Monday, April 26, 2010

Cross Dressing Cow Birthings..

Hi Everyone! I had a GREAT weekend..MJ & I went to the farm on Friday to hang out with my parents..We were hoping for a great weather weekend so we could take off the Pool Cover for mom..but of course on Saturday the Wind was blowing 50mph! We went ahead and took it off anyway, and were glad to help..MJ also brought a new 'Surround' sound system for them and spent most of the day trying to find a "Best Buy" in Western was hilarious..I was like "Um..All we have out here is radio shack".. lol.. He kept needing certain parts and made 3 special trips to Elk City! But in the end everything got hooked up, and they LOVED it! He's seriously the BEST boyfriend!

Saturday all my "city" friends came down.. Brandon & Amy, Whitney, & Leslie & Bill for the "Miss Red Dirt" pageant in Elk City. Mom's friends were all there too, and we were all wearing 'funny t-shirts' so thats why she's sporting a Superman Its an annual pageant emceed by Pollyester Kotton (Who used to fight with Flo McQuarter on the air) and its a bunch of locals dressed up as funny ladies doing talent contests and funny stuff. It was so much fun, and hilarious. It was good to see Polly's a pic.
She was ridiculous, and hilarious..It was good to see Bill too..We both miss not being on the air everyday..We all spent so much time with each other that its weird not to be laughing at each other everyday. I applied for a job on Friday that I'm really hoping I get. Its a state job, and they actually want someone with an English Degree! Woo! So keep that in your thoughts..postive..positive about that!

This morning I wake up to this:
Yes, Its my Crazy Neighbors house and she has BUILT on added "FENCE".. Not realizing that A) It doesn't match the existing fence and B) She is the one that we are trying to keep out of OUR yards! I've decided now that she must have Schitzophrenia (however you spell that) because she's obviously thinking that people are trying to get her or something..I do hope that she gets help though, because she seems to be only getting worse!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hi Everyone..

Well I'm still looking for a job.. I've had a billion offers to sell insurance, but they should know that I suck at sales, so I'm doing everyone a favor by saying no! I've also been approached to do some Coordinating jobs, but they don't pay much money, so I'm going to see what happens. I'm not being picky, but I'm also trying to find something I want to do every day.. I know I will probably not ever love anything like I love being on the radio, but who knows! I've never done anything else, so I may just find something magical! I will tell you this, making up new Resume's and uploading, and applying is a huge pain..So try to avoid that if you can..juss sayin.. lol.

Payslee & I have been going on a ton of therapy visits..Yesterday we went to Bradford Village and I actually got her to jump through her hoop! Yay! So that was funtimes. She was wearing the dress in the picture above..Its very cute, and made by an Oklahoma Lady. We have another visit tonight at the Bone & Joint hospital. This will be her first visit there, so I'm anxious to see how it goes. MJ is going to tag along with us and watch Miss Pays in action..

Bill's band played at the Arts Festival today..Speaking of, I'm going to try to get down to the Arts Festival before it ends..I love eating that Spinach stuff. MJ and I may try to go down there after we do our therapy visit. Sawyer's hair is finally starting to grow back, but he's still kinda odd looking.. I still love him though! I've been trying to plant some flowers around the house, and just do odd & ends stuff while I'm not working..I'm going to be honest though, not having to wake up at 3am is doing wonders for me. I did the Jackie Warner workout video the other morning and last night I seriously couldn't move! I've gotta get on it! So thats my "JOB" for now.. Love you guys!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

ACM Awards & Farm Funtimes

First things first. MJ made his first trip to Canute this weekend..I took him home for some farm fun, but the weather didn't cooperate.. We did get to see some baby calves, and build a fire in the fireplace, but the wind/rain made it hard to do many outside activities. He did love seeing the farm though, and we'll go back out there next weekend when the weather is better. Mom did find 5 puppies abandonded on the side of the road. It just breaks out heart to see that. She has to find them homes. They look to be some sort of heelers, so if you have it in your heart to give one a home email me at and I'll send you pics, and give you moe info..Here's a couple of pics.. They are very sweet, and have already had a hard life..They just want someone to love them. They will make great outside dogs, and would be great on a farm somewhere..Well I'm sitting here watching the ACM's, and here's my thoughts.. First off, I'm sad because I'm not going to be able to talk about it on the air tomorrow, and that baffles me.. However, I will always love Country music, even if some folks tried to ruin it for me..
Reba is awesome..I love her quirky comments (even though they are probably all written for her).. She is funny, and looks beautiful.. On a side note, I watched her in the "Gambler" this weekend on the Western Channel, and laughed my butt off! lol.. Remember that! Okay..moving on.. Just saw Clay Walker in the audience.. Wow..its been awhile since I've seen him on camera.
*Blake Shelton & Trace Adkins singing "Hillbilly Bone" Finally Trace gets on an awards show!
*Lady A winning their awards, and their performance of "American Honey"
*Rascal Flatts singing "Unstoppable" I've been missing those boys!
*Toby Keith singing "Waymans Song"..
*Miranda Lambert winning Record of the Year..and then hugging Blake. So cute!
*Luke Bryan winning, he has a hulluva mouth on him!
*FREAKING LOVED JASON ALDEAN!! But I love everything he sings.
*Miranda Lambert singing "The House that Built Me" She sounds great.
*Matthew McConaughey..Seriously, he is HOT.
*Miranda winning top Female Vocalist! I thought it would go to Taylor! Yay! How amazing for her!
*Brooks & Dunn singing "My Maria" and then winning Duo Award..I wish they didn't hate each other, they are better together than apart.
*Reba..Good dresses..Didn't LOVE the one she performed in, but she looked beautiful, and she's funny, and charming. I like her as the host.
*Darrius sounded great.

Weird Moments:
*Kenny Chesney lip syncing.. Why was he doing that? Not sure..I know he's taking time off, so maybe his voice is out of shape? ODD. He NEVER does that, so something's up..
*Laura Bell Bundy..Uh, what the hell? Butt Chaps, and line dancing? Pretty sure we could find the same thing at Grahams on a Saturday night..My thought: Gitty on Up, and Gitty on off the TV. Sorry Laura Bell.
*Taylor Swift: Why did she sing that song? What happened to Fearless?
*LL Cool J:.. Uh, Why is he on there? Like him as an actor/Rapper..Not a presenter.
*Julianne Hough: Why is she glowing orange? Too much spray tan Missy..
*Cutting off Frank Liddell when Miranda Lambert wanted to let him talk about making the Record of the year..
*Not sure I loved "Barbie Doll" with Jack Ingram & Dierks Bently
*Wondering why Sugarland is no where to be found? Including the radio? Wait..just saw them sitting in the that makes me feel better.
*Carrie's weird drapery Dress. She sounded great. I'm not a fan of the "Temporary Home" song..I know its meaningful, and the words are beautiful, but I've never liked it. Loved her GIANT engagement ring though..Wowza!
*Brad Paisley falling into the water.. I liked the song, but didn't think he needed to be all "Taylor Swift" and fall into the water.. He's good without all the 'theatrics"
TWO big Surprises: Miranda winning Female Vocalist.. Which was awesome, and Carrie winning Entertainer..Not sure I agree with that one. Overall thought it was a great show.. Even thought I'm sad I'm not a part of the Country Music Industry anymore, I will always love the music..Thats why I got into it to begin with..

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So I had an interview.. & Taco Tuesday!

I did! I had an interview today for a Volunteer Coordinating position. I would be great at that, so we'll see how it goes. I think the interview went really well, and that makes me happy. I'm hoping to have more.. I'm going to go to Express Personnel tomorrow and see if they can help me out too. Nothing as far as 'radio' careers, but hey, a career at all is good! Plus, it might be time for me to do something NOT in radio.. I love radio more than anything, but at this point in my life, it just might not be possible to stay in the industry, and I need to find a job..So thats the plan for now..

Its Taco Tuesday! Which means this afternoon I will join my friends at Iguana Grill for $1 Tacos, and Tecate, and Swirls! Then we will go to Sara Sara Cupcakes for a fabulous $2 Cupcake! Its a great day on Taco Tuesday!

So I think I may have talked MJ into getting an Iphone.. He has been with Sprint forever, but his mom, me, my mom, and all his other friends have ATT, so he could switch and then talk to us whenever he wanted (like he doesn't do that but he could do it for free.. and my fabulout friend Whitney works at the ATT store so she could help us out. I seriously still think the Iphone is the greatest invention ever.. and Now, Yes, I want the IPAD too..ridiculous..

Loved "Dancing" last night.. I thought Pamela was good, and Kate did better.. I don't think she's going to hang in much longer thought.. the Bachelor guy did pretty good too, and the Ochocinco guy.. I really like watching it this season. Also glad to see Jet & Cord survive another day on Amazing Race.. I LOVE those guys! Such great ambassadors for rodeo, and the state of Oklahoma.

I taught my final Class at Francis Tuttle last night..I'll try and teach again sometime, but I can't do much not knowing what my 'work' schedule is going to be.. Its going to be so odd working an 8-5 job.. weird.. I've been 'early morning' for so long!
Talked to Leslie last night (Bill's Fince') and he's doing a great job with the kids right now while she plans her wedding.. A CAR ran through their house last week! RIDICULOUS! Apparently the kid was texting or something, and lost control and rammed the car right through their house.. It was awful. They got it patched up, and no one was hurt, but they've been in the process of trying to get that worked on.. Scared the crap out of the kids for sure! Thankfully no one was hurt, even though they WERE home at the time.. They will still have the Vegas Wedding in July.. so he's moving on with his life too.. We are trying to just be positive, and not worry about all the Crap going on with KKNG..Onward & Upward friends! Thanks for your kind words!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Deep thoughts.. by KC Sheperd

Miss Payslee at Windsor Hills Nursing Home.. They loved her there..

The first one being.. The Pedi-Egg.. Its an egg that eats/scrapes the flesh off your feet.. I know this is a bizarre thought to start off with in my blog, but I just came in from Wal-greens and saw it there and I've been thinking about it since then.. Why did they have to make it an egg? Okay..moving on..

So yesterday MJ came over to take me to dinner, and he had a surprise for me.. do you know what it was? THIS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
A COACH BAG! I know! Can you believe it! Me neither.. lol. He picked it out all by himself too! I LOVE it. Its been so nice to have a great boyfriend during all this unemployment crap.. I tell you, God sent him to me at just the right time! Then.. (yes it gets even better) he brought over "New Moon" the Twilight saga to watch! I know.. I know.. He's the BEST! So we had a great night last night.. We also went to Iron Star for supper, and man do I love that Mac & Cheese! The Food is always delicious there..
Today I took Payslee to a Health fair at Douglas High School to teach kids about Therapy dogs, and Assistance Dogs.. She had a great time, UNTIL.. They started blowing up balloons.. Thats screetching made her scared, and she started shaking.. She calmed down after a bit, but she does NOT like that sound.. I sometimes forget that she is still just a baby.. She's only a year old, so she still has a lot of sounds/things/places to get used to still..but I'm so proud of her, and she does such good things for people.. We have several visits lined up for next week.. She got a new Yellow dress made by her very own seamstress.. Debbie at Doggiedudsbydeb..

It is SO CUTE! Here's a pic of her in it.. She looks pretty in Yellow, and it's very springish!

Tonight MJ is coming over and we are going to watch "Zombieland".. with Woody Harrleson.. I have my doubts, but everyone has told me it was funny.. (By the way, I loved "New Moon).. As much as I try to dislike the Twilight stuff, I just can't help myself..I'm a girl.. lol.. Tomorrow we're going to go meet Mom & Steve for Supper in Weatherford.. I went to Sams and got them some stuff, so we'll exchange.. Still no job for me.. Filled out more applications this week.. Just waiting for the Opportunity to come along..I know the Lord is taking care of me, so I've got to be patience and let him work through me.. Happy Saturday folks!

Monday, April 5, 2010

And So it begins..

MJ & I at the "Swan Hotel" in Orlando

Well we made it back from Florida.. Flight on the way home was good. I flew Frontier, and it was a non-stop, which was awesome..I hate layovers.. So I was happy that it was one-way, non-stop.. Yay.. I also had the seat to myself, so that was even better..It takes about an hour and a half to get home, so it wasn't too bad. I'm reading a book called "The Shack" that I have been wanting to read forever..and its SO good! It is about a man who has a horrible tragedy happen to him, so The Lord asks to meet him for a weekend at "The Shack" and he gets to meet Jesus, The holy Spirit, and God.. Its pretty amazing so far. I love it.

We had a great trip in Florida, and a Great Easter! MJ went to church with me yesterday at Crossings Community church, then we came home and had a delicious Roast that I had put in the oven.. Then we took a nap, and just acted ridiculously lazy all day! We did go look at Cars (MJ likes to do that) and Miss Payslee got to go along.. She was very excited because she has never got to ride in his Giant Truck.. So she sat on the console like a good girl, and ran along beside us while we looked at Cars. She is so freakin cute! Look at her! It was very hot, so we had to stop and get her a 'to-go' water.. She had been running along, and she still has long hair, so she was happy about that.. She looks like she is a little stuffed animal! lol..
Today I am working on Resume's.. and yes, that is plural, because nowdays when you want to apply for a job, you have to tailor your resume to that specific since I am able to do a bunch of things, and have done a bunch of things in radio (promotions, editing, marketing, teaching, etc) I have to do resumes for each of those things.. I've done two so far..blargh.. Guess I'd better get busy.. In the meanwhile if you have a job you think I should apply for, email me at I need all the help I can get!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Florida fun for you and me..

Well My Florida trip has been AWESOME! Just what I needed to take my mind off everything else going on in my world.. The trip down here was horrendous..(long lines, spelled my name wrong..couldn't find my bag, etc)..but once I met MJ it was all smooth sailing!

We visited Disney's Animal Kingdom, Downtown, Epcot, and Magical Kingdom..although we didn't do a TON of stuff because it was incredibly humid, and MJ had meetings during the day for his conference. So we really only had Thurs & Fri to do stuff, but we fit a lot of stuff in.. We also met up with an old college friend of mine, Chantry Banks, who is now an actor/costume designer in Florida..We had breakfast and dinner, and had an awesome time catching up on each other's lives, and just hanging out. The pic above is MJ-Chantry--& Me! More pics to follow when I get home.
For dinner we all went to "House of Blues" and it was amazing.. Heard some live music too. We also managed to fit in the "Clash of the Titans" movie in 3D Imax. MJ had been wanting to see it for awhile, and we had the time..It was pretty good. I liked the Greek Mythology in it since I'm an English Major..Epcot was having their garden festival so it smelled terrific with all the blooms & blossoms! We didn't get to go through the garden because we got there too late, but it was pretty. Still some pretty long lines to stand in though..
So I'm now at the airport, headed home.. My flight leaves in a few minutes. MJ's left earlier so he's already on his way back..I heard we got hail in OK while I was gone, so I will be anxious to see what my car looks like! lol. The dog-babes have been at Camp Bow Wow, and I've been watching them on webcam a bit while I was gone.. Miss Pays is always like, "Where's my mom".. and Sawyer is always racing around and playing.. I have missed them so much!! Look at the pic of Miss Pays standing by Rally.. She is toward the bottom.. just taking it all