Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween is coming up!

I love Halloween.. So I had to do this pic.. As you'll notice, my hair is now RED! Yes! MJ wanted to see what I looked like with Dark hair..He wanted brown, I wanted NOT we compromised with Red. Its a dark Red, and its pretty great. Nicole at Changes Hair Salon and she does such an awesome job.. I love this look for Fall, and I knew I could pull off being a red head!!
I'm having a Halloween party this weekend and I'm dressing up as "Princess Poppycock" from America's got Talent..I'm thinking its going to take me forever to get my makeup on.. I have a giant, white, Wig that I'm going to use for my hair..and a fun hat that mom is mailing to me.. My friends have some pretty good ideas too, so I'll take lots of pics..I've invited quite a diverse crowd, and it could get quite entertaining..
Tonight we are going on a Therapy Visit. Payslee will be wearing her Ballerina outfit.. We go on visits every Thursday, and today we are going to Canterbury to visit those folks. We always enjoy our visit there. I went to visit Miss Dorothy, My Hospice friend, on Tuesday..She is not doing very good right now, so keep her in your prayers.
I've lost 4 pounds this week. I started up the HCG diet again..I know I can do it, and its what works for me..Yes, eating a low amount of calories sucks, but losing weight sucks period, so I guess its all a wash! The dog babes and I have been walking every night and we both enjoy that. Hope you all have a great rest of the week!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halloween Dog Babes!

Well this year I had a hard time deciding on the Dog Babes costumes.. Sawyer finally decided that he wanted to be a here he is.. DINOSAW! I swear..I hear people that say "Oooo poor dog"..but look at these babies faces, they love the attention! They are the happiest dog babes ever, and that makes me feel good.
Payslee's outfit came pretty natural this year..She is always wearing frilly, puffy stuff with lots of bling and sequins..So I had my favorite dress maker, Doggie Duds by Deb, who makes all Payslee's cutest outfits whip up a Ballerina Costume complete with matching bow.. I was NOT disappointed, as always, it was ADORABLE!

People think I'm full of crap when I say my dogs smile..but look at them.. Am I lying! They are adorable, and such a joy to me. We went to a therapy visit on Thursday to Sterling House in Edmond..Payslee wore her Pumpkin Oufit, and they charmed everyone.. Even Saw gave a few hugs. He's getting so much better at being a Therapy dog. I'm so proud of them.

The Job is going okay.. I'm still not sure I'm cutout for computer IT..Why? Because I feel like an idiot most of the time when folks are talking to me! I sure know a lot more than when I started.. Do I miss being on the radio? YES. I watched a Movie over the weekend called "RED" and it was about retired CIA people...and basically their life was similar to mine..When you do something you love, that you live for, that you look forward to going to everyday..its VERY hard to give that up.. And its very hard to just quit longing for that feeling..Thats my struggle right now.. MJ thinks I'm insane most days because he's never loved something like I love being on the radio. Most people don't.. Most people just have to go to a job that pays the bills, or that they got a degree in, or that they ended up with.. I get that..But man, I will say that I honestly hope that at some point in everyone's life, they get to go to a job that makes them SMILE and LAUGH every single day..thats what Radio was for me.. and I haven't given up on finding that same love yet.. Right now God is using me in different areas, and in different ways.. Stretching my boundaries, and taking me out of my comfort zone.. But I know in the end, he has a HUGE plan for me.. Something way better than anything I could have planned..So I need to be patient and wait for it to get here..

I'm having a Halloween party next weekend.. Pre-Halloween if you will, because a lot of my friends are already doing other things..I'm very excited. I'm dressing up as Poppycock from America's Got Talent.. pic's to follow..although it will be hard to top the Doggie Pics!! I watched "RED" and I give it 4 stars.. It stands for "Retired, Extremely, Dangerous" and has some great actors in it.. Bruce Willis, Helen Mirram, Morgan Freeman, and more.. Its very action filled, and good.. We also watched "You Again" with Jamie Lee Curtis..Its an awesome girl movie, so take your girlfriends when you have time.. I'm still not sure who I'm cheering for on Dancing with the Stars this year.. I will say its NOT Jennifer Grey.. I don't like her nose job, lol.. I know thats awful, but I don't.. I miss "Baby".. I love Grey's this good, and so is Private Practice..

Love you guys..If you ever need me, its

Take care, and remember if you are going through something..No point in worrying about it, because that means you are saying 1) God isn't big enough to take care of it, or 2)God doesn't care. We both know that is NOT true..even if we screw it up, he's big enough to turn it into something good..So don't lose faith..