Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Poppycock Festivus

Well I managed to pull off the "Princess Poppycock" costume this year.. It took forever! That white makeup is a beast..and after about 2 hours it starts cracking, and then you look like the Joker! I had all my friends over for a big party, and they had some pretty good costumes too.. We had Mario & Luigi, bad slumberparties, Cops, and all kinds of good stuff.

MJ dressed up as Luigi..Miss Paylsee was unsure of his weird puffish hands.. The picture of her to the left is at a therapy visit last week..We went to Sterling House and they enjoyed her Ballerina outfit..plus they had such a cute setup outside that I just had to pose her!

As you can see from the group pic, we all had a great time at the party.. MJ and I went to another Halloween party on Sunday..but I didn't do Poppycock makeup..I did more of a "Raggedy Ann" outfit..now that I have Red Hair, it wasn't that big of a stretch..There was a guy there dressed as Bret Michaels, and it was hilarious..

Well today is election day..I tried to vote by Absentee, but I didn't apply on time, so I'll be waiting in line today I suppose..I have to go vote though..last time I voted it took me 3 hours when we were voting for President..

Going to Eat Sushi tonight.. MMM! Usually its Taco Tuesday, but I'm thinking something different for tonight.. Speaking of Food, MJ & I drove to Medicine park on Friday to meet my brother..He just proposed to his girlfriend, so the whole family met up to eat and celebrate at The Old Plantation..
It was great food, and everyone was very excited for Grant & Jenny..He also picked out an awesome ring!

Well everyone have a great week.. PS, to the person that keeps emailing me hate mail, I've now blocked you.. and I'll continue to pray that you find some other happiness that doesn't include trying to be hateful and malicious..


  1. KC & MC...you are adorable!!! Love it.

  2. Well you would think I could type??? Sorry MJ I was trying to say KC & MJ...you are adorable!!! the C and J are no where close on the keyboard. Old people do crazy things. LOL