! They love swimming, they love playing in the water, and they love going to the splash pads. They are really enjoying their summer.

Are they Potty trained? Nope. And Don's ask me again. You know How I feel about that.. So moving on.. Cross found her Halloween Costume. Its the Owl from Harry Potter. I bought it months ago, and she found it hanging in the closet and took it immediately. She's been flying around the house the past few days. Londyn has become a big fan of Sunglasses now. I'm pretty sure she has my sensitive eyes, so she likes to wear them when she goes out.

They have also been having a big time with Woody, the min horse, and Kris, the Donkey. Kris is not really meant for riding, but he likes to go wherever people are hanging out, and wherever Woody is hanging out.. He never minds what we do to him. He's a pretty good Donkey.. if there is such a thing.

Jordan and I painted the living room. It needed to happen. It was a green color, and it was just TOO dark for me. Its a dark room anyway, and the darkness was making me crazy, so we went to Sherwin Williams and grabbed a lighter blue color and went to town. In True KC fashion, I didn't tape anything, I didn't cover anything.. Just started painting one day when I got home. We finished up this weekend and it looks SO much better.. and we are still married.. so Hey, WIN!!!

Hope you guys are having a great summer!