Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Game of Twins

So. The fighting has started. You know it was inevitable, when you have two kids that are the same age.. In our house, we have never dressed the girls alike, bought them the same exact toys, or given them the same plates/cups. We have always treated them like they were completely separate people who just happened to be born the same time.. because thats how its always been..

If you've met my girls.. You probably didn't even realize they were sisters, much less twins.. they are COMPLETE opposites.. From their blonde/brown hair to their personalities.. They look and act nothing alike.. so we have never treated them alike.. But.. we are about to start. WHY you ask? Because whatever one has.. the other one wants. NON STOP.

It all started a few months ago with the HULK action figure. Cross has always liked Creepy stuff, so when she saw the Hulk on a Commercial, she loved him.. So she wanted the big action figure, so we got her one.. And we got Londyn a Thomas the Train, because that is what she loved.. Ssoon after Cille started crying to have the Hulk.. So we had to go get her one to avoid the Hulk being in a permanent time out. Well... then we made the mistake of taking the Hulk to Gigi & Pa's house.. and we lost him.. Which was another issue, lol.. but anyway.. After that day it seemed like whatever one girl had, the other girl wanted.. so now.. we have to buy TWO of the exact same items.. plates.. cups.. Bug Juice.. apple juice boxes.. Puzzles.. etc.. or its a fight. So we will officially start being 'twin' parents.. By getting the same thing of everything.. Well.. except clothes. They aren't fighting about that... ... ... Yet.

We have had a fun two weeks. My Dad had his birthday Party in Sentinel on the 23, in Sentinel.. and they rented a giant inflatable Toad Water slide for the kids. They all had a blast.. Well My two did, and cousin Joe. They had to have gone down that thing about 325 times. Add that to all the swimming they did that weekend at Gigi's..and you have a couple of water dogs! They love swimming, they love playing in the water, and they love going to the splash pads. They are really enjoying their summer.

Are they Potty trained? Nope. And Don's ask me again. You know How I feel about that.. So moving on.. Cross found her Halloween Costume. Its the Owl from Harry Potter. I bought it months ago, and she found it hanging in the closet and took it immediately. She's been flying around the house the past few days. Londyn has become a big fan of Sunglasses now. I'm pretty sure she has my sensitive eyes, so she likes to wear them when she goes out.

They have also been having a big time with Woody, the min horse, and Kris, the Donkey. Kris is not really meant for riding, but he likes to go wherever people are hanging out, and wherever Woody is hanging out.. He never minds what we do to him. He's a pretty good Donkey.. if there is such a thing.

Jordan and I painted the living room. It needed to happen. It was a green color, and it was just TOO dark for me. Its a dark room anyway, and the darkness was making me crazy, so we went to Sherwin Williams and grabbed a lighter blue color and went to town. In True KC fashion, I didn't tape anything, I didn't cover anything.. Just started painting one day when I got home. We finished up this weekend and it looks SO much better.. and we are still married.. so Hey, WIN!!!

Hope you guys are having a great summer!

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