Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween is coming up!

I love Halloween.. So I had to do this pic.. As you'll notice, my hair is now RED! Yes! MJ wanted to see what I looked like with Dark hair..He wanted brown, I wanted NOT we compromised with Red. Its a dark Red, and its pretty great. Nicole at Changes Hair Salon and she does such an awesome job.. I love this look for Fall, and I knew I could pull off being a red head!!
I'm having a Halloween party this weekend and I'm dressing up as "Princess Poppycock" from America's got Talent..I'm thinking its going to take me forever to get my makeup on.. I have a giant, white, Wig that I'm going to use for my hair..and a fun hat that mom is mailing to me.. My friends have some pretty good ideas too, so I'll take lots of pics..I've invited quite a diverse crowd, and it could get quite entertaining..
Tonight we are going on a Therapy Visit. Payslee will be wearing her Ballerina outfit.. We go on visits every Thursday, and today we are going to Canterbury to visit those folks. We always enjoy our visit there. I went to visit Miss Dorothy, My Hospice friend, on Tuesday..She is not doing very good right now, so keep her in your prayers.
I've lost 4 pounds this week. I started up the HCG diet again..I know I can do it, and its what works for me..Yes, eating a low amount of calories sucks, but losing weight sucks period, so I guess its all a wash! The dog babes and I have been walking every night and we both enjoy that. Hope you all have a great rest of the week!


  1. tell MJ that you are BEAUTIFUL in any color hair!! I do like the red hair though.
    Girl stop with the diets! Diets do not work for a long period of time, the weight just comes back when you go off the diet. I have tried ALL of them at one time or the other. GO LOOK IN THE FULL LENGTH MIRROR! That young lady looking back at you is very nearly perfect! Now, say this is the way GOD made me and he did a great job.
    My best diet is the elbow diet...I just do not bend my elbow to bring food to my mouth. I have NO willpower so that doesn't work either. But, I have only gained back 45 of the last 50 I lost! Love ya...good luck with the diet.

  2. Brenda you are so awesome!!~KC